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Biological Psychiatry, ISSN 0006-3223, 2016, Volume 80, Issue 2, pp. 84 - 86
.... Lieber and Theodore R. Stanley ( Figures 1 and 2). These two individuals made an enormous and enduring impact through the initiatives that they created and sustained... 
Psychiatric/Mental Health | PSYCHIATRY | NEUROSCIENCES | Philanthropy
Journal Article
2007, INTERSECTIONS., ISBN 9780754655220, 188
Based on a detailed analysis of gender in Stanley Cavell's treatment of the skeptical problem, this book addresses the relationship between gender and religion in modern skepticism... 
Philosophy | Skepticism | Religion and Philosophy | Epistemology | Feminist Philosophy | Gender Studies | Religion | Cavell, Stanley | 1926 | Sex role
by Geddes, John R and Goodwin, Guy M and Rendell, Jennifer and Morriss, Richard and Alder, Nicola and Juszczak, Ed and Azorin, Jean-Michel and Cipriani, Andrea and Ostacher, Michael J and Lewis, Shôn and Attenburrow, Mary-Jane and Carter, Brigid and Hainsworth, Jane and Healey, Christine and Stevens, Will and Van Gucht, Emma Der and Young, Heather and Davies, Christina and Peto, Richard and Barnes, Thomas R. E and Curtis, Vivienne and Johnson, Tony and Marven, Michael and Arif, Mohammed and Bruce, Janet and Drybala, Gary and Hayden, Enda and Jhingan, Harsh P and Marudkar, Mangesh and Hillier, Richard and Barrett, Sara and Lidder, Jasvinder Sing and McCartney, Mark and Middleton, Hugh and Ononye, Frank and Solanki, Ramesh D and Agell, Ignasi and Anjum, Rubina and Hunt, Neil and Jones, Peter and Ramana, Rajini and Chase, Jeremy and Ayuba, Larry and Macmillan, Iain and Michael, Albert and Frangou, Sophia and Gijsman, Harm and Parker, Elizabeth and Phillips, Mary and Behr, Graham and Tyrer, Peter and Conway, Alison and Ferrier, Nicol and Oakley, Tim and Tower, Nicholas and Young, Allan and Chitty, Roger and Littlejohns, Carl and Suri, Anil and Iqbal, Mohammad and Zikis, Panayiotis and Anderson, Ian and O'Driscoll, David and Robbins, Natalie and Ash, Graham and Chaudhry, Imran and Duddu, Venu and Reed, Paul and Van Wyk, Stephan and Vohra, Adarsh and Zingela, Zukiswa and Mahmood, Tariq and Diedricks, Heidi and Faizal, Mohammad A and McCarthy, James and Briess, David and Ceccherini-Nelli, Alfonso and Clifford, Elizabeth and Croos, Robert and Davis, Jane Da Rosa and De Silva, Lalitha and Eranti, Savitha and Mahmoud, Ran and Maurya, Anil and Partovi-Tabar, Peter and Rahimi, Yousuf and Tuson, Jacqueline and Greening, Jayne and Campbell, Colin and Grewal, Jasdey Singh and Kumar, Ashok and Schultewolter, Dieter and Baldwin, David and Best, Nick and Herod, Nicola and Polson, Richard and Shawcross, Charles and Khan, Umama and Almoshmosh, Nadim and El-Adl, Mamdouh and ... and unav and The BALANCE investigators and collaborators and BALANCE Investigators Collaborator and BALANCE investigators and collaborators
The Lancet (British edition), ISSN 0140-6736, 2010, Volume 375, Issue 9712, pp. 385 - 395
Journal Article
by Gieger, Christian and Radhakrishnan, Aparna and Cvejic, Ana and Tang, Weihong and Porcu, Eleonora and Pistis, Giorgio and Serbanovic-Canic, Jovana and Elling, Ulrich and Goodall, Alison H and Labrune, Yann and Lopez, Lorna M and Mägi, Reedik and Meacham, Stuart and Okada, Yukinori and Pirastu, Nicola and Sorice, Rossella and Teumer, Alexander and Voss, Katrin and Zhang, Weihua and Ramirez-Solis, Ramiro and Bis, Joshua C and Ellinghaus, David and Gögele, Martin and Hottenga, Jouke-Jan and Langenberg, Claudia and Kovacs, Peter and O’Reilly, Paul F and Shin, So-Youn and Esko, Tõnu and Hartiala, Jaana and Kanoni, Stavroula and Murgia, Federico and Parsa, Afshin and Stephens, Jonathan and van der Harst, Pim and Ellen van der Schoot, C and Allayee, Hooman and Attwood, Antony and Balkau, Beverley and Bastardot, François and Basu, Saonli and Baumeister, Sebastian E and Biino, Ginevra and Bomba, Lorenzo and Bonnefond, Amélie and Cambien, François and Chambers, John C and Cucca, Francesco and D’Adamo, Pio and Davies, Gail and de Boer, Rudolf A and de Geus, Eco J. C and Döring, Angela and Elliott, Paul and Erdmann, Jeanette and Evans, David M and Falchi, Mario and Feng, Wei and Folsom, Aaron R and Frazer, Ian H and Gibson, Quince D and Glazer, Nicole L and Hammond, Chris and Hartikainen, Anna-Liisa and Heckbert, Susan R and Hengstenberg, Christian and Hersch, Micha and Illig, Thomas and Loos, Ruth J. F and Jolley, Jennifer and Khaw, Kay-Tee and Kühnel, Brigitte and Kyrtsonis, Marie-Christine and Lagou, Vasiliki and Lloyd-Jones, Heather and Lumley, Thomas and Mangino, Massimo and Maschio, Andrea and Mateo Leach, Irene and McKnight, Barbara and Memari, Yasin and Mitchell, Braxton D and Montgomery, Grant W and Nakamura, Yusuke and Nauck, Matthias and Navis, Gerjan and Nöthlings, Ute and Nolte, Ilja M and Porteous, David J and Pouta, Anneli and Pramstaller, Peter P and Pullat, Janne and Ring, Susan M and Rotter, Jerome I and Ruggiero, Daniela and Ruokonen, Aimo and Sala, Cinzia and Samani, Nilesh J and Sambrook, Jennifer and Schlessinger, David and ...
Nature (London), ISSN 1476-4687, 2011, Volume 480, Issue 7376, pp. 201 - 208
Journal Article
by Chapman, S. J and Glasbey, J and Kelly, M and Khatri, C and Nepogodiev, D and Fitzgerald, J. E. F and Bhangu, A and Bhangu, A and Harrison, E. M and Adams, R and Patel, K and Khatri, C and Retchless, A. R and Elsaddig, M and Curtis, A. E and Nepogodiev, D and Glasbey, J and McMahon, R and Mittapalli, D and Ferguson, L. A and Gentry, S. V and Kong, C. Y. N and Naqvi, Z and Amin, H and Chapman, S. J and Kelly, M and Chaudhry, B and Burke, J and Henderson, I and Trecarten, S and Clements, J. M and Drake, T. M and Wild, J. R. L and Venkatesh, H and Butters, N and Ahmeidat, H and Goergen, N and Adams, R and Black, D and Robertson, K and Jama, G. M and McGuire, S. A and Ahl, R and Suri, T. S and Kuo, R and Fadhlillah, M and Mills, H and Mitchell, R and Goodship, J and Tan, M and Barker, T and Wright, T and Mohamad, W and Hanna, N and Laing, G and Warnock, M. W. C and Baird‐Fraser, P. R and Logan, T and Young, F. M and Fane De Salis, A. C and McHugh, R and Drake, T. M and Hickson, C and Paszkiewicz, J and Anderson, L. B and Neeson, D and Mohan, M and Narang, Y and Brophy, T and Punj, R and Majumdar, S and Kauser, S and Jong, G and Palkhi, E and Finch, D and Curtis, A. E and Mitchell, H and Carter, N and Viyasar, T and Sammut, T and Cook, N and Powell, M. M and Horne, S and Allen, J. L. Y and Marshall, D and McIntyre, C and S Koh, D. T and Shi, J and Reid, T and Armugam, N. P and Luck, J and Fozard, T and O'Callaghan, J and Copley, P. C and Tilliriou, V and Aiyer, R and Yazdi, A and Wiltshire, A and Blower, E and Jewitt, C and ... and STARSurg Collaborative
British journal of surgery, ISSN 0007-1323, 2014, Volume 101, Issue 11, pp. 1413 - 1423
Journal Article
by Do, Ron and Stitziel, Nathan O and Won, Hong-Hee and Jørgensen, Anders Berg and Duga, Stefano and Angelica Merlini, Pier and Kiezun, Adam and Farrall, Martin and Goel, Anuj and Zuk, Or and Guella, Illaria and Asselta, Rosanna and Lange, Leslie A and Peloso, Gina M and Auer, Paul L and Girelli, Domenico and Martinelli, Nicola and Farlow, Deborah N and DePristo, Mark A and Roberts, Robert and Stewart, Alexander F. R and Saleheen, Danish and Danesh, John and Epstein, Stephen E and Sivapalaratnam, Suthesh and Kees Hovingh, G and Kastelein, John J and Samani, Nilesh J and Schunkert, Heribert and Erdmann, Jeanette and Shah, Svati H and Kraus, William E and Davies, Robert and Nikpay, Majid and Johansen, Christopher T and Wang, Jian and Hegele, Robert A and Hechter, Eliana and Marz, Winfried and Kleber, Marcus E and Huang, Jie and Johnson, Andrew D and Li, Mingyao and Burke, Greg L and Gross, Myron and Liu, Yongmei and Assimes, Themistocles L and Heiss, Gerardo and Lange, Ethan M and Folsom, Aaron R and Taylor, Herman A and Olivieri, Oliviero and Hamsten, Anders and Clarke, Robert and Reilly, Dermot F and Yin, Wu and Rivas, Manuel A and Donnelly, Peter and Rossouw, Jacques E and Psaty, Bruce M and Herrington, David M and Wilson, James G and Rich, Stephen S and Bamshad, Michael J and Tracy, Russell P and Adrienne Cupples, L and Rader, Daniel J and Reilly, Muredach P and Spertus, John A and Cresci, Sharon and Hartiala, Jaana and Wilson Tang, W. H and Hazen, Stanley L and Allayee, Hooman and Reiner, Alex P and Carlson, Christopher S and Kooperberg, Charles and Jackson, Rebecca D and Boerwinkle, Eric and Lander, Eric S and Schwartz, Stephen M and Siscovick, David S and McPherson, Ruth and Tybjaerg-Hansen, Anne and Abecasis, Goncalo R and Watkins, Hugh and Nickerson, Deborah A and Ardissino, Diego and Sunyaev, Shamil R and O'Donnell, Christopher J and Altshuler, David and Gabriel, Stacey and Kathiresan, Sekar and NHLBI Exome Sequencing Project
Nature (London), ISSN 1476-4687, 2014, Volume 518, Issue 7537, pp. 102 - 106
Journal Article
PLoS genetics, ISSN 1553-7404, 2011, Volume 7, Issue 2, p. e1001300
Journal Article