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2005, ISBN 0521851254, xi, 650
All indications are that the prevention of terrorism will be one of the major tasks of governments and regional and international organisations for some time... 
Prevention | Terrorism | Law and legislation | Criminal provisions | Government policy | International Law | War and emergency legislation | National security
Hotel Management (Online), 08/2018
...Dromoland Castle, the 16th-century castle hotel in Ireland's County Clare, completed the final phase of a €20-million refurbishment. Interior designer Helen... 
Golf | Castles & palaces
Trade Publication Article
by Carbone, Marco and Sharp, Stephen J and Flack, Steve and Paximadas, Dimitrios and Spiess, Kelly and Adgey, Carolyn and Griffiths, Laura and Lim, Reyna and Trembling, Paul and Williamson, Kate and Wareham, Nick J and Aldersley, Mark and Bathgate, Andrew and Burroughs, Andrew K and Heneghan, Michael A and Neuberger, James M and Thorburn, Douglas and Hirschfield, Gideon M and Cordell, Heather J and Alexander, Graeme J and Jones, David E.J and Sandford, Richard N and Mells, George F and Jones, David and Kirby, John and Hirschfield, Gideon and Alexander, Graeme and Sandford, Richard and Taylor‐Robinson, Simon and Ch'ng, Chin Lye and Rahman, Mesbah and Yapp, Tom and Sturgess, Richard and Healey, Christopher and Czajkowski, Marek and Gunasekera, Anton and Gyawali, Pranab and Premchand, Purushothaman and Kapur, Kapil and Marley, Richard and Foster, Graham and Watson, Alan and Dias, Aruna and Subhani, Javaid and Harvey, Rory and McCorry, Roger and Ramanaden, David and Gasem, Jaber and Evans, Richard and Mathialahan, Thiriloganathan and Shorrock, Christopher and Lipscomb, George and Southern, Paul and Tibble, Jeremy and Gorard, David and Palegwala, Altaf and Jones, Susan and Dawwas, Mohamed and Dolwani, Sunil and Prince, Martin and Foxton, Matthew and Elphick, David and Mitchison, Harriet and Gooding, Ian and Karmo, Mazn and Saksena, Sushma and Mendall, Mike and Patel, Minesh and Ede, Roland and Austin, Andrew and Sayer, Joanna and Hankey, Lorraine and Hovell, Christopher and Fisher, Neil and Carter, Martyn and Koss, Konrad and Piotrowicz, Andrzej and Grimley, Charles and Neal, David and Lim, Guan and Levi, Sass and Ala, Aftab and Broad, Andrea and Saeed, Athar and Wood, Gordon and Brown, Jonathan and Wilkinson, Mark and Gordon, Harriet and Ramage, John and Ridpath, Jo and Ngatchu, Theodore and Grover, Bob and Shaukat, Syed and Shidrawi, Ray and Abouda, George and Ali, Faiz and Rees, Ian and Salam, Imroz and Narain, Mark and Brown, Ashley and ... and UK-PBC Consortium
Hepatology, ISSN 0270-9139, 03/2016, Volume 63, Issue 3, pp. 930 - 950
Journal Article
by Wong, Danny Jon Nian and Popham, Scott and Wilson, Andrew Marshall and Barneto, Lisa M and Lindsay, Helen A and Farmer, Laura and Saunders, David and Wallace, Sophie and Campbell, Douglas and Myles, Paul S and Harris, Steve Kendrick and Moonesinghe, Suneetha Ramani and Grocott, Mike P.W and Sneyd, Robert and Batchelor, Anna and Brett, Stephen and Plowright, Catherine and Shrestha, Suman and Shawyer, Richard and Ahmed, Shafi and Khondoker, Mizan and Nathanson, Mike and Sathe, Sonia and Rawat, Shilpa and Range, Christine and Moloney, Dermot and Hee, Wendy Lum and Tozer, James and Hamlyn, Vincent and MacGregor, Mark and Qadri, Shabir and Chaurasia, Sunil kumar and Torrance, Hew and Raj, Ashok and Ross-Anderson, Davina and Anwar, Sibtain and Armanious, Samuel and Knowlden, Peter and McCourt, Killian and Pugh, Richard and Clements, Stephan and Littler, Christopher and Whapples, Annabelle and Cupitt, Jason and Balasubramaniam, Madhushankar and Spencer, Robert and White, Stuart and Drake, Jeremy and Ramhewa, Tendai and Hill, Stephen and Patil, Vishal and Goodwin, Naomi and Bansal, Sujesh and Greenwood, Nick and Sutton, Rebecca and Hanison, James and Same, Melinda and Matson, Alexandra and Spittle, Nick and Slorach, Marc and McLoughlin, Liam and Wilson, Lawrence and Melsom, Helen and Rafi, M. Amir and Limb, James and Saibaba, Ravishankar Jakkala and Lynch, Ceri and Pemberton, Omar and Sange, Mansoor and Rogerson, David and Dobson, Richard and Chambers, Jonathan and Bramall, Jon and Gorman, Andrew and Joanna, Moore and Kapoor, Ritoo and Natarajan, Nagendra and Chukkambotla, Srikanth and Marshall, Philippa and Thorning, Geoff and Csabi, Peter and Woods, Justin and Ritzema, Jenny and Orme, Robert and Koh, Sock Huang and Gary, Baigel and Zucco, Liana and Bromhead, Helen and Partridge, Richard and Kant, Abhinav and Yeung, Joyce and Ignatov, Dancho and Talati, Chiraag and Gratrix, Andrew and Ghosh, Subhamay and Ignatova, Zhana and Gill, Stuart and Agarwal, Sunita and Nagaratnam, Vidhya and Kirby, Susan and ... and SNAP-2: EPICCS collaborators and Study Steering Group and SNAP-2 EPICCS Collaborators
British Journal of Anaesthesia, ISSN 0007-0912, 04/2019, Volume 122, Issue 4, pp. 460 - 469
Journal Article
by Nik-Zainal, Serena and Davies, Helen and Staaf, Johan and Ramakrishna, Manasa and Glodzik, Dominik and Zou, Xueqing and Martincorena, Inigo and Alexanov, Ludmil B and Martin, Sancha and Wedge, David C and van Loo, Peter and Ju, Young Seok and Smid, Marcel and Brinkman, Arie B and Morganella, Sano and Aure, Miriam R and Lingjærde, Ole Christian and Langerød, Anita and Ringnér, Markus and Ahn, Sung-Min and Boyault, Sanine and Brock, Jane E and Broeks, Annegien and Butler, Adam and Desmedt, Christine and Dirix, Luc and nov, Serge and Fatima, Aquila and Foekens, John A and Gerstung, Moritz and Hooijer, Gerrit K. J and Jang, Se Jin and Jones, David R and Kim, Hyung-Yong and King, Tari A and Krishnamurthy, Savitri and Lee, Hee Jin and Lee, Jeong-Yeon and Li, Yilong and McLaren, Stuart and Menzies, Anew and Mustonen, Ville and O'Meara, Sarah and Pauporté, Iris and Pivot, Xavier and Purdie, Colin A and Raine, Keiran and Ramakrishnan, Kamna and Roíguez-González, F. Germán and Romieu, Gilles and Sieuwerts, Anieta M and Simpson, Peter T and Shepherd, Rebecca and Stebbings, Lucy and Stefansson, Olafur A and Teague, Jon and Tommasi, Stefania and Treilleux, Isabelle and van den Eynden, Gert G and Vermeulen, Peter and Vincent-Salomon, Anne and Yates, Lucy and Caldas, Carlos and van't Veer, Laura and Tutt, Anew and Knappskog, Stian and Tan, Benita Kiat Tee and Jonkers, Jos and Borg, Åke and Ueno, Naoto T and Sotiriou, Christos and Viari, Alain and Futreal, P. Anew and Campbell, Peter J and Span, Paul N and van Laere, Steven and Lakhani, Sunil R and Eyfjord, Jorunn E and Thompson, Alastair M and Birney, Ewan and Stunnenberg, Henik G and van de Vijver, Marc J and Martens, John W. M and Børresen-Dale, Anne-Lise and Richardson, Anea L and Kong, Gu and Thomas, Gilles and Stratton, Michael R and Los Alamos National Lab. (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States)
Nature (London), ISSN 0028-0836, 2016, Volume 534, Issue 7605, pp. 47 - +
Journal Article
Journal Article
Journal of Clinical Pathology, ISSN 0021-9746, 08/2016, Volume 69, Issue 8, pp. 742 - 744
Journal Article
by Peden, Carol J and Stephens, Tim and Martin, Graham and Kahan, Brennan C and Thomson, Ann and Rivett, Kate and Wells, Duncan and Richardson, Gerry and Kerry, Sally and Bion, Julian and Pearse, Rupert M and Pearse, Rupert and Peden, Carol and Stephens, Tim and Bion, Julian and Thomson, Ann and Kahan, Brennan and Kerry, Sally and Rivett, Kate and Brett, Stephen and Ackland, Gareth and Grocott, Mike and Robert, Glenn and Ukoumunne, Obioha and Waring, Justin and Everingham, Kirsty and Phull, Mandeep and Cromwell, David and Evley, Rachel and Lilford, Richard and Kocman, David and Tarrant, Carolyn and Yang, Fan and Abraham, Ajit and Bothma, Pieter and Conway, Daniel and Stapleton, Clare and Edwards, Mark and Minto, Gary and Saunders, David and Owen, Tom and Waldmann, Carl and Hayden, Paul and Gillies, Michael and Tighe, Sean and Mythen, Monty and Murray, David and Lobo, Dileep and Leuwer, Martin and Kirk-Bayley, Justin and Howell, Simon and Anderson, Iain and Lourtie, Jose and Walker, Simon and Drake, Sharon and Watson, Nick and Szakmany, Tamas and Mahajan, Ravi and Girling, Alan and Faiz, Omar and Blunt, Mark and Steel, Alistair and Wong, Kate and Cabreros, Leilani and Obideyi, Ayodele and Blenk, Karl and Broad, Dan and Brodbeck, Andreas and Dumpala, Rajesh and Engel, Arnth and Ganepola, Ranjit and Garg, Sudha and Gay, Mike and Karlikowsk, Michael and Lams, Edward and Millican, Dean and Misane, Inga and Mull, Ajaya and Naik, Veena and Pushpa, Nathan and Nutt, Chris and Sagadai, Saravanna and Stuart, Hazel and Noble, Paul and Van De Velde, Niko and Hudson, Liam and Benlloch, Raoul and Singh, Satish and Verma, Karan and Laba, Damian and Carmichael, Jack and Wilson, Graham and Lewis, Ricky and Surendran, Karthik and El-Damatty, Essam and Gurung, Sarada and Raulusaite, Ilona and Gerstina, Nabua and Kuldip, Rai and Murray, Therese and ... and Enhanced Peri-Operative Care for High-risk patients (EPOCH) trial group
The Lancet, ISSN 0140-6736, 06/2019, Volume 393, Issue 10187, pp. 2213 - 2221
Journal Article