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by Sultan, S and Evans, M J and Antonitsis, P and Westaby, S and Anastasiadis, K and Gayral, M and Saland, E and Lulka, H and Vignolle-Vidoni, A and Hanoun, N and Lemarié, A and Ligat, L and Saint-Laurent, N and Lopez, F and Buscail, L and Sarry, J E and Casucci, M and Camisa, B and Falcone, L and Saudemont, A and Genovese, P and Naldini, L and Naldini, L and Ciceri, F and Bordignon, C and Bonini, C and Bonini, C and Bondanza, A and Cafferata, E A and Weber, H L and Werbajh, S and Salvatierra, E and Rotondaro, C and Sganga, L and Haab, G Acosta and Curiel, D T and Gidekel, M and Podhajcer, O L and Kaeppel, C and Wilkening, S and Rodriguez, M A Pañeda and Lopez-Franco, E and Fontanellas, A and Prieto, J and Spronck, L and von Kalle, C and Petry, H and Gonzalez-Aseguinolaza, G and Schmidt, M and Schreiber, C A and Sakuma, T and Izumiya, Y and Bressin, R K and Basu, U and Koide, K and Asokan, A and Fischer, S and Stiefel, S and Handrick, R and Hoerer, M and Otte, K and Kochanek, S and Halonen, P and Tarvainen, S and Tarvainen, S and Taavitsainen, J and Kuivanen, A and Koistinen, A and Laakkonen, J and Hartikainen, J and Yla-Herttuala, S and Enns, H and Jungmann, A and Leuchs, B and Volz, C and Schinkel, S and Koch, W J and Raake, P W and Most, P and Katus, H A and Müller, O J and Basilico, C and Jaulin, N and Leroux, I and Schleder, C and Zuber, C and Charrier, M and Lieubeau, B and Péréon, Y and Magot, A and Hamel, A and Adjali, O and Rouger, K and Genovese, P and Schiroli, G and Conway, A and Guschin, D and Escobar, G and Di Tomaso, T and Marin, V and ...
Human Gene Therapy, ISSN 1043-0342, 10/2015, Volume 26, Issue 10, pp. A-1 - A-108
Journal Article
by Gatsonis, Constantine A and Aberle, Denise R and Berg, Christine D and Black, William C and Church, Timothy R and Fagerstrom, Richard M and Galen, Barbara and Gareen, Ilana F and Goldin, Jonathan and Gohagan, John K and Hillman, Bruce and Jaffe, Carl and Kramer, Barnett S and Lynch, David and Marcus, Pamela M and Schnall, Mitchell and Sullivan, Daniel C and Sullivan, Dorothy and Zylak, Carl J and Cagnon, Christopher and Cody, Dianna and Fletcher, Glenn and Flynn, Michael J and Judy, Philip F and Kruger, Randell and Larke, Frederick J and McNitt-Gray, Michael and Payne, Thomas and Anthony Seibert, J and Wu, Xizeng and Abbott, Gerald and Amorosa, Judith K and Barr, Richard G and Boiselle, Phillip M and Chiles, Caroline and Clark, Robert and Coppage, Lynn and Falk, Robert and Fishman, Elliot K and Gemmel, David and Goldin, Jonathan G and Goodman, Eric and Hart, Eric M and Hazelton, Todd and Johnson, Elizabeth and Kazerooni, Ella and McComb, Barbara and McLennan, Geoffrey and Munden, Reginald F and Ravenel, James and Sullivan, Michael and Swensen, Stephen J and Torigian, Drew A and Vydareny, Kay H and Worrell, John A and Balkin, Peter and Fouad, Mona and Freedman, Matthew T and Garg, Kavita and Gelmann, Edward P and Gierada, David S and Hocking, William and Inampudi, Subbarao and Isaacs, Claudine and Kvale, Paul and Mann, Howard and Manor, William and Nath, Hrudaya and Reding, Douglas and Spizarny, David L and Strollo, Diane C and Waltz, John and Chen, Mei-Hsiu and Duan, Fenghai and Izmirilian, Grant and Pinsky, Paul and Prorok, Philip C and Miller, Anthony B and Edelman, Martin J and Evans, William K and Fontana, Robert S and Machtay, Mitchell and Clark, Kenneth W and Clingan, Kathy L and Ford, Melissa B and Márquez, Guillermo and Moore, Steven M and Ohan, Peter and Payne, Thomas J and Peace, Steven and Rosenbaum, Jennifer L and Barr, Richard and Black, William and Torigian, Drew and Vydareny, Kay and Worrell, John and Young, Robert C and Alberts, David and DeMets, David and Greenwald, Peter and ... and Natl Lung Screening Trial Res Team and National Lung Screening Trial Research Team
Radiology, ISSN 0033-8419, 01/2011, Volume 258, Issue 1, pp. 243 - 253
Journal Article
Science, ISSN 0036-8075, 10/2005, Volume 310, Issue 5745, pp. 96 - 100
Journal Article
by Snyder, MP and Lin, S and Posgai, A and Atkinson, M and Regev, A and Rood, J and Rozenblatt-Rosen, O and Gaffney, L and Hupalowska, A and Satija, R and Gehlenborg, N and Shendure, J and Laskin, J and Harbury, P and Nystrom, NA and Silverstein, JC and Bar-Joseph, Z and Zhang, K and Borner, K and Lin, Y and Conroy, R and Procaccini, D and Roy, AL and Pillai, A and Brown, M and Galis, ZS and Cai, L and Trapnell, C and Jackson, D and Nolan, G and Greenleaf, WJ and Plevritis, S and Ahadi, S and Nevins, SA and Lee, H and Schuerch, CM and Black, S and Venkataraaman, VG and Esplin, E and Horning, A and Bahmani, A and Sun, X and Jain, S and Hagood, J and Pryhuber, G and Kharchenko, P and Bodenmiller, B and Brusko, T and Clare-Salzler, M and Nick, H and Otto, K and Wasserfall, C and Jorgensen, M and Brusko, M and Maffioletti, S and Caprioli, RM and Spraggins, JM and Gutierrez, D and Patterson, NH and Neumann, EK and Harris, R and deCaestecker, M and Fogo, AB and van de Plas, R and Lau, K and Yuan, GC and Zhu, Q and Dries, R and Yin, P and Saka, SK and Kishi, JY and Wang, Y and Goldaracena, I and Ye, DY and Burnum-Johnson, KE and Piehowski, PD and Ansong, C and Zhu, Y and Desai, T and Mulye, J and Chou, P and Nagendran, M and Teichmann, SA and Paten, B and Murphy, RF and Ma, J and Kiselev, VY and Kingsford, C and Ricarte, A and Keays, M and Akoju, SA and Ruffalo, M and Vella, M and McCallum, C and Cross, LE and Friedman, SH and Heiland, R and Herr, B and Macklin, P and Quardokus, EM and ... and HuBMAP Consortium and Pacific Northwest National Lab. (PNNL), Richland, WA (United States)
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Journal Article
by Leebens-Mack, JH and Barker, MS and Carpenter, EJ and Deyholos, MK and Gitzendanner, MA and Graham, SW and Grosse, I and Li, Z and Melkonian, M and Mirarab, S and Porsch, M and Quint, M and Rensing, SA and Soltis, DE and Soltis, PS and Stevenson, DW and Ullrich, KK and Wickett, NJ and DeGironimo, L and Edger, PP and Jordon-Thaden, IE and Joya, S and Liu, T and Melkonian, B and Miles, NW and Pokorny, L and Quigley, C and Thomas, P and Villarreal, JC and Augustin, MM and Barrett, MD and Baucom, RS and Beerling, DJ and Benstein, RM and Biffin, E and Brockington, SF and Burge, DO and Burris, JN and Burris, KP and Burtet-Sarramegna, V and Caicedo, AL and Cannon, SB and Cebi, Z and Chang, Y and Chater, C and Cheeseman, JM and Chen, T and Clarke, ND and Clayton, H and Covshoff, S and Crandall-Stotler, BJ and Cross, H and dePamphilis, CW and Der, JP and Determann, R and Dickson, RC and Di Stilio, VS and Ellis, S and Fast, E and Feja, N and Field, KJ and Filatov, DA and Finnegan, PM and Floyd, SK and Fogliani, B and Garcia, N and Gateble, G and Godden, GT and Goh, F and Greiner, S and Harkess, A and Heaney, JM and Helliwell, KE and Heyduk, K and Hibberd, JM and Hodel, RGJ and Hollingsworth, PM and Johnson, MTJ and Jost, R and Joyce, B and Kapralov, MV and Kazamia, E and Kellogg, EA and Koch, MA and Von Konrat, M and Konyves, K and Kutchan, TM and Lam, V and Larsson, A and Leitch, AR and Lentz, R and Li, FW and Lowe, AJ and Ludwig, M and Manos, PS and Mavrodiev, E and McCormick, MK and McKain, M and McLellan, T and McNeal, JR and ... and One Thousand Plant Transcriptomes and One Thousand Plant Transcriptomes Initiative and Umeå Plant Science Centre (UPSC) and Umeå universitet and Teknisk-naturvetenskapliga fakulteten
NATURE, ISSN 0028-0836, 10/2019, Volume 574, Issue 7780, pp. 679 - 679
Journal Article
Journal of Personality Assessment, ISSN 0022-3891, 01/2012, Volume 94, Issue 1, pp. 39 - 52
Journal Article
Personality and Individual Differences, ISSN 0191-8869, 09/2014, Volume 67, pp. 97 - 102
In two online studies (total N=1215), respondents completed personality inventories and a survey of their Internet commenting styles. Overall, strong positive... 
Antisocial Internet behavior | Dark Tetrad | Sadism | Dark Triad | Trolling | Cyber-trolls | Personality | PSYCHOLOGY, SOCIAL | VICTIMS | BULLIES | WORLD | ONLINE
Journal Article