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by Crous, P.W and Luangsa-ard, J.J and Wingfield, M.J and Carnegie, A.J and Hernández-Restrepo, M and Lombard, L and Roux, J and Barreto, R.W and Baseia, I.G and Cano-Lira, J.F and Martín, M.P and Morozova, O.V and Stchigel, A.M and Summerell, B.A and Branud, T.E and Dima, B and García, D and Giraldo, A and Guarro, J and Gusmão, L.F.P and Khamsuntorn, P and Noordeloos, M.E and Nuankaew, S and Pinruan, U and Roíguez-Anade, E and Souza-Motta, C.M and Thangavel, R and van Iperen, A.L and Abreu, V.P and Accioly, T and Alves, J.L and Anade, J.P and Bahram, M and Baral, H.-O and Barbier, E and Barnes, C.W and Bendiksen, E and Bernard, E and Bezerra, J.D.P and Bezerra, J.L and Bizio, E and Blair, J.E and Bulyonkova, T.M and Cabral, T.S and Caiafa, M.V and Cantillo, T and Colmán, A.A and Conceição, L.B and Cruz, S and Cunha, A.O.B and Darveaux, B.A and da Silva, A.L and da Silva, G.A and da Silva, G.M and da Silva, R.M.F and de Oliveira, R.J.V and Oliveira, R.L and De Souza, J.T and Dueñas, M and Evans, H.C and Epifani, F and Felipe, M.T.C and Fernández-López, J and Ferreira, B.W and Figueiredo, C.N and Filippova, N.V and Flores, J.A and Gené, J and Ghorbani, G and Gibertoni, T.B and Glushakova, A.M and Healy, R and Huhndorf, S.M and Iturrieta-González, I and Javan-Nikkhah, M and Juciano, R.F and Jurjević, Ž and Kachalkin, A.V and Keochanpheng, K and Krisai-Greilhuber, I and Li, Y.-C and Lima, A.A and Machado, A.R and Maid, H and Magalhães, O.M.C and Marbach, P.A.S and Melanda, G.C.S and Miller, A.N and Mongkolsamrit, S and Nascimento, R.P and Oliveira, T.G.L and Ordoñez, M.E and Orzes, R and Palma, M.A and Pearce, C.J and Pereira, O.L and Perrone, G and Peterson, S.W and Pham, T.H.G and Piontelli, E and ...
Persoonia, ISSN 0031-5850, 12/2018, Volume 41, pp. 238 - 417
Novel species of fungi described in this study include those from various countries as follows: Angola , Gnomoniopsis angolensis and Pseudopithomyces... 
Journal Article
by Weber, Bernardete and Bersch-Ferreira, Ângela C and Torreglosa, Camila R and Marcadenti, Aline and Lara, Enilda S and da Silva, Jacqueline T and Costa, Rosana P and Santos, Renato H.N and Berwanger, Otavio and Bosquetti, Rosa and Pagano, Raira and Mota, Luis G.S and de Oliveira, Juliana D and Soares, Rafael M and Galante, Andrea P and da Silva, Suzana A and Zampieri, Fernando G and Kovacs, Cristiane and Amparo, Fernanda C and Moreira, Priscila and da Silva, Renata A and dos Santos, Karina G and Monteiro, Aline S and Paiva, Catharina C.J and Magnoni, Carlos D and Moreira, Annie S.B and Peçanha, Daniela O and Missias, Karina C.S and de Paula, Lais S and Marotto, Deborah and Souza, Paula and Martins, Patrícia R.T and dos Santos, Elisa M and Santos, Michelle R and Silva, Luisa P and Torres, Rosileide S and Barbosa, Socorro N.A.A and de Pinho, Priscila M and de Araujo, Suzi H.A and Veríssimo, Adriana O.L and Guterres, Aldair S and Cardoso, Andrea F.R and Palmeira, Moacyr M and de Ataíde, Bruno R.B and Costa, Lilian P.S and Marinho, Helyde A and de Araújo, Celme B.P and Carvalho, Helen M.S and Maquiné, Rebecca O and Caiado, Alessandra C and de Matos, Cristina H and Barretta, Claiza and Specht, Clarice M and Onofrei, Mihaela and Bertacco, Renata T.A and Borges, Lucia R and Bertoldi, Eduardo G and Longo, Aline and Ribas, Bruna L.P and Dobke, Fernanda and Pretto, Alessandra D.B and Bachettini, Nathalia P and Gastaud, Alexandre and Necchi, Rodrigo and Souza, Gabriela C and Zuchinali, Priccila and Fracasso, Bianca M and Bobadra, Sara and Sangali, Tamirys D and Salamoni, Joyce and Garlini, Luíza M and Shirmann, Gabriela S and de los Santos, Mônica L.P and Bortonili, Vera M.S and dos Santos, Cristiano P and Bragança, Guilherme C.M and Ambrózio, Cíntia L and e Lima, Susi B and Schiavini, Jéssica and Napparo, Alechandra S and Boemo, Jorge L and Nagano, Francisca E.Z and Modanese, Paulo V.G and Cunha, Natalia M and Frehner, Caroline and da Silva, Lannay F and Formentini, Franciane S and Ramos, Maria E.M and Ramos, Salvador S and Lucas, Marilia C.S and Machado, Bruna G and Ruschel, Karen B and Beiersdorf, Jâniffer R and Nunes, Cristine E and Rech, Rafael L and Damiani, Mônica and Berbigier, Marina and Poloni, Soraia and Vian, Izabele and Russo, Diana S and ...
American Heart Journal, ISSN 0002-8703, 09/2019, Volume 215, pp. 187 - 197
Journal Article
Rodriguésia, ISSN 0370-6583, 2018, Volume 69, Issue 4, pp. 1513 - 1527
The Global Strategy for Plant Conservation (GSPC) was established by the conference of Parties in 2002 to decrease the loss of plant diversity, reduce poverty... 
database | diversity | 2 International | Taxonomy | hotspots | Database | Diversity | Hotspots | taxonomy
Journal Article
by Mesquita, Rafael D and Vionette-Amaral, Raquel J and Lowenberger, Carl and Rivera-Pomar, Rolando and Monteiro, Fernando A and Minx, Patrick and Spieth, John and Carvalho, A. Bernardo and Panzera, Francisco and Lawson, Daniel and Torres, André Q and Ribeiro, Jose M. C and Sorgine, Marcos H. F and Waterhouse, Robert M and Montague, Michael J and Abad-Franch, Fernando and Alves-Bezerra, Michele and Amaral, Laurence R and Araujo, Helena M and Araujo, Ricardo N and Aravind, L and Atella, Georgia C and Azambuja, Patricia and Berni, Mateus and Bittencourt-Cunha, Paula R and Braz, Gloria R. C and Calderón-Fernández, Gustavo and Carareto, Claudia M. A and Christensen, Mikkel B and Costa, Igor R and Costa, Samara G and Dansa, Marilvia and Daumas-Filho, Carlos R. O and De-Paula, Iron F and Dias, Felipe A and Dimopoulos, George and Emrich, Scott J and Esponda-Behrens, Natalia and Fampa, Patricia and Fernandez-Medina, Rita D and da Fonseca, Rodrigo N and Fontenele, Marcio and Fronick, Catrina and Fulton, Lucinda A and Gandara, Ana Caroline and Garcia, Eloi S and Genta, Fernando A and Giraldo-Calderón, Gloria I and Gomes, Bruno and Gondim, Katia C and Granzotto, Adriana and Guarneri, Alessandra A and Guigó, Roderic and Harry, Myriam and Hughes, Daniel S. T and Jablonka, Willy and Jacquin-Joly, Emmanuelle and Juárez, M. Patricia and Koerich, Leonardo B and Lange, Angela B and Latorre-Estivalis, José Manuel and Lavore, Andrés and Lawrence, Gena G and Lazoski, Cristiano and Lazzari, Claudio R and Lopes, Raphael R and Lorenzo, Marcelo G and Lugon, Magda D and Majerowicz, David and Marcet, Paula L and Mariotti, Marco and Masuda, Hatisaburo and Megy, Karine and Melo, Ana C. A and Missirlis, Fanis and Mota, Theo and Noriega, Fernando G and Nouzova, Marcela and Nunes, Rodrigo D and Oliveira, Raquel L. L and Oliveira-Silveira, Gilbert and Ons, Sheila and Orchard, Ian and Pagola, Lucia and Paiva-Silva, Gabriela O and Pascual, Agustina and Pavan, Marcio G and Pedrini, Nicolás and Peixoto, Alexandre A and Pereira, Marcos H and Pike, Andrew and Polycarpo, Carla and Prosdocimi, Francisco and Ribeiro-Rodrigues, Rodrigo and Robertson, Hugh M and Salerno, Ana Paula and Salmon, Didier and Santesmasses, Didac and Schama, Renata and Seabra-Junior, Eloy S and ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences - PNAS, ISSN 1091-6490, 2015, Volume 112, Issue 48, pp. 14936 - 14941
Journal Article
by Gardner, Toby A and Ferreira, Joice and Barlow, Jos and Lees, Alexander C and Parry, Luke and Vieira, Ima Célia Guimarães and Berenguer, Erika and Abramovay, Ricardo and Aleixo, Alexandre and Andretti, Christian and Aragão, Luiz E. O. C and Araújo, Ivanei and de Ávila, Williams Souza and Bardgett, Richard D and Batistella, Mateus and Begotti, Rodrigo Anzolin and Beldini, Troy and de Blas, Driss Ezzine and Braga, Rodrigo Fagundes and Braga, Danielle de Lima and de Brito, Janaína Gomes and de Camargo, Plínio Barbosa and Campos dos Santos, Fabiane and de Oliveira, Vívian Campos and Cordeiro, Amanda Cardoso Nunes and Cardoso, Thiago Moreira and de Carvalho, Déborah Reis and Castelani, Sergio André and Chaul, Júlio Cézar Mário and Cerri, Carlos Eduardo and Costa, Francisco de Assis and da Costa, Carla Daniele Furtado and Coudel, Emilie and Coutinho, Alexandre Camargo and Cunha, Dênis and D'Antona, Álvaro and Dezincourt, Joelma and Dias-Silva, Karina and Durigan, Mariana and Esquerdo, Júlio César Dalla Mora and Feres, José and Ferraz, Silvio Frosini de Barros and Ferreira, Amanda Estefânia de Melo and Fiorini, Ana Carolina and da Silva, Lenise Vargas Flores and Frazão, Fábio Soares and Garrett, Rachel and Gomes, Alessandra dos Santos and Gonçalves, Karoline da Silva and Guerrero, José Benito and Hamada, Neusa and Hughes, Robert M and Igliori, Danilo Carmago and Jesus, Ederson da Conceição and Juen, Leandro and Junior, Miércio and Junior, José Max Barbosa de Oliveira and Junior, Raimundo Cosme de Oliveira and Junior, Carlos Souza and Kaufmann, Phil and Korasaki, Vanesca and Leal, Cecília Gontijo and Leitão, Rafael and Lima, Natália and Almeida, Maria de Fátima Lopes and Lourival, Reinaldo and Louzada, Júlio and Nally, Ralph Mac and Marchand, Sébastien and Maués, Márcia Motta and Moreira, Fátima M. S and Morsello, Carla and Moura, Nárgila and Nessimian, Jorge and Nunes, Sâmia and Oliveira, Victor Hugo Fonseca and Pardini, Renata and Pereira, Heloisa Correia and Pompeu, Paulo Santos and Ribas, Carla Rodrigues and Rossetti, Felipe and Schmidt, Fernando Augusto and da Silva, Rodrigo and da Silva, Regina Célia Viana Martins and da Silva, Thiago Fonseca Morello Ramalho and Silveira, Juliana and Siqueira, João Victor and de Carvalho, Teotônio Soares and Solar, Ricardo R. C and Tancredi, Nicola Savério Holanda and Thomson, James R and Torres, Patrícia Carignano and Vaz-de-Mello, Fernando Zagury and Veiga, Ruan Carlo Stulpen and Venturieri, Adriano and Viana, Cecília and Weinhold, Diana and Zanetti, Ronald and Zuanon, Jansen
Philosophical transactions. Biological sciences, ISSN 1471-2970, 2013, Volume 368, Issue 1619, pp. 20120166 - 20120166
Journal Article
Nature communications, ISSN 2041-1723, 2018, Volume 9, Issue 1, pp. 1513 - 14
Journal Article
by Crous, P.W and Wingfield, M.J and Burgess, T.I and Hardy, G.E.St.J and Crane, C and Barrett, S and Cano-Lira, J.F and Leroux, J.J and Thangavel, R and Guarro, J and Stchigel, A.M and Mart n, M.P and Alfredo, D.S and Barber, P.A and Barreto, R.W and Baseia, I.G and Cano-Canals, J and Cheewangkoon, R and Ferreira, R.J and Gen, J and Lechat, C and Moreno, G and Roets, F and Shivas, R.G and Sousa, J.O and Tan, Y.P and Wiederhold, N.P and Abell, S.E and Accioly, T and Albizu, J.L and Alves, J.L and Antoniolli, Z.I and Aplin, N and Ara jo, J and Arzanlou, M and Bezerra, J.D.P and Bouchara, J.-P and Carlavilla, J.R and Castillo, A and Castroagud n, V.L and Ceresini, P.C and Claridge, G.F and Coelho, G and Coimbra, V.R.M and Costa, L.A and da cunha, K.C and da silva, S.S and Daniel, R and de beer, Z.W and Due as, M and Edwards, J and Enwistle, P and Fiuza, P.O and Fournier, J and Garc a, D and Gibertoni, T.B and Giraud, S and Guevara-Suarez, M and Gusm o, L.F.P and Haituk, S and Heykoop, M and Hirooka, Y and Hofmann, T.A and Houbraken, J and Hughes, D.P and Kautmanov, I and Koppel, O and Koukol, O and Larsson, E and Latha, K.P.D and Lee, D.H and Lisboa, D.O and Lisboa, W.S and L pez-Villalba, . and Maciel, J.L.N and Manimohan, P and Manj n, J.L and Marincowitz, S and Marney, T.S and Meijer, M and Miller, A.N and Olariaga, I and Paiva, L.M and Piepenbring, M and Poveda-Molero, J.C and Raj, K.N.A and Raja, H.A and Rougeron, A and Salcedo, I and Samadi, R and Santos, T.A.B and Scarlett, K and Seifert, K.A and Shuttleworth, L.A and Silva, G.A and Silva, M and Siqueira, J.P.Z and Souza-Motta, C.M and Stephenson, S.L and Naturvetenskapliga fakulteten and Faculty of Sciences and Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences and Göteborgs universitet and Institutionen för biologi och miljövetenskap and Gothenburg University
Persoonia, ISSN 0031-5850, 2016, Volume 37, Issue 1, pp. 218 - 403
Journal Article
PloS one, ISSN 1932-6203, 2016, Volume 11, Issue 11, pp. e0165706 - e0165706
...About the Authors: Aroldo Vieira de Moraes Filho Contributed equally to this work with: Aroldo Vieira de Moraes Filho, Cláudia de Jesus Silva Carvalho... 
MICRONUCLEUS ASSAY | LAMIVUDINE | TENOFOVIR DISOPROXIL FUMARATE | REVERSE-TRANSCRIPTASE INHIBITORS | LYMPHOBLASTOID-CELLS | COMET ASSAY | ZIDOVUDINE | MULTIDISCIPLINARY SCIENCES | HPRT LYMPHOCYTE MUTANTS | DNA-DAMAGE | GENETIC-DAMAGE | Lamivudine - administration & dosage | Tenofovir - adverse effects | Zidovudine - adverse effects | Tenofovir - administration & dosage | Comet Assay | Zidovudine - administration & dosage | Antiretroviral Therapy, Highly Active | Dose-Response Relationship, Drug | Lamivudine - adverse effects | Drug Therapy, Combination - adverse effects | Animals | Micronuclei, Chromosome-Defective - chemically induced | Mice | Drug Combinations | Bone Marrow - drug effects | Highly active antiretroviral therapy | Lamivudine | Usage | Health aspects | Zidovudine | DNA damage | Drugs | Therapy | Toxicity | Body weight | Erythrocytes | Genotoxicity | Cytotoxicity | Viruses | Mitochondrial DNA | Efavirenz | Carcinogenesis | Comet assay | Tenofovir | Carcinogens | Red blood cells | Acquired immune deficiency syndrome--AIDS | Antiretroviral agents | Human immunodeficiency virus--HIV | Bone marrow | Drug therapy | Deoxyribonucleic acid--DNA | Antiretroviral drugs | Bioassay | Gel electrophoresis | Bioassays | Combivir | Damage detection | In vivo methods and tests | Tumors | Apoptosis | Index Medicus | Acquired immune deficiency syndrome | Deoxyribonucleic acid | AIDS | HIV | DNA | Human immunodeficiency virus
Journal Article