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Journal Article
PLoS ONE, ISSN 1932-6203, 05/2009, Volume 4, Issue 5, p. e5472
Journal Article
2003, Collana storica della Banca d'Italia. Serie Saggi e ricerche, ISBN 9788842069041, Volume 4, xix, 716
by Bellelli, Giuseppe and Morandi, Alessandro and Di Santo, Simona G and Mazzone, Andrea and Cherubini, Antonio and Mossello, Enrico and Bo, Mario and Bianchetti, Angelo and Rozzini, Renzo and Zanetti, Ermellina and Musicco, Massimo and Ferrari, Alberto and Ferrara, Nicola and Trabucchi, Marco and Boffelli, Stefano and Stefano, Fabio Di and Filippi, Francesco De and Guerini, Fabio and Bertoletti, Erik and March, Albert and Margiotta, Alessandro and Mecocci, Patrizia and Addesi, Desireè and Fantò, Fausto and Dijik, Babette and Porrino, Paola and Cotroneo, Antonino Maria and Galli, Giovanni and Bruni, Amalia Cecilia and Bernardini, Bruno and Corsini, Carla and Cagnin, Annachiara and Zurlo, Amedeo and Barbagallo, Giuseppe and Lunardelli, Maria Lia and Martini, Emilio and Battaglia, Giuseppe and Latella, Raffaele and Petritola, Donatella and Sinforiani, Elena and Cester, Alberto and Formilan, Marino and Carbone, Pasqualina and Appollonio, Ildebrando and Cereda, Diletta and Tremolizzo, Lucio and Bottacchi, Edo and Lucchetti, Lucio and Mariani, Claudio and Rapazzini, Piero and Romanelli, Giuseppe and Marengoni, Alessandra and Zuliani, Giovanni and Bianchi, Lara and Suardi, Teresa and Muti, Ettore and Bottura, Renato and Sgrò, Giovanni and Mandas, Antonella and Serchisu, Luca and Crippa, Patrizia and Ivaldi, Claudio and Ungar, Andrea and Villani, Daniele and Raimondi, Clara and Mussi, Chiara and Isaia, Giancarlo and Provenzano, Giuseppe and Mari, Daniela and Odetti, Patrizio and Monacelli, Fiammetta and Incalzi, Raffaele Antonelli and Pluderi, Alice and Bellamoli, Claudio and Terranova, Luciano and Scarpini, Elio and D'Amico, Ferdinando and Cavallini, Maria Chiara and Guerrini, Gianbattista and Scotuzzi, Anna Maria and Chiarello, Antonino and Pilotto, Alberto and Tognini, Sara and Dell'Aquila, Giuseppina and Toigo, Gabriele and Ceschia, Giuliano and Piccinini, Maristella and Fabbo, Andrea and Zoli, Marco and Forti, Paola and Wenter, Christian and Basile, Giorgio and Lasagni, Anna and Padovani, Alessandro and Rozzini, Luca and Cottino, Maria and Vitali, Silvia and Tripi, Gabriele and Avanzi, Stefano and Annoni, Giorgio and ... and Italian Study Grp Delirium ISGoD and Italian Study Group on Delirium (ISGoD)
BMC Medicine, ISSN 1741-7015, 07/2016, Volume 14, Issue 1, p. 106
Journal Article
JINST 13 (2018) P06015 The CMS muon detector system, muon reconstruction software, and high-level trigger underwent significant changes in 2013-2014 in... 
Journal Article
International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment, ISSN 0948-3349, 2019, Volume 24, Issue 10, pp. 1765 - 1777
The aim of this study is to explore the dimensions of sustainability that addressed the most within international standards and thereby present a life cycle... 
Life cycle | ISO | Environmental dimension | Social dimension | Technical dimension | Economic dimension | Standards | Sustainable development | Analysis | Life cycle assessment | Sustainability | Life cycle analysis | Standardization | Data processing | International standards | International standardization | Life cycle costs | Life cycles | Content analysis
Journal Article
1940, Consiglio nazionale delle ricerche. Comitato per la geografia. [Pubblicazioni] III. Studi geografici sulle Terre Redente, Volume 4, 51
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, ISSN 0360-3199, 11/2013, Volume 38, Issue 33, pp. 14159 - 14171
The enhancement of sustainability of hydrogen supply chain is of vital importance for the stakeholders/decision-makers to design a sustainable hydrogen supply... 
Decision making trial and evaluation laboratory | Sustainability | Hydrogen supply chain | Decision-making | Hydrogen | Sustainable development | Analysis | Logistics
Journal Article
by Kottgen, A and Albrecht, E and Teumer, A and Vitart, V and Krumsiek, J and Hundertmark, C and Pistis, G and Ruggiero, D and O'Seaghdha, C.M and Haller, T and Yang, Q and Johnson, A.D and Kutalik, Z and Smith, A.V and Shi, J.L and Struchalin, M and Middelberg, R.P.S and Brown, M.J and Gaffo, A.L and Pirastu, N and Li, G and Hayward, C and Zemunik, T and Huffman, J and Yengo, L and Zhao, J.H and Demirkan, A and Feitosa, M.F and Liu, X and Malerba, G and Lopez, L.M and van der Harst, P and Li, X.Z and Kleber, M.E and Hicks, A.A and Nolte, I.M and Johansson, A and Murgia, F and Wild, S.H and Bakker, S.J.L and Peden, J.F and Dehghan, A and Steri, M and Tenesa, A and Lagou, V and Salo, P and Mangino, M and Rose, L.M and Lehtimaki, T and Woodward, O.M and Okada, Y and Tin, A and Muller, C and Oldmeadow, C and Putku, M and Czamara, D and Kraft, P and Frogheri, L and Thun, G.A and Grotevendt, A and Gislason, G.K and Harris, T.B and Launer, L.J and McArdle, P and Shuldiner, A.R and Boerwinkle, E and Coresh, J and Schmidt, H and Schallert, M and Martin, N.G and Montgomery, G.W and Kubo, M and Nakamura, Y and Tanaka, T and Munroe, P.B and Samani, N.J and Jacobs, D.R and Liu, K and d'Adamo, P and Ulivi, S and Rotter, J.I and Psaty, B.M and Vollenweider, P and Waeber, G and Campbell, S and Devuyst, O and Navarro, P and Kolcic, I and Hastie, N and Balkau, B and Froguel, P and Esko, T and Salumets, A and Khaw, K.T and Langenberg, C and Wareham, N.J and Isaacs, A and Kraja, A and Zhang, Q.Y and Penninx, B.W.J.H and ... and DIAGRAM Consortium and MAGIC Consortium and LifeLines Cohort Study and CARDIoGRAM Consortium and ICBP Consortium and Medicinska fakulteten and Medicinska och farmaceutiska vetenskapsområdet and Institutionen för immunologi, genetik och patologi and Medicinska och farmaceutiska vetenskapsområdet, centrumbildningar mm and Genomik and Uppsala universitet and Uppsala kliniska forskningscentrum (UCR)
Nature Genetics, ISSN 1061-4036, 2013, Volume 45, Issue 2, pp. 145 - 154
Journal Article
by Pattaro, Cristian and Teumer, Alexander and Gorski, Mathias and Chu, Auey Y and Li, Man and Mijatovic, Vladan and Garnaas, Maija and Tin, Aienne and Sorice, Rossella and Li, Yong and Taliun, Daniel and Olden, Matthias and Foster, Meredith and Yang, Qiong and Chen, Ming-Huei and Pers, Tune H and Johnson, Anew D and Ko, Yi-An and Fuchsberger, Christian and Tayo, Bamidele and Nalls, Michael and Feitosa, Mary F and Isaacs, Aaron and Dehghan, Abbas and d'Adamo, Pio and Adeyemo, Adebowale and Dieffenbach, Aida Karina and Zonderman, Alan B and Nolte, Ilja M and van der Most, Peter J and Wright, Alan F and Shuldiner, Alan R and Morrison, Alanna C and Hofman, Albert and Smith, Albert V and isbach, Albert W and Franke, Ane and Uitterlinden, Ane G and Metspalu, Anes and Tonjes, Anke and Lupo, Antonio and Robino, Antonietta and Johansson, Asa and Demirkan, Ayse and Kollerits, Barbara and Freedman, Barry I and Ponte, Belen and Oostra, Ben A and Paulweber, Bernhard and Kraemer, Bernhard K and Mitchell, Braxton D and Buckley, Brendan M and Peralta, Carmen A and Hayward, Caroline and Helmer, Catherine and Rotimi, Charles N and Shaffer, Christian M and Mueller, Christian and Sala, Cinzia and van Duijn, Cornelia M and Saint-Pierre, Aude and Ackermann, Daniel and Shriner, Daniel and Ruggiero, Daniela and Toniolo, Daniela and Lu, Yingchang and Cusi, Daniele and Czamara, Darina and Ellinghaus, David and Siscovick, David S and Ruderfer, Douglas and Gieger, Christian and Grallert, Harald and Rochtchina, Elena and Atkinson, Elizabeth J and Holliday, Elizabeth G and Boerwinkle, Eric and Salvi, Erika and Bottinger, Erwin P and Murgia, Federico and Rivadeneira, Fernando and Ernst, Florian and Kronenberg, Florian and Hu, Frank B and Navis, Gerjan J and Curhan, Gary C and Ehret, George B and Homuth, Georg and Coassin, Stefan and Thun, Gian-Ani and Pistis, Giorgio and Gambaro, Giovanni and Malerba, Giovanni and Montgomery, Grant W and Eiriksdottir, Gudny and Jacobs, Gunnar and Li, Guo and Wichmann, H-Erich and Campbell, Harry and Schmidt, Helena and ... and CARDIOGRAM and ICBP Consortium and AGEN Consortium and CHARGe-Heart Failure Grp and ECHOGen Consortium and CHARGe-Heart Failure Group and Medicinska fakulteten and Science for Life Laboratory, SciLifeLab and Medicinska och farmaceutiska vetenskapsområdet and Institutionen för immunologi, genetik och patologi and Uppsala universitet and Medicinsk genetik och genomik
Nature Communications, ISSN 2041-1723, 01/2016, Volume 7, Issue 1, p. 10023
Journal Article