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Thin Solid Films, ISSN 0040-6090, 05/2013, Volume 534, pp. 482 - 487
2 MeV electron irradiation effects on the electrical properties of Al O and HfO -based metal-insulator- semiconductor capacitors have been studied. High-k... 
Journal Article
Thin Solid Films, ISSN 0040-6090, 05/2013, Volume 534, pp. 482 - 487
2 MeV electron irradiation effects on the electrical properties of Al O and HfO -based metal–insulator–semiconductor capacitors have been studied. High-k... 
Irradiation | Hafnium oxide | Electrical characterization | Atomic layer deposition | High-k dielectrics | Aluminum oxide | Silicon | Dielectrics | Capacitors | Electric properties
Journal Article
by Ogihara, Toshio and Saruta, Takao and Rakugi, Hiromi and Saito, Ikuo and Shimamoto, Kazuaki and Matsuoka, Hiroaki and Shimada, Kazuyuki and Ito, Sadayoshi and Horiuchi, Masatsugu and Imaizumi, Tsutomu and Takishita, Shuichi and Higaki, Jitsuo and Katayama, Shigehiro and Kimura, Genjiroh and Umemura, Satoshi and Ura, Nobuyuki and Hayashi, Koichi and Odawara, Masato and Tanahashi, Norio and Ishimitsu, Toshihiko and Kashihara, Naoki and Morita, Satoshi and Teramukai, Satoshi and Anno, T and Aoyama, S and Arima, N and Bando, Y and Dohi, Y and Fujioka, H and Fukuda, M and Fukuda, S and Fukuta, M and Futamura, Y and Hirakawa, Y and Imaeda, K and Imai, H and Imamura, A and Ito, M and Ito, O and Ito, T and Iwa, T and Izumi, J and Kaga, Y and Kanematsu, K and Kato, Y and Kawata, Y and Kitamura, T and Kobayashi, K and Koyasu, M and Kuwabara, S and Kuzuya, M and Maekawa, M and Mihara, H and Mitsuguchi, F and Murohara, T and Narita, T and Negi, K and Numaguchi, Y and Ohya, T and Okayama, N and Okuma, K and Ozaki, N and Ozeki, N and Sato, K and Sawada, T and Seino, Y and Suezawa, M and Suzuki, T and Suzuki, Y and Takahashi, N and Takahashi, R and Tanaka, N and Wakida, Y and Watanuki, H and Watarai, M and Yamada, K and Yamashita, S and Yoshikane, M and Goto, M and Ishida, Y and Kimura, H and Takahashi, K and Yashima, N and Abe, Y and Fujiwara, S and Higashino, H and Kaizuka, M and Minami, O and Ogiu, Y and Osanai, T and Sasaki, T and Sato, A and Sugimoto, K and Takahashi, H and Tanabe, K and Azuma, D and Ibuki, C and Inoya, H and Iyo, T and Kusaka, M and ...
Journal of Hypertension, ISSN 0263-6352, 10/2014, Volume 32, Issue 10, pp. 2054 - 2063
Journal Article
by Ade, Peter and Aguirre, James and Ahmed, Zeeshan and Aiola, Simone and Ali, Aamir and Alonso, David and Alvarez, Marcelo A and Arnold, Kam and Ashton, Peter and Austermann, Jason and Awan, Humna and Baccigalupi, Carlo and Baildon, Taylor and Barron, Darcy and Battaglia, Nick and Battye, Richard and Baxter, Eric and Bazarko, Andrew and Beall, James A and Bean, Rachel and Beck, Dominic and Beckman, Shawn and Beringue, Benjamin and Bianchini, Federico and Boada, Steven and Boettger, David and Bond, J. Richard and Borrill, Julian and Brown, Michael L and Bruno, Sarah Marie and Bryan, Sean and Calabrese, Erminia and Calafut, Victoria and Calisse, Paolo and Carron, Julien and Challinor, Anthony and Chesmore, Grace and Chinone, Yuji and Chluba, Jens and Cho, Hsiao-Mei Sherry and Choi, Steve and Coppi, Gabriele and Cothard, Nicholas F and Coughlin, Kevin and Crichton, Devin and Crowley, Kevin D and Crowley, Kevin T and Cukierman, Ari and D'Ewart, John M and Dünner, Rolando and De Haan, Tijmen and Devlin, Mark and Dicker, Simon and Didier, Joy and Dobbs, Matt and Dober, Bradley and Duell, Cody J and Duff, Shannon and Duivenvoorden, Adri and Dunkley, Jo and Dusatko, John and Errard, Josquin and Fabbian, Giulio and Feeney, Stephen and Ferraro, Simone and Fluxà, Pedro and Freese, Katherine and Frisch, Josef C and Frolov, Andrei and Fuller, George and Fuzia, Brittany and Galitzki, Nicholas and Gallardo, Patricio A and Ghersi, Jose Tomas Galvez and Gao, Jiansong and Gawiser, Eric and Gerbino, Martina and Gluscevic, Vera and Goeckner-Wald, Neil and Golec, Joseph and Gordon, Sam and Gralla, Megan and Green, Daniel and Grigorian, Arpi and Groh, John and Groppi, Chris and Guan, Yilun and Gudmundsson, Jon E and Han, Dongwon and Hargrave, Peter and Hasegawa, Masaya and Hasselfield, Matthew and Hattori, Makoto and Haynes, Victor and Hazumi, Masashi and He, Yizhou and Healy, Erin and Henderson, Shawn W and Hervias-Caimapo, Carlos and Hill, Charles A and ... and Simons Observ Collaboration and The Simons Observatory collaboration and SLAC National Accelerator Lab., Menlo Park, CA (United States) and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. (LBNL), Berkeley, CA (United States) and Fysikum and Naturvetenskapliga fakulteten and Stockholms universitet and Oskar Klein-centrum för kosmopartikelfysik (OKC)
Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics, ISSN 1475-7516, 02/2019, Volume 2019, Issue 2, pp. 56 - 56
Journal Article
Journal of Low Temperature Physics, ISSN 0022-2291, 9/2014, Volume 176, Issue 5, pp. 733 - 740
Journal Article
Solid-State Electronics, ISSN 0038-1101, 01/2013, Volume 79, pp. 65 - 74
The effects of 2 MeV electron irradiation on the electrical characteristics of atomic layer deposited (ALD) high permittivity (high-k) layers of Al O , HfO and... 
HfO | Nanolaminate | Electron irradiation effects | High-k dielectrics
Journal Article
by Matsumura, T and Akiba, Y and Arnold, K and Borrill, J and Chendra, R and Chinone, Y and Cukierman, A and de Haan, T and Dobbs, M and Dominjon, A and Elleflot, T and Errard, J and Fujino, T and Fuke, H and Goeckner-wald, N and Halverson, N and Harvey, P and Hasegawa, M and Hattori, K and Hattori, M and Hazumi, M and Hill, C and Hilton, G and Holzapfel, W and Hori, Y and Hubmayr, J and Ichiki, K and Inatani, J and Inoue, M and Inoue, Y and Irie, F and Irwin, K and Ishino, H and Ishitsuka, H and Jeong, O and Karatsu, K and Kashima, S and Katayama, N and Kawano, I and Keating, B and Kibayashi, A and Kibe, Y and Kida, Y and Kimura, K and Kimura, N and Kohri, K and Komatsu, E and Kuo, C L and Kuromiya, S and Kusaka, A and Lee, A and Linder, E and Matsuhara, H and Matsuoka, S and Matsuura, S and Mima, S and Mitsuda, K and Mizukami, K and Morii, H and Morishima, T and Nagai, M and Nagasaki, T and Nagata, R and Nakajima, M and Nakamura, S and Namikawa, T and Naruse, M and Natsume, K and Nishibori, T and Nishijo, K and Nishino, H and Nitta, T and Noda, A and Noguchi, T and Ogawa, H and Oguri, S and Ohta, I S and Otani, C and Okada, N and Okamoto, A and Okamoto, A and Okamura, T and Rebeiz, G and Richards, P and Sakai, S and Sato, N and Sato, Y and Segawa, Y and Sekiguchi, S and Sekimoto, Y and Sekine, M and Seljak, U and Sherwin, B and Shinozaki, K and Shu, S and Stompor, R and Sugai, H and Sugita, H and Suzuki, T and Suzuki, A and ... and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. (LBNL), Berkeley, CA (United States)
Journal of Low Temperature Physics, ISSN 0022-2291, 8/2016, Volume 184, Issue 3, pp. 824 - 831
LiteBIRD is a proposed CMB polarization satellite project to probe the inflationary B-mode signal. The satellite is designed to measure the tensor-to-scalar... 
Condensed Matter Physics | Polarization | Inflation | TES bolometer | Characterization and Evaluation of Materials | CMB | Satellite | Primordial B-mode | MKID | Physics | Magnetism, Magnetic Materials | POLARIMETERS | PHYSICS, CONDENSED MATTER | PHYSICS, APPLIED | Superconductors | Astrophysics
Journal Article
PLoS ONE, ISSN 1932-6203, 09/2017, Volume 12, Issue 9, p. e0184455
Journal Article
Solid State Electronics, ISSN 0038-1101, 11/2013, Volume 89, pp. 198 - 206
In this work, the impact of electrical stress on the electrical characteristics of 2 MeV electron irradiated metal-oxide-silicon capacitors with atomic layer... 
Nanolaminate | HfO2 | High-k | Electrical stress | Electron irradiation | Al2O3
Journal Article
by Kaye, S. B and Siu, L. L and Jassem, J and Medioni, J and Soetekouw, P. M. M. B and Slater, S and Rudin, C. M and Schwartz, G. K and De Jonge, M and O'Dwyer, P and Baudelet, C and Chen, A and Ratain, M. J and Aghajanian, C and Nycum, L. R and Goff, B and Nguyen, H and Husain, A and Blank, S. V and Ayers, S and Tun, T. T and Mescallado, N and Wright, A and Evans, D. G. R and Clamp, A and Jayson, G. C and Hasan, J and Supernat, A. M and Urban, Z and Lapinska-Szumczyk, S and Sawicki, S and Wydra, D and Zaczek, A. J and Milewski, L and Dabrowska, Z and Bodnar, L and Synowiec, A and Szczylik, C and Malejczyk, J and George, A and Tunariu, N and Wilkinson, N and Gupta, S and Gore, M. E and Banerjee, S and Harano, K and Shiroiwa, T and Watanabe, M and Suzuki, K and Fukuda, T and Watanabe, S and Katsumata, N and Liu, J and Patel, R and Kato, G and Matulonis, U and Moyo, V and Riahi, K and Pearlberg, J and Czibere, A and Isakoff, S and Vergote, I. B and Benzaquen, A. O and Baurain, J and Ananda, S and Wong, S and Yang, X and Wu, B and Zhong, Z and Puhlmann, M and Casado, A and Lueck, H and Ewald-Riegler, N and De Gregorio, N and Reuss, A and Mahner, S and Fotopoulou, C and Kommoss, F and Schmalfeldt, B and Hauptmann, S and Du Bois, A and Morice, P and Kane, A and Muller, E and Fauvet, R and Gouy, S and Pautier, P and Lhomme, C and Darai, E and Duvillard, P and Uzan, C and Mendiola, C and Davidenko, I and Colombo, N and Korach, J and Selle, F and Gocze, P and Chmielowska, E and Bollag, D and Oza, A. M and ...
Annals of Oncology, ISSN 0923-7534, 09/2012, Volume 23, Issue suppl 9, pp. ix319 - ix333
Journal Article
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