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by Iung, Bernard and Donal, Erwan and Cosyns, Bernard and Laroche, Cécile and Prendergast, Bernard and Tornos, Pilar and Oliver, Leopold and Sow, Rouguiatou and Axler, Olivier and Maggioni, Aldo P and Gale, C P and Budaj, A and Chioncel, O and Erlinge, D and Glikson, M and Wallentin, L and Cosyns, B and Popescu, B A and Prendergast, B and Andarala, M and Berle, C and Taylor, C and Al-Mallah, M and Athanassopoulos, G and Benyoussef, S and Calderon Aranda, E and Cruz, I and Kang, D-H and Matskeplishvili, S and Neskovic, A N and Pazdernik, M and Plonska-Gosciniak, E and Raissouni, M and Ronderos, R and Sade, L E and Sadeghpour, A and Sengupta, S and Vaskelyte, J and Yiangou, K and Zaky, H and Nacinovich, F and Fernandez Oses, P and Avegliano, G and Filipini, E and Plastino, M L and Novas, V and Reyes, G and Gastaldello, N and Streitenberger, G and Casabé, J H and Cortes, C and Guevara, E and Salmo, F and Weidinger, F and Heger, M and Brooks, R and Stöllberger, C and Ho, C-Y and Perschy, L and Puskas, L and Binder, C and Schneider, M and Winter, M-P and Melissopoulou, M and Legrand, D and Jacquet, S and Pierard, L and Marchetta, S and Emal, C D´ and Droogmans, S and Roosens, B and Lemoine, I and Rodrigus, I and Paelinck, B and Amsel, B and Unger, P and Pierard, S and Vancraeynest, D and Sinnaeve, F and Andrade, J L and Staszko, K and Dos Santos Monteiro, R and Miglioranza, M H and Alcantara, M and Cravo, V and Felix, A and Musa, C and Rodrigues, A and Vilela, F and Rodrigues, D and Silva, L and Fischer, C and Afonso, T and Falcao, S N and Moises, V A and Mancuso, F J and Silva, C Y and João, G and Abboud, C S and Arnoni, R and ... and EURO-ENDO Investigators
European heart journal, ISSN 1522-9645, 10/2019, Volume 40, Issue 39, pp. 3222 - 3232
Aims: The EURO-ENDO registry aimed to study the management and outcomes of patients with infective endocarditis (IE). Methods and results: Prospective cohort... 
Cardiac & Cardiovascular Systems | Life Sciences & Biomedicine | Cardiovascular System & Cardiology | Science & Technology | Index Medicus | Life Sciences | Bioengineering
Journal Article
The lancet oncology, ISSN 1470-2045, 04/2014, Volume 15, Issue 4, pp. 387 - 395
Journal Article
by Habib, Gilbert and Sadeghpour, Anita and Sambola, Antonia and Ternacle, Julien and Donal, Erwan and Cosyns, Bernard and Popescu, Bogdan and Tornos, Pilar and Pazdernik, Michal and Maggioni, Aldo and Astrom Aneq, M and Athanassopoulos, G and Cardim, N M and Chan, K-L and Edvardsen, T and Habib, G and Iung, B and Kong, W and Matskeplishvili, S and Meshaal, M and Pazdernik, M and Popescu, B A and Sade, L E and Sadeghpour, A and Sengupta, S and Separovic-Hanzevacki, J and Tucay, E and Tude Rodrigues, A C and Varga, A and Vaskelyte, J and Yiangou, K and Mahia, M and Ressi, S and Iribarren, A and Fernandez Oses, P and Dho, J and Cartasegna, L and Novas, V and Shigel, C and De Santos, M and Streitenberger, G and Velazco, P and Guevara, E and Salmo, F and Seijo, M and Ho, C-Y and Perschy, L and Binder, C and Winter, M-P and Melissopoulou, M and Massoz, M and Pierard, L and Marchetta, S and Oury, C and Droogmans, S and Plein, D and Soens, L and Roosens, B and Paelinck, B and Unger, P and Konopnicki, D and Pasquet, A and Vanoverschelde, J L and Sinnaeve, F and Andrade, J L and Shuha, D L and Fazzio, L and Musa, C and Siciliano, A P and Villaca Filho, F and Rodrigues, A and Vilela, F and Braga, J and Rodrigues, D and Morhy, S and Afonso, T and Abreu, J and Moises, V A and Gouvea, A and Souza, A C and João, G and Bellio de Mattos Barretto, R and Ramos, A and Arnoni, R and Della Togna, D J and Romero Oliveira, A P and Gelape, C L and Le, V and Poulin, F and Pibarot, P and Sebag, I A and Rudski, L G and Ricafort, G and Barsic, B and Lovric, D and Reskovic-Luksic, V and Vincelj, J and Jaksic Jurinjak, S and Ioannides, M and Pofaides, C and ... and EURO-ENDO Investigators
European heart journal. Quality of care & clinical outcomes, ISSN 2058-1742, 07/2019, Volume 5, Issue 3, pp. 202 - 207
Aims: The European Society of Cardiology (ESC) EURObservational Research Programme (EORP) European Endocarditis (EURO-ENDO) registry aims to study the care and... 
Infective endocarditis | Valve disease | Registry | Cardiac & Cardiovascular Systems | Life Sciences & Biomedicine | Cardiovascular System & Cardiology | Science & Technology | Antibiotics | Heart surgery | Mortality | Endocarditis | Infections | Clinical medicine | Morbidity | Clinical outcomes | Index Medicus | Life Sciences | Human health and pathology
Journal Article
by Furia, G. U and Kostelijk, E. H and Vergouw, C. G and Lee, S and Kang, H and Lim, C and Yang, K and Park, Y and Shin, M and Beyhan, Z and Fisch, J. D and Sher, G and Keskintepe, L and Anthony, J. T and Graham, J. R and Tucker, M. J and Lattes, S and Lammers, J and Mansour, W and Barriere, P and El Danasouri, I and Gagsteiger, F and Rinaldi, L and Selman, H and Antonova, I and Milachich, T and Shterev, A and Barcroft, J and Thong, J and Abdel Reda, H and Khalaf, Y and El Touky, T and Cabry, R and Brzakowski, R and Lourdel, E and Brasseur, F and Copin, H and Merviel, P and Yamada, M and Takanashi, K and Hamatani, T and Akutsu, H and Fukunaga, T and Inoue, O and Ogawa, S and Okumura, N and Chikazawa, N and Kuji, N and Umezawa, A and Tomita, M and Yoshimura, Y and Van der Jeught, M and Ghimire, S and O'Leary, T and Lierman, S and Deforce, D and Chuva de Sousa Lopes, S and De Sutter, P and Herrero, J and Tejera, A and De los Santos, M. J and Castello, D and Romero, J. L and Meseguer, M and Leperlier, F and Mirallie, S and Schats, R and Al-Nofal, M and Lens, J. W and Hompes, P. G and Lambalk, C. B and Hreinsson, J and Wanggren, K and Lundqvist, M and Eftekhari-Yazdi, P and Dalman, A and Ebrahimi, B and Daneshzadeh, M. T and Rajabpour Niknam, M and Choi, E. G and Rho, Y. H and Oh, D. S and Park, L. S and Lee, C. S and Kong, I. K and Lee, S. C and Liebenthron, J and Koster, M and Toth, B and Reinsberg, J and van der Ven, H and Strowitzki, T and Watanabe, S and Wada, T and Kamihata, M and Kuwahata, A and Ochi, M and Horiuchi, T and Fatemeh, H and Fazel, M and ...
Human reproduction (Oxford), ISSN 0268-1161, 07/2012, Volume 27, Issue suppl_2, pp. ii162 - ii205
Journal Article
Nature photonics, ISSN 1749-4893, 02/2016, Volume 10, Issue 3, pp. 176 - 179
.... Gauthier1, L. Giannessi1,5, N. Mahne1, G. Penco1, O. Plekan1, L. Raimondi1,P. Rebernik1, E. Roussel1, C. Svetina1,6, M. Trov1, M. Zangrando1,3, M. Negro7, P... 
Optics | Physical Sciences | Physics | Science & Technology | Physics, Applied | Spontaneous emission | Wavelengths | Four-wave mixing | Atomic beam spectroscopy | Free electron lasers | Ionization | Coherence | Ultraviolet | Physics - Optics
Journal Article
by Dali, R and Guiot, M and Del Maestro, R. F and Stifani, S and Golebiewska, A and Muller, A and Vallar, L and Williams, S. P and Van Nifterik, K. A and Van den Berg, J and Lafleur, V. M and Idbaih, A and Slavc, I and Waldhoer, T and Czech, T and Darlix, A and Virion, J and Mathieu-Daude, H and Naydenov, E and Popov, R and Tanova, R and De Vleeschouwer, S and Van Gool, S and Cavaletti, G and Wilbers, J and Nowee, M and van Dijk, E and Furuse, M and Yoritsune, E and Aaronson, N. K and Postma, T. J and Berbis, J and Raizer, J. J and Claudel, G and Beauchesne, P and Hassani, K and Sizoo, E. M and Rampling, R. P and McGuigan, L and Sahm, F and Gunes, D and Hentschel, B and Sabel, M and Ketter, R and Reifenberger, G and Gallego Perez-Larraya, J and Alonso, M. M and Blaes, J and Pusch, S and Jugold, M and Kempf, T and Margison, G and Aldape, K and Hawkins, C and Simo, M and Macia, M and Plans, G and Velasco, R and Bruna, J and Fukuoka, K and MIshima, K and Pels, H and Vogt-Schaden, M and Schackert, G and O'Neill, B. P and Chamberlain, M and Grober, Y and Last, D and Hoffman, C and Nissim, O and Spiegelmann, R and Mardor, Y and Colavolpe, C and Metellus, P and Barrie, M and Tabouret, E and Hoftberger, R and Preusser, M and Mercurio-Smit, S and Ruda, R and Trevisan, E and Caroli, M and Bomprezzi, C and Soffietti, R and Larsson, E and Smits, A and Kros, J. M and Kouwenhoven, M and Delattre, J. Y and Bernsen, H. J. J. A and Enting, R. H and Allgeier, A and Lacombe, D and Nikkhah, G and Papsdorf, K and Stenning, S and Faure, G and Leenstra, S and Lamfers, M. L. M and Rahman, C and ... and On Behalf of the European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer Brain Tumor Group
Neuro-oncology (Charlottesville, Va.), ISSN 1522-8517, 09/2012, Volume 14, Issue suppl 3, pp. iii1 - iii94
Journal Article