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Journal Article
Hepatology, ISSN 0270-9139, 08/2015, Volume 62, Issue 2, pp. 429 - 439
Journal Article
by Huyghe, Jeroen R and Bien, Stephanie A and Harrison, Tabitha A and Kang, Hyun Min and Chen, Sai and Schmit, Stephanie L and Conti, David V and Qu, Conghui and Jeon, Jihyoun and Edlund, Christopher K and Greenside, Peyton and Wainberg, Michael and Schumacher, Fredrick R and Smith, Joshua D and Levine, David M and Nelson, Sarah C and Sinnott-Armstrong, Nasa A and Albanes, Demetrius and Alonso, M. Henar and Anderson, Kristin and Arnau-Collell, Coral and Arndt, Volker and Bamia, Christina and Banbury, Barbara L and Baron, John A and Berndt, Sonja I and Bézieau, Stéphane and Bishop, D. Timothy and Boehm, Juergen and Boeing, Heiner and Brenner, Hermann and Brezina, Stefanie and Buch, Stephan and Buchanan, Daniel D and Burnett-Hartman, Andrea and Butterbach, Katja and Caan, Bette J and Campbell, Peter T and Carlson, Christopher S and Castellví-Bel, Sergi and Chan, Andrew T and Chang-Claude, Jenny and Chanock, Stephen J and Chirlaque, Maria-Dolores and Cho, Sang Hee and Connolly, Charles M and Cross, Amanda J and Cuk, Katarina and Curtis, Keith R and de la Chapelle, Albert and Doheny, Kimberly F and Duggan, David and Easton, Douglas F and Elias, Sjoerd G and Elliott, Faye and English, Dallas R and Feskens, Edith J. M and Figueiredo, Jane C and Fischer, Rocky and FitzGerald, Liesel M and Forman, David and Gala, Manish and Gallinger, Steven and Gauderman, W. James and Giles, Graham G and Gillanders, Elizabeth and Gong, Jian and Goodman, Phyllis J and Grady, William M and Grove, John S and Gsur, Andrea and Gunter, Marc J and Haile, Robert W and Hampe, Jochen and Hampel, Heather and Harlid, Sophia and Hayes, Richard B and Hofer, Philipp and Hoffmeister, Michael and Hopper, John L and Hsu, Wan-Ling and Huang, Wen-Yi and Hudson, Thomas J and Hunter, David J and Ibañez-Sanz, Gemma and Idos, Gregory E and Ingersoll, Roxann and Jackson, Rebecca D and Jacobs, Eric J and Jenkins, Mark A and Joshi, Amit D and Joshu, Corinne E and Keku, Temitope O and Key, Timothy J and Kim, Hyeong Rok and Kobayashi, Emiko and Kolonel, Laurence N and Kooperberg, Charles and Kühn, Tilman and Küry, Sébastien and ...
Nature Genetics, ISSN 1061-4036, 01/2019, Volume 51, Issue 1, pp. 76 - 87
Journal Article
by Najib M. El-Sayed and Peter J. Myler and Daniella C. Bartholomeu and Daniel Nilsson and Gautam Aggarwal and Anh-Nhi Tran and Elodie Ghedin and Elizabeth A. Worthey and Arthur L. Delcher and Gaëlle Blandin and Scott J. Westenberger and Elisabet Caler and Gustavo C. Cerqueira and Carole Branched Brian Haas and Atashi Anupama and Erik Arner and Lena Åslund and Philip Attipoe and Esteban Bontempi and Frédéric Bringaud and Peter Burton and Eithon Cadag and David A. Campbell and Mark Carrington and Jonathan Crabtree and Hamid Darban and Jose Franco da Silveira and Pieter de Jong and Kimberly Edwards and Paul T. Englund and Gholam Fazelina and Tamara Feldblyum and Marcela Ferella and Alberto Carlos Frasch and Keith Gull and David Horn and Lihua Hou and Yiting Huang and Ellen Kindlund and Michele Klingbeil and Sindy Kluge and Hean Koo and Daniela Lacerda and Mariano J. Levin and Hernan Lorenzi and Tin Louie and Carlos Renato Machado and Richard McCulloch and Alan McKenna and Yumi Mizuno and Jeremy C. Mottram and Siri Nelson and Stephen Ochaya and Kazutoyo Osoegawa and Grace Pai and Marilyn Parsons and Martin Pentony and Ulf Pettersson and Mihai Pop and Jose Luis Ramirez and Joel Rinta and Laura Robertson and Steven L. Salzberg and Daniel O. Sanchez and Amber Seyler and Reuben Sharma and Jyoti Shetty and Anjana J. Simpson and Ellen Sisk and Martti T. Tammi and Rick Tarleton and Santuza Teixeira and Susan Van Aken and Christy Vogt and Pauline N. Ward and Bill Wickstead and Jennifer Wortman and Owen White and Claire M. Fraser and Kenneth D. Stuart and Björn Andersson and Medicinska fakulteten and Medicinska och farmaceutiska vetenskapsområdet and Institutionen för genetik och patologi and Uppsala universitet
Science, ISSN 0036-8075, 7/2005, Volume 309, Issue 5733, pp. 409 - 415
Whole-genome sequencing of the protozoan pathogen Trypanosoma cruzi revealed that the diploid genome contains a predicted 22,570 proteins encoded by genes, of... 
Proteins | Haplotypes | Retrotransposons | DNA | Mucins | Genomes | Parasitism | Research Articles | Parasites | Eukaryotic cells | Membrane proteins | AFRICAN TRYPANOSOMES | MULTILOCUS ENZYME ELECTROPHORESIS | NON-LTR RETROTRANSPOSONS | RNA INTERFERENCE RNAI | PROTEIN-KINASE | MULTIDISCIPLINARY SCIENCES | PARASITE PLASMODIUM-FALCIPARUM | AMPLIFIED POLYMORPHIC DNA | CLONE CL BRENER | NUCLEOTIDE-SEQUENCE | TRANS-SIALIDASE | Chagas Disease - parasitology | Multigene Family | Genome, Protozoan | Humans | Genes, Protozoan | Protozoan Proteins - genetics | DNA, Mitochondrial - genetics | Membrane Proteins - physiology | Recombination, Genetic | Protozoan Proteins - chemistry | Trypanocidal Agents - therapeutic use | Telomere - genetics | Signal Transduction | Membrane Proteins - genetics | Retroelements | Trypanosoma cruzi - genetics | DNA Replication | Meiosis | Protozoan Proteins - physiology | Sequence Analysis, DNA | Trypanosoma cruzi - physiology | Animals | Membrane Proteins - chemistry | Trypanocidal Agents - pharmacology | DNA Repair | Chagas Disease - drug therapy | Repetitive Sequences, Nucleic Acid | DNA, Protozoan - genetics | Trypanosoma cruzi - chemistry | Genetic aspects | Trypanosoma cruzi | Eukaryotes | Disease | Genomics | Genes | Parasitic protozoa | DNA repair | Chagas Disease/drug therapy/parasitology | Research Support; U.S. Gov't; P.H.S | Telomere/genetics | Recombination; Genetic | Repetitive Sequences; Nucleic Acid | Biology | Membrane Proteins/chemistry/genetics/physiology | Research Support; N.I.H.; Extramural | Trypanocidal Agents/pharmacology/therapeutic use | Genetics | Research Support; Non-U.S. Gov't | Biologi | Natural Sciences | Genes; Protozoan | Biological Sciences | DNA; Protozoan/genetics | Genome; Protozoan | Sequence Analysis; DNA | Genetik | Protozoan Proteins/chemistry/genetics/physiology | Naturvetenskap | Biologiska vetenskaper | Cell and molecular biology | Trypanosoma cruzi/chemistry/genetics/physiology | DNA; Mitochondrial/genetics | Cell- och molekylärbiologi
Journal Article
by Alasdair C. Ivens and Christopher S. Peacock and Elizabeth A. Worthey and Lee Murphy and Gautam Aggarwal and Matthew Berriman and Ellen Sisk and Marie-Adele Rajandream and Ellen Adlem and Rita Aert and Atashi Anupama and Zina Apostolou and Philip Attipoe and Nathalie Bason and Christopher Bauser and Alfred Beck and Stephen M. Beverley and Gabriella Bianchettin and Katja Borzym and Gordana Bothe and Carlo V. Bruschi and Matt Collins and Eithon Cadag and Laura Ciarloni and Christine Clayton and Richard M. R. Coulson and Ann Cronin and Angela K. Cruz and Robert M. Davies and Javier De Gaudenzi and Deborah E. Dobson and Andreas Duesterhoeft and Gholam Fazelina and Nigel Fosker and Alberto Carlos Frasch and Audrey Fraser and Monika Fuchs and Claudia Gabel and Arlette Goble and André Goffeau and David Harris and Christiane Hertz-Fowler and Helmut Hilbert and David Horn and Yiting Huang and Sven Klages and Andrew Knights and Michael Kube and Natasha Larke and Lyudmila Litvin and Angela Lord and Tin Louie and Marco Marra and David Masuy and Keith Matthews and Shulamit Michaeli and Jeremy C. Mottram and Silke Müller-Auer and Heather Munden and Siri Nelson and Halina Norbertczak and Karen Oliver and Susan O'Neil and Martin Pentony and Thomas M. Pohl and Claire Price and Bénédicte Purnelle and Michael A. Quail and Ester Rabbinowitsch and Richard Reinhardt and Michael Rieger and Joel Rinta and Johan Robben and Laura Robertson and Jeronimo C. Ruiz and Simon Rutter and David Saunders and Melanie Schäfer and Jacquie Schein and David C. Schwartz and Kathy Seeger and Amber Seyler and Sarah Sharp and Heesun Shin and Dhileep Sivam and Rob Squares and Steve Squares and Valentina Tosato and Christy Vogt and Guido Volckaert and Rolf Wambutt and Tim Warren and Holger Wedler and John Woodward and Shiguo Zhou and Wolfgang Zimmermann and Deborah F. Smith and Jenefer M. Blackwell and Kenneth D. Stuart and Bart Barrell and ...
Science, ISSN 0036-8075, 7/2005, Volume 309, Issue 5733, pp. 436 - 442
Journal Article
Journal Article
American Journal of Respiratory Cell and Molecular Biology, ISSN 1044-1549, 12/2017, Volume 57, Issue 6, pp. 711 - 720
Journal Article
Annals of the American Thoracic Society, ISSN 2325-6621, 04/2018, Volume 15, Issue 4, pp. 440 - 448
Journal Article
Journal Article