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by Stiles, J and Fagan, R and Gualandi, N and Beldavs, Z. G and Kainer, M and Lynfield, R and Min, J.-Y and Nadle, J and Fridkin, S and Bucher, K and Deyoung, G. R and Egwuatu, N and Weise, A and Prusa, J and Andrzejewski, C and Shutt, K and Freedy, H and Yassin, M and Doron, S and Mcelroy, N and Salem-Schatz, S and Griswold, P and Pallin, D and Mchale, E and Simmons, N and Demaria, A and Chironda, B and Powis, J and Hoffmann, C and Sydnor, E and Brundige, M. L and Evans, C and Rightmier, E and Staicu, M and Felsen, C and Ashley, E. D and Miller, L and Eells, S. J and Choi, S and Hossain, T and Grein, J and Geide, T and Thompson, J. C and Amado, C and Siegel, M and Knepper, B and Kaucher, K and Shihadeh, K and Sankoff, J and Waters, D and Bryan, B and Kasbekar, N and O'donnell, J and Dougherty, T and Maniglia, R and Boedec, C and Mcdonough, K and Mammen-Prasad, E and Finkel, D and Shah, K and Ashraf, M. S and Fang, X and Rashid, M.-U and Nord, C. E and Rolek, K and Talati, N and Binkley, S and Timko, D and Morgan, S and Pegues, D and Mougkou, K and Phukan, C and Staneloni, M and Singh, N and Moreno, C. A. A and Borda, D. L. M and Ormen, B and Kaptan, F and Sosa, H and Sugiyama, Y and Kawahara, H and Mori, M and Ohtsuka, M and Ishigatsubo, Y and Kaneko, T and Yoon, Y. K and Park, G. C and An, H and Sohn, J.-W and KIM, M. J and Apisarnthanarak, A and Lapcharoen, P and Vanichkul, P and Srisaeng-Ngoen, T and Quach, C and Fontela, P and Platt, R. W and Arakali, S and Bhowmick, T and Seah, J and ... and The CDC Prenvention Epicenters Program and IDCRP TIDOS working group and for the CDC Prevention Epicenters Program and The CDC Prevention Epicenters Program and The EMERGEncy ID NET Study Group and Latin American FIDEC Streptococcus Pneumoniae Working Group and Colombian Nosocomial Resistance Study Group and The Antibiotic Stewardship Corridor and Infection Prevention and Control Canada and Illinois Collaborative for Healthcare Antimicrobial Stewardship Enhancement (ICHASE) and rLP2086 B1971011 Study Team and The ResPECT Study Team and AHRQ DEcIDE Network and Healthcare-Associated Infections Program and CDC Prevention Epicenters Program and The Belgian Study Group for Varicella and CMV and Hearing Multicenter Screening (CHIMES) Study and Study Team (NCT01337167) and Toronto Invasive Bacterial Diseases Network and Portuguese Group for the Study of Streptococcal Infections and Korean Nosocomial Infections Surveillance System
Open Forum Infectious Diseases, ISSN 2328-8957, 12/2014, Volume 1, Issue suppl_1, pp. S70 - S472
Journal Article
by Franzmeier, Nicolai and Rubinski, Anna and Neitzel, Julia and Ewers, Michael and Weiner, Michael W and Aisen, Paul and Petersen, Ronald and Jack, Clifford R and Jagust, William and Trojanowski, John Q and Toga, Arthur W and Beckett, Laurel and Green, Robert C and Saykin, Andrew J and Morris, John and Shaw, Leslie M and Khachaturian, Zaven and Sorensen, Greg and Kuller, Lew and Raichle, Marcus and Paul, Steven and Davies, Peter and Fillit, Howard and Hefti, Franz and Holtzman, David and Mesulam, Marek M and Potter, William and Snyder, Peter and Schwartz, Adam and Montine, Tom and Thomas, Ronald G and Donohue, Michael and Walter, Sarah and Gessert, Devon and Sather, Tamie and Jiminez, Gus and Harvey, Danielle and Bernstein, Matthew and Thompson, Paul and Schuff, Norbert and Borowski, Bret and Gunter, Jeff and Senjem, Matt and Vemuri, Prashanthi and Jones, David and Kantarci, Kejal and Ward, Chad and Koeppe, Robert A and Foster, Norm and Reiman, Eric M and Chen, Kewei and Mathis, Chet and Landau, Susan and Cairns, Nigel J and Householder, Erin and Taylor-Reinwald, Lisa and Lee, Virginia and Korecka, Magdalena and Figurski, Michal and Crawford, Karen and Neu, Scott and Foroud, Tatiana M and Potkin, Steven G and Shen, Li and Faber, Kelley and Kim, Sungeun and Nho, Kwangsik and Thal, Leon and Buckholtz, Neil and Albert, Marylyn and Frank, Richard and Hsiao, John and Kaye, Jeffrey and Quinn, Joseph and Lind, Betty and Carter, Raina and Dolen, Sara and Schneider, Lon S and Pawluczyk, Sonia and Beccera, Mauricio and Teodoro, Liberty and Spann, Bryan M and Brewer, James and Vanderswag, Helen and Fleisher, Adam and Heidebrink, Judith L and Lord, Joanne L and Mason, Sara S and Albers, Colleen S and Knopman, David and Johnson, Kris and Doody, Rachelle S and Villanueva-Meyer, Javier and Chowdhury, Munir and Rountree, Susan and Dang, Mimi and Stern, Yaakov and Honig, Lawrence S and Bell, Karen L and Ances, Beau and ... and Alzheimers Dis Neuroimaging Initia and Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative (ADNI) and The Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative (ADNI)
Nature Communications, ISSN 2041-1723, 12/2019, Volume 10, Issue 1, pp. 1766 - 12
Journal Article
by Abbosh, Christopher and Birkbak, Nicolai J and Wilson, Gareth A and Jamal-Hanjani, Mariam and Constantin, Tudor and Salari, Raheleh and Le Quesne, John and Moore, David A and Veeriah, Selvaraju and Rosenthal, Rachel and Marafioti, Teresa and Kirkizlar, Eser and Watkins, Thomas B. K and McGranahan, Nicholas and Ward, Sophia and Martinson, Luke and Riley, Joan and Fraioli, Francesco and Al Bakir, Maise and Grönroos, Eva and Zambrana, Francisco and Endozo, Raymondo and Bi, Wenya Linda and Fennessy, Fiona M and Sponer, Nicole and Johnson, Diana and Laycock, Joanne and Shafi, Seema and Czyzewska-Khan, Justyna and Rowan, Andrew and Chambers, Tim and Matthews, Nik and Turajlic, Samra and Hiley, Crispin and Lee, Siow Ming and Forster, Martin D and Ahmad, Tanya and Falzon, Mary and Borg, Elaine and Lawrence, David and Hayward, Martin and Kolvekar, Shyam and Panagiotopoulos, Nikolaos and Janes, Sam M and Thakrar, Ricky and Ahmed, Asia and Blackhall, Fiona and Summers, Yvonne and Hafez, Dina and Naik, Ashwini and Ganguly, Apratim and Kareht, Stephanie and Shah, Rajesh and Joseph, Leena and Quinn, Anne Marie and Crosbie, Phil A and Naidu, Babu and Middleton, Gary and Langman, Gerald and Trotter, Simon and Nicolson, Marianne and Remmen, Hardy and Kerr, Keith and Chetty, Mahendran and Gomersall, Lesley and Fennell, Dean A and Nakas, Apostolos and Rathinam, Sridhar and Anand, Girija and Khan, Sajid and Russell, Peter and Ezhil, Veni and Ismail, Babikir and Irvin-Sellers, Melanie and Prakash, Vineet and Lester, Jason F and Kornaszewska, Malgorzata and Attanoos, Richard and Adams, Haydn and Davies, Helen and Oukrif, Dahmane and Akarca, Ayse U and Hartley, John A and Lowe, Helen L and Lock, Sara and Iles, Natasha and Bell, Harriet and Ngai, Yenting and Elgar, Greg and Szallasi, Zoltan and Schwarz, Roland F and Herrero, Javier and Stewart, Aengus and Quezada, Sergio A and Peggs, Karl S and Van Loo, Peter and Dive, Caroline and Lin, C. Jimmy and Rabinowitz, Matthew and Aerts, Hugo J. W. L and ... and TRACERx Consortium and The PEACE Consortium and TRACERx consortium and PEACE consortium and The PEACE consortium and The TRACERx consortium
Nature, ISSN 0028-0836, 04/2017, Volume 545, Issue 7655, pp. 446 - 451
Journal Article
Journal of the International AIDS Society, ISSN 1758-2652, 10/2012, Volume 15, Issue Suppl 3, p. n/a
Journal Article
by Lajiness-O'Neill, R and Briskin, S and Nakase-Richardson, R and Hertza, J and Loughan, A and Perna, R and Northington, S and Peery, S and Chafetz, M and Maris, M and Constantinou, M and Karekla, M and Edwards, M and Balldin, V and Pavlik, V and Marquez de la Plata, C and Cullum, M and lacritz, l and Reisch, J and Massman, P and Barber, R and Younes, S and Suhr, J and Chari, S and Yokoyama, J and Karydas, A and Ala, T and Gifford, K and Romano, R and Holland, A and Bunting, J and Carmona, J and Harrison, D and Terry, D and Faraco, C and Brown, C and Patel, A and Siegel, J and Miller, S and Ernst, W and Chelune, G and Holdnack, J and Duff, K and Pedraza, O and Hobson Balldin, V and Benavides, H and Johnson, L and Dezhkam, N and Hayes, L and Love, C and Stephens, B and Webbe, F and Mulligan, K and Dunham, K and Denney, R and Rolin, S and Sibson, J and Ogbeide, S and Glover, M and Hunter, B and Nichols, C and Riccio, C and Cohen, M and Schleicher-Dilks, S and Adler, M and Golden, C and Olivier, T and McGinley, J and Pritchett, A and Chang, L and Cloak, C and Cunningham, E and Lohaugen, G and Parke, E and Thaler, N and Etcoff, L and Andrews, P and McGregor, S and Daniels, R and Hochsztein, N and Miles-Mason, E and Granader, Y and MacAllister, W and Casto, B and Patrick, K and Hurewitz, F and Chute, D and Koch, C and Roid, G and Kiefel, J and Maerlender, A and Katzenstein, J and Semerjian, C and Culotta, V and Band, E and Yosick, R and Burns, T and Arenivas, A and Olson, K and Jacobson, K and ...
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Journal Article
Clinical Infectious Diseases, ISSN 1058-4838, 10/2017, Volume 65, Issue 8, pp. 1316 - 1326
Journal Article
by Golaz, Jean‐Christophe and Caldwell, Peter M and Van Roekel, Luke P and Petersen, Mark R and Tang, Qi and Wolfe, Jonathan D and Abeshu, Guta and Anantharaj, Valentine and Asay‐Davis, Xylar S and Bader, David C and Baldwin, Sterling A and Bisht, Gautam and Bogenschutz, Peter A and Branstetter, Marcia and Brunke, Michael A and Brus, Steven R and Burrows, Susannah M and Cameron‐Smith, Philip J and Donahue, Aaron S and Deakin, Michael and Easter, Richard C and Evans, Katherine J and Feng, Yan and Flanner, Mark and Foucar, James G and Fyke, Jeremy G and Griffin, Brian M and Hannay, Cécile and Harrop, Bryce E and Hoffman, Mattthew J and Hunke, Elizabeth C and Jacob, Robert L and Jacobsen, Douglas W and Jeffery, Nicole and Jones, Philip W and Keen, Noel D and Klein, Stephen A and Larson, Vincent E and Leung, L. Ruby and Li, Hong‐Yi and Lin, Wuyin and Lipscomb, William H and Ma, Po‐Lun and Mahajan, Salil and Maltrud, Mathew E and Mametjanov, Azamat and McClean, Julie L and McCoy, Renata B and Neale, Richard B and Price, Stephen F and Qian, Yun and Rasch, Philip J and Reeves Eyre, J. E. Jack and Riley, William J and Ringler, Todd D and Roberts, Andrew F and Roesler, Erika L and Salinger, Andrew G and Shaheen, Zeshawn and Shi, Xiaoying and Singh, Balwinder and Tang, Jinyun and Taylor, Mark A and Thornton, Peter E and Turner, Adrian K and Veneziani, Milena and Wan, Hui and Wang, Hailong and Wang, Shanlin and Williams, Dean N and Wolfram, Phillip J and Worley, Patrick H and Xie, Shaocheng and Yang, Yang and Yoon, Jin‐Ho and Zelinka, Mark D and Zender, Charles S and Zeng, Xubin and Zhang, Chengzhu and Zhang, Kai and Zhang, Yuying and Zheng, Xue and Zhou, Tian and Zhu, Qing and Sandia National Lab. (SNL-NM), Albuquerque, NM (United States)
Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems, ISSN 1942-2466, 08/2019, Volume 11, Issue 7, pp. 2089 - 2129
Journal Article
Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology, ISSN 1542-3565, 11/2019, Volume 17, Issue 12, pp. 2541 - 2551.e2
The incidence and outcomes of alanine aminotransferase (ALT) flares during the natural history of chronic HBV infection has not been determined in a large,... 
Biomarker | Prognosis | Immune Response | HBRN | CORE | GENOTYPES | VIRUS | HBEAG | ACUTE EXACERBATIONS | DISEASE | ANTIBODY | GASTROENTEROLOGY & HEPATOLOGY | Antigens | Health aspects | Analysis | DNA | Hepatitis B
Journal Article