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by Blay, J.-Y and Soibinet, P and Penel, N and Bompas, E and Duffaud, F and Stoeckle, E and Mir, Olivier and Adam, Julien and Chevreau, C and Bonvalot, S and Rios, M and Kerbrat, P and Cupissol, Didier and Anract, P and Gouin, F and Kurtz, J.-E and Lebbe, C and Isambert, N and Bertucci, F and Toumonde, M and Thyss, A and Piperno-Neumann, S and Dubray-Longeras, P and Meeus, P and Ducimetière, F and Giraud, A and Coindre, J.-M and Ray-Coquard, I and Italiano, A and Le Cesne, A and Bay, Jacques-Olivier and Bouche, Olivier and N'Guyen, Binh Bui and Carrere, Sébastien and Causeret, Sylvain and Chaigneau, Loïc and Collard, Olivier and Coriat, Romain and Delcambre, Corinne and Di Marco, Antonio and Dujardin, Franck and Eymard, Jean Christophe and Ferron, Gwenael and Fiorenza, Fabrice and Gimbergues, Pierre and Goldwasser, François and Guillemet, Cécile and Guillemin, François and Guiramand, Jérôme and Honore, Charles and Le Brun-Ly, Valérie and Le Maignan, Christine and Linassier, Claude and Lotz, Jean Pierre and Pauchot, Julien and Perrin, Christophe and Revol, Marc and Ropars, Michaël and Rosset, Philippe and Ruzic, Jean-Christophe and Soulie, Patrick and Spano, Jean-Philippe and Vallee, Antoine and Verhaeghe, Jean Luc and Angot, Emilie and Audard, Virginie and Battisttela, Maxime and Bazille, Céline and Bouvier, Corinne and Burtin, Florence and Cassagneau, Elisabeth and Charon-Barra, Céline and Chateau, Marie- Christine and Chetaille, Bruno and Collin, Françoise and Croue, Anne and De Muret, Anne and Decouvelaere, Anne-Valérie and Delfour, Christophe and Devouassoux-Shisheboran, Mojgan and Doucet, Laurent and Emile, Jean François and Flejou, Jean-François and Genestie, Catherine and Ghnassia, Jean-Pierre and Gomez-Brouchet, Anne and Gros, Philippe and Guinebretiere, Jean-Marc and Kantelip, Bernadette and Karanian, Marie and Lae, Marick and Larousserie, Frédérique and Le Guellec, Sophie and Le Loarer, François and Leroux-Broussier, Agnès and Leroy, Xavier and Marcellin, Luc and Marie, Béatrice and Marty, Marion and Mescam, Lenaig and ... and NETSARC RREPS and GSF-GETO Networks and NETSARC/RREPS and French Sarcoma Group–Groupe d’Etude des Tumeurs Osseuses (GSF-GETO) networks and on behalf of the NETSARC/RREPS and French Sarcoma Group–Groupe d’Etude des Tumeurs Osseuses (GSF-GETO) networks
Annals of Oncology, ISSN 0923-7534, 2017, Volume 28, Issue 11, pp. 2852 - 2859
Journal Article
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