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humans (122) 122
urology & nephrology (86) 86
male (80) 80
female (77) 77
middle aged (70) 70
aged (64) 64
chronic kidney disease (61) 61
epidemiology (53) 53
adult (52) 52
mortality (50) 50
glomerular filtration rate (49) 49
life sciences (44) 44
risk factors (44) 44
glomerular-filtration-rate (40) 40
prevalence (40) 40
transplantation (33) 33
nephrology (31) 31
prognosis (31) 31
kidney diseases (29) 29
chronic kidney-disease (27) 27
end-stage renal disease (25) 25
incidence (25) 25
risk (25) 25
cohort studies (24) 24
ckd (23) 23
disease progression (23) 23
prospective studies (23) 23
stage renal-disease (23) 23
aged, 80 and over (22) 22
chronic kidney failure (22) 22
association (21) 21
kidney failure, chronic - epidemiology (20) 20
population (20) 20
registries (20) 20
urologic and male genital diseases (20) 20
dialysis (19) 19
disease (19) 19
france - epidemiology (19) 19
france (18) 18
hypertension (18) 18
kidney failure, chronic - therapy (18) 18
[sdv.spee]life sciences [q-bio]/santé publique et épidémiologie (17) 17
outcomes (17) 17
time factors (17) 17
collaborative metaanalysis (16) 16
diabetes (16) 16
kidney transplantation (16) 16
santé publique et épidémiologie (16) 16
follow-up studies (15) 15
renal insufficiency, chronic - physiopathology (15) 15
united-states (15) 15
albuminuria (14) 14
female genital diseases and pregnancy complications (14) 14
kidney failure, chronic - mortality (14) 14
progression (14) 14
survival rate (14) 14
blood pressure (13) 13
hemodialysis (13) 13
renal dialysis (13) 13
renal insufficiency, chronic - complications (13) 13
renal replacement therapy (13) 13
survival (13) 13
[sdv]life sciences [q-bio] (12) 12
all-cause (12) 12
chronic disease (12) 12
creatinine (12) 12
medical and health sciences (12) 12
medicin och hälsovetenskap (12) 12
patients (12) 12
proportional hazards models (12) 12
renal insufficiency, chronic - epidemiology (12) 12
research article (12) 12
urology and nephrology (12) 12
biomarkers (11) 11
comorbidity (11) 11
europe (11) 11
genome-wide association study (11) 11
higher albuminuria (11) 11
medicine (11) 11
mesh: humans (11) 11
multidisciplinary sciences (11) 11
proteinuria (11) 11
renal-disease (11) 11
replacement therapy (11) 11
adolescent (10) 10
age factors (10) 10
blood-pressure (10) 10
cardiovascular disease (10) 10
glomerular filtration rate - physiology (10) 10
human health and pathology (10) 10
kidney - physiopathology (10) 10
medicine, general & internal (10) 10
practice patterns (10) 10
renal-function (10) 10
research (10) 10
science (10) 10
child (9) 9
clinical medicine (9) 9
diabetes mellitus (9) 9
equation (9) 9
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by Levin, Adeera and Tonelli, Marcello and Bonventre, Joseph and Coresh, Josef and Donner, Jo-Ann and Fogo, Agnes B and Fox, Caroline S and Gansevoort, Ron T and Heerspink, Hiddo J L and Jardine, Meg and Kasiske, Bertram and Köttgen, Anna and Kretzler, Matthias and Levey, Andrew S and Luyckx, Valerie A and Mehta, Ravindra and Moe, Orson and Obrador, Gregorio and Pannu, Neesh and Parikh, Chirag R and Perkovic, Vlado and Pollock, Carol and Stenvinkel, Peter and Tuttle, Katherine R and Wheeler, David C and Eckardt, Kai-Uwe and Adu, Dwomoa and Agarwal, Sanjay Kumar and Alrukhaimi, Mona and Anders, Hans-Joachim and Ashuntantang, Gloria and Basnet, Shakti and Bello, Aminu K and Chailimpamontree, Worawon and Correa-Rotter, Ricardo and Craig, Jonathan and Douthat, Walter G and Feldman, Harold I and Ganji, Mohammad Reza and Garcia-Garcia, Guillermo and Gharbi, Mohammed Benghanem and Harris, David C and Jha, Vivekanand and Johnson, David W and Kazancioglu, Rumeyza and Langham, Robyn and Liu, Zhi-Hong and Massy, Ziad A and Nangaku, Masaomi and Nelson, Robert G and O'Donoghue, Donal and Okpechi, Ikechi and Pecoits-Filho, Roberto and Powe, Neil R and Remuzzi, Giuseppe and Roberts, Charlotte and Rossert, Jerome and Sola, Laura and Stengel, Benedicte and M, Ernest K. Sumaili and Suzuki, Yusuke and Tanaka, Tetsuhiro and Tatiyanupanwong, Sajja and Thomas, Bernadette and Uhlig, Katrin and Walker, Robert and White, Sarah L and Wiecek, Andrzej and Yang, Chih-Wei and ISN Global Kidney Health Summit participants and ISN Global Kidney Hlth Summit
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Journal Article
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Kidney international, ISSN 0085-2538, 05/2015, Volume 87, Issue 5, pp. 1017 - 1029
Genome-wide association studies (GWASs) have identified multiple loci associated with cross-sectional eGFR, but a systematic genetic analysis of kidney... 
population genetics | chronic kidney disease | kidney development | single nucleotide polymorphism | kidney function decline | genome-wide association study | zebrafish | MORTALITY | RENAL-FUNCTION | RISK | GLOMERULAR-FILTRATION-RATE | GENE | MOUSE MODEL | DISEASE | DEAFNESS DFNB12 | UROLOGY & NEPHROLOGY | MUTATIONS | PROGRESSION
Journal Article