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Chemico-Biological Interactions, ISSN 0009-2797, 01/2020, Volume 315, p. 108876
4-methylesculetin (4 ME) is a natural antioxidant coumarin with protective effects on the intestinal inflammation, in which oxidative stress plays a key role... 
Inflammatory bowel disease | Glutathione-related enzymes | 4-Methylesculetin | Glutathione reductase | Nrf2 | Glutathione
Journal Article
Motricidade, ISSN 1646-107X, 01/2019, Volume 15, Issue 1, pp. 68 - 78
Neutral static alignment, normal movement and a satisfactory segmental interrelationship are described as significant factors in normal asymptomatic function... 
Biomechanics | Dimensional analysis | Ballet | Cameras | Arthritis | Joint surgery | Physical therapy | Injuries
Journal Article
Internext, ISSN 1980-4865, 08/2019, Volume 14, Issue 3, p. 286
Journal Article
Chemico-biological interactions, 10/2019, Volume 315, p. 108876
4-methylesculetin (4 ME) is a natural antioxidant coumarin with protective effects on the intestinal inflammation, in which oxidative stress plays a key role... 
Journal Article
by Gonçalves, Fernando and Bovendorp, Ricardo S and Beca, Gabrielle and Bello, Carolina and Costa‐Pereira, Raul and Muylaert, Renata L and Rodarte, Raisa R and Villar, Nacho and Souza, Rafael and Graipel, Maurício E and Cherem, Jorge J and Faria, Deborah and Baumgarten, Julio and Alvarez, Martín R and Vieira, Emerson M and Cáceres, Nilton and Pardini, Renata and Leite, Yuri L. R and Costa, Leonora P and Mello, Marco A. R and Fischer, Erich and Passos, Fernando C and Varzinczak, Luiz H and Prevedello, Jayme A and Cruz‐Neto, Ariovaldo P and Carvalho, Fernando and Percequillo, Alexandre R and Paviolo, Agustin and Nava, Alessandra and Duarte, José M. B and Sancha, Noé U and Bernard, Enrico and Morato, Ronaldo G and Ribeiro, Juliana F and Becker, Rafael G and Paise, Gabriela and Tomasi, Paulo S and Vélez‐Garcia, Felipe and Melo, Geruza L and Sponchiado, Jonas and Cerezer, Felipe and Barros, Marília A. S and Souza, Albérico Q. S and Santos, Cinthya C and Giné, Gastón A. F and Kerches‐Rogeri, Patricia and Weber, Marcelo M and Ambar, Guilherme and Cabrera‐Martinez, Lucía V and Eriksson, Alan and Silveira, Maurício and Santos, Carolina F and Alves, Lucas and Barbier, Eder and Rezende, Gabriela C and Garbino, Guilherme S. T and Rios, Élson O and Silva, Adna and Nascimento, Alexandre Túlio A and Carvalho, Rodrigo S and Feijó, Anderson and Arrabal, Juan and Agostini, Ilaria and Lamattina, Daniela and Costa, Sebastian and Vanderhoeven, Ezequiel and Melo, Fabiano R and Oliveira Laroque, Plautino and Jerusalinsky, Leandro and Valença‐Montenegro, Mônica M and Martins, Amely B and Ludwig, Gabriela and Azevedo, Renata B and Anzóategui, Agustin and Silva, Marina X and Figuerêdo Duarte Moraes, Marcela and Vogliotti, Alexandre and Gatti, Andressa and Püttker, Thomas and Barros, Camila S and Martins, Thais K and Keuroghlian, Alexine and Eaton, Donald P and Neves, Carolina L and Nardi, Marcelo S and Braga, Caryne and Gonçalves, Pablo R and Srbek‐Araujo, Ana Carolina and Mendes, Poliana and Oliveira, João A and Soares, Fábio A. M and Rocha, Patrício A and Crawshaw, Peter and Ribeiro, Milton C and Galetti, Mauro
Ecology, ISSN 0012-9658, 02/2018, Volume 99, Issue 2, pp. 498 - 498
Journal Article
Journal of Cardiac Failure, ISSN 1071-9164, 2012, Volume 18, Issue 8, pp. S106 - S106
Journal Article
NUTRICION HOSPITALARIA, ISSN 0212-1611, 09/2013, Volume 28, Issue 5, pp. 1702 - 1709
Journal Article
Journal of Cardiac Failure, ISSN 1071-9164, 2012, Volume 18, Issue 8, pp. S96 - S96
Journal Article
by Weber, Bernardete and Bersch-Ferreira, Ângela C and Torreglosa, Camila R and Marcadenti, Aline and Lara, Enilda S and da Silva, Nilma F and da Silva, Suzana A and da Silva, Lannay F and da Silva, Jacqueline T and da Silva, Glauber B and da Silva, Alessandra and da Silva, Renata A and Costa, Rosana P and Costa, Lilian P.S and Costa, Francisco A and Santos, Renato H.N and Santos, Michelle R and Santos, Maria A and Berwanger, Otavio and Bosquetti, Rosa and Pagano, Raira and Mota, Luis G.S and de Oliveira, Juliana D and de Oliveira, Bianca A.S and Soares, Rafael M and Galante, Andrea P and Zampieri, Fernando G and Kovacs, Cristiane and Amparo, Fernanda C and Moreira, Annie S.B and Moreira, Priscila and dos Santos, Alexsandro F and dos Santos, Cristiano P and dos Santos, Elisa M and dos Santos, Karina G and Monteiro, Aline S and Paiva, Catharina C.J and Magnoni, Carlos D and Peçanha, Daniela O and Missias, Karina C.S and de Paula, Lais S and Marotto, Deborah and Souza, Gabriela C and Souza, Simone R and Souza, Tainah S and Souza, Paula and Martins, Celma M and Martins, Patrícia R.T and Silva, Neyla E and Silva, Luisa P and Silva, Maria B.G and Silva, Kellen C and Silva, Lívia M.A.J and Torres, Rosileide S and Barbosa, Elza C.B and Barbosa, Socorro N.A.A and Barbosa, Janaina M.A and de Pinho, Priscila M and de Araujo, Suzi H.A and Veríssimo, Adriana O.L and Guterres, Aldair S and Cardoso, Roberta G.M and Cardoso, Andrea F.R and Cardoso, Isadora B and Palmeira, Moacyr M and de Ataíde, Bruno R.B and Marinho, Helyde A and de Araújo, Celme B.P and de Araújo, Edite M.V.M. C and Carvalho, Ana P.P.F and Carvalho, Helen M.S and Maquiné, Rebecca O and Caiado, Alessandra C and de Matos, Cristina H and Barretta, Claiza and Specht, Clarice M and Onofrei, Mihaela and Bertacco, Renata T.A and Borges, Lucia R and Bertoldi, Eduardo G and Longo, Aline and Ribas, Bruna L.P and Dobke, Fernanda and Pretto, Alessandra D.B and Bachettini, Nathalia P and Gastaud, Alexandre and Necchi, Rodrigo and Zuchinali, Priccila and Fracasso, Bianca M and Bobadra, Sara and Sangali, Tamirys D and Salamoni, Joyce and Garlini, Luíza M and Shirmann, Gabriela S and de los Santos, Mônica L.P and Bortonili, Vera M.S and Bragança, Guilherme C.M and Ambrózio, Cíntia L and e Lima, Susi B and Schiavini, Jéssica and ...
American Heart Journal, ISSN 0002-8703, 09/2019, Volume 215, pp. 187 - 197
Journal Article
European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, ISSN 0954-3007, 04/2018, Volume 73, Issue 4, pp. 1 - 14
Background/objectives The phase angle, expressed through bioelectrical impedance, has been studied as a prognostic marker in several health conditions. As this... 
Journal Article
Journal of Periodontology, ISSN 0022-3492, 10/2019, Volume 90, Issue 10, pp. 1096 - 1105
Background Despite the association between cardiovascular diseases and periodontitis, there are scarce data on the impact of oral health in the dietary intake... 
coronary artery disease | diet | dyslipidemia | tooth loss | periodontitis
Journal Article
Latin American Journal of Aquatic Research, ISSN 0718-560X, 2013, Volume 41, Issue 5, pp. 968 - 978
Phytal communities are characterized by spatial and temporal variation and are influenced by fluctuating biological and physical parameters. This study aimed... 
Ferruginous laterite | Phytal | Mollusca | Intertidal | Southeast Brazil | BIODIVERSITY | southeast Brazil | COAST | IRON-ORE PARTICLES | CORALLINE TURF | ferruginous laterite | ASSEMBLAGES | MACROFAUNA | phytal | FISHERIES | FAUNA | POLLUTION | MARINE & FRESHWATER BIOLOGY | ESPIRITO-SANTO STATE | HABITAT COMPLEXITY | intertidal | laterita ferruginosa | intermareal | sudeste de Brasil
Journal Article
by Weber, Bernardete and Bersch-Ferreira, Ângela C and Torreglosa, Camila R and Ross-Fernandes, Maria B and da Silva, Jacqueline T and Galante, Andrea P and de Sousa Lara, Enilda and Costa, Rosana P and Soares, Rafael M and Cavalcanti, Alexandre B and Moriguchi, Emilio H and Bruscato, Neide M and Kesties, Josiele and Vivian, Lilian and Schumacher, Marina and de Carli, Waldemar and Backes, Luciano M and Reolão, Bruna R and Rodrigues, Milena P and Baldissera, Dúnnia M.B and Tres, Glaucia S and Lisbôa, Hugo R.K and Bem, João B.J and Reolão, Jose B.C and Deucher, Keyla L.A.L and Cantarelli, Maiara and Lucion, Aline and Rampazzo, Daniela and Bertoni, Vanessa and Torres, Rosileide S and Verríssimo, Adriana O.L and Guterres, Aldair S and Cardos, Andrea F.R and Coutinho, Dalva B.S and Negrão, Mayara G and Alencar, Mônica F.A and Pinho, Priscila M and Barbosa, Socorro N.A.A and Carvalho, Ana P.P.F and Taboada, Maria I.S and Pereira, Sheila A and Heyde, Raul V and Nagano, Francisca E.Z and Baumgartner, Rebecca and Resende, Fernanda P and Tabalipa, Ranata and Zanini, Ana C and Machado, Michael J.R and Araujo, Hevila and Teixeira, Maria L.V and Souza, Gabriela C and Zuchinali, Priccila and Fracasso, Bianca M and Ulliam, Karen and Pierotto, Moara and Hilário, Thamires and Carlos, Daniele M.O and Cordeiro, Cintia G.N.C and Carvalho, Daniele A and Gonçalves, Marília S and Vasconcelos, Valdiana B and Bosquetti, Rosa and Pagano, Raira and Romano, Marcelo L.P and Jardim, César A and de Abreu, Bernardo N.A and Marcadenti, Aline and Schmitt, Alessandra R and Tavares, Angela M.V and Faria, Christiane C and Silva, Flávia M and Fink, Jaqueline S and El Kik, Raquel M and Prates, Clarice F and Vieira, Cristiane S and Adorne, Elaine F and Magedanz, Ellen H and Chieza, Fernanda L and Silva, Ingrid S and Teixeira, Joise M and Trescastro, Eduardo P and Pellegrini, Lívia A and Pinto, Jéssika C and Telles, Cristina T and Sousa, Antonio C.S and Almeida, Andreza S and Costa, Ariane A and Carmo, José A.C and Silva, Juliana T and Alves, Luciana V.S and Sales, Saulo O.C and Ramos, Maria E.M and Lucas, Marilia C.S and Damiani, Monica and Cardoso, Patricia C and Ramos, Salvador S and Dantas, Clenise F and Lopes, Amanda G and Cabral, Ana M.P and Lucena, Ana C.A and ... and BALANCE Program Trial Investigator
American Heart Journal, ISSN 0002-8703, 2015, Volume 171, Issue 1, pp. 73 - 81.e2
Journal Article
Latin american journal of aquatic research, ISSN 0718-560X, 11/2013, Volume 41, Issue 5, pp. 968 - 978
Phytal communities are characterized by spatial and temporal variation and are influenced by fluctuating biological and physical parameters. This study aimed... 
Journal Article
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