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JMIR mHealth and uHealth, ISSN 2291-5222, 02/2015, Volume 3, Issue 1, p. e24
We had a unique opportunity to examine demographic determinants of household mobile phone ownership in rural Bangladesh using socioeconomic data collected as... 
Journal Article
JMIR mHealth and uHealth, ISSN 2291-5222, 02/2015, Volume 3, Issue 1, p. e24
Journal Article
by Khazaei, Mohamad and Baig, Sara and Merchant, Jainetri and Chan, Priscilla and Fehlings, Michael and Fehlings, Michael and Fehlings, Michael and Giudice, J. Sebastian and Forman, Jason and Panzer, Matthew B and Dalton, Jay and Mauria, Rohit and Chapple, Kristina and Cook, Alan and Turner, Jay and McCrea, Michael A and Nelson, Lindsay D and Tummala, Shanti and Meaney, David and Hawryluk, Gregory and Nielson, Jessica and Huie, J. Russell and Zimmermann, Lara and Saigal, Rajiv and Ding, Quan and Ferguson, Adam and Manley, Geoffrey and Lee, Stephanie and Gajavelli, Shyam and Gajavelli, Shyam and Gajavelli, Shyam and Spurlock, Markus and Spurlock, Markus and Rivera, Karla and Rivera, Karla and Rivera, Karla and Androni, Cody and de Rivero Vaccari, Juan Pablo and de Rivero Vaccari, Juan Pablo and Keane, Robert and Bulock, Ross and Dietrich, Dalton and Meeker, Kole and Bullock, Kristin and Banks, William and Cook, David and Main, Bevan and Villapol, Sonia and Barton, David and Sloley, Stephanie and Stefos, Kathryn and Burns, Mark and Swanson, Randel and Johnson, Victoria and Parker, Andrew and Elliott, Mark and Weber, Maura and Acharya, Nimish and Cognetti, John and Cullen, Kacy and Verma, Ragini and Smith, Douglas and Pat, Betty and Pat, Betty and McAllister, Sean and Floyd, Candace and Floyd, Candace and Harris, Neil G and Reynolds, Joshua and Turtle, Joel and Leal, Gizelle and Huang, Yung-Jen and Strain, Misty and Grau, James and Greco, Tiffany and Giza, Christopher and Prins, Mayumi and Folkerts, Michael and Russo, Robin and Koch, Paul and Koch, Paul and Adam, Christopher and Weber, Maura and Johnson, Victoria and Johnson, Victoria and Wolf, John and Wolf, John and Cai, Yan and Perigo, Shauna and Bhaduri, Srija and Rosenbaum, Philip and Harris, Neil G and Giza, Christopher C and Kumar, Raj and Kumar, Raj and Ranganathan, Prerna and Ranganathan, Prerna and Ranganathan, Prerna and Oh, Byung-Mo and Wagner, Amy and ...
Journal of Neurotrauma, ISSN 0897-7151, 07/2017, Volume 34, Issue 13, pp. A-1 - A-163
Journal Article
by Ahmadi, Emad and Namati, Jacqueline and Blair, Parry and Padole, Atul and Chico-Calero, Isabel and Lev, Michael and Lee, Jarone and Hamblin, Michael and Vakoc, Benjamin and Yung, Lok and Romero, Angelica and Santiago, Tiffany and Guber, Kenneth and Kastuar, Shivani and Nguyen, Nhuquynh and Wu, Yu-Kuang and Carmel, Jason and Spungen, Ann and Bauman, William and Ziebell, Jenna and Harrison, Jordan and Law, Matthew and Adelson, David and Lifshitz, Jonathan and Kulich, Danielle and Austin, Scarlett and Kranz, Victoria and Houle, John and Mountney, Andrea and Mendelev, Natalia and Mendelev, Natalia and Ge, Yongchao and Shear, Deborah and Haghighi, Fatemeh and Ichkova, Aleksandra and Bessy, Thomas and Bertrand, Sandrine and Badaut, Jerome and Kurpad, Shekar and Schmit, Brian and Muftuler, L. Tugan and Budde, Matthew and Mullah, Saad and Mullah, Saad and Lashof-Sullivan, Margaret and Mehalick, Melissa and Mehalick, Melissa and Shaughness, Michael and Mccarron, Richard and Ahlers, Stephen and Ahlers, Stephen and Ahlers, Stephen and Benner, Brooke and Muccigrosso, Megan and McKim, Daniel and Fenn, Ashley and Lifshitz, Jonathan and Eiferman, Daniel and Godbout, Jonathan and Holmes, Gregory and Aceves, Miriam and Okoreeh, Andre and Okoreeh, Andre and Terminel, Mabel N and Aceves, Alejandro R and Hook, Michelle A and VanRooyen, Jenna and Patel, Samir and Patel, Samir and Mashburn, Charles and Eldahan, Khalid and Cox, David and Sullivan, Patrick and Rabchevsky, Alexander and Rabchevsky, Alexander and Dixit, Shilpi and Boon, Wah Chin and O'Brien, Terence and O'Brien, Terence and Furones, Concepcion and Gurney, Mark and Dietrich, W. Dalton and Dietrich, W. Dalton and Atkins, Coleen and Adewole, Dayo and Browne, Kevin and Browne, Kevin and Petrov, Dmitriy and Struzyna, Laura and Struzyna, Laura and Cullen, D. Kacy and Cullen, D. Kacy and Cullen, D. Kacy and Cullen, D. Kacy and Cullen, D. Kacy and Oh, Byung-Mo and Wang, Zhensheng and Conley, Yvette and Failla, Michelle and Kumar, Raj and ...
Journal of Neurotrauma, ISSN 0897-7151, 07/2016, Volume 33, Issue 13, pp. A-1 - A-139
Journal Article
G3-GENES GENOMES GENETICS, ISSN 2160-1836, 11/2019, Volume 9, Issue 11, pp. 3791 - 3800
A variety of genetic techniques have been devised to determine cell lineage relationships during tissue development. Some of these systems monitor cell... 
SYSTEM | EYE | MARKED CLONES | education | G-TRACE | GENETICS & HEREDITY | NEURONS | CURE | GENERATION | gene expression | STEM | cure | g-trace | stem
Journal Article
by Kwiat, Dillon A and Toselli, Luzia and Arun, Anupama and Fechter, Richard and Ritz, Lauren and Gress, Elizabeth A and Roy, Shuvo and Hirose, Shinjiro and Iqbal, Corey W and Harrison, Michael R and Boda, Sushanth and Dalton, Brian G and Aguayo, Pablo and Hendrickson, Richard J and St. Peter, Shawn D and Juang, David and Alemayehu, Hanna and Biggerstaff, Brian and St. Peter, Shawn D and McAteer, Jarod and Shaw, Dennis and Wahbeh, Ghassan and Foti, Jeffrey and Melzer, Lilah and Adam, Goldin and Piccolo, Roberto Lo and Ghionzoli, Marco and Martin, Alessandra and Posarelli, Matteo and Muensterer, Oliver J and St. Peter, Shawn D and Hill, Sarah J and Wulkan, Mark and Golden, Jamie and Ford, Henri and Nguyen, Nam X and Pang, Kristine Kit Yi and Mou, Wai Cheung and Chan, Kin Wai and Tam, Yuk Huk and Lee, Kim Hung and Li, Long and Ye, Mao and Guan, Kao-Ping and Wei, Yan-Dong and Heloury, Y and Leclair, Marc David and Petit, Tierry and Becmeur, Francois and Geiss, Stephan and Lardy, Hubert and Lavrand, Frederic and Lopez, Manuel and Han, Hyoung Jun and Kang, Sang Hee and Lee, Yoon and Lee, Eun Hee and Lee, Ji Sung and Uchida, Hiroo and Kawashima, Hiroshi and Toma, Miki and Fujiogi, Michimasa and Suzuki, Keisuke and Amano, Hizuru and Morita, Kaori and Arakawa, Yuki and Mori, Makiko and Koh, Katsuyoshi and Iwanaka, Tadashi and Cadario, Martin and Lenz, Yvonne and Bailez, Maria M and Duc, Dinh A and Carrillo, Brian and Carrillo, Brian and Nasr, Ahmed and Nasr, Ahmed and Gerstle, J Ted and Azzie, Georges and Lopez, Manuel and Vivas-Colmenares, Grecia and Maricic, Maximiliano and Rabinovich, Fernando and Toselli, Luzia and Valverde, Maria-Soledad and Bellia-Munzon, Gaston and Bignon, Horacio and Martinez-Ferro, Marcelo and Feng, Xiaoyan and Morandi, Anna and Imvised, Tawan and Ure, Benno and Kuebler, Joachim and Barsness, Katherine A and O'Brien, Ellie and Argall, Brenna D and Cundy, Thomas P and Haddad, Munther J and Clarke, Simon A and Wang, Jian and ...
Journal of Laparoendoscopic & Advanced Surgical Techniques, ISSN 1092-6429, 12/2015, Volume 25, Issue 12, pp. A-1 - A-97
Journal Article
by Qinglin, Sun and von Bergen, Martin and Till, Holger and Blatnik, Jeffrey A and Harth, Karem C and Krpata, David M and Kelly, Katherine B and Schmosich, Steve J and Romero, P and Reingruber, B and Rybov, Andrey and Kerimov, Polad and Kazantchev, Anatoliy and Rybakova, Diana and Rybansky, Mihail and Yang, Ying and Wang, Guo-bin and Shin, Hyun-Baek and Moon, Suk-Bae and Lee, Suk-Koo and Seo, Jeong-Meen and Kosumi, Takuya and Yamauchi, Katuji and Kimura, Takuya and Sawai, Toshio and Betalli, Pietro and Narciso, Alessandra and Midrio, Paola and Gamba, PG and Hirschl, Ronald and Geiger, James and Kozlov, Mikhail Y and Alieva, Elmira I and Tolstov, Kirill N and Liem, Nguyen Thanh and Quynh, Tran Anh and Sousa-Filho, Humberto B and Calcagno-Silva, Marcelo and Paiva, Kelly C and Valamiel, Roneyara R and Chagas, Celio C and Moreira, Agner A and Xiao, Xian-min and Zheng, Shan and Zhou, Yi-ming and Yu, Zengwen and Yang, Yang and Hien, Pham Duy and Dung, Le Anh and Son, Tran Ngoc and Hoan, Vu Manh and Diao, Mei and Liu, Shuli and Schukfeh, Nagoud and Engelmann, Carsten and Dingemann, Jens and Petersen, Claus and Ure, Benno M and Cabral, S and Fraire, C and Questa, H and Rybov, Andrey and Kerimov, Polad and Rybakova, Diana and Hill, Sarah J and Koontz, Curt S and Langness, Simone and Wulkan, Mark L and Cueva-Carrillo, Judith and Diaz-Cristerna, Agustin and Carvajal-Figueroa, Lourdes and Suarez-Gutierrez, Roberto and Ciro, Esposito and Francesca, Alicchio and Alessandra, Farina and Ida, Giurin and Flavio, Perricone and Marianna, Iaquinto and Giuseppe, Ascione and Erasmo, Miele and Concetta, De luca and Annamaria, Staiano and Antonio, Savanelli and Alessandro, Settimi and Vella, Claudio and Maestri, Luciano and Meroni, Milena and Caponcelli, Enrica and Pandya, Samir and Clifton, Matthew and Bhatia, Amina and Cifuentes, Luis E and Duthie, G and Kronfli, R and Munro, F D and MacKinlay, G A and Wilson-Storey, D and Sabharwal, A J and Davis, C and Walker, G M and ...
Journal of Laparoendoscopic & Advanced Surgical Techniques, ISSN 1092-6429, 04/2011, Volume 21, Issue 4, pp. A-1 - A-92
Journal Article
by Abbo, L and Casiano-Colon, A and Tysiak, M and Hooton, T. M and Stiles, J and Fagan, R and Gualandi, N and Beldavs, Z. G and Dumyati, G and Kainer, M and Lynfield, R and Maloney, M and Min, J.-Y and Nadle, J and Ray, S. M and Richards, K and Fridkin, S and Magill, S. S and Uganski, K and Bucher, K and Deyoung, G. R and Egwuatu, N and Weise, A and Prusa, J and Dumkow, L and Andrzejewski, C and Shutt, K and Freedy, H and Galang, G and Yassin, M and Doron, S and Mcelroy, N and Salem-Schatz, S and Griswold, P and Pallin, D and Kandel, R and Mchale, E and Simmons, N and Demaria, A and Chironda, B and Powis, J and Hoffmann, C and Sydnor, E and Brundige, M. L and Patel, S and Evans, C and Rightmier, E and Staicu, M and Felsen, C and Ashley, E. D and Miller, L and Kahn, K and Eells, S. J and Choi, S and Riva, M and Go-Wheeler, M and Hossain, T and Grein, J and Geide, T and Ignacio, M and Thompson, J. C and Talledo, K and Ka-Ming, L and Amado, C and Blair, P and Siegel, M and Keiser, J and Haas, M and Knepper, B and Kaucher, K and Shihadeh, K and Sankoff, J and Jenkins, T and Waters, D and Bryan, B and Evans, D and Kasbekar, N and O'donnell, J and Dougherty, T and Maniglia, R and Boedec, C and Edwards, C and Binkley, A and Mcdonough, K and Shafi, S and Mammen-Prasad, E and Finkel, D and Shah, K and Cook, P and Lee, T and Ashraf, M. S and Christie, J and Fang, X and Rashid, M.-U and Weintraub, A and Nord, C. E and Rolek, K and Talati, N and Binkley, S and Timko, D and ... and The CDC Prenvention Epicenters Program and IDCRP TIDOS working group and for the CDC Prevention Epicenters Program and The CDC Prevention Epicenters Program and The EMERGEncy ID NET Study Group and Latin American FIDEC Streptococcus Pneumoniae Working Group and Colombian Nosocomial Resistance Study Group and The Antibiotic Stewardship Corridor and Infection Prevention and Control Canada and Illinois Collaborative for Healthcare Antimicrobial Stewardship Enhancement (ICHASE) and rLP2086 B1971011 Study Team and The ResPECT Study Team and AHRQ DEcIDE Network and Healthcare-Associated Infections Program and CDC Prevention Epicenters Program and The Belgian Study Group for Varicella and CMV and Hearing Multicenter Screening (CHIMES) Study and Study Team (NCT01337167) and Toronto Invasive Bacterial Diseases Network and Portuguese Group for the Study of Streptococcal Infections and Korean Nosocomial Infections Surveillance System
Open Forum Infectious Diseases, ISSN 2328-8957, 12/2014, Volume 1, Issue suppl_1, pp. S70 - S472
Journal Article
Methods in Molecular Biology, ISSN 1064-3745, 2016, Volume 1442, pp. 155 - 164
Journal Article
PLoS ONE, ISSN 1932-6203, 2009, Volume 4, Issue 7, pp. e6072 - e6072
Journal Article
Journal Article
Emerging Infectious Diseases, ISSN 1080-6040, 10/2018, Volume 24, Issue 10, pp. 1942 - 1944
Journal Article
PLoS Genetics, ISSN 1553-7390, 06/2013, Volume 9, Issue 6, p. e1003549
Journal Article