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neurobiology (6) 6
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cattle (5) 5
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by Mok, T. S. K and Paz-Ares, L and Wu, Y.-L and Novello, S and Juhasz, E and Aren, O and Sun, Y and Hirsh, V and Smit, E. F and Lathia, C and Ong, T. J and Pena, C and Pivot, X and Romieu, G and Bonnefoi, H and Pierga, J.-Y and Kerbrat, P and Guastalla, J.-P and Lortholary, A and Espie, M and Fumoleau, P and Serin, D and Jacquin, J.-P and Jouannaud, C and Rios, M and Abadie-Lacourtoisie, S and Tubiana-Mathieu, N and Cany, L and Catala, S and Khayat, D and Pauporte, I and Kramar, A and Goldhirsch, A and Piccart, M and Procter, M and De Azambuja, E and Weber, H and Untch, M and Smith, I. E and Gianni, L and Jackisch, C and Cameron, D and Bell, R and Dowsett, M and Gelber, R. D and Leyland-Jones, B and Baselga, J and Baum, M and Vaidya, J. S and Bulsara, M. K and Wenz, F and Tobias, J. S and Eiermann, W and Joseph, D and Pierga, J and Asselain, B and Alsafadi, S and Brain, E and Lerebours, F and Delaloge, S and Gentien, D and Servant, N and Sigal-Zafrani, B and Andre, F and Criscitiello, C and Azim, H. A and Agbor-Tarh, D and Eidtmann, H and Di Cosimo, S and Bradbury, I and Rubio, I. T and Semiglazov, V and Zurawski, B and Allerton, R and Fabi, A and Ciruelos, E and Parikh, R and DeSilvio, M and Santillana, S and Swaby, R and Verma, S and Miles, D and Krop, I and Welslau, M and Pegram, M and Oh, D and Dieras, V and Guardino, E and Fang, L and Lu, M. W and Olsen, S and Blackwell, K and Bachelot, T and Campone, M and Ballester, M. A and Commo, F and Goncalves, A and Levy, C and Ferrero, J and Lacroix, L and ... and on behalf of the TARGIT trialists group
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Journal Article
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Journal Article
Frontiers in Immunology, ISSN 1664-3224, 09/2017, Volume 8, p. 1089
beta-Glucans (BGs) are glucose polymers present in the fungal cell wall (CW) and, as such, are recognized by innate immune cells as microbial-associated... 
Journal Article
Nature Medicine, ISSN 1078-8956, 06/2004, Volume 10, Issue 6, pp. 591 - 593
Journal Article
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Journal Article
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BACKGROUND: In grade II and codeleted grade III gliomas, the procarbazine-CCNU-vincristine (PCV) combination increase survival when added to radiotherapy as... 
Journal Article