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by McManus, Richard J and Mant, Jonathan and Franssen, Marloes and Nickless, Alecia and Schwartz, Claire and Hodgkinson, James and Bradburn, Peter and Farmer, Andrew and Grant, Sabrina and Greenfield, Sheila M and Heneghan, Carl and Jowett, Susan and Martin, Una and Milner, Siobhan and Monahan, Mark and Mort, Sam and Ogburn, Emma and Perera-Salazar, Rafael and Shah, Syed Ahmar and Yu, Ly-Mee and Tarassenko, Lionel and Hobbs, F D Richard and Bradley, Brendan and Lovekin, Chris and Judge, David and Castello, Luis and Dawson, Maureen and Brice, Rebecca and Dunbabin, Bethany and Maslen, Sophie and Rutter, Heather and Norris, Mary and French, Lauren and Loynd, Michael and Whitbread, Pippa and Saldana Ortaga, Luisa and Noel, Irene and Madronal, Karen and Timmins, Julie and Hughes, Lucy and Hinks, Beth and Bailey, Sheila and Read, Sue and Weston, Andrea and Spannuth, Somi and Maiden, Sue and Chermahini, Makiko and McDonald, Ann and Rajan, Shelina and Allen, Sue and Deboys, Brenda and Fell, Kim and Johnson, Jenny and Jung, Helen and Lister, Rachel and Osborne, Ruth and Secker, Amy and Qasim, Irene and William, Kirsty and Harris, Abi and Zhao, Susan and Butcher, Elaine and Darbyshire, Pauline and Joshi, Sarah and Davies, Jon and Talbot, Claire and Hoverd, Eleanor and Field, Linda and Adcock, Tracey and Rooney, Julia and Cooter, Nina and Butler, Aaron and Allen, Naomi and Abdul-Wahab, Maria and McNicholas, Kathryn and Peniket, Lara and Dodd, Kate and Mugurza, Julie and Baskerville, Richard and Syed, Rakshan and Bailey, Clare and Adams, Jill and Uglow, Paul and Townsend, Neil and Macleod, Alison and Hawkins, Charlotte and Behura, Suparna and Crawshaw, Jonathan and Fox, Robin and Doski, Waleed and Aylward, Martin and A'Court, Christine and Rapley, David and Walsh, Jo and Batra, Paul and Seoane, Ana and Mukherjee, Sluti and Dixon, Jonathan and Arthur, Peter and Sutcliffe, Karen and ... and TASMINH4 investigators and TASMINH4 Investigators
The Lancet (British edition), ISSN 0140-6736, 2018, Volume 391, Issue 10124, pp. 949 - 959
Journal Article
Journal Article
by Geddes, John R and Goodwin, Guy M and Rendell, Jennifer and Morriss, Richard and Alder, Nicola and Juszczak, Ed and Azorin, Jean-Michel and Cipriani, Andrea and Ostacher, Michael J and Lewis, Shôn and Attenburrow, Mary-Jane and Carter, Brigid and Hainsworth, Jane and Healey, Christine and Stevens, Will and Van Gucht, Emma Der and Young, Heather and Davies, Christina and Peto, Richard and Barnes, Thomas R. E and Curtis, Vivienne and Johnson, Tony and Marven, Michael and Arif, Mohammed and Bruce, Janet and Drybala, Gary and Hayden, Enda and Jhingan, Harsh P and Marudkar, Mangesh and Hillier, Richard and Barrett, Sara and Lidder, Jasvinder Sing and McCartney, Mark and Middleton, Hugh and Ononye, Frank and Solanki, Ramesh D and Agell, Ignasi and Anjum, Rubina and Hunt, Neil and Jones, Peter and Ramana, Rajini and Chase, Jeremy and Ayuba, Larry and Macmillan, Iain and Michael, Albert and Frangou, Sophia and Gijsman, Harm and Parker, Elizabeth and Phillips, Mary and Behr, Graham and Tyrer, Peter and Conway, Alison and Ferrier, Nicol and Oakley, Tim and Tower, Nicholas and Young, Allan and Chitty, Roger and Littlejohns, Carl and Suri, Anil and Iqbal, Mohammad and Zikis, Panayiotis and Anderson, Ian and O'Driscoll, David and Robbins, Natalie and Ash, Graham and Chaudhry, Imran and Duddu, Venu and Reed, Paul and Van Wyk, Stephan and Vohra, Adarsh and Zingela, Zukiswa and Mahmood, Tariq and Diedricks, Heidi and Faizal, Mohammad A and McCarthy, James and Briess, David and Ceccherini-Nelli, Alfonso and Clifford, Elizabeth and Croos, Robert and Davis, Jane Da Rosa and De Silva, Lalitha and Eranti, Savitha and Mahmoud, Ran and Maurya, Anil and Partovi-Tabar, Peter and Rahimi, Yousuf and Tuson, Jacqueline and Greening, Jayne and Campbell, Colin and Grewal, Jasdey Singh and Kumar, Ashok and Schultewolter, Dieter and Baldwin, David and Best, Nick and Herod, Nicola and Polson, Richard and Shawcross, Charles and Khan, Umama and Almoshmosh, Nadim and El-Adl, Mamdouh and ... and unav and The BALANCE investigators and collaborators and BALANCE Investigators Collaborator and BALANCE investigators and collaborators
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Journal Article
Journal Article
Nature climate change, ISSN 1758-6798, 2019, Volume 9, Issue 10, pp. 787 - 794
Journal Article
Journal Article
Timmins times, ISSN 1191-0771, 07/2007
Newspaper Article
Concord monitor (Concord, N.H. : 1970), 11/2004
.... When she arrived July 21 to wash cars, Monahan put her in his car and drove her to a Kingston home and raped her, according to the police. [Julie Curtin... 
Curtin, Julie | Monahan, Terrence
Newspaper Article
Concord monitor (Concord, N.H. : 1970), 02/2010
...) penis because she often tried to please (me)," the affidavit said. [Julie Curtin] wrote in her affidavit that Cheney did not dispute the girl's allegations and said, "I'm not gonna say it didn't happen... 
Connolly, Tracy | Curtin, Julie | Cheney, Edward
Newspaper Article
Concord monitor (Concord, N.H. : 1970), 01/2010
[Stephen Perkins] sold heroin to someone working with the police's drug unit in August, according to court records. During a Nov. 20 search of Perkins's Harrod... 
Perkins, Stephen | Curtin, Julie | Ehrgott, Jessica
Newspaper Article
Concord monitor (Concord, N.H. : 1970), 08/2009
Julie Rossen of Hooksett said she and her two friends noticed the body only because she'd seen a blue heron in the same place Thursday while kayaking with her husband, Mike... 
Rossen, Julie | Young, Jane | Mulholland, Shaun
Newspaper Article
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences - PNAS, ISSN 0027-8424, 11/2012, Volume 109, Issue 46, p. E3168
  Autophagy is a cell biological pathway affecting immune responses. In vitro, autophagy acts as a cell-autonomous defense against Mycobacterium tuberculosis,... 
Immunology | Tuberculosis | Rodents | Gram-positive bacteria | T cell receptors | Autophagy
Journal Article
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences - PNAS, ISSN 0027-8424, 11/2012, Volume 109, Issue 46, pp. 18645 - 18646
Journal Article
Concord monitor (Concord, N.H. : 1970), 03/2010
According to a police affidavit released yesterday, [Michael Condon] admitted causing the boy's injuries, but the authorities don't believe he has given them a... 
Ketteridge, Suzanne | Boyle, Gerard | Curtin, Julie | Condon, Michael
Newspaper Article
Concord monitor (Concord, N.H. : 1970), 10/2009
"We walked for another team last year, but this year we said, 'We're doing it for her this year,' " said [Gail Woznicki]'s sister Patti Koscielniak. "They're... 
Carlson, Jill | Woznicki, Gail | Gaudette, Julie | Miller, Pam
Newspaper Article
Concord monitor (Concord, N.H. : 1970), 01/2006
.... That information was not disclosed in court records, and [Julie Curtin], who is investigating the case, declined to say... 
Curtin, Julie | Murray, Scott | Johansson, James
Newspaper Article
Timmins times, ISSN 1191-0771, 02/2015
...," said Julie Richard-Gorman, Chair of the Festivals Committee, a group of volunteers. The announcement was made at 7:00 p.m. on Thursday. So what's the secret... 
Music industry | Ticket sales | Sports facilities | Social networks | Canadian music | Sawmills | Prices | Festivals | Corporate sponsorship | James, Colin | Blues music | Wilcox, David | Lake, Julie | Volunteers
Newspaper Article