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by Calamai, Italo and Greco, Massimiliano and Bertolini, Guido and Spina, Rosario and Adorni, Adele and Andreoni, Patrizia and Babini, Maria and Bellonzi, Alessandra and Bernasconi, Mara and Berruto, Francesco and Bonfiglio, Monica and Boniotti, Corinna and Bonucci, Paola and Bossi, Leonardo and Bottazzi, Andrea and Buonanno, Roberto and Buscaglia, Giuseppe and Candido, Massimo and Caracciolo, Adalgisa and Carrara, Gilda and Casalini, Pierpaolo and Ceradelli, Marina and Ciani, Andrea and Clementi, Stefano and Cocciolo, Francesco and Crema, Luciano and Dal Cero, Paolo and Di Masi, Pierfrancesco and Di Pasquale, Dino and Fabi, Maria C and Facondini, Francesca and Falini, Stefano and Falzetti, Gabriele and Faraldi, Loredana and Galeotti, Elsa and Ghillino, Emanuela and Gianni, Massimo and Giudici, Riccardo and Giuntini, Romano and Gorietti, Adonella and Grioni, Andreina and Guadagnucci, Alberto and Guagliardi, Clementina and Guarducci, Maria D and Laici, Cristiana and Lefons, Ugo and Livigni, Sergio and Malacarne, Paolo and Manzi, Renato C and Marafon, Silvio and Marchesi, Gianmariano and Marchi, Maurizia and Marudi, Andrea and Mediani, Teresa S and Meinardi, Stefano and Messina, Marianna and Modano, Pasqualina and Morello, Gianluigi and Nardi, Giuseppe and Nardini, Massimiliano and Nascimben, Ennio and Nattino, Giuseppe and Negro, Giancarlo and Neri, Massimo and Olivieri, Carlo and Olivieri, Maria C and Parrini, Vieri and Pasetti, Giovanni and Passafiume, Maria and Pellicioli, Isabella and Pompa, Cleta P and Postiglione, Maurizio and Raffaeli, Massimo and Righetti, Filippo and Rossi, Stefania and Rossi, Simona and Sacchi, Marco and Salsi, Pierpaolo and Sciacca, Paola F and Sicignano, Alberto and Silvestri, Simone and Sparicio, Donatella and Terzitta, Marina and Tibaldi, Giuseppe and Todesco, Livio and Vaj, Monica and Vulcano, Giuseppe A and Zamperoni, Anna and Zappa, Sergio and Zuccaro, Francesco and Barattini, Massimo and Chieregato, Arturo and Fumagalli, Roberto and Mengoli, Francesca and Palma, Daniela and Poole, Daniele and Portolani, Laila and Radrizzani, Danilo and Tavola, Mario and Italian Grp Evaluation Interventio and Italian Group for the Evaluation of Interventions in Intensive Care Medicine (GiViTI)
Minerva Anestesiologica, ISSN 0375-9393, 07/2017, Volume 83, Issue 7, pp. 720 - 727
BACKGROUND: Lung ultrasound (LUS) is a useful tool for assessing lung status in critically ill patients, but is not widely applied in intensive care units... 
Journal Article
by Poole, Daniele and Finazzi, Stefano and Nattino, Giovanni and Radrizzani, Danilo and Gristina, Giuseppe and Malacarne, Paolo and Livigni, Sergio and Bertolini, Guido and Sorgato, C and Mannoni, R and Agnelli, V and Chiani, C and Lanza, G and Venturini, E and Gianni, M and Olivieri, M.C and Guerriero, B and Della Mora, E and Palmer, M and Blasetti, A and Coletta, R and Covani Frigieri, F and Guarducci, M.D and Caracciolo, A and Lain, G and Bernard, M and DE Blasio, E and Zanni, V and Marchesi, G and Madeira, S.M and Spagarino, E and Potalivo, A and Mengoli, F and Parrini, V and Sagliaschi, U and Prandini, A and Rosano, A and Natalini, G and Piccioni, G and Schiavuzzi, M and Bronzini, N and Piva, S and Besozzi, A and Napoleone, A and Patrignani, L and Pisu, M and Mancosu, S and Chiarello, M and Pastorini, S and Bassi, G and Negro, G and Orsini, I and Marifoglou, D and Pota, V and Pegoraro, M and Sucre, M.J and DI Masi, P and Castiglione, G and Morello, G and Garofalo, G and Caroleo, S and Visconti, M.G and Gamberini, E and Mastroianni, A and Liccardi, M.M and Anelati, D and Martinelli, S and Bonato, A and Adorni, A and Colombo, D and Dal Cero, P and Crema, L and Petrucci, N and Beck, E and Alleva, S and Giuntini, R and DA Re, D and Casalini, P and Fabi, M.C and Galeotti, E and Bagalini, G and Bellonzi, A and Zoppellari, R and Lamborghini, S and Pera, L and Doni, L and Bonizzoli, M and Librenti, M and Barattini, M and Mangani, V and Terzitta, M and Guagliardi, C and Bruzzone, C and Arditi, E and Cerana, M and Tavola, M and Falini, S and Vespignani, M.G and Salvi, G and Ramello, P.L and ... and GiViTI Grp and GiViTI Group
Minerva Anestesiologica, ISSN 0375-9393, 12/2017, Volume 83, Issue 12, pp. 1283 - 1293
BACKGROUND: The number of elderly patients undergoing major surgical interventions and then needing admission to intensive care unit (ICU) grows steadily. We... 
Journal Article
by Bertolini, G and Nattino, G and Langer, M and Tavola, M and Crespi, D and Mondini, M and Rossi, C and Previtali, C and Marshall, J and Poole, D and Abascià, A and Acquarolo, A and Adorni, A and Agnelli, V and Agostini, F and Alampi, D and Alberti, A and Alborghetti, A and Alleva, S and Ambrosoni, S and Antonini, B and Arditi, E and Avalli, L and Babini, M and Bagalini, G and Balata, A and Balicco, B and Barbagallo, M and Bartoli, T and Bassi, G and Becarelli, S and Beck, E and Bellin, M and Bellonzi, A and Bellorini, M and Benanti, C and Bensi, M and Bernasconi, M.O and Berruto, F and Besozzi, A and Biamino, C and Bianchi, T and Bianchin, A and Boccalatte, D and Bocchi, A and Bonaccorso, G and Bonazzi, M and Balsamo, C and Bonicalzi, V and Boniotti, C and Bonizzoli, M and Bottazzi, A and Breschi, C and Brizio, E and Brunetti, B and Brunori, E and Bubbico, G and Buscaglia, G and Calicchio, G and Calligaro, P and Calva, S and Candido, M and Capitanio, G and Caroleo, S and Casagli, S and Casalini, P and Castiglione, G and Cerana, M and Chiani, C and Chierego, G and Ciani, A and Ciceri, R and Cigada, M.G and Cima, M and Cingolani, E and Cinque, E and Coletta, R.P and Colombo, L and Colombo, R and Converso, M and Corrado, A and Cortis, G and Costagli, V and Crema, L and Crestan, E and Da, D and Cero, P.D and Ferro, M.D and De Blasi, R.A and De Blasio, E and De Cristofaro, M.G and De Luca, A and Di Pasquale, D and Doroni, L and Fabi, M.C and Facondini, F and Fagoni, N and Falzetti, G and Faraldi, L and Fiore, G and ... and GIVITI and GiViTI
Epidemiology and Infection, ISSN 0950-2688, 01/2016, Volume 144, Issue 2, pp. 408 - 412
Journal Article
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