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1903, [14 p.] [62] pl.
by Eeles, Rosalind A and Kote-Jarai, Zsofia and Al Olama, Ali Amin and Giles, Graham G and Guy, Michelle and Severi, Gianluca and Muir, Kenneth and Hopper, John L and Henderson, Brian E and Haiman, Christopher A and Schleutker, Johanna and Hamdy, Freddie C and Neal, David E and Donovan, Jenny L and Stanford, Janet L and Ostrander, Elaine A and Ingles, Sue A and John, Esther M and Thibodeau, Stephen N and Schaid, Daniel and Park, Jong Y and Spurdle, Amanda and Clements, Judith and Dickinson, Joanne L and Maier, Christiane and Vogel, Walther and Dörk, Thilo and Rebbeck, Timothy R and Cooney, Kathleen A and Cannon-Albright, Lisa and Chappuis, Pierre O and Hutter, Pierre and Zeegers, Maurice and Kaneva, Radka and Zhang, Hong-Wei and Lu, Yong-Jie and Foulkes, William D and English, Dallas R and Leongamornlert, Daniel A and Tymrakiewicz, Malgorzata and Morrison, Jonathan and Ardern-Jones, Audrey T and Hall, Amanda L and O'Brien, Lynne T and Wilkinson, Rosemary A and Saunders, Edward J and Page, Elizabeth C and Sawyer, Emma J and Edwards, Stephen M and Dearnaley, David P and Horwich, Alan and Huddart, Robert A and Khoo, Vincent S and Parker, Christopher C and Van As, Nicholas and Woodhouse, Christopher J and Thompson, Alan and Christmas, Tim and Ogden, Chris and Cooper, Colin S and Southey, Melissa C and Lophatananon, Artitaya and Liu, Jo-Fen and Kolonel, Laurence N and Le Marchand, Loic and Wahlfors, Tiina and Tammela, Teuvo L and Auvinen, Anssi and Lewis, Sarah J and Cox, Angela and FitzGerald, Liesel M and Koopmeiners, Joseph S and Karyadi, Danielle M and Kwon, Erika M and Stern, Mariana C and Corral, Roman and Joshi, Amit D and Shahabi, Ahva and McDonnell, Shannon K and Sellers, Thomas A and Pow-Sang, Julio and Chambers, Suzanne and Aitken, Joanne and Gardiner, R A and Batra, Jyotsna and Kedda, Mary Anne and Lose, Felicity and Polanowski, Andrea and Patterson, Briony and Serth, Jürgen and Meyer, Andreas and Luedeke, Manuel and Stefflova, Klara and Ray, Anna M and Lange, Ethan M and Farnham, Jim and Khan, Humera and Slavov, Chavdar and Mitkova, Atanaska and Cao, Guangwen and ... and The PRACTICAL Consortium and The UK Genetic Prostate Cancer Study Collaborators/British Association of Urological Surgeons' Section of Oncology and The UK ProtecT Study Collaborators and British Assoc Urological Surg and PRACTICAL Consortium and UK ProtecT Study Collaborators and UK Genetic Prostate Cancer Study Collaborators/British Association of Urological Surgeons' Section of Oncology
Nature genetics, ISSN 1546-1718, 2009, Volume 41, Issue 10, pp. 1116 - 1121
Journal Article
by Abe, K and Abgrall, N and Ajima, Y and Aihara, H and Albert, J. B and Andreopoulos, C and Andrieu, B and Aoki, S and Araoka, O and Argyriades, J and Ariga, A and Ariga, T and Assylbekov, S and Autiero, D and Badertscher, A and Barbi, M and Barker, G. J and Barr, G and Bass, M and Bay, F and Bentham, S and Berardi, V and Berger, B. E and Bertram, I and Besnier, M and Beucher, J and Beznosko, D and Bhadra, S and Blaszczyk, F. d.M. M and Blondel, A and Bojechko, C and Bouchez, J and Boyd, S. B and Bravar, A and Bronner, C and Brook-Roberge, D. G and Buchanan, N and Budd, H and Calvet, D and Cartwright, S. L and Carver, A and Castillo, R and Catanesi, M. G and Cazes, A and Cervera, A and Chavez, C and Choi, S and Christodoulou, G and Coleman, J and Coleman, W and Collazuol, G and Connolly, K and Curioni, A and Dabrowska, A and Danko, I and Das, R and Davies, G. S and Davis, S and Day, M and De Rosa, G and de André, J. P. A. M and de Perio, P and Delbart, A and Densham, C and Di Lodovico, F and Di Luise, S and Dinh Tran, P and Dobson, J and Dore, U and Drapier, O and Dufour, F and Dumarchez, J and Dytman, S and Dziewiecki, M and Dziomba, M and Emery, S and Ereditato, A and Escudero, L and Esposito, L. S and Fechner, M and Ferrero, A and Finch, A. J and Frank, E and Fujii, Y and Fukuda, Y and Galymov, V and Gannaway, F. C and Gaudin, A and Gendotti, A and George, M. A and Giffin, S and Giganti, C and Gilje, K and Golan, T and Goldhaber, M and Gomez-Cadenas, J. J and Gonin, M and Grant, N and Grant, A and Gumplinger, P and ... and T2K Collaboration
Physical review letters, ISSN 1079-7114, 2011, Volume 107, Issue 4, p. 041801
The T2K experiment observes indications of nu(mu) -> nu(mu) e appearance in data accumulated with 1.43 x 10(20) protons on target. Six events pass all... 
PHYSICS, MULTIDISCIPLINARY | Physics - High Energy Physics - Experiment | Instrumentation and Detectors | Physics
Journal Article
by Abe, K and Akutsu, R and Ali, A and Amey, J and Andreopoulos, C and Anthony, L and Antonova, M and Aoki, S and Ariga, A and Ashida, Y and Azuma, Y and Ban, S and Barbi, M and Barker, G.J and Barr, G and Barry, C and Batkiewicz, M and Bench, F and Berardi, V and Berkman, S and Berner, R.M and Berns, L and Bhadra, S and Bienstock, S and Blondel, A and Bolognesi, S and Bourguille, B and Boyd, S.B and Brailsford, D and Bravar, A and Bronner, C and Buizza Avanzini, M and Calcutt, J and Campbell, T and Cao, S and Cartwright, S.L and Catanesi, M.G and Cervera, A and Chappell, A and Checchia, C and Cherdack, D and Chikuma, N and Christodoulou, G and Coleman, J and Collazuol, G and Coplowe, D and Cudd, A and Dabrowska, A and De Rosa, G and Dealtry, T and Denner, P.F and Dennis, S.R and Densham, C and Di Lodovico, F and Dokania, N and Dolan, S and Drapier, O and Duffy, K.E and Dumarchez, J and Dunne, P and Emery-Schrenk, S and Ereditato, A and Fernandez, P and Feusels, T and Finch, A.J and Fiorentini, G.A and Fiorillo, G and Francois, C and Friend, M and Fujii, Y and Fujita, R and Fukuda, D and Fukuda, Y and Gameil, K and Giganti, C and Gizzarelli, F and Golan, T and Gonin, M and Hadley, D.R and Haegel, L and Haigh, J.T and Hamacher-Baumann, P and Hansen, D and Harada, J and Hartz, M and Hasegawa, T and Hastings, N.C and Hayashino, T and Hayato, Y and Hiramoto, A and Hogan, M and Holeczek, J and Hosomi, F and Ichikawa, A.K and Ikeda, M and Imber, J and Inoue, T and Intonti, R.A and Ishida, T and Ishii, T and ... and T2K Collaboration
Physical Review Letters, ISSN 0031-9007, 10/2018, Volume 121, Issue 17
Journal Article
British journal of surgery, ISSN 0007-1323, 2017, Volume 104, Issue 3, pp. 166 - 178
Journal Article
by Thompson, Paul M and Andreassen, Ole A and Arias-Vasquez, Alejandro and Bearden, Carrie E and Boedhoe, Premika S and Brouwer, Rachel M and Buckner, Randy L and Buitelaar, Jan K and Bulayeva, Kazima B and Cannon, Dara M and Cohen, Ronald A and Conrod, Patricia J and Dale, Anders M and Deary, Ian J and Dennis, Emily L and de Reus, Marcel A and Desrivieres, Sylvane and Dima, Danai and Donohoe, Gary and Fisher, Simon E and Fouche, Jean-Paul and Francks, Clyde and Frangou, Sophia and Franke, Barbara and Ganjgahi, Habib and Garavan, Hugh and Glahn, David C and Grabe, Hans J and Guadalupe, Tulio and Gutman, Boris A and Hashimoto, Ryota and Hibar, Derrek P and Holland, Dominic and Hoogman, Martine and Pol, Hilleke E. Hulshoff and Hosten, Norbert and Jahanshad, Neda and Kelly, Sinead and Kochunov, Peter and Kremen, William S and Lee, Phil H and Mackey, Scott and Martin, Nicholas G and Mazoyer, Bernard and McDonald, Colm and Medland, Sarah E and Morey, Rajendra A and Nichols, Thomas E and Paus, Tomas and Pausova, Zdenka and Schmaal, Lianne and Schumann, Gunter and Shen, Li and Sisodiya, Sanjay M and Smit, Dirk J.A and Smoller, Jordan W and Stein, Dan J and Stein, Jason L and Toro, Roberto and Turner, Jessica A and van den Heuvel, Martijn P and van den Heuvel, Odile L and van Erp, Theo G.M and van Rooij, Daan and Veltman, Dick J and Walter, Henrik and Wang, Yalin and Wardlaw, Joanna M and Whelan, Christopher D and Wright, Margaret J and Ye, Jieping and for the ENIGMA Consortium and ENIGMA Consortium
NeuroImage (Orlando, Fla.), ISSN 1053-8119, 2017, Volume 145, Issue Pt B, pp. 389 - 408
Journal Article
The Astrophysical Journal, ISSN 0004-637X, 11/2011, Volume 741, Issue 2, pp. 119 - jQuery1323901923739='48'
Journal Article
Solar energy materials and solar cells, ISSN 0927-0248, 2013, Volume 115, pp. 108 - 113
Journal Article
by Adamson, P and Anderson, K and Andrews, M and Andrews, R and Anghel, I and Augustine, D and Aurisano, A and Avvakumov, S and Ayres, D.S and Baller, B and Barish, B and Barr, G and Barrett, W.L and Bernstein, R.H and Biggs, J and Bishai, M and Blake, A and Bocean, V and Bock, G.J and Boehnlein, D.J and Bogert, D and Bourkland, K and Cao, S.V and Castromonte, C.M and Childress, S and Choudhary, B.C and Coelho, J.A.B and Cobb, J.H and Corwin, L and Crane, D and Cravens, J.P and Cronin-Hennessy, D and Ducar, R.J and De Jong, J.K and Devan, A.V and Devenish, N.E and Diwan, M.V and Erwin, A.R and Escobar, C.O and Evans, J.J and Falk, E and Feldman, G.J and Fields, T.H and Ford, R and Frohne, M.V and Gallagher, H.R and Garkusha, V and Gomes, R.A and Goodman, M.C and Gouffon, P and Graf, N and Gran, R and Grossman, N and Grzelak, K and Habig, A and Hahn, S.R and Harding, D and Harris, D and Harris, P.G and Hartnell, J and Hatcher, R and Hays, S and Heller, K and Holin, A and Huang, J and Hylen, J and Ibrahim, A and Indurthy, D and Irwin, G.M and Isvan, Z and Jaffe, D.E and James, C and Jensen, D and Johnstone, J and Kafka, T and Kasahara, S.M.S and Koizumi, G and Kopp, S and Kordosky, M and Kreymer, A and Lang, K and Laughton, C and Lefeuvre, G and Ling, J and Litchfield, P.J and Loiacono, L and Lucas, P and Mann, W.A and Marchionni, A and Marshak, M.L and Mayer, N and McGivern, C and Medeiros, M.M and Mehdiyev, R and Meier, J.R and Messier, M.D and Michael, D.G and Milburn, R.H and Miller, J.L and Miller, W.H and ... and Fermi National Accelerator Lab. (FNAL), Batavia, IL (United States)
Nuclear instruments & methods in physics research. Section A, Accelerators, spectrometers, detectors and associated equipment, ISSN 0168-9002, 2016, Volume 806, Issue C, pp. 279 - 306
This paper describes the hardware and operations of the Neutrinos at the Main Injector (NuMI) beam at Fermilab. It elaborates on the design considerations for... 
Journal Article