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by Kardashev, N S and Khartov, V V and Abramov, V V and Avdeev, V Yu and Alakoz, A V and Aleksandrov, Yu A and Ananthakrishnan, S and Andreyanov, V V and Andrianov, A S and Antonov, N M and Artyukhov, M I and Arkhipov, M Yu and Baan, W and Babakin, N G and Babyshkin, V E and Bartel’, N and Belousov, K G and Belyaev, A A and Berulis, J J and Burke, B F and Biryukov, A V and Bubnov, A E and Burgin, M S and Busca, G and Bykadorov, A A and Bychkova, V S and Vasil’kov, V I and Wellington, K J and Vinogradov, I S and Wietfeldt, R and Voitsik, P A and Gvamichava, A S and Girin, I A and Gurvits, L I and Dagkesamanskii, R D and D’Addario, L and Giovannini, G and Jauncey, D L and Dewdney, P E and D’yakov, A A and Zharov, V E and Zhuravlev, V I and Zaslavskii, G S and Zakhvatkin, M V and Zinov’ev, A N and Ilinen, Yu and Ipatov, A V and Kanevskii, B Z and Knorin, I A and Casse, J L and Kellermann, K I and Kovalev, Yu A and Kovalev, Yu Yu and Kovalenko, A V and Kogan, B L and Komaev, R V and Konovalenko, A A and Kopelyanskii, G D and Korneev, Yu A and Kostenko, V I and Kotik, A N and Kreisman, B B and Kukushkin, A Yu and Kulishenko, V F and Cooper, D N and Kut’kin, A M and Cannon, W H and Larionov, M G and Lisakov, M M and Litvinenko, L N and Likhachev, S F and Likhacheva, L N and Lobanov, A P and Logvinenko, S V and Langston, G and McCracken, K and Medvedev, S Yu and Melekhin, M V and Menderov, A V and Murphy, D W and Mizyakina, T A and Mozgovoi, Yu V and Nikolaev, N Ya and Novikov, B S and Novikov, I D and Oreshko, V V and Pavlenko, Yu K and Pashchenko, I N and Ponomarev, Yu N and Popov, M V and Pravin-Kumar, A and Preston, R A and Pyshnov, V N and Rakhimov, I A and Rozhkov, V M and Romney, J D and Rocha, P and Rudakov, V A and Räisänen, A and Sazankov, S V and ...
Astronomy reports, ISSN 1063-7729, 3/2013, Volume 57, Issue 3, pp. 153 - 194
Journal Article
2006, Biological and medical physics, biomedical engineering, ISBN 9783540258766, ix, 281
by Armesto, N and Borghini, N and Jeon, S and Wiedemann, U A and Abreu, S and Akkelin, S V and Alam, J and Albacete, J L and Andronic, A and Antonov, D and Arleo, F and Arsene, I C and Barnaföldi, G G and Barrette, J and Bäuchle, B and Becattini, F and Betz, B and Bleicher, M and Bluhm, M and Boer, D and Bopp, F W and Braun-Munzinger, P and Bravina, L and Busza, W and Cacciari, M and Capella, A and Casalderrey-Solana, J and Chatterjee, R and Chen, L-W and Cleymans, J and Cole, B A and Valle, Z Conesa Del and Csernai, L P and Cunqueiro, L and Dainese, A and Deus, J Dias de and Ding, H-T and Djordjevic, M and Drescher, H and Dremin, I M and Dumitru, A and El, A and Engel, R and d'Enterria, D and Eskola, K J and Fai, G and Ferreiro, E G and Fries, R J and Frodermann, E and Fujii, H and Gale, C and Gelis, F and Gonçalves, V P and Greco, V and Greiner, C and Gyulassy, M and Hees, H van and Heinz, U and Honkanen, H and Horowitz, W A and Iancu, E and Ingelman, G and Jalilian-Marian, J and Kaidalov, A B and Kämpfer, B and Kang, Z-B and Karpenko, Iu A and Kestin, G and Kharzeev, D and Ko, C M and Koch, B and Kopeliovich, B and Kozlov, M and Kraus, I and Kuznetsova, I and Lee, S H and Lednicky, R and Letessier, J and Levin, E and Li, B-A and Lin, Z-W and Liu, H and Liu, W and Loizides, C and Lokhtin, I P and Machado, M V T and Malinina, L V and Managadze, A M and Mangano, M L and Mannarelli, M and Manuel, C and Martínez, G and Milhano, J G and Mócsy, Á and Molnár, D and Nardi, M and Nayak, J K and Niemi, H and Oeschler, H and Ollitrault, J-Y and ...
Journal of physics. G, Nuclear and particle physics, ISSN 0954-3899, 05/2008, Volume 35, Issue 5, p. 054001
Journal Article