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human necessities (24) 24
coffee mills (15) 15
domestic articles or appliances (15) 15
furniture (15) 15
spice mills (15) 15
suction cleaners in general (15) 15
sanitary equipment not otherwise provided for (13) 13
toilet accessories (13) 13
performing operations (11) 11
transporting (11) 11
index medicus (10) 10
mechanical engineering (9) 9
blasting (8) 8
heating (8) 8
lighting (8) 8
weapons (8) 8
genetics (6) 6
animals (5) 5
electricity (5) 5
genomes (5) 5
research (5) 5
acoustics (4) 4
analysis (4) 4
china (4) 4
engineering elements and units (4) 4
engineering, mechanical (4) 4
expressed sequence tags (4) 4
female (4) 4
general measures for producing and maintaining effectivefunctioning of machines or installations (4) 4
genes (4) 4
genetic aspects (4) 4
genome (4) 4
humans (4) 4
hygiene (4) 4
medical or veterinary science (4) 4
molecular sequence data (4) 4
rice (4) 4
sequence analysis, dna (4) 4
thermal insulation in general (4) 4
agriculture (3) 3
animal husbandry (3) 3
biochemistry & molecular biology (3) 3
biotechnology & applied microbiology (3) 3
casting (3) 3
casting of metals (3) 3
casting of other substances by the same processes or devices (3) 3
cloning (3) 3
conversion or distribution of electric power (3) 3
cultivation of vegetables, flowers, rice, fruit, vines, hopsor seaweed (3) 3
environmental sciences (3) 3
fishing (3) 3
fixed constructions (3) 3
forestry (3) 3
gene expression (3) 3
general tagging of cross-sectional technologies spanning over several sections of the ipc (3) 3
general tagging of new technological developments (3) 3
generation (3) 3
genes, plant (3) 3
genetics & heredity (3) 3
genomics (3) 3
horticulture (3) 3
hunting (3) 3
joints or fittings for pipes (3) 3
male (3) 3
means for thermal insulation in general (3) 3
mechanics (3) 3
physics (3) 3
pipes (3) 3
polymorphism (3) 3
powder metallurgy (3) 3
supports for pipes, cables or protective tubing (3) 3
technical subjects covered by former uspc cross-reference art collections [xracs] and digests (3) 3
technologies for adaptation to climate change (3) 3
technologies or applications for mitigation or adaptation againstclimate change (3) 3
testing (3) 3
trapping (3) 3
watering (3) 3
accessories therefor (2) 2
amino acid sequence (2) 2
amusements (2) 2
annotation (2) 2
apoptosis (2) 2
apparatus for physical training, gymnastics, swimming,climbing, or fencing (2) 2
arabidopsis (2) 2
article (2) 2
artificial chromosomes (2) 2
artificial respiration (2) 2
ball games (2) 2
bathing devices for special therapeutic or hygienic purposesor specific parts of the body (2) 2
biology (2) 2
biotechnology (2) 2
cancer (2) 2
chemistry (2) 2
cleaning (2) 2
cleaning in general (2) 2
cloning, molecular (2) 2
compositions based thereon (2) 2
compositions of macromolecular compounds (2) 2
computational biology (2) 2
conveying (2) 2
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Science, ISSN 0036-8075, 12/2004, Volume 306, Issue 5703, pp. 1937 - 1940
Journal Article
by Yu, Jun and Wang, Jun and Lin, Wei and Li, Songgang and Li, Heng and Zhou, Jun and Ni, Peixiang and Dong, Wei and Hu, Songnian and Zeng, Changqing and Zhang, Jianguo and Zhang, Yong and Li, Ruiqiang and Xu, Zuyuan and Li, Shengting and Li, Xianran and Zheng, Hongkun and Cong, Lijuan and Lin, Liang and Yin, Jianning and Geng, Jianing and Li, Guangyuan and Shi, Jianping and Liu, Juan and Lv, Hong and Li, Jun and Wang, Jing and Deng, Yajun and Ran, Longhua and Shi, Xiaoli and Wang, Xiyin and Wu, Qingfa and Li, Changfeng and Ren, Xiaoyu and Wang, Jingqiang and Wang, Xiaoling and Li, Dawei and Liu, Dongyuan and Zhang, Xiaowei and Ji, Zhendong and Zhao, Wenming and Sun, Yongqiao and Zhang, Zhenpeng and Bao, Jingyue and Han, Yujun and Dong, Lingli and Ji, Jia and Chen, Peng and Wu, Shuming and Liu, Jinsong and Xiao, Ying and Bu, Dongbo and Tan, Jianlong and Yang, Li and Ye, Chen and Zhang, Jingfen and Xu, Jingyi and Zhou, Yan and Yu, Yingpu and Zhang, Bing and Zhuang, Shulin and Wei, Haibin and Liu, Bin and Lei, Meng and Yu, Hong and Li, Yuanzhe and Xu, Hao and Wei, Shulin and He, Ximiao and Fang, Lijun and Zhang, Zengjin and Zhang, Yunze and Huang, Xiangang and Su, Zhixi and Tong, Wei and Li, Jinhong and Tong, Zongzhong and Li, Shuangli and Ye, Jia and Wang, Lishun and Fang, Lin and Lei, Tingting and Chen, Chen and Chen, Huan and Xu, Zhao and Li, Haihong and Huang, Haiyan and Zhang, Feng and Xu, Huayong and Li, Na and Zhao, Caifeng and Li, Shuting and Dong, Lijun and Huang, Yanqing and Li, Long and Xi, Yan and Qi, Qiuhui and Li, Wenjie and Zhang, Bo and Hu, Wei and ...
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Nature, ISSN 0028-0836, 12/2004, Volume 432, Issue 7018, pp. 717 - 722
Journal Article
by Wei, Y and Liu, YQ and Hele, YF and Sun, WW and Wang, Y and Xu, TH and Liu, TH
CURRENT ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY, ISSN 1573-4110, 2019, Volume 15, Issue 1, pp. 21 - 33
Background: Gentianella acuta (Michx.) Hulten is an important type of medicinal plant found in several Chinese provinces. It has been widely used in folk... 
CHEMISTRY, ANALYTICAL | HPLC analysis | traditional medicine | Content determination | isolation | Gentianella acuta (Michx.) Hulten | medicinal plants | XANTHONES
Journal Article
Genomics, Proteomics & Bioinformatics, ISSN 1672-0229, 06/2019, Volume 17, Issue 3, pp. 229 - 247
To unravel the genetic mechanisms of disease and physiological traits, it requires comprehensive sequencing analysis of large sample size in Chinese... 
Journal Article
Genome Research, ISSN 1088-9051, 12/2017, Volume 27, Issue 12, pp. 2001 - 2014
Programmed DNA elimination is a developmentally regulated process leading to the reproducible loss of specific genomic sequences. DNA elimination occurs in... 
Journal Article
Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology, ISSN 1738-494X, 07/2014, Volume 28, Issue 7, pp. 2491 - 2497
In this study, the dynamical model of the vibration of the wind power system was established according to the Lagrange’s principle forinvestigating the... 
Journal Article
Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology, ISSN 1738-494X, 7/2014, Volume 28, Issue 7, pp. 2493 - 2499
In this study, the dynamical model of the vibration of the wind power system was established according to the Lagrange’s principle for investigating the... 
Engineering | Vibration, Dynamical Systems, Control | Frequency capture | Simulation | Industrial and Production Engineering | Wind power system | Mechanical Engineering | Vibration system | ENGINEERING, MECHANICAL | Models | Vibration | Analysis | Green technology | Eccentrics | Eccentricity | Dynamics | Mathematical models | Wind power | Devices | Dynamical systems
Journal Article
WSEAS Transactions on Applied and Theoretical Mechanics, ISSN 1991-8747, 2014, Volume 9, Issue 1, pp. 264 - 274
Journal Article
Genomics, proteomics & bioinformatics, 09/2019
To unravel the genetic mechanisms of disease and physiological traits, it requires comprehensive sequencing analysis of large sample size in Chinese... 
Journal Article