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microbiology (10) 10
biochemistry & molecular biology (8) 8
index medicus (8) 8
molecular sequence data (8) 8
plant diseases - microbiology (7) 7
vocabulary, controlled (7) 7
phytophthora - genetics (6) 6
algal proteins - genetics (5) 5
amino acid sequence (5) 5
food and beverages (5) 5
fungi (5) 5
host-pathogen interactions (5) 5
phytophthora-infestans (5) 5
research (5) 5
review (5) 5
terminology as topic (5) 5
virulence (5) 5
animals (4) 4
fungi - genetics (4) 4
fungi - metabolism (4) 4
genes (4) 4
plant sciences (4) 4
plants (4) 4
plants - microbiology (4) 4
proteins (4) 4
resistance (4) 4
sequence analysis, dna (4) 4
symbiosis (4) 4
analysis (3) 3
avirulence (3) 3
bacteria - metabolism (3) 3
botrytis-cinerea (3) 3
cell-death (3) 3
defense responses (3) 3
dna, complementary - genetics (3) 3
evolution (3) 3
evolution, molecular (3) 3
expressed sequence tags (3) 3
fungi - pathogenicity (3) 3
gene library (3) 3
genomes (3) 3
genomics (3) 3
innate immunity (3) 3
microorganisms (3) 3
multidisciplinary sciences (3) 3
necrosis (3) 3
oomycetes (3) 3
oomycetes - pathogenicity (3) 3
phylogeny (3) 3
phytophthora - pathogenicity (3) 3
polymorphism, single nucleotide (3) 3
protein (3) 3
rice blast fungus (3) 3
toxoplasma-gondii (3) 3
09 biomass fuels (2) 2
appressorium formation (2) 2
arabidopsis-thaliana (2) 2
bacteria - genetics (2) 2
basic biological sciences (2) 2
biological sciences (2) 2
biotechnology & applied microbiology (2) 2
cellulose - metabolism (2) 2
cluster analysis (2) 2
computational biology - methods (2) 2
disease susceptibility (2) 2
dna, algal - genetics (2) 2
dna, fungal - genetics (2) 2
downy mildew (2) 2
effector proteins (2) 2
expressed sequences (2) 2
gene ontology (2) 2
genetic aspects (2) 2
genetics & heredity (2) 2
genome (2) 2
host-pathogen interactions - genetics (2) 2
humans (2) 2
hypersensitive response (2) 2
infection (2) 2
magnaporthe-grisea (2) 2
molecular-cloning (2) 2
oomycetes - genetics (2) 2
oomycetes - metabolism (2) 2
parasitica var.-nicotianae (2) 2
pathogens (2) 2
phytophthora infestans (2) 2
plant (2) 2
plant cells (2) 2
plant-disease resistance (2) 2
potatoes (2) 2
protease inhibitor (2) 2
protein binding (2) 2
recombinant proteins - chemistry (2) 2
research articles (2) 2
selection, genetic (2) 2
sequence alignment (2) 2
sojae-effector avr1b (2) 2
symbiosis - genetics (2) 2
virulence factors - genetics (2) 2
abc transporters (1) 1
actinomycetales - genetics (1) 1
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by Haas, B.J and Kamoun, S and Zody, M.C and Jiang, R.H.Y and Handsaker, R.E and Cano, L.M and Grabherr, M and Kodira, C.D and Raffaele, S and Torto-Alalibo, T and Bozkurt, T.O and Ah-Fong, A.M.V and Alvarado, L and Anderson, V.L and Armstrong, M.R and Avrova, A and Baxter, L and Beynon, J and Boevink, P.C and Bollmann, S.R and Bos, J.I.B and Bulone, V and Cai, G and Cakir, C and Carrington, J.C and Chawner, M and Conti, L and Costanzo, S and Ewan, R and Fahlgren, N and Fischbach, M.A and Fugelstad, J and Gilroy, E.M and Gnerre, S and Green, P.J and Grenville-Briggs, L.J and Griffith, J and Grunwald, N.J and Horn, K and Horner, N.R and Hu, C.H and Huitema, E and Jeong, D.H and Jones, A.M.E and Jones, J.D.G and Jones, R.W and Karlsson, E.K and Kunjeti, S.G and Lamour, K and Liu, Z and Ma, L and Maclean, D and Chibucos, M.C and McDonald, H and McWalters, J and Meijer, H.J.G and Morgan, W and Morris, P.F and Munro, C.A and O'Neill, K and Ospina-Giraldo, M and Pinzon, A and Pritchard, L and Ramsahoye, B and Ren, Q and Restrepo, S and Roy, S and Sadanandom, A and Savidor, A and Schornack, S and Schwartz, D.C and Schumann, U.D and Schwessinger, B and Seyer, L and Sharpe, T and Silvar, C and Song, J and Studholme, D.J and Sykes, S and Thines, M and Vondervoort, van de, P.J.I and Phuntumart, V and Wawra, S and Weide, R and Win, J and Young, C and Zhou, S and Fry, W and Meyers, B.C and West, van, P and Ristaino, J and Govers, F and Birch, P.R.J and Whisson, S.C and Judelson, H.S and Nusbaum, C and Skolan för bioteknologi (BIO) and KTH and Glykovetenskap
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Journal Article
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Journal Article
Journal Article
by Harris, Midori A and Deegan, Jennifer I and Ireland, Amelia and Lomax, Jane and Ashburner, Michael and Tweedie, Susan and Carbon, Seth and Lewis, Suzanna and Mungall, Chris and Day-Richter, John and Eilbeck, Karen and Blake, Judith A and Bult, Carol and Diehl, Alexander D and Dolan, Mary and Drabkin, Harold and Eppig, Janan T and Hill, David P and Ni, Li and Ringwald, Martin and Balakrishnan, Rama and Binkley, Gail and Cherry, J. Michael and Christie, Karen R and Costanzo, Maria C and Dong, Qing and Engel, Stacia R and Fisk, Dianna G and Hirschman, Jodi E and Hitz, Benjamin C and Hong, Eurie L and Krieger, Cynthia J and Miyasato, Stuart R and Nash, Robert S and Park, Julie and Skrzypek, Marek S and Weng, Shuai and Wong, Edith D and Zhu, Kathy K and Botstein, David and Dolinski, Kara and Livstone, Michael S and Oughtred, Rose and Berardini, Tanya and Li, Donghui and Rhee, Seung Y and Apweiler, Rolf and Barrell, Daniel and Camon, Evelyn and Dimmer, Emily and Huntley, Rachael and Mulder, Nicola and Khodiyar, Varsha K and Lovering, Ruth C and Povey, Sue and Chisholm, Rex and Fey, Petra and Gaudet, Pascale and Kibbe, Warren and Kishore, Ranjana and Schwarz, Erich M and Sternberg, Paul and Van Auken, Kimberly and Giglio, Michelle Gwinn and Hannick, Linda and Wortman, Jennifer and Aslett, Martin and Berriman, Matthew and Wood, Valerie and Jacob, Howard and Laulederkind, Stan and Petri, Victoria and Shimoyama, Mary and Smith, Jennifer and Twigger, Simon and Jaiswal, Pankaj and Seigfried, Trent and Howe, Doug and Westerfield, Monte and Collmer, Candace and Torto-Alalibo, Trudy and Feltrin, Erika and Valle, Giorgio and Bromberg, Susan and Burgess, Shane and McCarthy, Fiona and Gene Ontology Consortium and The Gene Ontology Consortium
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The Gene Ontology (GO) project (http://www.geneontology.org/) provides a set of structured, controlled vocabularies for community use in annotating genes, gene... 
BIOCHEMISTRY & MOLECULAR BIOLOGY | SEQUENCE ONTOLOGY | User-Computer Interface | Databases, Genetic - standards | Animals | Vocabulary, Controlled | Genomics | Humans | Rats | Mice | Internet | Sequence Analysis
Journal Article
by Berardini, TZ and Li, DH and Huala, E and Bridges, S and Burgess, S and McCarthy, F and Carbon, S and Lewis, SE and Mungall, CJ and Abdulla, A and Wood, V and Feltrin, E and Valle, G and Chisholm, RL and Fey, P and Gaudet, P and Kibbe, W and Basu, S and Bushmanova, Y and Eilbeck, K and Siegele, DA and McIntosh, B and Renfro, D and Zweifel, A and Hu, JC and Ashburner, M and Tweedie, S and Alam-Faruque, Y and Apweiler, R and Auchinchloss, A and Bairoch, A and Barrell, D and Binns, D and Blatter, MC and Bougueleret, L and Boutet, E and Breuza, L and Bridge, A and Browne, P and Chan, WM and Coudert, E and Daugherty, L and Dimmer, E and Eberhardt, R and Estreicher, A and Famiglietti, L and Ferro-Rojas, S and Feuermann, M and Foulger, R and Gruaz-Gumowski, N and Hinz, U and Huntley, R and Jimenez, S and Jungo, F and Keller, G and Laiho, K and Legge, D and Lemercier, P and Lieberherr, D and Magrane, M and O'Donovan, C and Pedruzzi, I and Poux, S and Rivoire, C and Roechert, B and Sawford, T and Schneider, M and Stanley, E and Stutz, A and Sundaram, S and Tognolli, M and Xenarios, I and Harris, MA and Deegan, JI and Ireland, A and Lomax, J and Jaiswal, P and Chibucos, M and Giglio, MG and Wortman, J and Hannick, L and Madupu, R and Botstein, D and Dolinski, K and Livstone, MS and Oughtred, R and Blake, JA and Bult, C and Diehl, AD and Dolan, M and Drabkin, H and Eppig, JT and Hill, DP and Ni, L and Ringwald, M and Sitnikov, D and Collmer, C and Torto-Alalibo, T and Laulederkind, S and Shimoyama, M and ... and Gene Ontology Consortium
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The Gene Ontology (GO) Consortium (http://www.geneontology.org) (GOC) continues to develop, maintain and use a set of structured, controlled vocabularies for... 
Journal Article
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Journal Article
BMC Microbiology, ISSN 1471-2180, 2009, Volume 9, Issue 1, pp. S1 - S1
All microbes that form beneficial, neutral, or pathogenic associations with hosts face similar challenges. They must physically adhere to and/or gain entry to... 
MICROBIOLOGY | NECROSIS | PROTEIN | Host-Pathogen Interactions | Vocabulary, Controlled | Terminology as Topic | Plants - microbiology | Bacteria - genetics | Fungi - genetics | Symbiosis - genetics
Journal Article
The Plant Cell, ISSN 1040-4651, 7/2006, Volume 18, Issue 7, pp. 1766 - 1777
Journal Article