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greece - epidemiology (129) 129
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pharmacology & pharmacy (125) 125
endothelium (121) 121
diseases of the circulatory system (119) 119
cardiology (116) 116
cardiology and cardiovascular medicine (115) 115
coronary artery disease (115) 115
hypertension - physiopathology (114) 114
treatment outcome (114) 114
follow-up studies (112) 112
animals (108) 108
internal medicine (106) 106
biomarkers - blood (105) 105
research (99) 99
specialties of internal medicine (99) 99
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cardiovascular diseases (94) 94
care and treatment (92) 92
coronary angiography (91) 91
greece (89) 89
echocardiography (88) 88
analysis (85) 85
adolescent (83) 83
prospective studies (83) 83
electrocardiography (81) 81
health aspects (81) 81
heart failure (81) 81
risk assessment (79) 79
blood pressure - physiology (78) 78
cross-sectional studies (75) 75
time factors (75) 75
hypertension - complications (72) 72
arterial stiffness (71) 71
life style (71) 71
predictive value of tests (71) 71
cardiac patients (68) 68
cardiovascular system (67) 67
nutrition & dietetics (67) 67
diet (66) 66
endothelium, vascular - physiopathology (66) 66
nitric oxide (65) 65
multivariate analysis (64) 64
acute coronary syndromes (63) 63
cardiovascular diseases - epidemiology (62) 62
diabetes (62) 62
body mass index (61) 61
diagnosis (61) 61
heart attacks (61) 61
medical research (61) 61
case-control studies (60) 60
coronary artery disease - physiopathology (60) 60
incidence (59) 59
endothelium, vascular - drug effects (55) 55
mortality (55) 55
studies (55) 55
age factors (53) 53
exercise (52) 52
physiological aspects (52) 52
prevalence (52) 52
coronary vessels (51) 51
endocrinology & metabolism (51) 51
general & internal medicine (50) 50
oxidative stress (50) 50
diet, mediterranean (49) 49
chemistry, medicinal (48) 48
elasticity (48) 48
pharmacology. drug treatments (48) 48
smoking (48) 48
biomarkers (47) 47
cardiovascular diseases - etiology (47) 47
statins (47) 47
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by Kaptoge, Stephen and Angelantonio, Emanuele and Pennells, Lisa and Wood, Angela and White, Ian and Gao, Pei and Walker, Mark and Thompson, Alexander and Sarwar, Sheryar and Caslake, Muriel and Butterworth, Adam and Amouyel, Philippe and Assmann, Gerd and Bakker, Stephan and Barr, E.L.M and Barrett-Connor, Elizabeth and Benjamin, Emelia and Björkelund, Cecilia and Brenner, Hermann and Brunner, Eric and Clarke, Robert and Cooper, Jackie and Cremer, P and Cushman, Mary Ann and Dagenais, Gilles R and D'Agostino, Ralph and Dankner, Rachel and Davey-Smith, George and Deeg, Dorly and Dekker, Jacqueline and Engström, G and Folsom, Aaron and Fowkes, F. Gerald R and Gallacher, John and Gaziano, J. Michael and Giampaoli, Simona and Gillum, Richard and Hofman, Albert and Howard, Barbara and Ingelsson, Erik and Iso, Hiroyasu and Jorgensen, Torben and Kiechl, Stefan and Kitamura, A and Kiyohara, Yutaka and Koenig, Wolfgang and Kromhout, Daan and Kuller, Lewis and Lawlor, Debbie and Meade, Tom and Nissinen, Aulikki and Nordestgaard, Børge and Onat, Altan and Panagiotakos, Demosthenes and Psaty, Bruce and Roiguez, Beatriz and Rosengren, Annika and Salomaa, Veikko and Kauhanen, Jussi and Salonen, J.T and Shaffer, Jonathan and Shea, Steven and Ford, Ian and Stehouwer, Coen and Strandberg, Timo and Tipping, Alex and Tosetto, Alberto and Wassertheil-Smoller, Sylvia and Wennberg, Patrik and Westendorp, Rudi and Whincup, Peter and Wilhelmsen, Lars and Woodward, Mark and Lowe, Gordon and Wareham, Nick and Khaw, Kay-Tee and Sattar, Naveed and Packard, Chris and Gudnason, Vilmundur and Ridker, Paul and Pepys, Mark and Thompson, Simon and Danesh, John and The Emerging Risk Factors Collaboration and Emerging Risk Factors and Emerging Risk Factors Collaboration and Sahlgrenska akademin and Institute of Medicine and Göteborgs universitet and Gothenburg University and Sahlgrenska Academy and Institutionen för medicin
The New England journal of medicine, ISSN 0028-4793, 10/2012, Volume 367, Issue 14, pp. 1310 - 1320
Journal Article
by Kaptoge, Stephen and Di Angelantonio, Emanuele and Lowe, Gordon and Pepys, Mark B and Thompson, Simon G and Collins, Rory and Danesh, John and Tipping, Robert W and Ford, C. E and Pressel, S. L and Walldius, G and Jungner, I and Folsom, Aaron R and Chambless, L.E and Ballantyne, C. M and Panagiotakos, Demosthenes B and Pitsavos, C and Chrysohoou, C and Stefanadis, Christodoulos and Knuiman, Matthew W and Goldbourt, Uri and Benderly, M and Tanne, David and Whincup, P.H and Wannamethee, S.G and Morris, Richard W and Kiechl, S and Willeit, J and Mayr, A and Schett, G and Wald, N and Ebrahim, S and Lawlor, D.A and Yarnell, J.W and Gallacher, J and Casiglia, Edoardo and Tikhonoff, Valerie and Nietert, Paul J and Sutherland, Susan E and Bachman, D. L and Keil, J. E and Cushman, M and Psaty, Bruce M and Tracy, R and Tybjaerg-Hansen, A and Nordestgaard, B. G and Zacho, J and Frikke-Schmidt, R and Giampaoli, S and Palmieri, L and Panico, S and Vanuzzo, D and Pilotto, L and de la Camara, A. Gomez and Gerique, J. A. Gomez and Simons, Laura and McCallum, J and Friedlander, Yechiel and Fowkes, F. Gerry R and Lee, A and Taylor, Clare J and Guralnik, Jack M and Phillips, Caroline L and Wallace, Robert B and Blazer, Dan G and Khaw, Kay-Tee and Brenner, H and Raum, E and Mueller, Heiko and Rothenbacher, Dietrich and Jansson, J-H and Wennberg, Patrik and Nissinen, A and Donfrancesco, C and Salomaa, Veikko and Harald, K and Jousilahti, P and Vartiainen, E and Woodward, M and D'Agostino, Ralph B., Sr and Wolf, P. A and Vasan, Ramachanan S and Benjamin, Emelia J and Bladbjerg, E.M and Jorgensen, T and Moller, L and Jespersen, J and Dankner, Rachel and Chetrit, A and Lubin, F and Rosengren, Annika and Wilhelmsen, Lars and Lappas, G and Eriksson, HG and Bjorkelund, Cecilia and Lissner, L and Bengtsson, C and Cremer, Peter and Nagel, Dorothea and Tilvis, Reijo S and ... and The Emerging Risk Factors Collaboration and Emerging Risk Factors Collaboration
The Lancet (British edition), ISSN 0140-6736, 2010, Volume 375, Issue 9709, pp. 132 - 140
Journal Article
by Kapelios, Chris J and Savarese, Gianluigi and Laroche, Cécile and Seferovic, Petar and Ruschitzka, Frank and Coats, Andrew and Anker, Stefan D and Crespo‐Leiro, Maria G and Rosano, Giuseppe and Aguiar, Carlos and Murin, Jan and Leszek, Przemyslaw and Maggioni, Aldo P and Lund, Lars H and Auer, J and Ablasser, K and Fruhwald, F and Brandner, K and Gstrein, S and Poelzl, G and Moertl, D and Reiter, S and Podczeck‐Schweighofer, A and Fazlibegovic, E and Cesko, M and Zelenika, D and Pravdic, D and Cuk, D and Vitlianova, K and Katova, T and Velikov, T and Kurteva, T and Gatzov, P and Kamenova, D and Antova, M and Sirakova, V and Krejci, J and Mikolaskova, M and Hegarova, M and Lazarova, M and Monhart, Z and Hassanein, M and Sobhy, M and El Messiry, F and Elrakshy, Y and Youssef, A and Noamany, M and Reda, A and Abdel Dayem, T.K and Ibrahim Halawa, S and Abdel Hamid, M and Said, K and Ebeid, H and Hanna, R and Louis, O and Enen, M.A and Ibrahim, B.S and Nasr, G and Elbahry, A and Sobhy, H and Aboleineen, W and Luporsi, P and Meneveau, N and Pillot, M and Morel, M and Seronde, M‐F and Schiele, F and Briand, F and Delahaye, F and Eicher, J‐C and Groote, P and Lamblin, N and Isnard, R and Lefol, C and Thevenin, S and Hagege, A and Jondeau, G and Logeart, D and Le Marcis, V and Ly, J‐F and Lequeux, B and Le Moal, V and Mascle, S and Behar, N and Donal, E and Ridard, C and Reynaud, A and Bauer, F and Codjia, R and Galinier, M and Tourikis, P and Stavroula, M and Stefanadis, C and Chrysohoou, C and Kotrogiannis, I and Matzaraki, V and Dimitroula, T and Karavidas, A and Tsitsinakis, G and Kapelios, C and ... and Heart Failure Long-Term Registry and Heart Failure Long-Term Registry Investigators and on behalf of the Heart Failure Long‐Term Registry Investigators
European journal of heart failure, ISSN 1388-9842, 11/2019, Volume 21, Issue 11, pp. 1383 - 1397
Journal Article
European journal of heart failure, ISSN 1388-9842, 10/2013, Volume 15, Issue 10, pp. 1173 - 1184
Journal Article