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The New England Journal of Medicine, ISSN 0028-4793, 12/2013, Volume 369, Issue 26, pp. 2492 - 2503
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Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation, ISSN 0931-0509, 05/2014, Volume 29, Issue suppl 3, pp. iii339 - iii350
Journal Article
by Berthelot, L and Robert, T and Tabary, T and Vuiblet, V and Drame, M and Toupance, O and Rieu, P and Monteiro, R. C and Toure, F and Ferrario, S and Cantaluppi, V and De Lena, M and Dellepiane, S and Beltramo, S and Rossetti, M and Manzione, A. M and Messina, M and Gai, M and Dolla, C and Biancone, L and Camussi, G and Pontrelli, P and Oranger, A. R and Accetturo, M and Rascio, F and Gigante, M and Castellano, G and Schena, A and Fiorentino, M and Zito, A and Zaza, G and Stallone, G and Gesualdo, L and Grandaliano, G and Pattonieri, E. F and Gregorini, M and Corradetti, V and Rocca, C and Milanesi, S and Peloso, A and Ferrario, J and Cannone, M and Bosio, F and Maggi, N and Avanzini, M. A and Minutillo, P and Paulli, M and Maestri, M and Rampino, T and Dal Canton, A and Wu, K. S. T and Coxall, O and Luque, Y and Candon, S and Rabant, M and Noel, L.-H and Thervet, E and Chatenoud, L and Snanoudj, R and Anglicheau, D and Legendre, C and Zuber, J and Hruba, P and Brabcova, I and Krepsova, E and Slatinska, J and Sekerkova, A and Striz, I and Zachoval, R and Viklicky, O and Scholbach, T. M and Wang, H.-K and Loong, C.-C and Yang, A.-H and Wu, T.-H and Guberina, H and Rebmann, V and Dziallas, P and Dolff, S and Wohlschlaeger, J and Heinemann, F. M and Witzke, O and Zoet, Y. M and Claas, F. H. J and Horn, P. A and Kribben, A and Doxiadis, I. I. N and Prasad, N and Yadav, B and Agarwal, V and Jaiswal, A and Rai, M and Hope, C. M and Coates, P. T and Heeger, P. S and Carroll, R and Masola, V and Secchi, M. F and Onisto, M and Gambaro, G and ...
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Journal Article
Journal of Medical Genetics, ISSN 0022-2593, 04/2017, Volume 54, Issue 4, pp. 288 - 296
Journal Article
KIDNEY INTERNATIONAL, ISSN 0085-2538, 09/2003, Volume 64, Issue 3, pp. 1095 - 1100
Background. Transcobalamin II is a serum protein that transports vitamin B-12 from the intestine to the tissues. This complex, holo-transcobalamin II, may... 
Journal Article
by Legendre, C and Cohen, D and Delmas, Y and Feldkamp, T and Fouque, D and Furman, R and Gaber, O and Greenbaum, L and Goodship, T and Haller, H and Herthelius, M and Hourmant, M and Licht, C and Moulin, B and Sheerin, N and Trivelli, A and Bedrosian, C. L and Loirat, C and Babu, S and Jungraithmayr, T and Lebranchu, Y and Riedl, M and Gaber, A. O and Bedrosian, C and Muus, P and Douglas, K and Remuzzi, G and Kourouklaris, A and Ioannou, K and Athanasiou, I and Demetriou, K and Panagidou, A and Zavros, M and Rodriguez C, N. Y and Blasco, M and Arcal, C and Quintana, L. F and Rodriguez de Cordoba, S and Campistol, J. M and Bachmann, N and Eisenberger, T and Decker, C and Bolz, H. J and Bergmann, C and Pesce, F and Cox, S. N and Serino, G and De Palma, G and Sallustio, F. P and Schena, F and Falchi, M and Pieri, M and Stefanou, C and Zaravinos, A and Erguler, K and Lapathitis, G and Dweep, H and Sticht, C and Anastasiadou, N and Zouvani, I and Voskarides, K and Gretz, N and Deltas, C. C and Ruiz, A and Bonny, O and Sallustio, F and Curci, C and Cox, S and Kemter, E and Sklenak, S and Aigner, B and Wanke, R and Kitzler, T. M and Moskowitz, J. L and Piret, S. E and Lhotta, K and Tashman, A and Velez, E and Thakker, R. V and Kotanko, P and Leierer, J and Rudnicki, M and Perco, P and Koppelstaetter, C and Mayer, G and Sa, M. J. N and Alves, S and Storey, H and Flinter, F and Willems, P. J and Carvalho, F and Oliveira, J and Arsali, M and Papazachariou, L and Demosthenous, P and Lazarou, A and Hadjigavriel, M and Stavrou, C and Yioukkas, L and Deltas, C and ...
Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation, ISSN 0931-0509, 05/2013, Volume 28, Issue suppl 1, pp. i309 - i321
Journal Article
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Journal Article