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electricity (94) 94
chemistry (83) 83
metallurgy (83) 83
basic electric elements (71) 71
compositions based thereon (56) 56
inorganic chemistry (56) 56
organic macromolecular compounds (56) 56
their preparation or chemical working-up (56) 56
performing operations (50) 50
transporting (50) 50
use of inorganic or non-macromolecular organic substances ascompounding ingredients (47) 47
cables (45) 45
conductors (45) 45
insulators (45) 45
selection of materials for their conductive, insulating ordielectric properties (45) 45
compositions of macromolecular compounds (44) 44
compounds thereof (39) 39
non-metallic elements (39) 39
casings or constructional details of electric apparatus (38) 38
electric techniques not otherwise provided for (38) 38
manufacture of assemblages of electrical components (38) 38
printed circuits (38) 38
general tagging of cross-sectional technologies spanning over several sections of the ipc (35) 35
general tagging of new technological developments (35) 35
technical subjects covered by former uspc cross-reference art collections [xracs] and digests (35) 35
adhesives (34) 34
dyes (34) 34
miscellaneous applications of materials (34) 34
miscellaneous compositions (34) 34
natural resins (34) 34
paints (34) 34
polishes (34) 34
preparation of carbon black (34) 34
treatment of inorganic materials, other than fibrous fillers,to enhance their pigmenting or filling properties (34) 34
layered products (29) 29
layered products, i.e. products built-up of strata of flat ornon-flat, e.g. cellular or honeycomb, form (29) 29
artificial stone (26) 26
cements (26) 26
ceramics (26) 26
compositions thereof, e.g. mortars, concrete or like buildingmaterials (26) 26
concrete (26) 26
indexing scheme relating to structural and physical aspects ofsolid inorganic compounds (26) 26
lime, magnesia (26) 26
refractories (26) 26
slag (26) 26
treatment of natural stone (26) 26
physics (25) 25
technical subjects covered by former us classification (22) 22
technical subjects covered by former uspc (22) 22
manufacture or treatment of nanostructures (20) 20
measurement or analysis of nanostructures (20) 20
nanotechnology (20) 20
specific uses or applications of nanostructures (20) 20
apparatus for conversion between ac and ac, between ac and dc,or between dc and dc, and for use with mains or similar powersupply systems (18) 18
capacitors (18) 18
capacitors, rectifiers, detectors, switching devices orlight-sensitive devices, of the electrolytic type (18) 18
control or regulation thereof (18) 18
conversion of dc or ac input power into surge outputpower (18) 18
conversion or distribution of electric power (18) 18
generation (18) 18
optical elements, systems, or apparatus (16) 16
optics (16) 16
after-treatment not covered by subclasses c08b, c08c, c08f,c08g (13) 13
compounds containing metals not covered by subclassesc01d or c01f (13) 13
fuels (13) 13
general processes of compounding (13) 13
lubricants (13) 13
peat (13) 13
petroleum, gas or coke industries (13) 13
pyroligneous acid (13) 13
technical gases containing carbon monoxide (13) 13
technologies or applications for mitigation or adaptation againstclimate change (13) 13
working-up (13) 13
working-up pitch, asphalt, bitumen, tar (13) 13
processes or means, e.g. batteries, for the direct conversionof chemical into electrical energy (11) 11
working of plastics (11) 11
working of substances in a plastic state, in general (11) 11
after-treatment of the shaped products, e.g. repairing (9) 9
antennas, i.e. radio aerials (9) 9
shaping of material in a plastic state, not otherwise providedfor (9) 9
shaping or joining of plastics (9) 9
indexing scheme associated with subclass b29c, relating to particulararticles (8) 8
indexing scheme associated with subclasses b29b, b29c or b29d, relating to moulding materials (8) 8
cinematography (7) 7
climate change mitigation technologies related to buildings,e.g. housing, house appliances or related end-userapplications (7) 7
destructive distillation of carbonageous materials forproduction of gas, coke, tar, or similar materials (7) 7
electrography (7) 7
holography (7) 7
photography (7) 7
apparatus specially adapted for the manufacture of carbonfilaments (6) 6
chemical features in the manufacture of artificial filaments,threads, fibres, bristles or ribbons (6) 6
contact lenses (6) 6
electrophotography (6) 6
magnetography (6) 6
natural or artificial threads or fibres (6) 6
reduction of greenhouse gas [ghg] emissions, related to energygeneration, transmission or distribution (6) 6
spectacles (6) 6
spinning (6) 6
sunglasses or goggles insofar as they have the same featuresas spectacles (6) 6
textiles (6) 6
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by Okada, Hirokazu and Yasuda, Yoshinari and Kashihara, Naoki and Asahi, Koichi and Ito, Takafumi and Kaname, Shinya and Kanda, Eiichiro and Kanno, Yoshihiko and Shikata, Kenichi and Shibagaki, Yugo and Tsuchiya, Ken and Tsuruya, Kazuhiko and Nagata, Daisuke and Narita, Ichiei and Nangaku, Masaomi and Hattori, Motoshi and Hamano, Takayuki and Fujimoto, Shouichi and Moriyama, Toshiki and Yamagata, Kunihiro and Yamamoto, Ryohei and Wakasugi, Minako and Ashida, Akira and Usui, Joichi and Kawamura, Kazuko and Kitamura, Kenichiro and Konta, Tsuneo and Suzuki, Yusuke and Tsuruoka, Shuichi and Nishio, Saori and Hamano, Takayuki and Fujii, Naohiko and Fujii, Hideki and Wada, Takehiko and Yokoyama, Hitoshi and Aoki, Katsunori and Akiyama, Daiichiro and Araki, Shin-ichi and Arima, Hisatomi and Ishikawa, Eiji and Ishikura, Kenji and Ishizuka, Kiyonobu and Ishimoto, Takuji and Ishimoto, Yu and Iseki, Kunitoshi and Itabashi, Mitsuyo and Ichioka, Satoko and Ichikawa, Kazunobu and Ichikawa, Daisuke and Inoue, Shuji and Imai, Toshimi and Imamura, Hideaki and Iwata, Yasunori and Iwazu, Yoshitaka and Usui, Toshiaki and Uchida, Keiko and Egawa, Masahiro and Ohara, Shinichiro and Omori, Norio and Okada, Rieko and Okuda, Yusuke and Ozeki, Takaya and Obata, Yoko and Kai, Hirayasu and Kato, Noritoshi and Kanasaki, Keizo and Kaneko, Yoshikatsu and Kabasawa, Hideyuki and Kawaguchi, Takehiko and Kawasaki, Yukihiko and Kawashima, Keisuke and Kawano, Haruna and Kikuchi, Kan and Kihara, Masao and Kimura, Yoshiki and Kurita, Noriaki and Koike, Kentaro and Koizumi, Masahiro and Kojima, Chiari and Goto, Shunsuke and Konomoto, Takao and Kohagura, Kentaro and Komatsu, Hiroyuki and Komaba, Hirotaka and Saito, Chie and Sakai, Yukinao and Sakaguchi, Yusuke and Satonaka, Hiroshi and Jimi, Kanako and Shimizu, Akihiro and Shimizu, Sayaka and Shirai, Sayuri and Shinzawa, Maki and Sugiyama, Kazuhiro and Suzuki, Tomo and Suzuki, Hitoshi and Suyama, Kazuhide and Segawa, Hiroyoshi and Takahashi, Kazuya and Tanaka, Kenichi and ... and Japanese Soc Nephrology and Japanese Society of Nephrology
Clinical and experimental nephrology, ISSN 1342-1751, 01/2019, Volume 23, Issue 1, pp. 1 - 15
Journal Article
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a thermoplastic resin laminate which is preferably used in, e.g., a light guide plate for an edge light type large size... 
PCIM Europe 2017 - International Exhibition and Conference for Power Electronics, Intelligent Motion, Renewable Energy and Energy Management, 2017
Conference Proceeding
본 발명에 의하면, 열가소성 수지(A) 및 탄성체 입자를 포함하는 층의 양면에, 열가소성 수지(B)를 포함하는 층을 갖는 열가소성 수지 적층 연신 필름으로서, 상기 열가소성 수지(A) 및 열가소성 수지(B)의 고유 복굴절이 각각 -0.005∼0.005의 범위이고, 상기 탄성체 입자의... 
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