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by Dennis, Martin and Mead, Gillian and Forbes, John and Hankey, Graeme J and Williams, Carol and Drever, Jonathan and Mcgrath, Aileen and Deary, Ann and Perry, David and Mcgill, Connor and Dinsmore, Lynn and Barugh, Amanda and Mikhail, Shadia and Shaw, Alison and Sullivan, Frank and Brady, Marian and Proudfoot, Fiona and Skwarski, Joanna and Veraque, Emelda and Bedford, Caroline and Kambafwile, Mary and Idrovo, Luis and Makawa, Linetty and Smalley, Paula and Randall, Marc and Vowden, Richard and Tam, Chi Kai and Marks, Katherine and Hurley, Lisa and Kullane, Sagal and Giallombardo, Elio and Frith, Angela and Pitt, Matthew and Sykes, Lucy and Dellafera, Deborah and Kerwood, Lauriane and Merritt, Carley and Naqvi, Aaizza and Jackson, Tracy and Duty, Suzanna and Richards, Emma and Lindert, Ralf and Dakin, Katy and Maatouk, Ahmad and Meegada, Madana and Rana, Pratap and Nair, Anand and Brighouse-Johnson, Christine and Robinson, Matthew and Mclean, Belinda and Beardmore, Carole and Hollinshead, Paul and Maguire, Holly and Natarajan, Indira and Sanyal, Ranjan and Lijko, Sue and Remegoso, Alda and Varquez, Resti and Causley, Chelsea and Butler, Adrian and Hiden, Joanne and Sword, Jane and Hemsley, Anthony and Davenport, Sue and Strain, David and Miller, Keniesha and Goff, Anita and Cusack, Ellie and Partridge, Rebecca and Stephenson, Jacquelyn and Brodie, Fiona and Coburn, Irene and Ross, Fiona and Barcroft, Heather and Withers, Victoria and Evans, Richard and Coyle, John and Wanklyn, Peter and Wightman, John and Iveson, Elizabeth and Dyer, Natasha and O Neill, Mark and Cottrell, Poppy and Donne, Cheryl and Westmoreland, Jax and Bamford, Elizabeth and Stanners, Andrew and Carpenter, Mike and Datta, Prabal and Davey, Richard and Eastwood, Marjorie Jane and Ghouri, Imran and Archer, Judy and Ball, Julie and Benton, Louise and Guyler, Paul and Dowling, Terry and Tysoe, Sharon and Harman, Paula and Omodunbi, Ololade and ... and FOCUS Trial Collaboration
The Lancet, ISSN 0140-6736, 01/2019, Volume 393, Issue 10168, pp. 265 - 274
Journal Article
The Strathmore Standard, 02/2017
Newspaper Article
by Nauth, Aaron and Creek, Aaron T and Zellar, Abby and Dowrick, Adam and Dadi, Akhil and van Kampen, Albert and Yee, Albert and de Vries, Alexander C and de Mol van Otterloo, Alexander and McIntyre, Allison W and Prasad, Amal Shankar and Romero, Amanda W and Rangan, Amar and Oatt, Amber and Sanghavi, Amir and Foley, Amy L and Karlsten, Anders and Dolenc, Andrea and Bucknill, Andrew and Chia, Andrew and Evans, Andrew and Gong, Andrew and Schmidt, Andrew H and Marcantonio, Andrew J and Jennings, Andrew and Ward, Angela and Rai, Anil and Smits, Anke B and Horan, Annamarie D and Brekke, Anne Christine and Flynn, Annette and Duraikannan, Aravin and Stødle, Are and van Vugt, Arie B and Luther, Arlene and Zurcher, Arthur W and Jain, Arvind and Amundsen, Asgeir and Moaveni, Ash and Carr, Ashley and Sharma, Ateet and Trommer, Axel and Rai, B. Sachidananda and Hileman, Barbara and Schreurs, Bart and Verhoeven, Bart and Barden, Benjamin B and Flatøy, Bernhard and Cleffken, Berry I and Bøe, Berthe and Hanusch, Birgit C and Weening, Brad and Fioole, Bram and Rijbroek, Bram and Crist, Brett D and Halliday, Brett and Peterson, Brett and Mullis, Brian and Richardson, C. Glen and Clark, Callum and Sagebien, Carlos A and van der Pol, Carmen C and Bowler, Carol and Humphrey, Catherine A and Coady, Catherine and Koppert, Cees L and Coles, Chad and Tannoury, Chadi and DePaolo, Charles J and Herriott, Chris and Reeves, Christina and Tieszer, Christina and Dobb, Christine and Anderson, Christopher G and Sage, Claire and Cuento, Claudine and Jones, Clifford B and Linehan, Colleen and van der Hart, Cor P and Henderson, Corey and Lewis, Courtland G and Davis, Craig A and Donohue, Craig and Mauffrey, Cyril and Sundaresh, D.C and Farrell, Dana J and Whelan, Daniel B and Horwitz, Daniel and Stinner, Daniel and Viskontas, Darius and Roffey, Darren M and Alexander, David and Karges, David E and Hak, David and Johnston, David and Love, David and Wright, David M and Zamorano, David P and Goetz, David R and Sanders, David and ... and Fixation using Alternative Implants for the Treatment of Hip fractures (FAITH) Investigators
Lancet, The, ISSN 0140-6736, 04/2017, Volume 389, Issue 10078, pp. 1519 - 1527
Journal Article
Journal Article
Neurobiology of Stress, ISSN 2352-2895, 02/2018, Volume 8, pp. 103 - 111
Increases in the quantity or impact of noradrenergic signaling have been implicated in the pathophysiology of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). This... 
Journal Article
The Journal of Neuropsychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences, ISSN 0895-0172, 4/2015, Volume 27, Issue 2, pp. e146 - e148
Journal Article
European Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging, ISSN 1619-7070, 5/2010, Volume 37, Issue 5, pp. 917 - 919
Journal Article
by Al-Shahi Salman, Rustam and Minks, David P and Mitra, Dipayan and du Plessis, Johann C and Dennis, Martin S and Murray, Gordon D and Newby, David E and Sandercock, Peter A G and Werring, David J and Baigent, Colin and Sullivan, Frank and Amoils, Shannon and Armitage, Jane and Rinkel, Gabriel and Emberson, Jonathan and Dinsmore, Lynn and Drever, Jonathan and Perry, David and McGill, Connor and Buchanan, David and Hutchison, Aidan and Matthews, Christopher and Fraser, Ruth and Deary, Ann and Anderson, Rosemary and Walker, Pauli and Macleod, Malcolm and Gattringer, Thomas and Sakka, Eleni and Adil-Smith, Jennifer and Bhatnagar, Priya and du Plessis, Johannes and Burgess, Seona and Paulton, Ruth and Parakramawansha, Ruwan and Blair, Gordon and MacRaild, Allan and Parry-Jones, Adrian and Johnes, Mary and Shaw, Kelly Marie and Ingham, Andrea and Perez, Jane and Morell, Jordi and Marsden, Tracy and Jarapa, Rowilson and Davies, Silvie and Burgess, Laura and Devine, Joseph and David, Anette and Guo, Fenglin and Owoyele, Emmanuelle and Chamberlain, Angela and Chandrakumar, Aberami and Poku, Philip and Blank, Catrin and Kibutu, Faith and Balitska, Olesia and Bayliss, Pauline and Doyle, Clare and Stocks, Kathy and Howe, Jo and Maatouk, Ahmad and Lindert, Ralf and Redgrave, Jessica and Bhaskaran, Biju and Salih, Isam and Tomlin, Dawn and Ayres, Georgina and Saulat, Afaq and Horan, Kathleen and Garfield-Smith, Joanne and Bhakri, Harbens and Loganathan, Thayalini and Siddiqui, Amber and Coward, Lucy and Tysoe, Sharon and Orath Prabakaran, Rajalakshmi and Rashmi, Sindhu and Ngo, David and Ng, Kheng Xiong and Menon, Nisha and Shah, Sweni and Quinn, Leanne and Jones, Terry and Storton, Sharon and Thomas, Sarah and Beaty, Teresa and Treadwell, Shelley and Davies, Caroline and Connor, Lynda and Slade, Peter and Gainard, Glyn and Muddegowda, Girish and Sanyal, Ranjan and Remegoso, Alda and Abano, Nenette and Carpio, Racquel and Denic, Hayley and Alipio, Francis and Moores, Andrew and ... and RESTART Collaboration
The Lancet Neurology, ISSN 1474-4422, 07/2019, Volume 18, Issue 7, pp. 643 - 652
Findings from the RESTART trial suggest that starting antiplatelet therapy might reduce the risk of recurrent symptomatic intracerebral haemorrhage compared... 
Journal Article | Clinical Neurology | MICROBLEEDS | SUPERFICIAL SIDEROSIS | SIGNS | AMYLOID ANGIOPATHY | ACUTE ISCHEMIC-STROKE | ANTITHROMBOTIC THERAPY | ASPIRIN | CLINICAL NEUROLOGY | Atrophy | Neuroimaging | Anticoagulants | Stroke | Aspirin | Statistical analysis | Medical imaging | Magnetic resonance imaging | Computed tomography | Biomarkers | Hemorrhage
Journal Article
The Journal of Nuclear Medicine, ISSN 0161-5505, 01/2010, Volume 51, Issue 1, pp. 112 - 120
We recently demonstrated that 11 C-MePPEP, a PET ligand for CB 1 receptors, has such high uptake in the human brain that it can be imaged for 210 min and that... 
Brain imaging neuroimaging | Positron emission tomography | positron emission tomography | brain imaging neuroimaging
Journal Article
JAMA internal medicine, ISSN 2168-6106, 04/2018, Volume 178, Issue 4, pp. 458 - 468
Journal Article