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Journal Article
by Lazaridis, Iosif and Patterson, Nick and Mittnik, Alissa and Renaud, Gabriel and Mallick, Swapan and Kirsanow, Karola and Sudmant, Peter H and Schraiber, Joshua G and Castellano, Sergi and Lipson, Mark and Berger, Bonnie and Economou, Christos and Bollongino, Ruth and Fu, Qiaomei and Bos, Kirsten I and Nordenfelt, Susanne and Li, Heng and de Filippo, Cesare and Prüfer, Kay and Sawyer, Susanna and Posth, Cosimo and Haak, Wolfgang and Hallgren, Fredrik and Fornander, Elin and Rohland, Nadin and Delsate, Dominique and Francken, Michael and Guinet, Jean-Michel and Wahl, Joachim and Ayodo, George and Babiker, Hamza A and Bailliet, Graciela and Balanovska, Elena and Balanovsky, Oleg and Barrantes, Ramiro and Bedoya, Gabriel and Ben-Ami, Haim and Bene, Judit and Berrada, Fouad and Bravi, Claudio M and Brisighelli, Francesca and Busby, George B. J and Cali, Francesco and Churnosov, Mikhail and Cole, David E. C and Corach, Daniel and Damba, Larissa and van Driem, George and Dryomov, Stanislav and Dugoujon, Jean-Michel and Fedorova, Sardana A and Gallego Romero, Irene and Gubina, Marina and Hammer, Michael and Henn, Brenna M and Hervig, Tor and Hodoglugil, Ugur and Jha, Aashish R and Karachanak-Yankova, Sena and Khusainova, Rita and Khusnutdinova, Elza and Kittles, Rick and Kivisild, Toomas and Klitz, William and Kučinskas, Vaidutis and Kushniarevich, Alena and Laredj, Leila and Litvinov, Sergey and Loukidis, Theologos and Mahley, Robert W and Melegh, Béla and Metspalu, Ene and Molina, Julio and Mountain, Joanna and Näkkäläjärvi, Klemetti and Nesheva, Desislava and Nyambo, Thomas and Osipova, Ludmila and Parik, Jüri and Platonov, Fedor and Posukh, Olga and Romano, Valentino and Rothhammer, Francisco and Rudan, Igor and Ruizbakiev, Ruslan and Sahakyan, Hovhannes and Sajantila, Antti and Salas, Antonio and Starikovskaya, Elena B and Tarekegn, Ayele and Toncheva, Draga and Turdikulova, Shahlo and Uktveryte, Ingrida and Utevska, Olga and Vasquez, René and Villena, Mercedes and Voevoda, Mikhail and Winkler, Cheryl A and Yepiskoposyan, Levon and Zalloua, Pierre and ...
Nature (London), ISSN 1476-4687, 09/2014, Volume 513, Issue 7518, pp. 409 - 413
Journal Article
by Prado-Martinez, Javier and Sudmant, Peter H and Kidd, Jeffrey M and Li, Heng and Kelley, Joanna L and Lorente-Galdos, Belen and Veeramah, Krishna R and Woerner, August E and O’Connor, Timothy D and Santpere, Gabriel and Cagan, Alexander and Theunert, Christoph and Casals, Ferran and Laayouni, Hafid and Munch, Kasper and Hobolth, Asger and Halager, Anders E and Malig, Maika and Hernandez-Rodriguez, Jessica and Hernando-Herraez, Irene and Prüfer, Kay and Pybus, Marc and Johnstone, Laurel and Lachmann, Michael and Alkan, Can and Twigg, Dorina and Petit, Natalia and Baker, Carl and Hormozdiari, Fereydoun and Fernandez-Callejo, Marcos and Dabad, Marc and Wilson, Michael L and Stevison, Laurie and Camprubí, Cristina and Carvalho, Tiago and Ruiz-Herrera, Aurora and Vives, Laura and Mele, Marta and Abello, Teresa and Kondova, Ivanela and Bontrop, Ronald E and Pusey, Anne and Lankester, Felix and Kiyang, John A and Bergl, Richard A and Lonsdorf, Elizabeth and Myers, Simon and Ventura, Mario and Gagneux, Pascal and Comas, David and Siegismund, Hans and Blanc, Julie and Agueda-Calpena, Lidia and Gut, Marta and Fulton, Lucinda and Tishkoff, Sarah A and Mullikin, James C and Wilson, Richard K and Gut, Ivo G and Gonder, Mary Katherine and Ryder, Oliver A and Hahn, Beatrice H and Navarro, Arcadi and Akey, Joshua M and Bertranpetit, Jaume and Reich, David and Mailund, Thomas and Schierup, Mikkel H and Hvilsom, Christina and Andrés, Aida M and Wall, Jeffrey D and Bustamante, Carlos D and Hammer, Michael F and Eichler, Evan E and Marques-Bonet, Tomas
Nature (London), ISSN 1476-4687, 07/2013, Volume 499, Issue 7459, pp. 471 - 475
Journal Article
Science (American Association for the Advancement of Science), ISSN 1095-9203, 10/2013, Volume 342, Issue 6154, pp. 1235587 - 84
Journal Article
by Sudmant, Peter H and Rausch, Tobias and Gardner, Eugene J and Handsaker, Robert E and Abyzov, Alexej and Huddleston, John and Zhang, Yan and Ye, Kai and Jun, Goo and Hsi-Yang Fritz, Markus and Konkel, Miriam K and Malhotra, Ankit and Stütz, Adrian M and Shi, Xinghua and Paolo Casale, Francesco and Chen, Jieming and Hormozdiari, Fereydoun and Dayama, Gargi and Chen, Ken and Malig, Maika and Chaisson, Mark J. P and Walter, Klaudia and Meiers, Sascha and Kashin, Seva and Garrison, Erik and Auton, Adam and Lam, Hugo Y. K and Jasmine Mu, Xinmeng and Alkan, Can and Antaki, Danny and Bae, Taejeong and Cerveira, Eliza and Chines, Peter and Chong, Zechen and Clarke, Laura and Dal, Elif and Ding, Li and Emery, Sarah and Fan, Xian and Gujral, Madhusudan and Kahveci, Fatma and Kidd, Jeffrey M and Kong, Yu and Lameijer, Eric-Wubbo and McCarthy, Shane and Flicek, Paul and Gibbs, Richard A and Marth, Gabor and Mason, Christopher E and Menelaou, Androniki and Muzny, Donna M and Nelson, Bradley J and Noor, Amina and Parrish, Nicholas F and Pendleton, Matthew and Quitadamo, Andrew and Raeder, Benjamin and Schadt, Eric E and Romanovitch, Mallory and Schlattl, Andreas and Sebra, Robert and Shabalin, Andrey A and Untergasser, Andreas and Walker, Jerilyn A and Wang, Min and Yu, Fuli and Zhang, Chengsheng and Zhang, Jing and Zheng-Bradley, Xiangqun and Zhou, Wanding and Zichner, Thomas and Sebat, Jonathan and Batzer, Mark A and McCarroll, Steven A and Mills, Ryan E and Gerstein, Mark B and Bashir, Ali and Stegle, Oliver and Devine, Scott E and Lee, Charles and Eichler, Evan E and Korbel, Jan O and The 1000 Genomes Project Consortium and Genomes Project Consortium and 1000 Genomes Project Consortium
Nature (London), ISSN 1476-4687, 09/2015, Volume 526, Issue 7571, pp. 75 - 81
Journal Article