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by Martin, Miguel and Holmes, Frankie A and Ejlertsen, Bent and Delaloge, Suzette and Moy, Beverly and Iwata, Hiroji and von Minckwitz, Gunter and Chia, Stephen K L and Mansi, Janine and Barrios, Carlos H and Gnant, Michael and Tomašević, Zorica and Denduluri, Neelima and Šeparović, Robert and Gokmen, Erhan and Bashford, Anna and Ruiz Borrego, Manuel and Kim, Sung-Bae and Kim, Seung Jin and Jakobsen, Erik Hugger and Ciceniene, Audrone and Inoue, Kenichi and Overkamp, Friedrich and Heijns, Joan B and Armstrong, Anne C and Link, John S and Joy, Anil Abraham and Bryce, Richard and Wong, Alvin and Moran, Susan and Yao, Bin and Xu, Feng and Xu, Binghe and Auerbach, Alan and Buyse, Marc and Chan, Arlene and Harvey, Vernon and Tomek, Rudolf and Robert, Nicholas J and Gore, Ira and Smith, John W and Smith, Julie C and Masuda, Norikazu and Di Sean Kendall, S and Harker, William Graydon and Petrakova, Katarina and Guerrero Zotano, Angel and Simon, Amparo Ruiz and Konstantinovic, Zora Neskovic and Iannotti, Nicholas O and Tassone, Pierfrancesco and Rodriguez, Gladys I and Jáñez Martinez, Noelia and Crespo Massieu, Carmen and Smickoska, Snezana and Somali, Isil and Yilmaz, Ugur and Alonso, Mirta Garcia and Rosales, Adolfo Murias and Cold, Soeren and Knoop, Ann Soegaard and Patt, Debra and Hellerstedt, Beth A and Morales Murillo, Serafin and Mayer, Ingrid A and Means-Powell, Julie Ann and Hui, Rina and Senecal, Francis M and De Boer, Richard Hendry and Shen, Zhenzhou and Luczak, Adam Andrzej and Chui, Joanna W.Y and Chui, Stephen and Tsang, Janice Wing-hang and Lang, Istvan and Rai, Yoshiaki and Hozumi, Yasuo and Ten Tije, Albert J and Bhandari, Manish and Osborne, Cynthia R.C and Ohtani, Shoichiro and Higaki, Kenji and Watanabe, Junichiro and Watanabe, Kenichi and Taguchi, Tetsuya and Taguchi, Kazunori and Takahashi, Masato and Filipovic, Sladjana and Hansen, Vincent L and Rao, Vijayarama Phooshkooru and Gupta, Manish and Petrov, Petar and Coudert, Bruno and Vojnovic, Zeljko and Polya, Zsofia and Miyaki, Toshiko and Yamamoto, Naohito and Brincat, Stephen and Lesniewski-Kmak, Krzysztof and Chmielowska, Ewa and ... and ExteNET Study Grp and ExteNET Study Group
The Lancet Oncology, ISSN 1470-2045, 12/2017, Volume 18, Issue 12, pp. 1688 - 1700
Journal Article
by Faatz, B and Plönjes, E and Ackermann, S and Agababyan, A and Asgekar, V and Ayvazyan, V and Baark, S and Baboi, N and Balandin, V and Bargen, N. Von and Bican, Y and Bilani, O and Bödewadt, J and Böhnert, M and Böspflug, R and Bonfigt, S and Bolz, H and Borges, F and Borkenhagen, O and Brachmanski, M and Braune, M and Brinkmann, A and Brovko, O and Bruns, T and Castro, P and Chen, J and Czwalinna, M.K and Damker, H and Decking, W and Degenhardt, M and Delfs, A and Delfs, T and Deng, H and Dressel, M and Duhme, H.-T and Düsterer, S and Eckoldt, H and Eislage, A and Felber, M and Feldhaus, J and Gessler, P and Gibau, M and Golubeva, N and Golz, T and Gonschior, J and Grebentsov, A and Grecki, M and Grün, C and Grunewald, S and Hacker, K and Hänisch, L and Hage, A and Hans, T and Hass, E and Hauberg, A and Hensler, O and Hesse, M and Heuck, K and Hidvegi, A and Holz, M and Honkavaara, K and Höppner, H and Ignatenko, A and Jäger, J and Jastrow, U and Kammering, R and Karstensen, S and Kaukher, A and Kay, H and Keil, B and Klose, K and Kocharyan, V and Köpke, M and Körfer, M and Kook, W and Krause, B and Krebs, O and Kreis, S and Krivan, F and Kuhlmann, J and Kuhlmann, M and Kube, G and Laarmann, T and Lechner, C and Lederer, S and Leuschner, A and Liebertz, D and Liebing, J and Liedtke, A and Lilje, L and Limberg, T and Lipka, D and Liu, B and Lorbeer, B and Ludwig, K and Mahn, H and Marinkovic, G and Martens, C and Marutzky, F and Maslocv, M and ... and SLAC National Accelerator Lab., Menlo Park, CA (United States) and Fysikum and Stockholms universitet and Naturvetenskapliga fakulteten
New Journal of Physics, ISSN 1367-2630, 06/2016, Volume 18, Issue 6, p. 62002
Extreme-ultraviolet to x-ray free-electron lasers (FELs) in operation for scientific applications are up to now single-user facilities. While most FELs... 
accelerators | free-electron lasers | soft x-ray | PHYSICS, MULTIDISCIPLINARY | WAVELENGTH | EXTREME-ULTRAVIOLET | soft x-rays | OTHER INSTRUMENTATION | Fysik | Physical Sciences | Naturvetenskap | Natural Sciences
Journal Article
Physics Reports, ISSN 0370-1573, 2006, Volume 427, Issue 5, pp. 257 - 454
Journal Article
Journal Article
ORGANIC LETTERS, ISSN 1523-7060, 01/2014, Volume 16, Issue 1, pp. 110 - 113
A Rh-I/Pd-0 catalyst system was applied to the multicomponent synthesis of aza-dibenzazepines from vinylpyridines, arylboronic acids, and amines in a domino... 
Journal Article
Journal Article
by Akers, R and Alexander, G and Allison, J and Anderson, K.J and Arcelli, S and Astbury, A and Axen, D and Azuelos, G and Ball, A.H and Barlow, R.J and Barnett, S and Bartoldus, R and Batley, J.R and Beaudoin, G and Beck, A and Beck, G.A and Becker, J and Beeston, C and Behnke, T and Bell, K.W and Bella, G and Bentkowski, P and Berlich, P and Bethke, S and Biebel, O and Bloodworth, I.J and Bock, P and Boden, B and Bosch, H.M and Boutemeur, M and Bright-Thomas, P and Brown, R.M and Buijs, A and Burckhart, H.J and Burgard, C and Capiluppi, P and Carnegie, R.K and Carter, A.A and Carter, J.R and Chang, C.Y and Charlesworth, C and Charlton, D.G and Chu, S.L and Clarke, P.E.L and Clayton, J.C and Cohen, I and Conboy, J.E and Cooper, M and Coupland, M and Cuffiani, M and Dado, S and Dallapiccola, C and Dallavalle, G.M and Darling, C and De Jong, S and del Pozo, L.A and Deng, H and Dittmar, M and Dixit, M.S and do Couto e Silva, E and Duboscq, J.E and Duchovni, E and Duckeck, G and Duerdoth, I.P and Dumas, D.J.P and Elcombe, P.A and Estabrooks, P.G and Etzion, E and Evans, H.G and Fabbri, F and Fabbro, B and Fierro, M and Fincke-Keeler, M and Fischer, H.M and Folman, R and Fong, D.G and Foucher, M and Fürtjes, A and Gaidot, A and Gary, J.W and Gascon, J and Geddes, N.I and Geich-Gimbel, C and Gensler, S.W and Gentit, F.X and Geralis, T and Giacomelli, R and Giacomelli, P and Giacomelli, G and Gibson, W.R and Gibson, V and Gillies, J.D and Goldberg, J and Gingrich, D.M and Goodrick, M.J and Gorn, W and Grandi, C and Grant, F.C and Hagemann, J and Hanson, G.G and ...
Physics Letters B, ISSN 0370-2693, 1994, Volume 328, Issue 1, pp. 207 - 222
The branching ratios of the τ → h π v and τ → h ≥ 2π v decays (where h is either a π or K ) are measured using the OPAL detector at LEP. The two branching... 
Journal Article
Journal Article