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by Visigalli, I and Cecere, F and Carriglio, N and Hernandez, R J and Hernandez, R J and De Simone, M and Vezzoli, M and Monti, L and Zino, E and Alfonso, E and Sanvito, F and Mauro, V and Norata, R and Acquati, S and Acquati, S and Redaelli, D and Redaelli, D and Dionisio, F and De Mattia, F and Scaramuzza, S and Rossi, C and Giannelli, S and Giannelli, S and Salerio, F and Sartirana, C and Brigida, I and Magni, S and Miglietta, S and Monteverde, S and Monti, I and Gregori, S and Ferrari, G and Aiuti, A and Castagnaro, L and Zancan, S and Cristofori, P and Naldini, L and Bonini, C and Waselle, L and Tissot, L and Sitjve, S and Büning, H and Ayuso, E and Déglon, N and Bueren, J and Trono, D and Nobrega, C and Mendonça, L and Marcelo, A and Lamazière, A and Tomé, S and Tomé, S and Déspres, G and Matos, C and Mechmet, F and Langui, D and den Dunnen, W and Pereira de Almeida, L and Cartier, N and Mitchell, J and Nemesh, J and Ghosh, S and Mello, C and McCaroll, S and Di Pasquale, G and Chandler, R J and Choi, E Y and Hubbard, B and Afione, S and Khalaj, M and Zheng, C and Grewe, B and Kaler, S G and Venditti, C P and Grimm, D and Grimm, D and Buj Bello, A and Nyns, E CA and Bingen, B O and Bart, C I and Kip, A and Poelma, R H and Volkers, L and Plomp, J J and Jangsangthong, W and Engels, M C and Schalij, M J and Zhang, G Q and Pijnappels, D A and Hildebrant, E and Penzes, J and Agbandje-McKenna, M and Gifford, R and Xiao, X and Akcakaya, P and Bobbin, M L and Guo, J A and Malagon-Lopez, J and Clement, K and Garcia, S P and ...
Human Gene Therapy, ISSN 1043-0342, 12/2018, Volume 29, Issue 12, pp. A1 - A169
Previously, results at 2 years after subretinal injection of a recombinant adeno-associated virus vector expressing RPE65 (rAAV2-CB-hRPE65) in eight adults and... 
Abstracts | MEDICINE, RESEARCH & EXPERIMENTAL | retinal degeneration | BIOTECHNOLOGY & APPLIED MICROBIOLOGY | AAV | GENETICS & HEREDITY | gene therapy | Leber congenital amaurosis | RPE65
Journal Article
Journal Article
European Urology, ISSN 0302-2838, 2014, Volume 67, Issue 1, pp. 74 - 82
Journal Article
by Neves, F. M. d. O and Leite, T. T and Meneses, G. C and Araujo De Souza, N. H and Martins, A. M. C and Parahyba, M. C and Queiroz, R. E. B and Liborio, A and Liu, Y and Li, Y and Li, X and Chen, L and Zulkarnaev, A and Vatazin, A and Nikolaj, S and Stadler, T and Raddatz, A and Hubner, W and Poppleton, A and Fliser, D and Klingele, M and Castellano, G and Intini, A and Stasi, A and Divella, C and Pontrelli, P and Gigante, M and Zito, A and Pertosa, G. B and Gesualdo, L and Grandaliano, G and Powell, T. C and Donnelly, J. P and Wang, H. E and Warnock, D. G and De Loor, J and Hoste, E and Herck, I and Francois, K and Decrop, L and Clauwaert, C and Bracke, S and Vermeiren, D and Demeyere, K and Meyer, E and Mitra, P and Rahim, M. A and Gupta, R. D and Samdani, T. S and Rahman, S. A and Enam, S. F and Mursalin, G and E-Khoda, M. M and Haque, W. M. M and Iqbal, S and Mansur, M. A and Guglielmetti, G and Cena, T and Musetti, C and Quaglia, M and Battista, M and Radin, E and Airoldi, A and Izzo, C and Stratta, P and Haase-Fielitz, A and Albert, C and Westphal, S and Hoffmann, J and Mertens, P. R and Plass, M and Westerman, M and Bellomo, R and Maisel, A and Ronco, C and Haase, M and Wu, P.-C and Wu, V.-C and Prasad, B and Wong, B and St.Onge, J. R and Rungta, R and Das, P and Ray, D. S and Gupta, S and De Gracia, M. D. C and Osuna, A and Quesada, A and Manzano, F and Montoro, S and Jimenez, M. D. M and Wangensteen, R and Strunk, A.-K and Schmidt, J and Schmidt, B and Bode-Boger, S and Martens-Lobenhoffer, J and Welte, T and Kielstein, J. T and Wang, A. Y and ... and NSARF
Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation, ISSN 0931-0509, 05/2014, Volume 29, Issue suppl 3, pp. iii102 - iii113
Journal Article
by Kuma, A and Yamada, S and Miyamoto, T and Serino, R and Tamura, M and Otsuji, Y and Kohno, K and Cho, W. Y and Kim, M.-G and Jo, S.-K and Kim, H. K and Jado, J. C and Humanes, B and Lopez-Parra, V and Camano, S and Lara, J. M and Cercenado, E and Tejedor, A and Lazaro, A and Jansen, M and Castellano, G and Stasi, A and Intini, A and Gigante, M and Di Palma, A. M and Divella, C and Netti, G. S and Prattichizzo, C and Pontrelli, P and Crovace, A and Staffieri, F and Fiaccadori, E and Brienza, N and Grandaliano, G and Pertosa, G. B and Gesualdo, L and Xanthopoulou, K and Tsouchnikas, I and Ouzounidis, G and Kokaraki, G and Lagoudaki, R and Simeonidou, C and Karkavelas, G and Spandou, E and Tsakiris, D and Kallaras, K and Schneider, R and Meusel, M and Betz, B. B and Held, C and Moller-Ehrlich, K and Buttner-Herold, M and Wanner, C and Michael, G and Sauvant, C and Hosszu, A and Antal, Z and Hodrea, J and Koszegi, S and Banki, N. F and Wagner, L and Lenart, L and Vannay, A and Szabo, A. J and Fekete, A and Michael, A and Faga, T and Navarra, M and Andreucci, M and Lemoine, S and Pillot, B and Rabeyrin, M and Varennes, A and Ovize, M and Juillard, L and Gomes Santana, L and Silva Almeida, W and Schor, N and Watanabe, M and Fonseca, C. D and Pessoa, E. A and Mendonca, M. H and Fernandes, S. M and Borges, F. T and Vattimo, M. F and Ow, C. P. C and Tassone, F and Koeners, M. P and Malpas, S. C and Evans, R. G and Alfarano, C and Guardia, M.-A and Lluel, P and Palea, S and Young, G.-H and Wu, V.-C and Choi, D. E and Jeong, J. Y and Chang, Y. K and Chung, S and ...
Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation, ISSN 0931-0509, 05/2014, Volume 29, Issue suppl 3, pp. iii90 - iii101
Journal Article
HELICOBACTER, ISSN 1083-4389, 08/2018, Volume 23, Issue 4, p. e12502
BackgroundClinical trials have shown a good efficacy of the three-in-one formulation of bismuth quadruple therapy (BQT) for Helicobacter (H.) pylori... 
probiotics supplementation | Helicobacter pylori | eradication | Pylera((R)) | MICROBIOLOGY | INFECTION | GASTROENTEROLOGY & HEPATOLOGY | bismuth quadruple therapy | CONSENSUS REPORT | Urea
Journal Article
World Journal of Urology, ISSN 0724-4983, 2018, Volume 36, Issue 10, pp. 1621 - 1627
Journal Article
by Lai, C.-F and Lin, S.-L and Chiang, W.-C and Chen, Y.-M and Kuo, M.-L and Tsai, T.-J and Hwang, H. S and Choi, Y. A and Park, K. C and Yang, K. J and Choi, H. S and Kim, S. H and Lee, S. J and Chang, Y. K and Kim, S. Y and Yang, C. W and Xiujuan, Z and Yoshimura, R and Matsuyama, M and Chargui, J and Touraine, J.-L and Yoshimura, N and Zulkarnaev, A. B and Vasilenko, I. A and Artemov, D. V and Vatazin, A. V and Park, S. K and Kang, K. P and Lee, S and Kim, W and Schneider, R and Betz, B and Moller-Ehrlich, K and Wanner, C and Sauvant, C and Park, C. W and Sohotnik, R and Nativ, O and Abbasi, A and Awad, H and Frajewicki, V and Armaly, Z and Heyman, S. N and Abassi, Z and Chen, P. Y and Chen, B. L and Yang, C. C and Chiang, C. K and Liu, S. H and Abozahra, A. E and Abd-Elkhabir, A. A and Shokeir, A and Hussein, A and Awadalla, A and Barakat, N and Abdelaziz, A and Yamaguchi, J and Tanaka, T and Eto, N and Nangaku, M and Quiros, Y and Lopez-Hernandez, F. J and Perez de Obanos, M. P and Ruiz, J and Lopez-Novoa, J. M and Shin, H.-S and Kim, M.-J and Choi, Y.-J and Ryu, E.-S and Choi, H.-S and Kang, D.-H and Jankauskas, S. S and Pevzner, I. B and Zorova, L. D and Babenko, V. A and Morosanova, M. A and Plotnikov, E. Y and Zorov, D. B and Huang, C.-Y and Huang, T.-M and Wu, V.-C and Young, G.-H and Chupyrkina, A. A and Zorov, S. D and Grande, J. P and Hartono, S. P and Knudsen, B. E and Mederle, K and Castrop, H and Hocherl, K and Iwakura, T and Fujikura, T and Ohashi, N and Yasuda, H and Fujigaki, Y and Matsui, I and Hamano, T and Inoue, K and Obi, Y and Nakano, C and ...
Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation, ISSN 0931-0509, 05/2013, Volume 28, Issue suppl 1, pp. i96 - i116
Journal Article
by Boscari, F and Messori, M and Rabbone, I and Rabbone, I and Bonfanti, R and Sabbion, A and Iafusco, D and Schiaffini, R and Visentin, R and Visentin, R and Calore, R and Leal, Y and Galasso, S and Galasso, S and Galderisi, A and Vallone, V and Di Palma, F and Losiouk, E and Lanzola, G and Tinti, T and Rigamonti, A and Marigliano, M and Zanfardino, A and Rapini, N and Avogaro, A and Chernavvsky, D and Magni, L and Cobelli, C and Bruttomesso, D and Kovatchev, B and Barnard, K and Bergenstal, R and Laffel, L and Weissberg-Benchell, J and Hood, K and Heinemann, L and Sullivan, S and Miller, K.M and Frontino, G and Rigamonti, A and Bonura, C and Favalli, V and Breton, M and Lepore, G and Bonfanti, R and Bonfanti, R and Bozzetto, L and Di Blasi, V and Girelli, A and Grassi, G and Iafusco, D and Rabbone, I and Schiaffini, R and Laviola, L and Minuto, N and Ignaccolo, G and Iafusco, D and Lombardo, F and Cherubini, V and Frongia, A.P and Pistorio, A and Marigliano, M and Toni, S and Scaramuzza, A.E and Forlenza, G and Wadwa, R.P and Messer, L and Bequette, B.W and Cameron, F and Howsmon, D and Huyett, L and Dassau, E and Doyle, F.J and Patek, S and Schertz, E and Mauritzen, E and Mandell, A and DeSalvo, D and Ly, T.T and Buckingham, B.A and Festa, C and Bongiovanni, M and Mattei, L and Colatrella, A and Stewart, Z and Pate, T and Danne, T and Kordonouri, O and Kordonouri, O and Kordonouri, O and Lange, K and Spaniolas, K and Wohlgemuth, S.D and Stefan, D and Homan, M and Orel, R and Battelino, T and Sinha-Gregory, S and Gerber, L and Ferrari, M and ...
Diabetes Technology & Therapeutics, ISSN 1520-9156, 02/2016, Volume 18, Issue S1, pp. A-1 - A-140
Journal Article
by Kaynar, K and Ersoz, S and Aliyazioglu, R and Uzun, A and Ulusoy, S and Al, S and Ozkan, G and Cansiz, M and Bertocchio, J.-P and Lancon, J and El Moghrabi, S and Galmiche, G and Duong Van Huyen, J.-P and Rieu, P and Jaisser, F and Albertoni, G and Andrade, S and Barreto, J. A and Borges, F and Schor, N and Ho, W.-Y and Chen, S.-H and Tseng, C.-J and Bienholz, A and Feldkamp, T and Weinberg, J. M and Suller Garcia, J and Naves, M and Aparecida Reis, L and Simoes, M. d. J and S Almeida, W and Moreau Longo, V and Segreto, H. R. C and Ghoneim, A and Elkholy, A and Medhat Abbas, T and El Hadeedy, M and Elhusseini, F and Elessawey, B and Eltanaihy, E and Lotfy, A and Eldesoky, S and Sheashaa, H and Sobh, M and Minning, D. M and Warnock, D and Mohamed, A. S and Wirthlin, J. B and Chintalacharuvu, S. R and Boone, L and Brenner, R. M and Santina Christo, J and Dos Santos Passos, C and Rene de Alencar, D and De Braganca, A. C and Canale, D and Goncalves, J. G and Brandao, T. P. B and Shimizu, M. H. M and Volpini, R. A and Seguro, A. C and Andrade, L and Lee, J.-W and Kim, H. K and Cho, W. Y and Jo, S.-K and Cho, E and Hocherl, K and Schmidt, C and Mulay, S. R and Kulkarni, O. P and Rupanagudi, K. V and Migliorini, A and Liapis, H and Anders, H.-J and Pevzner, I and Chupyrkina, A and Plotnikov, E and Zorov, D and Lopez-Novoa, J.-M and Eleno, N and Perez-Barriocanal, F and Arevalo, M and Docherty, N and Castellano, G and Divella, C and Loverre, A and Stasi, A and Curci, C and Rossini, M and Ditonno, P and Battaglia, M and Daha, M. R and Van Kooten, C and Gesualdo, L and Schena, F. P and Grandaliano, G and Tsuda, H and Kawada, N and Iwatani, H and ...
Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation, ISSN 0931-0509, 05/2012, Volume 27, Issue suppl 2, pp. ii333 - ii347
Journal Article