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by Chris J, Allender and Jenna L, Bowen and Widatella, Awadalla and Iason, Kyriazis and Nikolaos, Tsopanoglou and Panagiotis, Kallidonis and Odysseas, Andrikopoulos and Despoina, Liourdi and Helen, Papadaki and Konstantina, Geronatsiou and Nicolas, Haseke and Sebastian, Walther and Christan, Gratzke and Christain G, Stief and Ronald, Sroka and Ephrem O, Olweny and Stephen, Faddegon and Stacey, McLeroy and Raul, Fernandez and Bruce E, Gnade and Heather E, Beardsley and Margaret S, Pearle and Jeffrey A, Cadeddu and Jeffrey A, Cadeddu and Tatsuo, Igarashi and Takuro, Ishii and Satoki, Zenbutsu and Yukio, Naya and Nuzhath, Khan and Deirdre, Anderson and Jonathan, Watkiss and Ben, Challacombe and Mohammed Shamim, Khan and Prokar, Dasgupta and Declan, Cahill and Nuzhath, Khan and Deirdre, Anderson and Faria, Khan and Jonathan, Watkiss and Ben, Challacombe and Mohammed Shamim, Khan and Prokar, Dasgupta and Declan, Cahill and Nieroshan, Rajarubendra and Ping Han, Chia and Aasheen, Munshey and Shomik, Sengupta and Damien, Bolton and Oneel, Patel and Lin, Xiao and Joseph, Ischia and Graham, Baldwin and Arthur, Schulkes and Payal, Kapur and Yung K, Tan and Samuel K, Park and Mehrad, Adibi and Sara L, Best and Jeffrey A, Cadeddu and Daniel M, de Bruin and Dirk J, Faber and Ton G, van Leeuwen and Jean J, de la Rosette and Pilar, Laguna and Shubha, De and Leah, Grossman and Niels, Johnsen and Greg, Mitchell and Ted, Klein and Benjamin, Lee and Panagiotis, Kitrou and Dimitrios, Karnabatidis and Christina, Kalogeropoulou and Athanasios, Tsamandas and Theofanis, Vrettos and Ioannis, Georgiopoulos and Aarond D, Benson and Bradley F, Schwartz and Kristina L, Penniston and Lauren, Iwicki and Ibrahim, Saeed and Thomas D, Crenshaw and Stephen Y, Nakada and Vivek, Joshi and Sushil, Karia and Sudhir, Sheth and Jitendra, Amlani and Sunil, Moteria and Mohammad Reza, Darabi mahboub and Eugene, Fuchs and Michael, Conlin and Hassan, Razvi and John D, Denstedt and Linda, Nott and Ad, Hendrikx and Michael, Luke and S.K, Pal and Jean, de la Rosette and Sunil, M and Maria Chiara, Sighinolfi and ...
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Journal Article
Journal Article
Nature Genetics, ISSN 1061-4036, 04/2012, Volume 44, Issue 4, pp. 376 - 378
Journal Article
Cureus, ISSN 2168-8184, 12/2018, Volume 10, Issue 12, p. e3767
We report here a rare case of intestinal obstruction caused by a peach seed. A 15-year-old boy was admitted to our hospital because of abdominal pain and... 
Proteins | Seeds | Laboratories | Gastrointestinal diseases | Tomography | Small intestine | Human remains | Blood | Abdomen
Journal Article
Journal of Human Genetics, ISSN 1434-5161, 03/2018, Volume 63, Issue 3, pp. 281 - 287
SH3TC2, known as the causative gene of autosomal recessive demyelinating Charcot-Marie-Tooth type 4C (CMT4C), was also found linked to a mild mononeuropathy of... 
Journal Article
Supportive Care in Cancer, ISSN 0941-4355, 8/2016, Volume 24, Issue 8, pp. 3495 - 3505
Journal Article
by Abe, Toshikazu and Abe, Toshikazu and Ogura, Hiroshi and Ogura, Hiroshi and Shiraishi, Atsushi and Shiraishi, Atsushi and Kushimoto, Shigeki and Kushimoto, Shigeki and Saitoh, Daizoh and Saitoh, Daizoh and Fujishima, Seitaro and Fujishima, Seitaro and Mayumi, Toshihiko and Mayumi, Toshihiko and Shiino, Yasukazu and Shiino, Yasukazu and Nakada, Taka-Aki and Nakada, Taka-Aki and Tarui, Takehiko and Tarui, Takehiko and Hifumi, Toru and Hifumi, Toru and Otomo, Yasuhiro and Otomo, Yasuhiro and Okamoto, Kohji and Okamoto, Kohji and Umemura, Yutaka and Umemura, Yutaka and Kotani, Joji and Kotani, Joji and Sakamoto, Yuichiro and Sakamoto, Yuichiro and Sasaki, Junichi and Sasaki, Junichi and Shiraishi, Shin-Ichiro and Shiraishi, Shin-Ichiro and Takuma, Kiyotsugu and Takuma, Kiyotsugu and Tsuruta, Ryosuke and Tsuruta, Ryosuke and Hagiwara, Akiyoshi and Hagiwara, Akiyoshi and Yamakawa, Kazuma and Yamakawa, Kazuma and Masuno, Tomohiko and Masuno, Tomohiko and Takeyama, Naoshi and Takeyama, Naoshi and Yamashita, Norio and Yamashita, Norio and Ikeda, Hiroto and Ikeda, Hiroto and Ueyama, Masashi and Ueyama, Masashi and Fujimi, Satoshi and Fujimi, Satoshi and Gando, Satoshi and Gando, Satoshi and Tasaki, Osamu and Mizobata, Yasumitsu and Funakoshi, Hiraku and Okuyama, Toshiro and Yamashita, Iwao and Kanai, Toshio and Yamada, Yasuo and Aibiki, Mayuki and Sato, Keiji and Yamashita, Susumu and Yoshida, Kenichi and Kasaoka, Shunji and Kon, Akihide and Rinka, Hiroshi and Kato, Hiroshi and Okudera, Hiroshi and Narimatsu, Eichi and Fujiwara, Toshifumi and Sugita, Manabu and Shichinohe, Yasuo and Nakae, Hajime and Iiduka, Ryouji and Nakamura, Mitsunobu and Murata, Yuji and Sato, Yoshitake and Ishikura, Hiroyasu and Myojo, Yasuhiro and Tsujita, Yasuyuki and Kinoshita, Kosaku and Yamaguchi, Hiroyuki and Sakurai, Toshihiro and Miyatake, Satoru and Saotome, Takao and Yasuda, Susumu and JAAM FORECAST Grp and JAAM FORECAST group and on behalf of JAAM FORECAST group
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Journal Article
by Matsumura, Kyoka and Kawabata, Ayako and Wakebe, Hirokazu and Sugawara, Masanori and Shiratori, Akiko and Tashiro, Hiroyuki and Satoh, Tadashi and Yoshikawa, Yoko and Hara, Reiko and Sato, Hiroyuki and Ikema, Yasuko and Senoh, Akihiro and Yamazaki, Masaaki and Tanase, Tomo-o and Okitani, Rie and Nakamura, Yoshitaka and Kimura, Kouichi and Yamazaki, Makoto and Ono, Toshihide and Mizushima-Sugano, Junko and Sugiyama, Tomoyasu and Nishi, Tatsunari and Togiya, Sakae and Tanai, Hiroyuki and Goto, Yoshihiro and Ozaki, Kouichi and Shibahara, Toshikazu and Hishigaki, Haretsugu and Morinaga, Misato and Yasuda, Tomohiro and Kumagai, Ayako and Kawakami, Takuma and Iwayanagi, Takao and Sano, Sanae and Senba, Tadashi and Ohmori, Yoshihiro and Nishikawa, Tetsuo and Obayashi, Masaya and Fujimori, Kiyoshi and Takemoto, Makoto and Hayashi, Koji and Kikkawa, Emiko and Nagahari, Kenji and Abe, Kumi and Yamada, Katsue and Ninomiya, Ken and Itoh, Tomoko and Takahashi, Yukiko and Nomura, Nobuo and Okumura, Koji and Takami, Sachiko and Kawai, Yuri and Yamashita, Riu and Otsuki, Tetsuji and Wagatsuma, Masako and Terashima, Yuko and Nagai, Keiichi and Hata, Hiroko and Oyama, Masaaki and Hiraoka, Susumu and Hosoiri, Takehiko and Sugiyama, Akio and Sasaki, Masahide and Sudo, Hiroaki and Nakai, Kenta and Sekine, Mitsuo and Noguchi, Saori and Komatsu, Takami and Takeuchi, Kazuha and Watanabe, Susumu and Fujiwara, Tsutomu and Nakagawa, Satoshi and Komiyama, Megumi and Kaku, Yoshiko and Saito, Kaoru and Murakawa, Katsuji and Takiguchi, Sumiyo and Takahashi-Fujii, Asako and Tanigami, Akira and Isogai, Takao and Katsuta, Naoko and Arita, Miho and Nakamura, Yusuke and Aotsuka, Satoshi and Omura, Yuhi and Komai, Fukuyo and Shiohata, Namiko and Yuuki, Hisatsugu and Imose, Nobuyuki and Irie, Ryotaro and Suzuki, Osamu and Ohara, Osamu and Murakami, Katsuhiko and Yada, Tetsushi and Mizuno, Takae and Shimizu, Fumio and Watanabe, Takeshi and Musashino, Kaoru and Suzuki, Yutaka and Watanabe, Motoji and ...
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Journal Article
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Journal Article