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by Habib, Gilbert and Iung, Bernard and Popescu, Bogdan A and Tornos, Pilar and Sadeghpour, Anita and Oliver, Leopold and Vaskelyte, Jolanta-Justina and Lancellotti, Patrizio and Gale, C. P and Beleslin, B and Budaj, A and Chioncel, O and Dagres, N and Danchin, N and Emberson, J and Erlinge, D and Nedoshivin, A and Petronio, A. S and Roos-Hesselink, J and Andarala, M and Fiorucci, E and Missiamenou, V and Taylor, C and Al-Mallah, M and Calderon Aranda, E and Cardim, N. M and Chan, K. L and Edvardsen, T and Goliasch, G and Hristova, K and Kang, D. H and Kong, W and Matskeplishvili, S and Meshaal, M and Mirocevic, M and Plonska-Gosciniak, E and Raissouni, M and Ronderos, R and Separovic-Hanzevacki, J and Tucay, E and Tude Roigues, A. C and Varga, A and Yamagata, K and Yiangou, K and Iribarren, A and Avegliano, G and Filipini, E and Obregon, R and Bangher, M and Dho, J and Novas, V and de Santos, M and Velazco, P and Casabé, J. H and Cortes, C and Guevara, E and Weidinger, F and Puskas, L and Rosenhek, R and Winter, M. P and Hoffer, E and Lecoq, E and Jacquet, S and Massoz, M and Marchetta, S and Dulgheru, R and Oury, C and ogmans, S and Kerkhove, D and Plein, D and Roigus, I and Amsel, B and Vancraeynest, D and Staszko, K and Dos Santos Monteiro, R and Shuha, D. L and Alcantara, M and Cravo, V and Fazzio, L and Felix, A and Iso, M and Villaca Filho, F and Roigues, A and Silva, R and Morhy, S and Fischer, C and Vieira, M and Falcao, S. N and Moises, V. A and Mancuso, F. J and Souza, A. C and Bellio de Mattos Barretto, R and Ramos, A and Arnoni, R and le Bihan, D and Miglioli, L and Tadeu Magro Kroll, R and Hay, K and Sauve, C and Serri, K and ... and EURO-ENDO Investigators
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Journal Article
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Journal Article
The New England journal of medicine, ISSN 0028-4793, 11/2017, Volume 377, Issue 18, pp. 1723 - 1732
Journal Article
by Kou, E and Urquijo, P and Altmannshofer, W and Beaujean, F and Beneke, M and Bigi, I I and Bishara, F and Blanke, M and Bobeth, C and Bona, M and Brambilla, N and Braun, V M and Brod, J and Buras, A J and Cheng, H Y and Ciuchini, M and Colangelo, G and Crivellin, A and Czyz, H and Datta, A and De Fazio, F and Deppisch, T and Dolan, M J and Evans, J and Fajfer, S and Feldmann, T and Godfrey, S and Gronau, M and Grossman, Y and Guo, F K and Haisch, U and Hanhart, C and Hashimoto, S and Hirose, S and Hisano, J and Hofer, L and Hoferichter, M and Hou, W S and Huber, T and Hurth, T and Jaeger, S and Jahn, S and Jamin, M and Jung, M and Kagan, A L and Kahlhoefer, F and Kamenik, J F and Kaneko, T and Kokulu, A and Kosnik, N and Kronfeld, A S and Ligeti, Z and Logan, H and Lu, C D and Lubicz, V and Maltman, K and Mishima, S and Misiak, M and Moussallam, B and Nefediev, A and Nierste, U and Nomura, D and Olsen, S L and Passemar, E and Paul, A and Paz, G and Petrov, A A and Pich, A and Polosa, A D and Pradler, J and Prelovsek, S and Procura, M and Ricciardi, G and Robinson, D J and Roig, P and Rosiek, J and Schmidt-Hoberg, K and Schwichtenberg, J and Sharpe, S R and Shih, D and Shimizu, N and Shimizu, Y and Silvestrini, L and Simula, S and Smith, C and Stoffer, P and Straub, D and Tackmann, F J and Tanaka, M and Tayduganov, A and Tetlalmatzi-Xolocotzi, G and Teubner, T and Vairo, A and van Dyk, D and Virto, J and Was, Z and Watanabe, R and Watson, I and Westhoff, S and Zupan, J and ...
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by Abudinén, F and Adachi, I and Ahlburg, P and Aihara, H and Akopov, N and Aloisio, A and Ameli, F and Andricek, L and Anh Ky, N and Asner, D.M and Atmacan, H and Aushev, T and Aushev, V and Aziz, T and Azmi, K and Babu, V and Baehr, S and Bahinipati, S and Bakich, A.M and Bambade, P and Banerjee, Sw and Bansal, S and Bansal, V and Barrett, M and Baudot, J and Beaulieu, A and Becker, J and Behera, P.K and Bennett, J.V and Bernieri, E and Bernlochner, F.U and Bertemes, M and Bessner, M and Bettarini, S and Bhardwaj, V and Bianchi, F and Bilka, T and Bilokin, S and Biswas, D and Bonvicini, G and Bozek, A and Bračko, M and Branchini, P and Braun, N and Browder, T.E and Budano, A and Bussino, S and Campajola, M and Cao, L and Casarosa, G and Cecchi, C and Červenkov, D and Chang, M.-C and Chang, P and Cheaib, R and Chekelian, V and Chen, Y.Q and Chen, Y.-T and Cheon, B.G and Chilikin, K and Cho, H.-E and Cho, K and Cho, S and Choi, S.-K and Choudhury, S and Cinabro, D and Corona, L and Cremaldi, L.M and Cunliffe, S and Czank, T and Dattola, F and De La Cruz-Burelo, E and De Nardo, G and De Nuccio, M and De Pietro, G and De Sangro, R and Destefanis, M and Dey, S and De Yta-Hernandez, A and Di Capua, F and Di Carlo, S and Dingfelder, J and Doležal, Z and Domínguez Jiménez, I and Dong, T.V and Dort, K and Dubey, S and Duell, S and Eidelman, S and Eliachevitch, M and Ferber, T and Ferlewicz, D and Finocchiaro, G and Fiore, S and Fodor, A and Forti, F and Frey, A and Fulsom, B.G and Gabriel, M and Ganiev, E and ... and Belle II Collaboration and BELLE II collaboration
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Journal Article
by Adcox, K and Adler, S.S and Afanasiev, S and Aidala, C and Ajitanand, N.N and Akiba, Y and Al-Jamel, A and Alexander, J and Amirikas, R and Aoki, K and Aphecetche, L and Arai, Y and Armendariz, R and Aronson, S.H and Averbeck, R and Awes, T.C and Azmoun, R and Babintsev, V and Baldisseri, A and Barish, K.N and Barnes, P.D and Barrette, J and Bassalleck, B and Bathe, S and Batsouli, S and Baublis, V and Bauer, F and Bazilevsky, A and Belikov, S and Bellaiche, F.G and Belyaev, S.T and Bennett, M.J and Berdnikov, Y and Bhagavatula, S and Bjorndal, M.T and Boissevain, J.G and Borel, H and Borenstein, S and Botelho, S and Brooks, M.L and Brown, D.S and Bruner, N and Bucher, D and Buesching, H and Bumazhnov, V and Bunce, G and Burward-Hoy, J.M and Butsyk, S and Camard, X and Carey, T.A and Chai, J.-S and Chand, P and Chang, J and Chang, W.C and Chavez, L.L and Chernichenko, S and Chi, C.Y and Chiba, J and Chiu, M and Choi, I.J and Choi, J and Choudhury, R.K and Christ, T and Chujo, T and Chung, M.S and Chung, P and Cianciolo, V and Cleven, C.R and Cobigo, Y and Cole, B.A and Comets, M.P and Constantin, P and Csörgő, T and Cussonneau, J.P and d'Enterria, D and Dahms, T and Das, K and David, G and Deák, F and Delagrange, H and Denisov, A and Deshpande, A and Desmond, E.J and Devismes, A and Dietzsch, O and Dinesh, B.V and Drachenberg, J.L and Drapier, O and Drees, A and Dubey, A.K and du Rietz, R and Durum, A and Dutta, D and Dzhordzhadze, V and Ebisu, K and Efremenko, Y.V and Egdemir, J and El Chenawi, K and Enokizono, A and En'yo, H and ... and PHENIX Collaboration
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Journal Article