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AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses, ISSN 0889-2229, 10/2018, Volume 34, Issue S1, pp. 1 - 407
Journal Article
by Lane, Athene and Metcalfe, Chris and Young, Grace J and Peters, Tim J and Blazeby, Jane and Avery, Kerry N. L and Dedman, Daniel and Down, Liz and Mason, Malcolm D and Neal, David E and Hamdy, Freddie C and Donovan, Jenny L and Bonnington, Sue and Bradshaw, Lynne and Cooper, Debbie and Elliott, Emma and Herbert, Pippa and Holding, Peter and Howson, Joanne and Jones, Mandy and Lennon, Teresa and Lyons, Norma and Moody, Hilary and Plumb, Claire and O'Sullivan, Tricia and Salter, Liz and Tidball, Sarah and Thompson, Pauline and Adam, Tonia and Askew, Sarah and Atkinson, Sharon and Baynes, Tim and Blaikie, Jan and Brain, Carole and Breen, Viv and Brunt, Sarah and Bryne, Sean and Bythem, Jo and Clarke, Jenny and Cloete, Jenny and Dark, Susan and Davis, Gill and La Rue, Rachael and Denizot, Jane and Dewhurst, Elspeth and Dimes, Anna and Dixon, Nicola and Ebbs, Penny and Emmerson, Ingrid and Ferguson, Jill and Gadd, Ali and Geoghegan, Lisa and Grant, Alison and Grant, Collette and Gray, Catherine and Godfrey, Rosemary and Goodwin, Louise and Hall, Susie and Hart, Liz and Harvey, Andrew and Hoult, Chloe and Hawkins, Sarah and Holling, Sharon and Innes, Alastair and Kilner, Sue and Marshall, Fiona and Mellen, Louise and Moore, Andrea and Napier, Sally and Needham, Julie and Pearse, Kevin and Pisa, Anna and Rees, Mark and Richards, Elliw and Robson, Lindsay and Roxburgh, Janet and Samuel, Nikki and Sharkey, Irene and Slater, Michael and Smith, Donna and Taggart, Pippa and Taylor, Helen and Taylor, Vicky and Thomas, Ayesha and Tomkies, Briony and Trewick, Nicola and Ward, Claire and Walker, Christy and Williams, Ayesha and Woodhouse, Colin and Wyber, Elizabeth and Aning, Jonathan and Bollina, Prasad and Catto, Jim and Doble, Andrew and Doherty, Alan and Durkan, Garett and Gillatt, David and Hughes, Owen and Kocklebergh, Roger and ... and ProtecT Study Grp and ProtecT Study group and the ProtecT Study group
BJU International, ISSN 1464-4096, 12/2016, Volume 118, Issue 6, pp. 869 - 879
Journal Article
by Sullivan, Patrick and Yuan, Maoli and Coleman, John and Destefano, Joanne and Zhang, Xinsheng and Yates, Nicole and Barouch, Dan and Ackerman, Margaret and Decamp, Allan and Alter, Galit and Tomaras, Georgia and Tomaras, Georgia and Montefiori, David and Montefiori, David and Rasmussen, Beth and Morrow, Gavin and Koff, Wayne and Kashuba, Angela and Kashuba, Angela and Mascola, John and Picker, Louis and Kent, Stephen and Selhorst, Philippe and Masson, Lindi and Ngandu, Nobubelo and Rademeyer, Cecilia and Karim, Quarraisha Abdool and Kijak, Gustavo and Barouch, Dan and Rasheed, Ata Ur and Havenar-Daughton, Colin and Pham, Matthew and Kovalenkov, Yevgeniy and Gumber, Sanjeev and Johnson, Matthew and Wrammert, Jens and Villinger, Francois and Haynes, Barton and Haynes, Barton and Fox, Christopher and Reed, Steve and Vasilakos, John and Tomai, Mark and Crotty, Shane and Ahmed, Rafi and Pulendran, Bali and Fukazawa, Yoshinori and Lifson, Jeffrey and Lifson, Jeffrey and Moore, Penny and Chatora, Kumbirai and Skorochod, Elisabeth and Madidi, Ngonidzashe and Gomez, Anabel and Ncube, Getrude and Sundaram, Maaya and Kretschmer, Steve and Pauthner, Matthias and Briney, Bryan and Lee, Jeong Hyun and Saye-Francisco, Karen and Hsueh, Jessica and Ramos, Alejandra and Le, Khoa and Jones, Meaghan and Jardine, Joseph and Bastidas, Raiza and Sarkar, Anita and Liang, Chi-Hui and Wilson, Ian and Ward, Andrew and Zhu, Jiang and Poignard, Pascal and Burton, Dennis and Krebs, Shelly and Law, Wiliam and Gift, Syna and Chenine, Agnes and Rolland, Morgane and Moody, M. Anthony and Jarosinski, Marissa and Georgiev, Ivelin and Chuang, Gwo-Yu and Chuang, Gwo-Yu and Asokan, Mangaiarkarasi and Bailer, Robert T and Cale, Evan M and Louder, Mark and Kwong, Peter D and Polonis, Victoria and Tovanabutra, Sodsai and Robb, Merlin and Mascola, John R and Wibmer, Constantinos Kurt and Wibmer, Constantinos Kurt and Madzorera, Vimbai S and Doria-Rose, Nicole A and Morris, Lynn and Moore, Penny L and Anthony, Colin and ...
AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses, ISSN 0889-2229, 10/2016, Volume 32, Issue S1, pp. 1 - 409
Journal Article
Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems - Proceedings, 05/2019
Conference Proceeding
by Luepker, Russell V and Perry, Cheryl L and McKinlay, Sonja M and Nader, Philip R and Parcel, Guy S and Stone, Elaine J and Webber, Larry S and Elder, John P and Feldman, Henry A and Johnson, Carolyn C and Kelder, Steve H and Wu, Margaret and Nader, Philip and Elder, John and McKenzie, Thom and Bachman, Kathryn and Broyles, Shelia and Busch, Ellen and Danna, Steve and Galati, Todd and Haye, Karen and Hayes, Christine and McGreevy, Michael and Williston, B. J and Zive, Michelle and Perry, Cheryl and Lytle, Leslie and Luepker, Russell and Davidann, Beth and Brothen, Pat and Dahlstrom, Virginia and Dammen, Maxine and Ehlinger, Sally and Greene, Tawny and Hann, Barbara and Heberle, Jean and Hofflander, Tom and Kelder, Colleen and Kelliher, Pat and Kunz, Therese and Manning, Bonnie and McDuffie, Donna and Morrow, Todd and Miller, Margie and Mrosala, Jennifer and Newman, Gretchen and Pusateri, Mellanie and Reinhardt, Margaret and Sieving, Renee and Smisson, Jennifer and Smyth, Mary and Snyder, Pat and Staufacker, Mike and Traut, Janelle and Wick, Tracy and Parcel, Guy and Kelder, Steve and Montgomery, Deanna and Nichaman, Milton and Taylor, Wendell and Cook, Kathleen (Wambsgans) and Barrera, Elvira and Berry, Larry and Carbonneau, Janet and Chemycz, Karen and Cribb, Peter and Evans, Sandra and Gordon, Rebecca and Gwinn, Jenifer and Luton, Susan and Scaife, Barbara and Sharkey, Sue and Snider, Sharon and Spigner, Sema and Wilson, Kay and Woods, Sherry and Edmundson and Wilmore, Jack and Webber, Larry and Johnson, Carolyn and Nicklas, Theresa and Anthony, Vincent and Baker, Nancy and Barnwell, Kathryn and Belou, Stacy and Berenson, Gerald and Bonura, Susan and Bordelon, Keith and Cameron, Sandra and Clesi, Ann and Crochet, Lisa and Cunningham, Amy and Franklin, Didara and Haque, Anwarul and Harsha, David and Joy, Javed and Hunter, Saundra M and Kuras, Daniel and Lambie, Pam and Layman, Ann and ...
JAMA, ISSN 0098-7484, 03/1996, Volume 275, Issue 10, pp. 768 - 776
Objective.—To assess the outcomes of health behavior interventions, focusing on the elementary school environment, classroom curricula, and home programs, for... 
MEDICINE, GENERAL & INTERNAL | CIGARETTE-SMOKING | PROMOTION | BEHAVIOR | TRACKING | PREVENTION | ATHEROSCLEROSIS | EDUCATION-PROGRAM | LIPOPROTEINS | INTERVENTION | LIPIDS | Prevention | Physical fitness for children | School lunches | Health promotion | Study and teaching | Research | Cardiovascular diseases | Food and nutrition | Low-fat diet
Journal Article
by Ahmed, Kaha and Vaid, Isam and May, Dianne and Manheim, Diane and Allen, Alicia and McRae-Clark, Aimee and Saladin, Michael E and Gray, Kevin M and Wetherington, Cora Lee and McKee, Sherry A and Allen, Sharon S and Amiri, Parastoo and Milani, Hourieh Shamshiri and Andrews, Karinna and Calhoun, Byron and Seybold, Dara and de Cassia Vieira Archangelo, Silvania and de Cassia Vieira Archangelo, Silvania and Reis, Benedito Fabiano and Reis, Benedito Fabiano and Barbosa, Lyliana Coutinho Resende and Barbosa, Lyliana Coutinho Resende and Francisco, Antonio Marcos Coldibelli and Ribeiro, Leda Marques and de Gama Rezende Veiga, Renato and Bueno, Ana Luiza Garcia and Archangelo, Ivanildo and Armstrong, Mary Anne and Darbinian, Jeanne and Postlethwaite, Debbie and Bachmann, Gloria and Wang, Kevin and Seebadri, Prishani and Ball, Caroline and Carter, Kari and Abdelmoneim, Sahar S and Bauman, Jessica and Huang, Runqing and Mankad, Rekha and Iftikhar, Salma and Jain, Mothilal and Yeung, Colin and Ferreira, Lara and Lopez-Jimenez, Francisco and Mulvagh, Sharon and Bannister, Wade and Lo, Melissa and Barbosa, Lyliana and Francisco, Antonio and Ribeiro, Leda and dos Reis, Benedito and Archângelo, Silvânia and Grande, Rogério and Benedict, Catherine and Thom, Bridgette and Kelvin, Joanne and Berlin, Michelle and Werbinski, Janice and Miller, Virginia and Jenkins, Marjorie and McGregor, Alyson and Berry, Kate and Rutledge, Carolyn and Bisek, Dianna and Loukianova, Larissa and Weiss, Karen and Cunningham, Julie and Sperry, Jeannie and Webb, Hope Cohen and Bruce, Barbara and Skime, Michelle and Bobb-Semple, Aisha and Gold, Katherine J and Boggs, Martha E and Bodnar-Deren, Susan and Klipstein, Kimberly and Fersh, Madeleine and Shemesh, Eyal and Elizabeith, Howell and Balbierz, Amy and Elizabeith, Howell and Bourjeily, Ghada and Lee, Jennifer and Eklund, Elizabeth and Messerlian, Geralyn and Butterfield, Kristen and Curran, Patrizia and Brewer, LaPrincess and Balls-Berry, Joyce and Dean, Patrick and Hayes, Sharonne and Brock, Kaye and Ke, Liang and Ho, Jacky and Bauman, Adrain and Mason, Rebecca Sarah and Cabral, Isaías and Veiga-Filho, Joel and Garcia, Edgard and Sobrinho, Rebecca and ...
Journal of Women's Health, ISSN 1540-9996, 04/2015, Volume 24, Issue 4, pp. A-1 - A-51
Journal Article