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by Dork, T and Peterlongo, P and Mannermaa, A and Bolla, MK and Wang, Q and Dennis, J and Ahearn, T and Andrulis, IL and Anton-Culver, H and Arndt, V and Aronson, KJ and Augustinsson, A and Freeman, LEB and Beckmann, MW and Beeghly-Fadiel, A and Behrens, S and Bermisheva, M and Blomqvist, C and Bogdanova, N and Bojesen, SE and Brauch, H and Brenner, H and Burwinkel, B and Canzian, F and Chan, TL and Chang-Claude, J and Chanock, SJ and Choi, JY and Christiansen, H and Clarke, CL and Couch, FJ and Czene, K and Daly, MB and dos-Santos-Silva, I and Dwek, M and Eccles, DM and Ekici, AB and Eriksson, M and Evans, DG and Fasching, PA and Figueroa, J and Flyger, H and Fritschisl, L and Gabrielson, M and Gago-Dominguez, M and Gao, C and Gapstur, SM and Garcia-Closas, M and Garcia-Saenz, JA and Gaudet, MM and Giles, GG and Goldberg, MS and Goldgar, DE and Guenel, P and Haeberle, L and Haiman, CA and Hakansson, N and Hall, P and Hamann, U and Hartman, M and Hauke, J and Hein, A and Hillemanns, P and Hogervorst, FBL and Hooning, MJ and Hopper, JL and Howell, T and Huo, DZ and Ito, H and Iwasaki, M and Jakubowska, A and Janni, W and John, EM and Jung, A and Kaaks, R and Kang, D and Kapoor, PM and Khusnutdinova, E and Kim, SW and Kitahara, CM and Koutros, S and Kraft, P and Kristensen, VN and Kwon, A and Lambrechts, D and Le Marchand, L and Li, JM and Lindstrom, S and Linet, M and Lo, WY and Long, JR and Lophatananon, A and Lubinski, J and Manoochehri, M and Manoukian, S and Margolin, S and Martinez, E and Matsuo, K and Mavroudis, D and Meindl, A and ... and ABCTB Investigators and NBCS Collaborators
SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, ISSN 2045-2322, 08/2019, Volume 9, Issue 1, pp. 12524 - 14
Fanconi anemia (FA) is a genetically heterogeneous disorder with 22 disease-causing genes reported to date. In some FA genes, monoallelic mutations have been... 
PROTEIN | FANCONIS ANEMIA | GENE | MULTIDISCIPLINARY SCIENCES | BIALLELIC MUTATIONS | DNA-REPAIR | PALB2 | NONSENSE MUTATION | BRCA2 protein | BRCA1 protein | Genes | Menopause | Hormone replacement therapy | Breast cancer | Mutation | Health risk assessment | Fanconi syndrome | Epidemiology | Genotypes | FANCC protein
Journal Article
by Ferreira, Manuel A and Gamazon, Eric R and Al-Ejeh, Fares and Aittomäki, Kristiina and Andrulis, Irene L and Anton-Culver, Hoda and Arason, Adalgeir and Arndt, Volker and Aronson, Kristan J and Arun, Banu K and Asseryanis, Ella and Azzollini, Jacopo and Balmaña, Judith and Barnes, Daniel R and Barrowdale, Daniel and Beckmann, Matthias W and Behrens, Sabine and Benitez, Javier and Bermisheva, Marina and Białkowska, Katarzyna and Blomqvist, Carl and Bogdanova, Natalia V and Bojesen, Stig E and Bolla, Manjeet K and Borg, Ake and Brauch, Hiltrud and Brenner, Hermann and Broeks, Annegien and Burwinkel, Barbara and Caldés, Trinidad and Caligo, Maria A and Campa, Daniele and Campbell, Ian and Canzian, Federico and Carter, Jonathan and Carter, Brian D and Castelao, Jose E and Chang-Claude, Jenny and Chanock, Stephen J and Christiansen, Hans and Chung, Wendy K and Claes, Kathleen B. M and Clarke, Christine L and Adlard, Julian and Ahmed, Munaza and Barwell, Julian and Brady, Angela and Brewer, Carole and Cook, Jackie and Davidson, Rosemarie and Donaldson, Alan and Eason, Jacqueline and Eeles, Ros and Evans, D. Gareth and Gregory, Helen and Hanson, Helen and Henderson, Alex and Hodgson, Shirley and Izatt, Louise and Kennedy, M. John and Lalloo, Fiona and Miller, Clare and Morrison, Patrick J and Ong, Kai-ren and Perkins, Jo and Porteous, Mary E and Rogers, Mark T and Side, Lucy E and Snape, Katie and Walker, Lisa and Harrington, Patricia A and Arnold, Norbert and Auber, Bernd and Bogdanova-Markov, Nadja and Borde, Julika and Caliebe, Almuth and Ditsch, Nina and Dworniczak, Bernd and Engert, Stefanie and Faust, Ulrike and Gehrig, Andrea and Hahnen, Eric and Hauke, Jan and Hentschel, Julia and Herold, Natalie and Honisch, Ellen and Just, Walter and Kast, Karin and Larsen, Mirjam and Lemke, Johannes and Nguyen, Huu Phuc and Niederacher, Dieter and Ott, Claus-Eric and Platzer, Konrad and Pohl-Rescigno, Esther and Ramser, Juliane and Rhiem, Kerstin and Steinemann, Doris and Sutter, Christian and Varon-Mateeva, Raymonda and ... and BCFR Investigators and ABCTB Investigators and HEBON Investigators and GC-HBOC Study Collaborators and GEMO Study Collaborators and EMBRACE Collaborators
Nature Communications, ISSN 2041-1723, 12/2019, Volume 10, Issue 1, pp. 1741 - 18
Genome-wide association studies (GWAS) have identified more than 170 breast cancer susceptibility loci. Here we hypothesize that some risk-associated variants... 
REGULATOR | CELLS | COMPLEX | VARIANTS | CHROMATIN | CYCLIN E2 | AUTOIMMUNITY | MULTIDISCIPLINARY SCIENCES | DISEASE | ENHANCERS | EXPRESSION | Spleen | Immune response | Adipose tissue | Target recognition | Genes | Estrogens | Health risks | Estrogen receptors | Risk | Breast cancer | Genomes | Gene expression | Loci | Quantitative trait loci | Etiology | Breast | Gene mapping | Health risk assessment | Cancer | Immune system
Journal Article
by Matejcic, Marco and Saunders, Edward J and Dadaev, Tokhir and Brook, Mark N and Wang, Kan and Sheng, Xin and Olama, Ali Amin Al and Schumacher, Fredrick R and Ingles, Sue A and Govindasami, Koveela and Benlloch, Sara and Berndt, Sonja I and Albanes, Demetrius and Koutros, Stella and Muir, Kenneth and Stevens, Victoria L and Gapstur, Susan M and Tangen, Catherine M and Batra, Jyotsna and Clements, Judith and Gronberg, Henrik and Pashayan, Nora and Schleutker, Johanna and Wolk, Alicja and West, Catharine and Mucci, Lorelei and Kraft, Peter and Cancel-Tassin, Géraldine and Sorensen, Karina D and Maehle, Lovise and Grindedal, Eli M and Strom, Sara S and Neal, David E and Hamdy, Freddie C and Donovan, Jenny L and Travis, Ruth C and Hamilton, Robert J and Rosenstein, Barry and Lu, Yong-Jie and Giles, Graham G and Kibel, Adam S and Vega, Ana and Bensen, Jeanette T and Kogevinas, Manolis and Penney, Kathryn L and Park, Jong Y and Stanford, Janet L and Cybulski, Cezary and Nordestgaard, Børge G and Brenner, Hermann and Maier, Christiane and Kim, Jeri and Teixeira, Manuel R and Neuhausen, Susan L and De Ruyck, Kim and Razack, Azad and Newcomb, Lisa F and Lessel, Davor and Kaneva, Radka and Usmani, Nawaid and Claessens, Frank and Townsend, Paul A and Gago-Dominguez, Manuela and Roobol, Monique J and Menegaux, Florence and Khaw, Kay-Tee and Cannon-Albright, Lisa A and Pandha, Hardev and Thibodeau, Stephen N and Schaid, Daniel J and Wiklund, Fredrik and Chanock, Stephen J and Easton, Douglas F and Eeles, Rosalind A and Kote-Jarai, Zsofia and Conti, David V and Haiman, Christopher A and PRACTICAL Consortium and The PRACTICAL Consortium
Nature communications, ISSN 2041-1723, 01/2019, Volume 10, Issue 1, pp. 382 - 5
The original version of this Article contained an error in the spelling of the author Manuela Gago-Dominguez, which was incorrectly given as Manuela G.... 
Health risk assessment | Prostate cancer | Prostate | Health risks | Cancer
Journal Article
Journal Article
American journal of epidemiology, ISSN 0002-9262, 09/2019
Despite research efforts, current knowledge on the etiology of thyroid carcinoma remains limited. To explore the potential role of diet-induced inflammation,... 
Journal Article
by Shu, X and Wu, L and Khankari, NK and Shu, XO and Wang, TJ and Michailidou, K and Bolla, MK and Wang, Q and Dennis, J and Milne, RL and Schmidt, MK and Pharoah, PDP and Andrulis, IL and Hunter, DJ and Simard, J and Easton, DF and Zheng, W and Alicia, BFJ and Anton-Culver, H and Antonenkova, NN and Arndt, V and Aronson, KJ and Auer, PL and Barrdahl, M and Baynes, C and Freeman, LEB and Beckmann, MW and Behrens, S and Benitez, J and Bermisheva, M and Blomqvist, C and Bogdanova, NV and Bojesen, SE and Brauch, H and Brenner, H and Brinton, L and Broberg, P and Brucker, SY and Bruning, T and Burwinkel, B and Cai, QY and Caldes, T and Canzian, F and Carter, BD and Castelao, JE and Chang-Claude, J and Chenevix-Trench, G and Cheng, TYD and Clarke, CL and Conroy, DM and Couch, FJ and Cox, DG and Cox, A and Cross, SS and Cunningham, JM and Czene, K and Daly, MB and Doheny, KF and Dork, T and dos-Santos-Silva, I and Dumont, M and Dunning, AM and Dwek, M and Earp, HS and Eccles, DM and Eliassen, AH and Engel, C and Eriksson, M and Evans, DG and Fachal, L and Fasching, PA and Figueroa, J and Fletcher, O and Flyger, H and Fritschi, L and Gabrielson, M and Gago-Dominguez, M and Gapstur, SM and Garcia-Closas, M and Gaudet, MM and Ghoussaini, M and Giles, GG and Goldberg, MS and Goldgar, DE and Gonzalez-Neira, A and Guenel, P and Hahnen, E and Haiman, CA and Hakansson, N and Hall, P and Hallberg, E and Hamann, U and Harrington, P and He, W and Hein, A and Hicks, B and Hillemanns, P and Hogervorst, FB and Hollestelle, A and Hoover, RN and ... and Breast Canc Assoc Consortium and NBCS Collaborators and Breast Cancer Association Consortium
INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF EPIDEMIOLOGY, ISSN 0300-5771, 06/2019, Volume 48, Issue 3, pp. 795 - 806
Background: In addition to the established association between general obesity and breast cancer risk, central obesity and circulating fasting insulin and... 
Journal Article
by Escala-Garcia, Maria and Guo, Qi and Dörk, Thilo and Canisius, Sander and Keeman, Renske and Dennis, Joe and Beesley, Jonathan and Lecarpentier, Julie and Bolla, Manjeet K and Wang, Qin and Abraham, Jean and Andrulis, Irene L and Anton-Culver, Hoda and Arndt, Volker and Auer, Paul L and Beckmann, Matthias W and Behrens, Sabine and Benitez, Javier and Bermisheva, Marina and Bernstein, Leslie and Blomqvist, Carl and Boeckx, Bram and Bojesen, Stig E and Bonanni, Bernardo and Børresen-Dale, Anne-Lise and Brauch, Hiltrud and Brenner, Hermann and Brentnall, Adam and Brinton, Louise and Broberg, Per and Brock, Ian W and Brucker, Sara Y and Burwinkel, Barbara and Caldas, Carlos and Caldés, Trinidad and Campa, Daniele and Canzian, Federico and Carracedo, Angel and Carter, Brian D and Castelao, Jose E and Chang-Claude, Jenny and Chanock, Stephen J and Chenevix-Trench, Georgia and Cheng, Ting-Yuan David and Chin, Suet-Feung and Clarke, Christine L and Cordina-Duverger, Emilie and Couch, Fergus J and Cox, David G and Cox, Angela and Cross, Simon S and Czene, Kamila and Daly, Mary B and Devilee, Peter and Dunn, Janet A and Dunning, Alison M and Durcan, Lorraine and Dwek, Miriam and Earl, Helena M and Ekici, Arif B and Eliassen, A. Heather and Ellberg, Carolina and Engel, Christoph and Eriksson, Mikael and Evans, D. Gareth and Figueroa, Jonine and Flesch-Janys, Dieter and Flyger, Henrik and Gabrielson, Marike and Gago-Dominguez, Manuela and Galle, Eva and Gapstur, Susan M and García-Closas, Montserrat and García-Sáenz, José A and Gaudet, Mia M and George, Angela and Georgoulias, Vassilios and Giles, Graham G and Glendon, Gord and Goldgar, David E and González-Neira, Anna and Alnæs, Grethe I. Grenaker and Grip, Mervi and Guénel, Pascal and Haeberle, Lothar and Hahnen, Eric and Haiman, Christopher A and Håkansson, Niclas and Hall, Per and Hamann, Ute and Hankinson, Susan and Harkness, Elaine F and Harrington, Patricia A and Hart, Steven N and Hartikainen, Jaana M and Hein, Alexander and Hillemanns, Peter and Hiller, Louise and Holleczek, Bernd and Hollestelle, Antoinette and ... and NBCS Collaborators
British Journal of Cancer, ISSN 0007-0920, 03/2019, Volume 120, Issue 6, pp. 647 - 657
Journal Article