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Journal of anesthesia, ISSN 0913-8668, 08/2019, Volume 33, Issue 5
Rocuronium Bromide Intravenous Solution® (Maruishi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, Osaka, Japan) is a newly developed generic drug and we have noticed that compared... 
Anesthesia | Succinylcholine | Rocuronium bromide
Journal Article
The New England Journal of Medicine, ISSN 0028-4793, 11/2017, Volume 377, Issue 18, pp. 1723 - 1732
Journal Article
The New England Journal of Medicine, ISSN 0028-4793, 02/2018, Volume 378, Issue 7, pp. 625 - 635
Journal Article
Progress of theoretical physics, ISSN 0033-068X, 03/2007, Volume 117, Issue 3, pp. 533 - 556
We analyze the structure of a particular higher derivative correction of five-dimensional ungauged and gauged supergravity with eight supercharges.... 
Journal Article
by Ogihara, Toshio and Saruta, Takao and Rakugi, Hiromi and Saito, Ikuo and Shimamoto, Kazuaki and Matsuoka, Hiroaki and Shimada, Kazuyuki and Ito, Sadayoshi and Horiuchi, Masatsugu and Imaizumi, Tsutomu and Takishita, Shuichi and Higaki, Jitsuo and Katayama, Shigehiro and Kimura, Genjiroh and Umemura, Satoshi and Ura, Nobuyuki and Hayashi, Koichi and Odawara, Masato and Tanahashi, Norio and Ishimitsu, Toshihiko and Kashihara, Naoki and Morita, Satoshi and Teramukai, Satoshi and Anno, T and Aoyama, S and Arima, N and Bando, Y and Dohi, Y and Fujioka, H and Fukuda, M and Fukuda, S and Fukuta, M and Futamura, Y and Hirakawa, Y and Imaeda, K and Imai, H and Imamura, A and Ito, M and Ito, O and Ito, T and Iwa, T and Izumi, J and Kaga, Y and Kanematsu, K and Kato, Y and Kawata, Y and Kitamura, T and Kobayashi, K and Koyasu, M and Kuwabara, S and Kuzuya, M and Maekawa, M and Mihara, H and Mitsuguchi, F and Murohara, T and Narita, T and Negi, K and Numaguchi, Y and Ohya, T and Okayama, N and Okuma, K and Ozaki, N and Ozeki, N and Sato, K and Sawada, T and Seino, Y and Suezawa, M and Suzuki, T and Suzuki, Y and Takahashi, N and Takahashi, R and Tanaka, N and Wakida, Y and Watanuki, H and Watarai, M and Yamada, K and Yamashita, S and Yoshikane, M and Goto, M and Ishida, Y and Kimura, H and Takahashi, K and Yashima, N and Abe, Y and Fujiwara, S and Higashino, H and Kaizuka, M and Minami, O and Ogiu, Y and Osanai, T and Sasaki, T and Sato, A and Sugimoto, K and Takahashi, H and Tanabe, K and Azuma, D and Ibuki, C and Inoya, H and Iyo, T and Kusaka, M and ...
Journal of Hypertension, ISSN 0263-6352, 10/2014, Volume 32, Issue 10, pp. 2054 - 2063
Journal Article
by Blackhall, F and Peters, S and Kerr, K. M and O'Byrne, K and Hager, H and Sejda, A and Soltermann, A and Dooms, C and Felip, E and Marchetti, A and Speel, E.-J. M and Price, N and Savic, S and de Jong, J and Martorell, M and Thunnissen, E and Bubendorf, L and Dafni, O and Rosell, R and Stahel, R. A and Nygaard, A. D and Spindler, K and Andersen, R and Pallisgaard, N and Jakobsen, A and O'Leary, K and Shia, A and Haley, V and Cavicchioli, F and Comino, A and Vanella, P and Wischnewsky, M and Crook, T and Nigro, C. L and Schmid, P and Janne, P. A and Shepherd, F. A and Domerg, C and Le Teuff, G and Kratzke, R and Hainaut, P and Pignon, J and Soria, J and Tsao, M and Dawson, S and Tsui, D and Murtaza, M and Biggs, H and Chin, S and Gale, D and Forshew, T and Wallis, M and Rosenfeld, N and Caldas, C and Iwamoto, T and Pusztai, L and Matsuoka, J and Callari, M and Kelly, C. M and Qi, Y and Motoki, T and Taira, N and Santarpia, L and Doihara, H and Gianni, L and Bianchini, G and Martinelli, E and Troiani, T and Morgillo, F and D'Aiuto, E and Ciuffrida, L and Costantini, S and Vecchione, L and De Vriendt, V and Tejpar, S and Ciardiello, F and Terme, M and Pernot, S and Marcheteau, E and Colussi, O and Sandoval, F and Benhamouda, N and Tartour, E and Taieb, J and Chasalow, S. D and Wolchok, J. D and Reck, M and Maier, S and Shahabi, V and Cuzick, J and Sestak, I and Ferree, S and Cowens, J. W and Dowsett, M and Kloecker, G and Taylor, C and Vinayek, N and Taylor, D and Pircher, A and Untergasser, G and ...
Annals of Oncology, ISSN 0923-7534, 09/2012, Volume 23, Issue suppl 9, pp. ix73 - ix94
Journal Article
by Tanaka, K and Arao, T and Tamura, D and Aomatsu, K and Furuta, K and Matsumoto, K and Kaneda, H and Kudo, K and Fujita, Y and Kimura, H and Yanagihara, K and Yamada, Y and Okamoto, I and Nakagawa, K and Nishio, K and Ooki, A and Yamashita, K and Yamaguchi, K and Asayama, M and Kadowaki, S and Hara, H and Yamada-murano, T and Arima, M and Tada, M and Watanabe, M and Yamashita-Kashima, Y and Shu, S and Yorozu, K and Iwai, T and Hashizume, K and Fujimoto-Ouchi, K and Harada, N and Tamaki, T and Shimizu, T and Katashiba, Y and Mikayama, H and Nomura, S and Kobayashi, N and Lim, H. Y and Kim, H and Park, C. K and Hour, T.- C and Wu, H.- L and Chuang, S.- J and Lu, C.- Y and Huang, C.- Y and Wu, W.- J and Pu, Y.- S and Wang, S.- W and Wu, H.- H and Wang, P.- C and Chou, W.- Y and Tang, C.- H and Tan, K.- L and Gan, S.- H and Hassan, R and Abdullah, A. D and Husin, A and Baba, A. A and Ankathil, R and Nagai, T and De Velasco, M. A and Sato, A and Nogami, N and Shinkai, T and Kozuki, T and Ogino, A and Misumi, Y and Hosomi, Y and Shimokawa, T and Hida, N and Seki, N and Honma, C and Okamoto, H and Shibuya, M and Morita, S and Watanabe, K and Terashima, T and Matsuzaki, T and Fujiwara, H and Nakaya, A and Ogawa, R and Naitou, A and Seki, Y and Kinoshita, A and Gouchi, M and Saito, Z and Yoshii, Y and Samejima, T and Seki, A and Kaneko, Y and Takeda, H and Kuwano, K and Sekihara, K and Okuma, Y and Takagi, Y and Iguchi, M and Okamura, T and Yoshino, R and Tomizawa, Y and ... and Korean Cancer Study Group(KCSG) and PRIAS-JAPAN Study Group
Annals of Oncology, ISSN 0923-7534, 10/2012, Volume 23, Issue suppl 11, pp. xi132 - xi167
Journal Article
Annals of Oncology, ISSN 0923-7534, 10/2012, Volume 23, Issue suppl 11, pp. xi99 - xi131
Journal Article
by Lee, D. H and Lee, J. S and Kim, S. W and Rodrigues Pereira, J and Han, B and Song, X. Q and Wang, J and Kim, H.-K and Sahoo, T. P and Digumarti, R and Wang, X and Altug, S and Orlando, M and Mok, T. S. K and Zhang, L and Yu, C and Thongprasert, S and Ladrera, G. E. I and Srimuninnimit, V and Truman, M. I and Klughammer, B and Wu, Y and Janjigian, Y. Y and Smit, E. F and Horn, L and Groen, H. J. M and Camidge, D. R and Gettinger, S and Fu, Y and Denis, L. J and Miller, V and Pao, W and Kris, M and Goldberg, Z and Janne, P. A and Kim, D and Martins, R and O'Connell, J and Ou, S and Taylor, I and Zhang, H and Sequist, L. V and Schuler, M and Yamamoto, N and O'Byrne, K. J and Hirsh, V and Lungershausen, J and Shahidi, M and Palmer, M and Yang, J. C and Ahn, M and Yang, P and Liu, X and De Pas, T and Crino, L and Lanzalone, S and Polli, A and Shaw, A and Blackhall, F. H and Evans, T. L and Han, J and Salgia, R and Moro-Sibilot, D and Wilner, K and Reisman, A and Iyer, S and Mazieres, J and Peters, S and Cortot, A and Besse, B and Barlesi, F and Beau-Faller, M and Urban, T and Milia, J and Gautschi, O and Shaw, A. T and Pereira, J. R and Jeannin, G and Vansteenkiste, J. F and Barrios, C and Franke, F. A and Grinsted, L and Smith, I and Sakai, H and Gemma, A and Kubota, K and Nishio, M and Okamoto, H and Inoue, A and Isobe, H and Kobayashi, K and Takeuchi, M and Kudoh, S and Reck, M and Paz-Ares, L and De Marinis, F and Molinier, O and Prasad Sahoo, T and Laack, E and John, W and ... and On Behalf of The Disrupt Investigators
Annals of Oncology, ISSN 0923-7534, 09/2012, Volume 23, Issue suppl 9, pp. ix400 - ix446
Journal Article
by Wilson, Mary E and Chen, Lin H and Han, Pauline V and Keystone, Jay S and Cramer, Jakob P and Segurado, Aluisio and Hale, DeVon and Jensenius, Mogens and Schwartz, Eli and von Sonnenburg, Frank and Leder, Karin and Burchard, Gerd-Dieter and Anand, Rahul and Gelman, Stephanie S and Kain, Kevin and Boggild, Anea and Perret, Cecilia and Valdivieso, Francisca and Loutan, Louis and Chappuis, François and Schlagenhauf, Patricia and Weber, Rainer and Steffen, Robert and Caumes, Eric and Pérignon, Alice and Libman, Michael D and Ward, Brian and Maclean, J. Dick and Grobusch, Martin C and Goorhuis, Abram and de Vries, Peter and Gaoen, Kartini and Mockenhaupt, Frank and Harms, Gunder and Parola, Philippe and Simon, Fabrice and Delmont, Jean and Carosi, Giampiero and Castelli, Francesco and Connor, Bradley A and Kozarsky, Phyllis E and Wu, Henry and Fairley, Jessica and Franco-Paredes, Carlos and Using, Johan and Fröberg, Gabrielle and Askling, Helena Hervius and Bronner, Ulf and Haulman, N. Jean and Roesel, David and Jong, Elaine C and López-Vélez, Rogelio and Perez Molina, Jose Antonio and Torresi, Joseph and Brown, Graham and Licitra, Carmelo and Crespo, Antonio and McCarthy, Anne and Field, Vanessa and Cahill, John D and McKinley, George and van Genderen, Perry J and Gkrania-Klotsas, Effrossyni and Stauffer, William M and Walker, Patricia F and Kanagawa, Shuzo and Kato, Yasuyuki and Mizunno, Yasutaka and Shaw, Marc and Hern, Annemarie and Vincelette, Jean and Freedman, David O and Anderson, Susan and Hynes, Noreen and Sack, R. Bradley and McKenzie, Robin and Nutman, Thomas B and Klion, Amy D and Rapp, Christophe and Aoun, Olivier and Doyle, Patrick and Ghesquiere, Wayne and Valdez, Luis M and Siu, Hugo and Tachikawa, Natsuo and Kurai, Hanako and Sagara, Hiroko and Lalloo, David G and Beeching, Nicholas J and Gurtman, Alejana and McLellan, Susan and Barnett, Elizabeth D and Hagmann, Stefan and Henry, Michael and Miller, Andy O and Mendelson, Marc and Vincent, Peter and Lynch, Michael W and Hoang Phu, Phi Truong and Anderson, Nicole and ... and GeoSentinel Surveillance Network and for the GeoSentinel Surveillance Network
Clinical infectious diseases, ISSN 1058-4838, 2014, Volume 58, Issue 10, pp. 1347 - 1356
Journal Article
Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, ISSN 0022-328X, 2001, Volume 622, Issue 1, pp. 199 - 209
Behavior of neutral and cationic cis- and trans-monoorganoplatinum complexes has been examined and compared with that of the corresponding monoorganopalladium... 
Monoalkyl complexes | Palladium | Ab initio calculations | Cis– trans isomerization | Platinum | CO insertion | Cis-trans isomerization
Journal Article
Prog.Theor.Phys.117:533,2007 We analyze the structure of a particular higher derivative correction of five-dimensional ungauged and gauged supergravity with... 
Physics - High Energy Physics - Theory
Journal Article