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American Journal of Gastroenterology, ISSN 0002-9270, 09/2007, Volume 102, pp. S427 - S428
Journal Article
by Gupta, Ruchi and Garg, Praveen and Yeh, Yu-Chen and Lee, Won Chan and Lacy, Brian E and Pandolfino, John E and Brill, Joel V and Weinstein, Michael L and Carlson, Angeline M and Williams, Mary Jo and Wittek, Michael R and Pashos, Chris L and Tatel, Seth F and Boike, Justin R and Shoemaker, Christopher J and Stickan, Ben M and Goldstein, Jay L and Pratha, Vijaya and Hogan, Daniel L and Lynn, Richard B and Comer, Gail and Metz, David C and Friedenberg, Frank K and Nehemia, Dawit and Xanthopoulos, Melissa and Nelson, Deborah B and Richter, Joel E and Tsai, Chung-Jyi and Leitzmann, Michael and Willett, Walter and Giovannucci, Edward and Wolf, Anne T and Wasan, Sharmeel K and Saltzman, John R and Roerig, Birgit and Osama, Hiroyoshi and Ueno, Ryuji and Sprung, Douglas J and Lee, Noel M and Muir, Andrew J and Brady, Carla W and Atasi, Bassel and Godbold, Henri and Moodie, Kurtis and Shawesh, Louay and Seren, Soley and Guzman, Jorge and Majithia, Raj T and Johnson, David A and Abraham, Neena S and DeSilva, Ranil and Richardson, Peter and Hasche, Jennifer and Hartman, Christine and Mitra, Debanjali and Davis, Keith L and Baran, Robert W and Malaty, Hoda M and Abudayyeh, Suhaib and O'Malley, Kimberly and Graham, David Y and Gilger, Mark A and Jafri, Nadim S and Hornung, Carlton A and Howden, Colin W and Dellon, Evan S and Sandler, Robert S and Shaheen, Nicholas J and Thompson, H.C and Rahman, M.I and Meissner, B and Tang, B and Dabbous, O and Kugel, M.R and Watson, G.J and Cheng, Jianfeng and Yang, Jun and Bhagat, Govind and Green, Peter and Sewell, Justin L and Inadomi, John M and Yee, Hal F and Fredericksen, Mary and Geno, Deb and Wallace, Michael B and Sharma, Virender K and Romero, Yvonne and Kottoor, Ravi and Munoz, Juan C and Lambiase, Louis R and Ng, Eliza and Gibson, Teresa B
The American Journal of Gastroenterology, ISSN 0002-9270, 09/2007, Volume 102, Issue s2, pp. S426 - S458
837Proton Pump Inhibitors vs. Histamine2 Receptor Antagonist in Treatment of Non Variceal Upper Gastrointestinal Bleed: A Meta-Analysis Ruchi Gupta, MD * ,... 
Journal Article
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