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by Shungin, Dmitry and Winkler, Thomas W and Croteau-Chonka, Damien C and Ferreira, Teresa and Locke, Adam E and Mägi, Reedik and Strawbridge, Rona J and Pers, Tune H and Fischer, Krista and Justice, Anne E and Workalemahu, Tsegaselassie and Wu, Joseph M. W and Buchkovich, Martin L and Heard-Costa, Nancy L and Roman, Tamara S and ng, Alexander W and Song, Ci and Gustafsson, Stefan and Day, Felix R and Esko, Tonu and Fall, Tove and Kutalik, Zoltán and Luan, Jian'an and Randall, Joshua C and Scherag, Ané and Vedantam, Sailaja and Wood, Anew R and Chen, Jin and Fehrmann, Rudolf and Karjalainen, Juha and Kahali, Bratati and Liu, Ching-Ti and Schmidt, Ellen M and Absher, Devin and Amin, Najaf and Anderson, Denise and Beekman, Marian and Bragg-Gresham, Jennifer L and Buyske, Steven and Demirkan, Ayse and Ehret, Georg B and Feitosa, Mary F and Goel, Anuj and Jackson, Anne U and Johnson, Toby and Kleber, Marcus E and Kristiansson, Kati and Mangino, Massimo and Mateo Leach, Irene and Medina-Gomez, Carolina and Palmer, Cameron D and Pasko, Dorota and Pechlivanis, Sonali and Peters, Marjolein J and Prokopenko, Inga and Stančáková, Alena and Ju Sung, Yun and Tanaka, Toshiko and Teumer, Alexander and van Vliet-Ostaptchouk, Jana V and Yengo, Loïc and Zhang, Weihua and Albrecht, Eva and Ärnlöv, Johan and Arscott, Gillian M and Bandinelli, Stefania and Barrett, Amy and Bellis, Claire and Bennett, Amanda J and Berne, Christian and Blüher, Matthias and Böhringer, Stefan and Bonnet, Fabrice and Böttcher, Yvonne and Bruinenberg, Marcel and Carba, Delia B and Caspersen, Ida H and Clarke, Robert and Daw, E. Warwick and Deelen, Joris and Deelman, Ewa and Delgado, Graciela and Doney, Alex S. F and Eklund, Niina and Erdos, Michael R and Estrada, Karol and Eury, Elodie and Frieich, Nele and Garcia, Melissa E and Gieaitis, Vilmantas and Gigante, Bruna and Go, Alan S and Golay, Alain and Grallert, Harald and Grammer, Tanja B and Gräßler, Jürgen and Grewal, Jagvir and Groves, Christopher J and Haller, Toomas and Hallmans, Goran and ... and PAGE Consortium and LifeLines Cohort Study and CARDIOGRAMplusC4D Consortium and MuTHER Consortium and ICBP and ADIPOGEN Consortium and CKDGen Consortium and GEFOS Consortium and Int Endogene Consortium and GENIE Consortium and MAGIC Investigators and ReproGen Consortium and GLGC and ADIPOGen Consortium and International Endogene Consortium and The PAGE Consortium and The International Endogene Consortium and The MAGIC Investigators and The ReproGen Consortium and The CKDGen Consortium and The ADIPOGen Consortium and The ICBP and The CARDIOGRAMplusC4D Consortium and The GENIE Consortium and The GLGC and The GEFOS Consortium and The MuTHER Consortium and The LifeLines Cohort Study and Högskolan Dalarna and Akademin Utbildning, hälsa och samhälle and Medicinsk vetenskap
Nature, ISSN 0028-0836, 2015, Volume 518, Issue 7538, pp. 187 - U378
Body fat distribution is a heritable trait and a well-established predictor of adverse metabolic outcomes, independent of overall adiposity. To increase our... 
HUMAN HEIGHT | ABDOMINAL ADIPOSITY | MULTIDISCIPLINARY SCIENCES | COMMON SNPS | SUSCEPTIBILITY LOCI | GLYCEMIC TRAITS | FALSE DISCOVERY | MESENCHYMAL STEM-CELLS | GENOME-WIDE ASSOCIATION | ADIPOGENIC DIFFERENTIATION | SEXUAL-DIMORPHISM | Body Mass Index | Genome-Wide Association Study | Age Factors | Neovascularization, Physiologic - genetics | Epigenesis, Genetic | Humans | Male | Continental Population Groups - genetics | Sex Characteristics | Obesity - genetics | Europe - ethnology | Genome, Human - genetics | Adipose Tissue - metabolism | Insulin - metabolism | Models, Biological | Adipocytes - metabolism | Insulin Resistance - genetics | Polymorphism, Single Nucleotide - genetics | Female | Body Fat Distribution | Transcription, Genetic - genetics | Adipogenesis - genetics | Waist-Hip Ratio | Quantitative Trait Loci - genetics | Adipose tissues | Quantitative trait loci | Genetic research | Genetic aspects | Research | Metabolism | Health aspects | Studies | Body mass index | Genealogy | Body fat | Insulin resistance | Genetics | Genomes | Abdomen | Meta-analysis | Life Sciences | Adipocytes/metabolism Adipogenesis/genetics Adipose Tissue/metabolism Age Factors Body Fat Distribution Body Mass Index Continental Population Groups/genetics Epigenesis, Genetic Europe/ethnology Female Genome, Human/genetics Genome-Wide Association Study Humans Insulin/metabolism Insulin Resistance/genetics Male Models, Biological Neovascularization, Physiologic/genetics Obesity/genetics Polymorphism, Single Nucleotide/genetics Quantitative Trait Loci/genetics Sex Characteristics Transcription, Genetic/genetics Waist-Hip Ratio | Clinical Medicine | Hälsa och välfärd | Medical and Health Sciences | Klinisk medicin | Medicin och hälsovetenskap | Health and Welfare
Journal Article
Nature Communications, ISSN 2041-1723, 12/2018, Volume 9, Issue 1, pp. 3628 - 11
Single-particle cryogenic electron microscopy (cryo-EM) provides a powerful methodology for structural biologists, but the resolutions typically attained with... 
Rotavirus - ultrastructure | Capsid - ultrastructure | Cryoelectron Microscopy - methods | Parvovirinae - ultrastructure | Viruses | Electron microscopy | Gene therapy | Curvature | Transfer functions | Photomicrographs
Journal Article
by Kassebaum, Nicholas J, Dr and Bertozzi-Villa, Amelia, BA and Coggeshall, Megan S, BA and Shackelford, Katya A, BA and Steiner, Caitlyn, MPH and Heuton, Kyle R, BS and Gonzalez-Medina, Diego, BA and Barber, Ryan, BS and Huynh, Chantal, BA and Dicker, Daniel, BS and Templin, Tara, BA and Wolock, Timothy M, BA and Ozgoren, Ayse Abbasoglu, MA and Abd-Allah, Foad, Prof and Abera, Semaw Ferede, MSc and Abubakar, Ibrahim, Prof and Achoki, Tom, PhD and Adelekan, Ademola, PhD and Ademi, Zanfina, PhD and Adou, Arsène Kouablan, MD and Adsuar, José C, Prof and Agardh, Emilie E, PhD and Akena, Dickens, PhD and Alasfoor, Deena, MSc and Alemu, Zewdie Aderaw, MPH and Alfonso-Cristancho, Rafael, PhD and Alhabib, Samia, PhD and Ali, Raghib, MSc and Al Kahbouri, Mazin J, PhD and Alla, François, Prof and Allen, Peter J, MPH and AlMazroa, Mohammad A, MD and Alsharif, Ubai, DMD and Alvarez, Elena, PhD and Alvis-Guzmán, Nelson, Prof and Amankwaa, Adansi A, Prof and Amare, Azmeraw T, MPH and Amini, Hassan, MSPH and Ammar, Walid, PhD and Antonio, Carl A T, MD and Anwari, Palwasha, MSc and Ärnlöv, Johan, PhD and Arsenijevic, Valentina S Arsic, Prof and Artaman, Ali, PhD and Asad, Majed Masoud, PhD and Asghar, Rana J, MD and Assadi, Reza, MD and Atkins, Lydia S, MPH and Badawi, Alaa, PhD and Balakrishnan, Kalpana, PhD and Basu, Arindam, PhD and Basu, Sanjay, PhD and Beardsley, Justin, MBChB and Bedi, Neeraj, MD and Bekele, Tolesa, MPH and Bell, Michelle L, Prof and Bernabe, Eduardo, PhD and Beyene, Tariku J, MSC and Bhutta, Zulfiqar, Prof and Bin Abdulhak, Aref, MD and Blore, Jed D, PhD and Basara, Berrak Bora, PhD and Bose, Dipan, PhD and Breitborde, Nicholas, Prof and Cárdenas, Rosario, ScD and Castañeda-Orjuela, Carlos A, MSc and Castro, Ruben Estanislao, PhD and Catalá-López, Ferrán, PhD and Cavlin, Alanur, PhD and Chang, Jung-Chen, Prof and Che, Xuan, PhD and Christophi, Costas A, PhD and Chugh, Sumeet S, Prof and Cirillo, Massimo, Prof and Colquhoun, Samantha M, PhD and Cooper, Leslie Trumbull, MD and Cooper, Cyrus, Prof and da Costa Leite, Iuri, PhD and Dandona, Lalit, Prof and Dandona, Rakhi, PhD and Davis, Adrian, Prof and Dayama, Anand, MD and Degenhardt, Louisa, Prof and De Leo, Diego, Prof and del Pozo-Cruz, Borja, PhD and Deribe, Kebede, MPH and Dessalegn, Muluken, MPH and deVeber, Gabrielle A, MD and Dharmaratne, Samath D, MD and Dilmen, Uğur, MD and Ding, Eric L, ScD and Dorrington, Rob E, MPhil and Driscoll, Tim R, PhD and Ermakov, Sergei Petrovich, Prof and Esteghamati, Alireza, Prof and Faraon, Emerito Jose A, MD and Farzadfar, Farshad, MD and Felicio, Manuela Mendonca, MD and Fereshtehnejad, Seyed-Mohammad, MD and de Lima, Graça Maria Ferreira, BSC and ... and Högskolan Dalarna and Akademin Utbildning, hälsa och samhälle and Medicinsk vetenskap
The Lancet, ISSN 0140-6736, 2014, Volume 384, Issue 9947, pp. 980 - 1004
Journal Article
by Thompson, Luke R and Sanders, Jon G and McDonald, Daniel and Amir, Amnon and Ladau, Joshua and Locey, Kenneth J and Prill, Robert J and Tripathi, Anupriya and Gibbons, Sean M and Ackermann, Gail and Navas-Molina, Jose A and Janssen, Stefan and Kopylova, Evguenia and Vázquez-Baeza, Yoshiki and González, Antonio and Morton, James T and Mirarab, Siavash and Xu, Zhenjiang Zech and Jiang, Lingjing and Haroon, Mohamed F and Kanbar, Jad and Zhu, Qiyun and Song, Se Jin and Kosciolek, Tomasz and Bokulich, Nicholas A and Lefler, Joshua and Brislawn, Colin J and Humphrey, Gregory and Owens, Sarah M and Hampton-Marcell, Jarrad and Berg-Lyons, Donna and McKenzie, Valerie and Fierer, Noah and Fuhrman, Jed A and Clauset, Aaron and Stevens, Rick L and Shade, Ashley and Pollard, Katherine S and Goodwin, Kelly D and Jansson, Janet K and Gilbert, Jack A and Knight, Rob and Agosto Rivera, Jose L and Al-Moosawi, Lisa and Alverdy, John and Amato, Katherine R and Andras, Jason and Angenent, Largus T and Antonopoulos, Dionysios A and Apprill, Amy and Armitage, David and Ballantine, Kate and Bárta, Jiří and Baum, Julia K and Berry, Allison and Bhatnagar, Ashish and Bhatnagar, Monica and Biddle, Jennifer F and Bittner, Lucie and Boldgiv, Bazartseren and Bottos, Eric and Boyer, Donal M and Braun, Josephine and Brazelton, William and Brearley, Francis Q and Campbell, Alexandra H and Caporaso, J. Gregory and Cardona, Cesar and Carroll, JoLynn and Cary, S. Craig and Casper, Brenda B and Charles, Trevor C and Chu, Haiyan and Claar, Danielle C and Clark, Robert G and Clayton, Jonathan B and Clemente, Jose C and Cochran, Alyssa and Coleman, Maureen L and Collins, Gavin and Colwell, Rita R and Contreras, Mónica and Crary, Benjamin B and Creer, Simon and Cristol, Daniel A and Crump, Byron C and Cui, Duoying and Daly, Sarah E and Davalos, Liliana and Dawson, Russell D and Defazio, Jennifer and Delsuc, Frédéric and Dionisi, Hebe M and Dominguez-Bello, Maria Gloria and Dowell, Robin and Dubinsky, Eric A and Dunn, Peter O and Ercolini, Danilo and Espinoza, Robert E and Ezenwa, Vanessa and ... and Earth Microbiome Project Consortiu and Earth Microbiome Project Consortium and Naturvetenskapliga fakulteten and Faculty of Sciences and Göteborgs universitet and Gothenburg University and Institutionen för marina vetenskaper and Department of marine sciences
Nature, ISSN 0028-0836, 11/2017, Volume 551, Issue 7681, pp. 457 - 463
Journal Article