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by Vennin, C and Melenec, P and Rouet, R and Nobis, M and Cazet, AS and Murphy, KJ and Herrmann, D and Reed, DA and Lucas, MC and Warren, SC and Elgundi, Z and Pinese, M and Kalna, G and Roden, D and Samuel, M and Zaratzian, A and Grey, ST and Da Silva, A and Leung, W and Mathivanan, S and Wang, YX and Braithwaite, AW and Christ, D and Benda, A and Parkin, A and Phillips, PA and Whitelock, JM and Gill, AJ and Sansom, OJ and Croucher, DR and Parker, BL and Pajic, M and Morton, JP and Cox, TR and Timpson, P and Johns, AL and Chantrill, LA and Chou, A and Steinmann, A and Arshi, M and Dwarte, T and Froio, D and Pereira, B and Ritchie, S and Chambers, CR and Metcalf, X and Waddell, N and Pearson, JV and Patch, AM and Nones, K and Newell, F and Mukhopadhyay, P and Addala, V and Kazakoff, S and Holmes, O and Leonard, C and Wood, S and Grimmond, SM and Hofmann, O and Christ, A and Bruxner, T and Samra, JS and Pavlakis, N and High, HA and Asghari, R and Merrett, ND and Pavey, D and Das, A and Cosman, PH and Ismail, K and O'Connnor, C and Stoita, A and Williams, D and Spigellman, A and Lam, VW and McLeod, D and Kirk, J and Kench, JG and Grimison, P and Cooper, CL and Sandroussi, C and Goodwin, A and Mead, RS and Tucker, K and Andrews, L and Texler, M and Forest, C and Epari, KP and Ballal, M and Fletcher, DR and Mukhedkar, S and Zeps, N and Beilin, M and Feeney, K and Nguyen, NQ and Ruszkiewicz, AR and Worthley, C and Chen, J and Brooke-Smith, ME and Papangelis, V and ... and APGI and Australian Pancreatic Genome Initiative (APGI)
NATURE COMMUNICATIONS, ISSN 2041-1723, 08/2019, Volume 10, Issue 1, pp. 3637 - 22
Heterogeneous subtypes of cancer-associated fibroblasts (CAFs) coexist within pancreatic cancer tissues and can both promote and restrain disease progression.... 
Journal Article
by Johns, Amber L and McKay, Skye H and Humphris, Jeremy L and Pinese, Mark and Chantrill, Lorraine A and Mead, R.Scott and Tucker, Katherine and Andrews, Lesley and Goodwin, Annabel and Leonard, Conrad and High, Hilda A and Nones, Katia and Waddell, Nicola and Patch, Ann-Marie and Merrett, Neil D and Pavlakis, Nick and Kassahn, Karin S and Samra, Jaswinder S and Miller, David K and Chang, David K and Pajic, Marina and Pearson, John V and Grimmond, Sean M and Zeps, Nikolajs and Gill, Anthony J and Biankin, Andrew V and Chin, Venessa T and Chou, Angela and Steinmann, Angela and Arshi, Mehreen and Drury, Ali and Froio, Danielle and Morgan, Ashleigh and Timpson, Paul and Hermann, David and Vennin, Claire and Warren, Sean and Wu, Jianmin and Pinho, Andreia V and Newell, Felicity and Mukhopadhyay, Pamela and Addala, Venkateswar and Kazakoff, Stephen and Holmes, Oliver and Wood, Scott and Xu, Christina and Hofmann, Oliver and Wilson, Peter J and Christ, Angelika and Bruxner, Tim and Samra, S and Arena, Jennifer and Mittal, Anubhav and Asghari, Ray and Pavey, Darren and Das, Amitabha and Cosman, Peter H and Ismail, Kasim and O'Connnor, Chelsie and Williams, David and Spigellman, Allan and Lam, W and McLeod, Duncan and Nagrial, Adnan M and Kirk, Judy and James, Virginia and Grimison, Peter and Cooper, Caroline L and Sandroussi, Charbel and Forest, Cindy and Epari, Krishna P and Ballal, Mo and Fletcher, David R and Mukhedkar, Sanjay and Beilin, Maria and Feeney, Kynan and Nguyen, Nan Q and Ruszkiewicz, Andrew R and Worthley, Chris and Brooke-Smith, Mark E and Papangelis, Virginia and Clouston, Andrew D and Martin, Patrick and Barbour, Andrew P and O'Rourke, Thomas J and Fawcett, Jonathan W and Slater, Kellee and Hatzifotis, Michael and Hodgkinson, Peter and Hruban, Ralph H and Wolfgang, Christopher L and Hodgin, Mary and Lawlor, Rita T and Beghelli, Stefania and Corbo, Vincenzo and Scardoni, Maria and Bassi, Claudio and Bailey, Peter and Martin, Sancha and Musgrove, Elizabeth A and ... and Australian Pancreatic Canc Genome and Australian Pancreatic Cancer Genome Initiative
Genome Medicine, ISSN 1756-994X, 04/2017, Volume 9, Issue 1, pp. 41 - 9
Journal Article
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