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acute lung injury - diagnosis (1) 1
acute lung injury - mortality (1) 1
acute lung injury - therapy (1) 1
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analysis (1) 1
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cause of death (1) 1
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critical care medicine (1) 1
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respiratory distress syndrome (1) 1
respiratory distress syndrome, adult - diagnosis (1) 1
respiratory distress syndrome, adult - epidemiology (1) 1
respiratory distress syndrome, adult - therapy (1) 1
respiratory system (1) 1
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by Morzov, Rica and Newth, Christopher J L and Jouvet, Philippe and Thomas, Neal J and Acuña, Carlos and Affolter, Jeremy T and Agbeko, Rachel and Al Amoudi, Ahmed and Alibrahim, Omar and Allen, Kiona and Al-Subu, Awni and Althabe, María and Anthony, Heather and Aramburo, Angela and Barry, Dana and Beca, John and Briassoulis, George and Bridier, Armelle and Butt, Warwick and Camilo, Cristina and Camporesi, Anna and Capocasa, Patricia and Caro I, Daniel and Castillo, Andres E and Cinquegrani, Karina and Coates, Bria and Cortéz, Ambar and Dahmer, Mary K and Di Nardo, Matteo and Dockery, W. Keith and Dursun, Oguz and Emeriaud, Guillaume and Feather, Calandra and Ferreyra, Marcela and García Casas, Paula and Gil Escobar, Carlos and Giuliano Jr, John S and Godoy Mundaca, Loreto and Gonzalez Gomez, Jose Manuel and Guzman Rivera, Gustavo Alfredo and Izquierdo, Ledys María and Jarillo Quijada, Alberto E and Jarvis, J. Dean and Jayachandran, Chaandini and Jennings, Claire and Jimenez Rivera, Nestor Javier and Jones, Dawn and Kasch, Mary and Keary, Jane't and Kelley, Connor and Kida, Yoshiko and Kwok, Jeni and Lawton-Woodhall, Angela and Llorente de la Fuente, Ana M and Lopez Alarcón, Yurika Paola and López Fernández, Yolanda and Maddux, Aline B and Madurga Revilla, Paula and Martinez de Azagra, Amelia and Mazzillo Vega, Liliana and Medina, Tania and Murkowski, Kathy and Napolitano, Natalie and Nunez, Maria Jose and Orqueda, Daniel and Oruganti, Siva and Palanca Arias, Daniel and Pappachan, Jon and Pardo Carrero, Rosalba and Qiao, Haiping and Quiñonez Lopez, Deyanira and Rea, Miriam and Ronan, Laurie and Sadasivam, Kalaimaran and Sanchez Diaz, Juan Ignacio and Sanders, Ron and Schneider, James and Sierra, Yamila and Singleton, Marcy and Smith, Lincoln and Sousa Moniz, Marta and Spaeder, Michael and Starck, Julie and Subramanian, Gayathri and Sundararajan, Santosh and Tai, Chian Wern and Tang, Swee Fong and Taylor, Ryan and Thomas, Neal and Tibby, Shane and Tieves, Kelly S and Torero, Luis and Totapally, Balagangadhar and Travert, Brendan and Turón, Gonzalo and Valle, Juan Ramón and Vargas G, Sonia I and Yerovi, Rocio and Yunger, Toni and Zuluaga Orrego, Cesar and Pediatric Acute Respiratory Distress syndrome Incidence and Epidemiology (PARDIE) Investigators and Pediatric Acute Lung Injury and Sepsis Investigators (PALISI) Network and Pediat Acute Lung Injury Sepsis In and Pediat Acute Resp Distress Syndrom
The lancet respiratory medicine, ISSN 2213-2600, 02/2019, Volume 7, Issue 2, pp. 115 - 128
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