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their preparation or chemical working-up (56) 56
macromolecular compounds obtained by reactions only involvingcarbon-to-carbon unsaturated bonds (49) 49
humans (31) 31
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agronomy. soil science and plant productions (10) 10
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virology (10) 10
abridged index medicus (9) 9
adolescent (9) 9
life sciences (9) 9
physiological aspects (9) 9
surgery (9) 9
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general processes of compounding (8) 8
genetic speciation (8) 8
geology (8) 8
working-up (8) 8
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zoology (8) 8
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biological diversity (7) 7
chemical, physicochemical, biochemical and biological properties (7) 7
genetics (7) 7
mitochondrial dna (7) 7
multidisciplinary sciences (7) 7
mutation (7) 7
physics, chemistry, biochemistry and biology of agricultural and forest soils (7) 7
population genetics (7) 7
science (7) 7
science & technology - other topics (7) 7
sequence analysis, dna (7) 7
united kingdom - epidemiology (7) 7
after-treatment of the shaped products, e.g. repairing (6) 6
biochemistry and biology (6) 6
climate (6) 6
decomposition (6) 6
diversification (6) 6
evolution, molecular (6) 6
genetic aspects (6) 6
hiv (6) 6
hiv infections - drug therapy (6) 6
hiv-1 - genetics (6) 6
immunology (6) 6
indexing scheme associated with subclass b29c, relating to particulararticles (6) 6
indexing scheme associated with subclasses b29b, b29c or b29d, relating to moulding materials (6) 6
lignin (6) 6
medical sciences (6) 6
medicine (6) 6
methods (6) 6
molecular sequence data (6) 6
performing operations (6) 6
risk factors (6) 6
shaping of material in a plastic state, not otherwise providedfor (6) 6
shaping or joining of plastics (6) 6
technology (6) 6
transporting (6) 6
viruses (6) 6
working of plastics (6) 6
working of substances in a plastic state, in general (6) 6
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by Chapman, S. J and Glasbey, J and Kelly, M and Khatri, C and Nepogodiev, D and Fitzgerald, J. E. F and Bhangu, A and Bhangu, A and Harrison, E. M and Adams, R and Patel, K and Khatri, C and Retchless, A. R and Elsaddig, M and Curtis, A. E and Nepogodiev, D and Glasbey, J and McMahon, R and Mittapalli, D and Ferguson, L. A and Gentry, S. V and Kong, C. Y. N and Naqvi, Z and Amin, H and Chapman, S. J and Kelly, M and Chaudhry, B and Burke, J and Henderson, I and Trecarten, S and Clements, J. M and Drake, T. M and Wild, J. R. L and Venkatesh, H and Butters, N and Ahmeidat, H and Goergen, N and Adams, R and Black, D and Robertson, K and Jama, G. M and McGuire, S. A and Ahl, R and Suri, T. S and Kuo, R and Fadhlillah, M and Mills, H and Mitchell, R and Goodship, J and Tan, M and Barker, T and Wright, T and Mohamad, W and Hanna, N and Laing, G and Warnock, M. W. C and Baird‐Fraser, P. R and Logan, T and Young, F. M and Fane De Salis, A. C and McHugh, R and Drake, T. M and Hickson, C and Paszkiewicz, J and Anderson, L. B and Neeson, D and Mohan, M and Narang, Y and Brophy, T and Punj, R and Majumdar, S and Kauser, S and Jong, G and Palkhi, E and Finch, D and Curtis, A. E and Mitchell, H and Carter, N and Viyasar, T and Sammut, T and Cook, N and Powell, M. M and Horne, S and Allen, J. L. Y and Marshall, D and McIntyre, C and S Koh, D. T and Shi, J and Reid, T and Armugam, N. P and Luck, J and Fozard, T and O'Callaghan, J and Copley, P. C and Tilliriou, V and Aiyer, R and Yazdi, A and Wiltshire, A and Blower, E and Jewitt, C and ... and STARSurg Collaborative
British journal of surgery, ISSN 0007-1323, 10/2014, Volume 101, Issue 11, pp. 1413 - 1423
Journal Article
by Vohra, R. S and Pasquali, S and Kirkham, A. J and Marriott, P and Johnstone, M and Spreadborough, P and Alderson, D and Griffiths, E. A and Fenwick, S and Elmasry, M and Nunes, Q and Kennedy, D and Basit Khan, R and Khan, M. A. S and Magee, C. J and Jones, S. M and Mason, D and Parappally, C. P and Mathur, P and Saunders, M and Jamel, S and Ul Haque, S and Zafar, S and Shiwani, M. H and Samuel, N and Dar, F and Jackson, A and Lovett, B and Dindyal, S and Winter, H and Rahman, S and Wheatley, K and Youssef, H and Nijjar, R. S and Watkin, H and Naumann, D and Emeshi, S and Sarmah, P. B and Joji, N and Weerasinghe, C and Needham, P. J and Welbourn, H and Finch, D and Blazeby, J. M and McNair, A. G. K and Charalabopoulos, A and Tang, C.‐B and Jayanthi, N. V. G and Noor, N and Cockbain, A. J and Nilsen‐Nunn, A and Pellen, M and Cowley, J. B and Ho, W.‐M and Miu, V and Hodgkins, K. A and Kinghorn, A and Tutton, M. G and Al‐Abed, Y. A and Menzies, D and Ahmad, A and Reed, J and Khan, S and Vitone, L. J and Murtaza, G and Joel, A and Brennan, S and Shier, D and Zhang, C and Yoganathan, T and Robinson, S. J and McCallum, I. J. D and Elsayed, M and Carney, K and Hosie, K. B and Kimble, A and Fawole, A. S and Basheer, M and Sarveswaran, J and Jones, E and Kendall, C. J and Tilston, M. P and Gough, M and Wallace, T and Downing, J and Mockford, K. A and Issa, E and Chauhan, N and Wild, J. R. L and Nofal, E and Bunnell, C and Madbak, K and Rao, S. T V and Devoto, L and Siddiqi, N and Khawaja, Z and Hewes, J. C and Gould, L and Chambers, A and Urriza Rodriguez, D and ... and CholeS Study Grp and West Midlands Res Collaborative and CholeS Study Group, West Midlands Research Collaborative
British journal of surgery, ISSN 0007-1323, 11/2016, Volume 103, Issue 12, pp. 1704 - 1715
Journal Article