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spirits (26) 26
technologies for adaptation to climate change (26) 26
vinegar (26) 26
wine (26) 26
cells, cultured (24) 24
heterocyclic compounds (24) 24
research (24) 24
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rats (21) 21
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middle aged (15) 15
nucleotides (15) 15
studies (15) 15
analogous arrangements using other waves (14) 14
blasting (14) 14
coffee mills (14) 14
derivatives thereof (14) 14
determining distance or velocity by use of radio waves (14) 14
domestic articles or appliances (14) 14
expression (14) 14
furniture (14) 14
lighting (14) 14
locating or presence-detecting by use of the reflection orreradiation of radio waves (14) 14
nucleic acids (14) 14
nucleosides (14) 14
performing operations (14) 14
plant sciences (14) 14
radio direction-finding (14) 14
radio navigation (14) 14
spice mills (14) 14
suction cleaners in general (14) 14
sugars (14) 14
transporting (14) 14
weapons (14) 14
detecting masses or objects (13) 13
domestic washing or cleaning (13) 13
electric digital data processing (13) 13
english literature (13) 13
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fibrosis (13) 13
geophysics (13) 13
gravitational measurements (13) 13
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Library Location Library Location
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Web Resource
1998, Key topics series, ISBN 9781859961018, viii, 200
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Journal Article
American Journal of Pathology, The, ISSN 0002-9440, 2009, Volume 175, Issue 1, pp. 148 - 160
Myofibroblasts are contractile cells that are characterized by the expression of α-smooth muscle actin and mediate the closure of wounds and the formation of... 
Pathology | Regular
Journal Article
Energy Policy, ISSN 0301-4215, 09/2013, Volume 60, pp. 462 - 480
The UK Government has unveiled an ambitious retrofit programme that seeks significant improvement to the energy efficiency of the housing stock. High quality... 
Energy | Housing | Retrofit | ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES | ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES | ENERGY & FUELS | Studies | Energy efficiency | Energy policy | Retrofitting
Journal Article
Journal of Biological Chemistry, ISSN 0021-9258, 04/2009, Volume 284, Issue 14, pp. 9083 - 9092
The differentiation of resident fibroblasts to myofibroblasts is central to wound healing. In the context of organ fibrosis, however, persistence of these... 
Glycobiology and Extracellular Matrices
Journal Article