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by Jennifer C. Stern and Brad Sutter and Caroline Freissinet and Rafael Navarro-González and Christopher P. McKay and P. Douglas Archer Jr and Arnaud Buch and Anna E. Brunner and Patrice Coll and Jennifer L. Eigenbrode and Alberto G. Fairen and Heather B. Franz and Daniel P. Glavin and Srishti Kashyap and Amy C. McAdam and Douglas W. Ming and Andrew Steele and Cyril Szopa and James J. Wray and F. Javier Martín-Torres and Maria-Paz Zorzano and Pamela G. Conrad and Paul R. Mahaffy and the MSL Science Team and Osku Kemppinen and Nathan Bridges and Jeffrey R. Johnson and Michelle Minitti and David Cremers and James F. Bell III and Lauren Edgar and Jack Farmer and Austin Godber and Meenakshi Wadhwa and Danika Wellington and Ian McEwan and Claire Newman and Mark Richardson and Antoine Charpentier and Laurent Peret and Penelope King and Jennifer Blank and Gerald Weigle and Mariek Schmidt and Shuai Li and Ralph Milliken and Kevin Robertson and Vivian Sun and Michael Baker and Christopher Edwards and Bethany Ehlmann and Kenneth Farley and Jennifer Griffes and John Grotzinger and Hayden Miller and Megan Newcombe and Cedric Pilorget and Melissa Rice and Kirsten Siebach and Katie Stack and Edward Stolper and Claude Brunet and Victoria Hipkin and Richard Léveillé and Geneviève Marchand and Pablo Sobrón Sánchez and Laurent Favot and George Cody and Lorenzo Flückiger and David Lees and Ara Nefian and Mildred Martin and Marc Gailhanou and Frances Westall and Guy Israël and Christophe Agard and Julien Baroukh and Christophe Donny and Alain Gaboriaud and Philippe Guillemot and Vivian Lafaille and Eric Lorigny and Alexis Paillet and René Pérez and Muriel Saccoccio and Charles Yana and Carlos Armiens-Aparicio and Javier Caride Rodríguez and Isaías Carrasco Blázquez and Felipe Gómez Gómez and Javier Gómez-Elvira and Sebastian Hettrich and Alain Lepinette Malvitte and Mercedes Marín Jiménez and Jesús Martínez-Frías and Javier Martín-Soler and F. Javier Martín - Torres and Antonio Molina Jurado and Luis Mora-Sotomayor and Guillermo Muñoz Caro and ... and MSL Sci Team and MSL Science Team and Luleå tekniska universitet and Institutionen för system- och rymdteknik and Rymdteknik
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, ISSN 0027-8424, 04/2015, Volume 112, Issue 14, pp. 4245 - 4250
Journal Article
Icarus, ISSN 0019-1035, 05/2015, Volume 270, p. 421
The ratios of the stable isotopes that comprise each chemical species in Titan's atmosphere provide critical information towards understanding the processes... 
Journal Article
Geophysical Research Letters, ISSN 0094-8276, 03/2017, Volume 44, Issue 6, pp. 2643 - 2651
Journal Article
Science, ISSN 0036-8075, 2013, Volume 341, Issue 6143, pp. 260 - 263
Stable isotope ratios of H, C, and O are powerful indicators of a wide variety of planetary geophysical processes, and for Mars they reveal the record of loss... 
Journal Article
Icarus, ISSN 0019-1035, 05/2016, Volume 270, p. 421
* Photochemical irradiation of CH.sub.4/N.sub.2 atmospheres fractionates C and N isotopes. * This is the first study of photochemical fractionation during... 
Journal Article
Icarus, ISSN 0019-1035, 05/2016, Volume 270, p. 421
To access, purchase, authenticate, or subscribe to the full-text of this article, please visit this link: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.icarus.2015.04.016 The... 
Methane | Planets | Solar system | Analysis | Atmosphere
Journal Article
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, ISSN 0027-8424, 04/2015, Volume 112, Issue 14, p. 4245
  The Sample Analysis at Mars (SAM) investigation on the Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) Curiosity rover has detected oxidized nitrogen-bearing compounds during... 
Mars | Evolution | Biochemistry | Sediments | Nitrogen
Journal Article
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, ISSN 0027-8424, 8/2011, Volume 108, Issue 34, pp. 13995 - 13998
Journal Article
by Sullivan, Patrick and Yuan, Maoli and Coleman, John and Destefano, Joanne and Zhang, Xinsheng and Yates, Nicole and Barouch, Dan and Ackerman, Margaret and Decamp, Allan and Alter, Galit and Tomaras, Georgia and Tomaras, Georgia and Montefiori, David and Montefiori, David and Rasmussen, Beth and Morrow, Gavin and Koff, Wayne and Kashuba, Angela and Kashuba, Angela and Mascola, John and Picker, Louis and Kent, Stephen and Selhorst, Philippe and Masson, Lindi and Ngandu, Nobubelo and Rademeyer, Cecilia and Karim, Quarraisha Abdool and Kijak, Gustavo and Barouch, Dan and Rasheed, Ata Ur and Havenar-Daughton, Colin and Pham, Matthew and Kovalenkov, Yevgeniy and Gumber, Sanjeev and Johnson, Matthew and Wrammert, Jens and Villinger, Francois and Haynes, Barton and Haynes, Barton and Fox, Christopher and Reed, Steve and Vasilakos, John and Tomai, Mark and Crotty, Shane and Ahmed, Rafi and Pulendran, Bali and Fukazawa, Yoshinori and Lifson, Jeffrey and Lifson, Jeffrey and Moore, Penny and Chatora, Kumbirai and Skorochod, Elisabeth and Madidi, Ngonidzashe and Gomez, Anabel and Ncube, Getrude and Sundaram, Maaya and Kretschmer, Steve and Pauthner, Matthias and Briney, Bryan and Lee, Jeong Hyun and Saye-Francisco, Karen and Hsueh, Jessica and Ramos, Alejandra and Le, Khoa and Jones, Meaghan and Jardine, Joseph and Bastidas, Raiza and Sarkar, Anita and Liang, Chi-Hui and Wilson, Ian and Ward, Andrew and Zhu, Jiang and Poignard, Pascal and Burton, Dennis and Krebs, Shelly and Law, Wiliam and Gift, Syna and Chenine, Agnes and Rolland, Morgane and Moody, M. Anthony and Jarosinski, Marissa and Georgiev, Ivelin and Chuang, Gwo-Yu and Chuang, Gwo-Yu and Asokan, Mangaiarkarasi and Bailer, Robert T and Cale, Evan M and Louder, Mark and Kwong, Peter D and Polonis, Victoria and Tovanabutra, Sodsai and Robb, Merlin and Mascola, John R and Wibmer, Constantinos Kurt and Wibmer, Constantinos Kurt and Madzorera, Vimbai S and Doria-Rose, Nicole A and Morris, Lynn and Moore, Penny L and Anthony, Colin and ...
AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses, ISSN 0889-2229, 10/2016, Volume 32, Issue S1, pp. 1 - 409
Journal Article
by Mahaffy, Paul R and Webster, Christopher R and Cabane, Michel and Conrad, Pamela G and Coll, Patrice and Atreya, Sushil K and Arvey, Robert and Barciniak, Michael and Benna, Mehdi and Bleacher, Lora and Brinckerhoff, William B and Eigenbrode, Jennifer L and Carignan, Daniel and Cascia, Mark and Chalmers, Robert A and Dworkin, Jason P and Errigo, Therese and Everson, Paula and Franz, Heather and Farley, Rodger and Feng, Steven and Frazier, Gregory and Freissinet, Caroline and Glavin, Daniel P and Harpold, Daniel N and Hawk, Douglas and Holmes, Vincent and Johnson, Christopher S and Jones, Andrea and Jordan, Patrick and Kellogg, James and Lewis, Jesse and Lyness, Eric and Malespin, Charles A and Martin, David K and Maurer, John and McAdam, Amy C and McLennan, Douglas and Nolan, Thomas J and Noriega, Marvin and Pavlov, Alexander A and Prats, Benito and Raaen, Eric and Sheinman, Oren and Sheppard, David and Smith, James and Stern, Jennifer C and Tan, Florence and Trainer, Melissa and Ming, Douglas W and Morris, Richard V and Jones, John and Gundersen, Cindy and Steele, Andrew and Wray, James and Botta, Oliver and Leshin, Laurie A and Owen, Tobias and Battel, Steve and Jakosky, Bruce M and Manning, Heidi and Squyres, Steven and Navarro-González, Rafael and McKay, Christopher P and Raulin, Francois and Sternberg, Robert and Buch, Arnaud and Sorensen, Paul and Kline-Schoder, Robert and Coscia, David and Szopa, Cyril and Teinturier, Samuel and Baffes, Curt and Feldman, Jason and Flesch, Greg and Forouhar, Siamak and Garcia, Ray and Keymeulen, Didier and Woodward, Steve and Block, Bruce P and Arnett, Ken and Miller, Ryan and Edmonson, Charles and Gorevan, Stephen and Mumm, Erik
Space Science Reviews, ISSN 0038-6308, 9/2012, Volume 170, Issue 1, pp. 401 - 478
Journal Article
Chemical Society Reviews, ISSN 0306-0012, 08/2012, Volume 41, Issue 16, pp. 5459 - 5472
Journal Article
ISSN 0306-0012, 7/2012, Volume 41, Issue 16, pp. 5459 - 5472
The discoveries of amino acids of extraterrestrial origin in many meteorites over the last 50 years have revolutionized the Astrobiology field. A variety of... 
Journal Article
by Ghinda, Diana and Chen, Suzan and Bedaiwy, Mahmoud and Jabri, Hussam and Alshardan, Mohammad and Taccone, Michael S and Lai, Carolyn and Rabski, Jessica and Tsai, Eve and Dedek, Annemarie and Xu, Jian and Tsai, Eve and Lombroso, Paul and Hildebrand, Mike and Mothe, Andrea and Tator, Charles H and Siladi, Andrew and Nally, Jaqueline and Stirling, David and Keller, Anastasia and Buckley, Christian and Shum-Siu, Alice and Magnuson, David and Rosenbaum, Benjamin P and Kelly, Michael L and Ahuja, Christopher and Ahuja, Christopher and Nori, Satoshi and Khazaei, Mohamad and Ahlfors, Jan-Eric and Liu, Yang and Wang, Jian and Fuehrmann, Tobias and Pakulska, Malgosia and Hettiaratchi, Marian H and Poon, Peter and Shoichet, Molly S and Fehlings, Michael G and Fehlings, Michael G and Fehlings, Michael G and Hazrati, Lili-Naz and Cherian, Leela and Nilewski, Lizanne and Tour, James M and Kent, Thomas A and Robertson, Claudia S and Wilde, Elisabeth and Newsome, Mary and Scheibel, Randall and Troyanskaya, Maya and Velez, Carmen and Wade, Benjamin and Drennon, Ann Marie and York, Gerald and Bigler, Erin and Abildskov, Tracy and Taylor, Brian and Jaramillo, Carlos and Eapen, Blessen and Belanger, Heather and Morey, Rajendra and Haswell, Courtney and Levin, Harvey and Hinds, Sidney and Walker, William and Walker, William and Kochunov, Peter and Jahanshad, Neda and Thompson, Paul and Tate, David and Statz, Jonathan and Goodrich, Jessica and Goforth, Cdr Carl and Tschiffely, Anna E and Arena, John D and Smith, Douglas H and Wolf, John A and Johnson, Victoria E and Rhodes, James and Friess, Stuart and Lee, Taylor and Lycke, Roy J and Jang, Ikbeom and Vike, Nicole L and Nauman, Eric A and Talavage, Thomas M and Rispoli, Joseph V and Alonso-Escalante, Jose and Fulton, William and Sodhi, Chhinder and Hackam, David J and Nasr, Isam W and Hubbard, W B and Joseph, Binoy and Spry, Malinda L and Vekaria, Hemendra J and Saatman, Kathryn and Sullivan, Patrick G and Sullivan, Patrick G and Vascak, Michal and ...
Journal of Neurotrauma, ISSN 0897-7151, 08/2018, Volume 35, Issue 16, pp. A-1 - A-285
[...]the vast majority of basic science pain research ends at target identification and validation in rodent models of chronic pain without confirmation in... 
Abstracts | Neurosciences | Keywords | Traumatic brain injury | Cytokines | Central nervous system | Inflammation | Gene expression | Trauma | Studies | Brain research | Hospitals | Pain | Rodents | Stem cells | DNA methylation | Biomarkers | Spinal cord injuries | Growth factors | Research centers | Proteins
Journal Article