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Radiocarbon, ISSN 0033-8222, 08/2019, pp. 1 - 10
ABSTRACT The Danube region in Central Europe was one of the areas where several cultures appeared before moving further or being defeated during the Migration... 
Journal Article
by Milne, Christopher J and Schietinger, Thomas and Aiba, Masamitsu and Alarcon, Arturo and Alex, Jürgen and Anghel, Alexander and Arsov, Vladimir and Beard, Carl and Beaud, Paul and Bettoni, Simona and Bopp, Markus and Brands, Helge and Brönnimann, Manuel and Brunnenkant, Ingo and Calvi, Marco and Citterio, Alessandro and Craievich, Paolo and Divall, Marta Csatari and Dällenbach, Mark and D'Amico, Michael and Dax, Andreas and Deng, Yunpei and Dietrich, Alexander and Dinapoli, Roberto and Divall, Edwin and Dordevic, Sladana and Ebner, Simon and Erny, Christian and Fitze, Hansrudolf and Flechsig, Uwe and Follath, Rolf and Frei, Franziska and Gärtner, Florian and Ganter, Romain and Garvey, Terence and Geng, Zheqiao and Gorgisyan, Ishkhan and Gough, Christopher and Hauff, Andreas and Hauri, Christoph P and Hiller, Nicole and Humar, Tadej and Hunziker, Stephan and Ingold, Gerhard and Ischebeck, Rasmus and Janousch, Markus and Juranić, Pavle and Jurcevic, Mario and Kaiser, Maik and Kalantari, Babak and Kalt, Roger and Keil, Boris and Kittel, Christoph and Knopp, Gregor and Koprek, Waldemar and Lemke, Henrik T and Lippuner, Thomas and Sancho, Daniel Llorente and Löhl, Florian and Lopez-Cuenca, Carlos and Märki, Fabian and Marcellini, Fabio and Marinkovic, Goran and Martiel, Isabelle and Menzel, Ralf and Mozzanica, Aldo and Nass, Karol and Orlandi, Gian Luca and Loch, Cigdem Ozkan and Panepucci, Ezequiel and Paraliev, Martin and Patterson, Bruce and Pedrini, Bill and Pedrozzi, Marco and Pollet, Patrick and Pradervand, Claude and Prat, Eduard and Radi, Peter and Raguin, Jean-Yves and Redford, Sophie and Rehanek, Jens and Réhault, Julien and Reiche, Sven and Ringele, Matthias and Rittmann, Jochen and Rivkin, Leonid and Romann, Albert and Ruat, Marie and Ruder, Christian and Sala, Leonardo and Schebacher, Lionel and Schilcher, Thomas and Schlott, Volker and Schmidt, Thomas and Schmitt, Bernd and Shi, Xintian and Stadler, Markus and Stingelin, Lukas and Sturzenegger, Werner and Szlachetko, Jakub and ...
Applied Sciences (Switzerland), ISSN 2076-3417, 07/2017, Volume 7, Issue 7, p. 720
Journal Article
by Bultet, Lisandra Aguilar and Aguilar-Rodríguez, José and Ahrens, Christian H and Ahrné, Erik Lennart and Ai, Ni and Aimo, Lucila and Akalin, Altuna and Aleksiev, Tyanko and Alocci, Davide and Altenhoff, Adrian and Alves, Isabel and Ambrosini, Giovanna and Pedone, Pascale Anderle and Angelino, Paolo and Anisimova, Maria and Appel, Ron and Argoud-Puy, Ghislaine and Arnold, Konstantin and Arpat, Bulak and Artimo, Panu and Ascencao, Kelly and Auchincloss, Andrea and Axelsen, Kristian and Gerritsen, Vivienne Baillie and Bairoch, Amos and Bansal, Parit and Baratin, Delphine and Barbato, Alessandro and Barbié, Valérie and Barras, David and Barreiro, Maria and Barret, Sophie and Bastian, Frederic and Neto, Teresamanuela Batista and Baudis, Michael and Beaudoing, Emmanuel and Beckmann, Jacques S and Bekkar, Amel Kawter and Ben Hamida Cammoun, Leila and Benmohammed, Sara and Bernard, Madeleine and Bertelli, Claire and Bertoni, Martino and Bienert, Stefan and Bignucolo, Olivier and Bilbao, Aivett and Bilican, Adem and Blank, Diana and Blatter, Marie-Claude and Blum, Lorenz and Bocquet, Jocelyne and Boeckmann, Brigitte and Bolleman, Jerven Tjalling and Bordoli, Lorenza and Bosshard, Lars and Bouchet, Gerard and Bougueleret, Lydie and Boutet, Emmanuel and Bovigny, Christophe and Bratulic, Sinisa and Breuza, Lionel and Bridge, Alan James and Britan, Aurore and Brito, Francisco and Frazão, Josias Brito and Bruggmann, Rémy and Bucher, Philipp and Burdet, Frédéric and Burger, Lukas and Cabello, Elena Maria and Gomez, Ruben Martin Cabezon and Calderon, Sandra and Cannarozzi, Gina and Carl, Sarah and Casas, Cristina Casals and Catherinet, Sebastien and Périer, Rouayda Cavin and Charpilloz, Christophe and Chaskar, Prasad Datatray and Chen, Weihua and Pepe, Anush Chiappino and Chopard, Bastien and Chu, Hoi Yee and Civic, Natacha and Claassen, Manfred and Clottu, Sylvie and Colombo, Martino and Cosandier, Isabelle and Coudert, Elisabeth and Crespo, Isaac and Creus, Marc and Cuche, Béatrice and Cuendet, Michel A and Cusin, Isabelle and Daga, Neha and Daina, Antoine and Dauvillier, Jér Ôme and David, Fabrice and Davydov, Iakov and De Sa Ricca Manadelo Ferreira, Mariana and ... and SIB Swiss Inst Bioinformatics
Nucleic Acids Research, ISSN 0305-1048, 2016, Volume 44, Issue 1, pp. D27 - D37
The SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics (www.isb-sib.ch) provides world-class bioinformatics databases, software tools, services and training to the... 
Journal Article
by Iqbal, Ahmar and De Vuono, Andrea and Umanets, Mykola and Sharikadze, Olena and Vernocchi, Pamela and Sato, Hironori and Napolitano, Tania and Tambucci, Renato and Kajiwara, Chifu and Rottem, Menachem and Chapman, Martin and Reddel, Silvia and Riccardi, Carla and Goncalves Alvim, Cristina and Blohlavkova, Simona and Novobilska, Jana and Pitchon dos Reis, Raquel and Goto, Fumiko and Oana, Yu-ta and Pecora, Valentina and Weinbrand-Goichberg, Jenny and Dalal, Ilan and Zeiger, Robert S and Flanders, Tamar and Trzaskoma, Benjamin and Pau Casanovas, Pol and Tomiita, Minako and Yanagida, Noriyuki and Rosen, Karin and Traina, Giovanni and Alcover, Javier and Isolauri, Erika and Beitia, Juan Maria and Kamijo, Koji and Labella, Marina and D'Ambrosio, Angelo and Teague, W. Gerald and Vieira Hernandez, Alberto and ViA ek, Petr and Rea, Francesca and Nam, Young-Hee and Yuriev, Sergey and Wagelie-Steffen, Amy and Yamaide, Akiko and Cardenas, Remedios and Plaza, Ana Maria and Bekir, Suzan and Marti Guadaeo, Enrique and Fernandez, Roberto Jose and Casale, Thomas B and De Aramburu, Teresa and Pop, Liviu L and Setinova, Ivana and Baalasubramanian, Sivasankar and TCmaA, Liviu and Busse, William W and Fabiano, Fabiola and Kivity, Shmuel and Stadler, Jakub and Gaurav, Garg and Mazzina, Oscar and Valentini, Diletta and Gutinrrez-Rivas, Raquel and Kobayashi, Miyabi and Pozo, F. Cesar and Nermes, Merja and Lundelin, Krisa and Castells, Mariana and Iqbal, Amar and Sritipsukho, Paskorn and Echeverria Zudaire, Luis Angel and Bhagwat, Ketaki and Gonzalez, Victor and Griffin, Noelle M and Mitsunaga, Kanako and Jin, Hyun Jung and Yamaide, Fumiya and Marusciac, Laura and Bala, Nandana and Szefler, Stanley and Fierro, Vincenzo and Bhattacharya, Swati Gupta and Pathumanond, Jayanton and Luskin, Allan T and Kulalert, Prapasri and Escobar Bolaeos, Carolina and Hussain, Ahmed and Banzato, Claudia and De Angelis, Papola and Bodhankar, Subhash and Shimojo, Naoki and Pineda, Fernando and Goyal, Rohit and SenGupta, Koyel and Kandhare, Amit and Martelli, Alberto G and Abero, Marcel and Pecora, Valeria and Sanchez Borges, Mario and Limb, Susan L and ...
World Allergy Organization Journal, ISSN 1939-4551, 11/2017, Volume 10, Issue Suppl 2, pp. 39 - 16
Allergen penetration through epithelium to the body is important for allergic sensitizations (cf.percutaneous sensitization to food allergens). Because... 
Usage | Care and treatment | Safety and security measures | Vaccines | Hay-fever | Injections, Hypodermic | Prevention | Complications and side effects | Pain | Immunotherapy | Dosage and administration | Children | Health aspects | Antigens | Pediatrics | Compliance | Clinical trials | Systematic review | Down syndrome | Patients | Allergies | Quality of life | Meta-analysis | Studies | Antioxidants | Proteins | Anaphylaxis | Hospitals | Milk
Journal Article
by de Vette, Ivar and Lombardo, Angelo and Berkhout, Ben and Vervoordeldonk, Margriet and Dekkers, Johanna F and Kruisselbrink, Evelien and Vonk, Annelotte M and de Jonge, Hugo R and de Winter, Karin M and de Groot, – and Janssens, Hettie M and Bronsveld, Inez and Nieuwenhuis, Edward E.S and Houwen, Roderick H.J and Vleggaar, Frank P and Escher, Hankje C and Clevers, Hans and van der Ent, Cornelis K and Buckland, Karen and Rivat, Christine and Himoudi, Nourredine and Gilmour, Kimberly and Booth, Claire and Cornetta, Kenneth and Kohn, Don B and Carbonaro, Denise and Paruzynski, Anna and Schmidt, Manfred and Thrasher, Adrian J and Schaffer, David and Hwang, Tae-Ho and Zinn, E and Khaychuk, V and Sarkar, D and Carvalho, L and Pacouret, S and Morris, H and Plovie, E and van Gent, Michiel and Gram, Anna and Boer, Ingrid and Horst, Danielle and Zaldumbide, Arnaud and Hoeben, Rob and Wiertz, Emmanuel and Maring, J and Smits, AM and Ouyang, Hong and Lin, Ying and Wang, Yujuan and Cai, Humim and Li, Gen and Patel, Sherrina and Zhu, Jie and Lin, Danni and Wen, Cindy and Zhu, Jin and Tsaalbi-Shtylik, Anastasia and Martín-Pardillos, Ana and Ferras, Cristina and Verspuy, Johan and Speksnijder, Ewoud and Jansen, Jacob and Peng, Kah Whye and Federspiel, Mark and Naik, Shruthi and Ruiz, Autumn and Lacy, Martha and Dispenzieri, Angela and O'Donovan, Liz and Arzumanov, Andrey A and Rahim, A.A and Burke, D.G and Buckley, S.M and Cullen, E and Mukherji, S and Mills, K and Sirka, E and Herbert, B and Karlsson, S and Hughes, D.A and Mehta, A.B and Howe, S.J and Heales, S and Cooper, J.D and Cheng, S.H and van Til, Niek P and Liang, Q and Stok, M and Wagemaker, G and Reiss, Ulrike M and Tuddenham, Edward G.D and Nienhuis, Arthur W and Davidoff, Andrew M and Meneghini, V and Lattanzi, A and Tiradani, L and Bravo, G and Morena, F and Martino, S and ...
Human Gene Therapy, ISSN 1043-0342, 11/2014, Volume 25, Issue 11, pp. A1 - A121
Journal Article
by Traina, Giovanni and Valluzzi, Rocco Luigi and Fierro, Vincenzo and Riccardi, Carla and Artesani, Maria Cristina and De Vuono, Andrea and Fiocchi, Alessandro and Martelli, Alberto G and Ríos, Luis Alberto and Alcocer, Christian R and Navarrete, Elsy and Del Rio Navarro, Blanca Estela and Gonzalez, Victor and Velasco, Berenice and Perez Aviles, Herberth J and Fernandez, Roberto Jose and Pozo, F Cesar and Farhan, Abdal Jabbar and Arshad, Hasan and Hussain, Ahmed and Sharikadze, Olena and Okhotnikova, Olena and Alcover, Javier and Rodriguez, Diego and Pineda, Fernando and Dalal, Ilan and Weinbrand-Goichberg, Jenny and Benor, Shira and Rottem, Menachem and Kivity, Shmuel and Sato, Sakura and Yanagida, Noriyuki and Ebisawa, Motohiro and Umanets, Tetiana and Antipkin, Youriy and Barzylovich, Vladyslava and Lapshyn, Volodymyr and Umanets, Mykola and Yuriev, Sergey and Bekir, Suzan and Pincock, Tobias and Vieira Hernandez, Alberto and Capriles Hulett, Arnaldo and Sánchez Borges, Mario and Fabiano, Fabiola and Albarran, Carlos and Goyal, Rohit and Gupta, Shilpa and Gaurav, Garg and Luskin, Allan T and Griffin, Noelle M and Wagelie-Steffen, Amy and Trzaskoma, Benjamin L and Limb, Susan L and Busse, William W and Zeiger, Robert S and Gonzalez-Reyes, Erika and Casale, Thomas B and Chipps, Bradley E and Sugizaki, Chizuko and Goto, Fumiko and Sato, Sakura and Yanagida, Noriyuki and Ebisawa, Motohiro and Yamaide, Akiko and Mitsunaga, Kanako and Tomiita, Minako and Hoshioka, Akira and Shimojo, Naoki and Pop, Liviu L and Ciucǎ, Ioana-Mihaela and Tǎmaş, Liviu and Lazarescu, Marilena and Pienar, Corina and Yamaide, Fumiya and Fikri, Bahrul and Sato, Hironori and Shimojo, Naoki and Okishima, Naoko and Kobayashi, Miyabi and Takai, Mizuki and Nishigata, Kotarou and Yoda, Ryou and Oana, Yu-Ta and Kajiwara, Chifu and Shimodaira, Moe and Suzuki, Tomoka and Iizawa, Hiromi and Kamijo, Koji and Karmakar, Bijoya and Bhattacharya, Swati Gupta and Blohlávková, Simona and Kopelentová, Eliška and Víšek, Petr and Štádler, Jakub and Šetinová, Ivana and Novobílská, Jana and Lundelin, Krisa and Salminen, Seppo and Isolauri, Erika and ...
The World Allergy Organization journal, ISSN 1939-4551, 2017, Volume 10, Issue Suppl 2, p. 39
Journal Article
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