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New Phytologist, ISSN 0028-646X, 10/2017, Volume 216, Issue 2, pp. 355 - 360
Journal Article
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, ISSN 0027-8424, 09/2016, Volume 113, Issue 36, p. 10168
  Regulation of translation is critical for maintaining cellular protein levels, and thus protein homeostasis. The conserved RNA-binding protein CsrA (also... 
Proteins | Homeostasis | Phylogenetics | Bacteria | Ribonucleic acid--RNA
Journal Article
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, ISSN 0027-8424, 12/2013, Volume 110, Issue 50, pp. 20117 - 20122
Journal Article
by Jo Ann Banks and Tomoaki Nishiyama and Mitsuyasu Hasebe and John L. Bowman and Michael Gribskov and Claude dePamphilis and Victor A. Albert and Naoki Aono and Tsuyoshi Aoyama and Barbara A. Ambrose and Neil W. Ashton and Michael J. Axtell and Elizabeth Barker and Michael S. Barker and Jeffrey L. Bennetzen and Nicholas D. Bonawitz and Clint Chapple and Chaoyang Cheng and Luiz Gustavo Guedes Correa and Michael Dacre and Jeremy DeBarry and Ingo Dreyer and Marek Elias and Eric M. Engstrom and Mark Estelle and Liang Feng and Cédric Finet and Sandra K. Floyd and Wolf B. Frommer and Tomomichi Fujita and Lydia Gramzow and Michael Gutensohn and Jesper Harholt and Mitsuru Hattori and Alexander Heyl and Tadayoshi Hirai and Yuji Hiwatashi and Masaki Ishikawa and Mineko Iwata and Kenneth G. Karol and Barbara Koehler and Uener Kolukisaoglu and Minoru Kubo and Tetsuya Kurata and Sylvie Lalonde and Kejie Li and Ying Li and Amy Litt and Eric Lyons and Gerard Manning and Takeshi Maruyama and Todd P. Michael and Koji Mikami and Saori Miyazaki and Shin-ichi Morinaga and Takashi Murata and Bernd Mueller-Roeber and David R. Nelson and Mari Obara and Yasuko Oguri and Richard G. Olmstead and Naoko Onodera and Bent Larsen Petersen and Birgit Pils and Michael Prigge and Stefan A. Rensing and Diego Mauricio Riaño-Pachón and Alison W. Roberts and Yoshikatsu Sato and Henrik Vibe Scheller and Burkhard Schulz and Christian Schulz and Eugene V. Shakirov and Nakako Shibagaki and Naoki Shinohara and Dorothy E. Shippen and Iben Sørensen and Ryo Sotooka and Nagisa Sugimoto and Mamoru Sugita and Naomi Sumikawa and Milos Tanurdzic and Günter Theißen and Peter Ulvskov and Sachiko Wakazuki and Jing-Ke Weng and William W.G.T. Willats and Daniel Wipf and Paul G. Wolf and Lixing Yang and Andreas D. Zimmer and Qihui Zhu and Therese Mitros and Uffe Hellsten and Dominique Loqué and Robert Otillar and Asaf Salamov and Jeremy Schmutz and Harris Shapiro and Erika Lindquist and ... and Joint Bioenergy Institute (JBEI)
Science, ISSN 0036-8075, 5/2011, Volume 332, Issue 6032, pp. 960 - 963
Journal Article
by Bonnet, Eric and Moreau, Hervé and Strittmatter, Martina and Bothwell, John H and Charrier, Bénédicte and Allen, Andrew E and Gachon, Claire M. M and Nelson, David R and Valentin, Klaus and Anthouard, Veronique and Lohr, Martin and Nyvall-Collén, Pi and Jabbari, Kamel and Küpper, Frithjof C and Napoli, Carolyn A and Jubin, Claire and Elias, Marek and Dittami, Simon M and Boyen, Catherine and Heesch, Svenja and Brownlee, Colin and Artiguenave, François and Read, Betsy and von Dassow, Peter and Samanta, Manoj and Van de Peer, Yves and Pommier, Cyril and Aury, Jean-Marc and Badger, Jonathan H and Da Silva, Corinne and Nagasato, Chikako and Beszteri, Bank and Quesneville, Hadi and Maumus, Florian and Michel, Gurvan and Peters, Akira F and Tonon, Thierry and Yamagishi, Takahiro and Rouzé, Pierre and Morales, Julia and Lang, Daniel and Potin, Philippe and Delaroque, Nicolas and Kloareg, Bernard and Ritter, Andrés and Coelho, Susana M and Lopez, Pascal J and Le Bail, Aude and Ségurens, Béatrice and Rensing, Stefan A and Samson, Gaelle and Rousvoal, Sylvie and Doulbeau, Sylvie and Cho, Ga Youn and Scornet, Delphine and Gschloessl, Bernhard and Schroeder, Declan C and Sterck, Lieven and Kawai, Hiroshi and Billiau, Kenny and Cock, J. Mark and Leblanc, Catherine and Miranda-Saavedra, Diego and Carrano, Carl J and Tregear, James W and Collén, Jonas and Farnham, Garry and Lerouge, Patrice and Martens, Cindy and Kimura, Kei and Motomura, Taizo and Amoutzias, Grigoris and Wincker, Patrick and Delage, Ludovic and Poulain, Julie and Bowler, Chris and Corre, Erwan
Nature, ISSN 0028-0836, 06/2010, Volume 465, Issue 7298, pp. 617 - 621
Journal Article
Journal Article
by Curtis, Bruce A and Curtis, Bruce A and Tanifuji, Goro and Tanifuji, Goro and Burki, Fabien and Maruyama, Shinichiro and Gruber, Ansgar and Gile, Gillian H and Irimia, Manuel and Hopkins, Julia F and Maruyama, Shinichiro and Eveleigh, Robert J. M and Arias, Maria C and Nakayama, Takuro and Ball, Steven G and Malik, Shehre-Banoo and Onodera, Naoko T and Gile, Gillian H and Slamovits, Claudio H and Hirakawa, Yoshihisa and Spencer, David F and Hopkins, Julia F and Lane, Christopher E and Kuo, Alan and Gray, Michael W and Rensing, Stefan A and Archibald, John M and Schmutz, Jeremy and Symeonidi, Aikaterini and Burki, Fabien and Hirakawa, Yoshihisa and Elias, Marek and Reyes-Prieto, Adrian and Eveleigh, Robert J. M and Herman, Emily K and Keeling, Patrick J and Fast, Naomi M and Klute, Mary J and Green, Beverley R and Nakayama, Takuro and Oborník, Miroslav and Grisdale, Cameron J and Gruber, Ansgar and Reyes-Prieto, Adrian and Kroth, Peter G and Virginia Armbrust, E and Aves, Stephen J and Irimia, Manuel and Arias, Maria C and Beiko, Robert G and Coutinho, Pedro and Ball, Steven G and Dacks, Joel B and Kuo, Alan and Durnford, Dion G and Schmutz, Jeremy and Grimwood, Jane and Fast, Naomi M and Green, Beverley R and Lindquist, Erika and Grisdale, Cameron J and Lucas, Susan and Hempel, Franziska and Salamov, Asaf and Henrissat, Bernard and Grigoriev, Igor V and Höppner, Marc P and Rensing, Stefan A and Ishida, Ken-Ichiro and Symeonidi, Aikaterini and Kim, Eunsoo and Elias, Marek and Herman, Emily K and Kořený, Luděk and Kroth, Peter G and Klute, Mary J and Dacks, Joel B and Liu, Yuan and Oborník, Miroslav and Malik, Shehre-Banoo and Kořený, Luděk and Maier, Uwe G and McRose, Darcy and Durnford, Dion G and Mock, Thomas and Neilson, Jonathan A. D and Armbrust, E. Virginia and Neilson, Jonathan A. D and Rocap, Gabrielle and Onodera, Naoko T and Poole, Anthony M and Aves, Stephen J and Liu, Yuan and Pritham, Ellen J and Richards, Thomas A and Beiko, Robert G and Rocap, Gabrielle and Coutinho, Pedro and Henrissat, Bernard and Roy, Scott W and ... and Joint Genome Institute (JGI) and Medicinska fakulteten and Medicinska och farmaceutiska vetenskapsområdet and Institutionen för medicinsk biokemi och mikrobiologi and Uppsala universitet
Nature, ISSN 0028-0836, 12/2012, Volume 491, Issue 7427, pp. 59 - 65
Journal Article
Science, ISSN 0036-8075, 7/2010, Volume 329, Issue 5988, pp. 223 - 226
Journal Article