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physics - high energy physics - experiment (9) 9
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biomedicine (2) 2
brain (2) 2
humans (2) 2
luminosity (2) 2
neurosciences (2) 2
neurosciences & neurology (2) 2
peptides - pharmacology (2) 2
physics of elementary particles and fields (2) 2
standard model (2) 2
[phys.hexp]physics [physics]/high energy physics - experiment [hep-ex] (1) 1
acute disease (1) 1
acute heart failure (1) 1
adult (1) 1
age distribution (1) 1
aged (1) 1
aged, 80 and over (1) 1
alloys (1) 1
anodes (1) 1
antibody (1) 1
astrophysics (1) 1
biochemistry & molecular biology (1) 1
biochemistry, general (1) 1
biological and medical sciences (1) 1
biological products (1) 1
blood serum (1) 1
bone neoplasms - genetics (1) 1
bone neoplasms - metabolism (1) 1
bone neoplasms - pathology (1) 1
bosons (1) 1
calorimeters (1) 1
cancer (1) 1
cardiac & cardiovascular systems (1) 1
cardiology. vascular system (1) 1
cardiovascular system & cardiology (1) 1
care and treatment (1) 1
cell biology (1) 1
cell cycle (1) 1
cell growth (1) 1
cell line, tumor (1) 1
cern (1) 1
chemical synthesis (1) 1
chemistry (1) 1
cherenkov and transition radiation (1) 1
cherenkov detectors (1) 1
chondrosarcoma (1) 1
chondrosarcoma - genetics (1) 1
chondrosarcoma - metabolism (1) 1
chondrosarcoma - pathology (1) 1
chromatography (1) 1
cms (1) 1
confidence intervals (1) 1
cross sections (1) 1
cyclophosphamide - toxicity (1) 1
data (1) 1
decay (1) 1
demographics (1) 1
detectors and experimental techniques (1) 1
development and progression (1) 1
echocardiography (1) 1
electronics (1) 1
electrons (1) 1
enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (1) 1
enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (1) 1
enzymes (1) 1
euroheart survey (1) 1
experiment-hep (1) 1
female (1) 1
ferrous or non-ferrous alloys (1) 1
fizikai tudományok (1) 1
galarmin (1) 1
genetic aspects (1) 1
hadron-hadron scattering (1) 1
hadrons (1) 1
health aspects (1) 1
heart (1) 1
heart failure - etiology (1) 1
heart failure - mortality (1) 1
heart failure - therapy (1) 1
heart failure, cardiogenic pulmonary edema, cardiac enlargement (1) 1
higgs bosons (1) 1
hospital mortality (1) 1
hospitalization - statistics & numerical data (1) 1
hypothalamus - metabolism (1) 1
immune system (1) 1
immunohistochemistry (1) 1
inflammation (1) 1
innate immunity (1) 1
instrumentation (1) 1
instrumentation and detectors (1) 1
instrumentation and methods for astrophysics (1) 1
instruments & instrumentation (1) 1
large hadron collider (1) 1
leptons (1) 1
ligands (1) 1
lymphopenia - chemically induced (1) 1
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by Nieminen, Markku S and Brutsaert, Dirk and Dickstein, Kenneth and Drexler, Helmut and Follath, Ferenc and Harjola, Veli-Pekka and Hochadel, Matthias and Komajda, Michel and Lassus, Johan and Lopez-Sendon, Jose Luis and Ponikowski, Piotr and Tavazzi, Luigi and Manini, Malika and Bramley, Claire and Laforest, Valerie and Taylor, Charles and Hochadel, M and Huber, Kurt and De Backer, Guy and Sirakova, Vera and Cerbak, Roman and Thayssen, Per and Abdel Aziz, Osama and Tammam, Khalid and Lehto, Seppo and Delahaye, François and Kobulia, Bondo and Zeymer, Uwe and Cokkinos, Dennis and Krematisnos, Dimitrios and Karlocai, Kristof and Shelley, Emer and Behar, Shlomo and Maggioni, Aldo and Grabauskiene, Virginija and Deckers, Jaap and Asmussen, Inger and Stepinska, Janina and Gonçalves, Lino and Mareev, Vyacheslav and Vasilijevic, Zonara and Riecansky, Igor and Kenda, Miran F and Rosengren, Annika and Buser, Peter and Okay, Tugrul and Sychov, Oleg and Schofield, Peter and Gitt, Anselm and Tavazzi, L and Seabra Gomes, R and Marrugat De La Iglesia, J and Wallentin, L and Kearney, P and Boyle, R and Simoons, M.I and Tumasyan, Liana and Nargizyan, Armen and Astvatsatryan, Arman and Margazyan, Kristine and Ohanyan, Alina and Jakl, Gabriele and Convens, Carl and Naydenov Naydenov, Stefan and Goudev, Assen Rachev and Koleva, Kalina and Petrov, Valentin and Petrov, Asen and Tisheva, Snejana and Jordanova, Virginia and Stancheva, Nadia and Peychev, Yavor and Glavas, Duska and Raos, Vjekoslava and Ivanac, Irena and Vitovec, Jiri and Pavelcikova, Hana and Kautzner, J and Malek, Ivan and Jandova, Ruzena and Zajicek, Petr and Rosolova, Hana and Zdenek, Hess and Spinar, Jindrich and Sepsi, Milan and Al Khashab, Khalid Ahmed and Saad, Aly and Farouk, Heba and Reinmets, Julia and Marandi, Toomas and Savolainen, Kirsti and Pietila, Mervi and Marco, Jean and Petit, Frederic and Jourdain, Patrick and Danchin, Nicolas and Marinier, Sylvie and Delahaye, Armelle and Galley, Daniel and Beltra, Christine and ... and EuroHeart Survey Investigators and Heart Failure Association, European Society of Cardiology and on behalf of the EuroHeart Survey Investigators
European heart journal, ISSN 0195-668X, 2006, Volume 27, Issue 22, pp. 2725 - 2736
Journal Article
by Krammer N and Rad N and Schöfbeck R and Spanring M and Zarucki M and Drugakov V and Van Remortel N and Van Doninck W and Van Mulders P and Bilin B and Delannoy H and Starling E and Vannerom D and Cornelis T and Khvastunov I and Roskas C and Tytgat M and Zaganidis N and Delaere C and Saggio A and Hensel C and Coelho E and Da Silveira G G and Fonseca De Souza S and Sznajder A and Thiel M and Torres Da Silva De Araujo F and Vilela Pereira A and Bernardes C A and Fernandez Perez Tomei T R and Lemos D S and Aleksandrov A and Antchev G and Hadjiiska R and Pavlov B and Ahmad M and Tao J and Levin A and Li L and Hu Z and Cabrera A and Ruiz Alvarez J D and Brigljevic V and Starodumov A and Mavromanolakis G and Ptochos F and Rykaczewski H and Veelken C and Garcia F and Havukainen J and Kim M S and Lampén T and Siikonen H and Tuominen E and Couderc F and Denegri D and Ferri F and Ganjour S and Leloup C and Sahin M Ö and Busson P and Charlot C and Diab B and Lobanov A and Martin Perez C and Sirois Y and Agram J-L and Andrea J and Brom J-M and Fontaine J-C and Gelé D and Van Hove P and Gadrat S and Beauceron S and Bernet C and Carle A and Chierici R and Laktineh I B and Perries S and Khvedelidze A and Autermann C and Kiesel M K and Lipinski M and Schomakers C and Wittmer B and Mondal S and Mukherjee S and Quast T and Reithler H and Sharma A and Zaleski S and Nowack A and Sert H and Stahl A and Aldaya Martin M and Asmuss P and Bermúdez Martínez A and Borras K and Connor P and Danilov V and ...
The journal of high energy physics, 03/2020, Volume 2020, Issue 3
Journal Article
by Chatrchyan, S and Khachatryan, V and Sirunyan, A.M and Tumasyan, A and Mossolov, V and Shumeiko, N and Cornelis, T and Ochesanu, S and Roland, B and Staykova, Z and Van Haevermaet, H and Van Mechelen, P and Van Spilbeeck, A and Alves G.a, G.a and Junior, M.C.M and Martins, T and Pol, M.E and Vaz, M and Alda Junior, W.L and Carvalho, W and Chinellato, J and De Oliveira Martins, C and Matos Figueiredo, D and Manganote, E and Molina, J and Mundim, L and Nogima, H and Prado Da Silva, W.L and Santoro, A and Zachi, A and Finger, M and Finger Jr, M and Tsamalaidze, Z and Borras, K and Gunnelini, P and Jung, H and Knutsson, A and Lutz, B and Ribeiro Cipriano, P.M and Sen, N and Baus, C and Katkov, I and Ulrich, R and Wohrmann, H and Panagiotou, A and Bencze, G and Horvath, D and Beri, S.B and Gupta, R and Kaur, M and Mittal, M and Nishu, N and Saini, L.K and Banerjee, S and Bhattacharya, S and Gomber, B and Jain, Sh and Khurana, R and Sharan, M and Aziz, T and Maity, M and Majumder, G and Mazumdar, K and Mohanty, G.B and Sudhakar, K and Banerjee, S and Dugad, S and Etesami, S.M and Fahim, A and Jafari, A and Paktinat Mehdiabadi, S and Zeinali, M and Penzo, A and Afanasyev A, A and Bunin, P and Ershov, Y and Fedoseev, O and Gavrilenko, M and Golutvin, I and Gorbunov, I and Konoplynikov, V and Malakhov, A and Moisenz, P and Smirnov, V and Volodko, A and Zarubin, A and Andreev, Y and Dermenev, A and Krasnikov, N and Pashenkov, A and Tlisov, D and Toropin, A and Epshteyn, V and Erofeeva, M and Gavrilov, V and Kossov, M and Kudinov, I and Lychkovskaya, N and Popov, V and Safronov, G and ... and CMS HCAL Collaboration
Journal of instrumentation, ISSN 1748-0221, 10/2012, Volume 7, Issue 10, pp. 1 - 19
Journal Article
by Ambrogi, F and Eroe, J and Del Valle, A. Escalante and Flechl, M and Ghete, V. M and Jeitler, M and Krammer, N and Kraetschmer, I and Liko, D and Mikulec, I and Rad, N and Spitzbart, D and Wulz, C. -E and Zarucki, M and Janssen, X and Van De Klundert, M and Janssen, X and Pieters, M and Van Remortel, N and Flouris, G and Lontkovskyi, D and Moortgat, S and Tavernier, S and Van Doninck, W and Van Mulders, P and Beghin, D and Brun, H and Grebenyuk, A and Roskas, C and Vit, M and Bondu, O and Krintiras, G and Hensel, C and Pol, M. E and Chinellato, J and De Jesus Damiao, D and Matos Figueiredo, D and Mora Herrera, C and Nogima, H and Sanchez Rosas, L. J and Torres Da Silva De Araujo, F and Vilela Pereira, A and Hadjiiska, R and Litov, L and Petkov, P and Fang, W and Ahmad, M and Bian, J. G and Chen, M and Jiang, C. H and Leggat, D and Wang, C and Wang, Z and Yazgan, E and Zhang, H and Li, J and Qian, S. J and Avila, C and Florez, C and Attikis, A and Nicolaou, C and Razis, P. A and Rykaczewski, H and Elgammal, S and Bhowmik, S and Dewanjee, R. K and Heikkila, J. K and Luukka, P and Ferri, F and Ganjour, S and Givernaud, A and Gras, P and Jarry, P and Negro, G and Rander, J and Rosowsky, A and Titov, M and Antropov, I and Beaudette, F and Nguyen, M and Zghiche, A and Agram, J. -L and Bloch, D and Cherepanov, V and Goerlach, U and Jansova, M and Boudoul, G and Gascon, S and Lagarde, F and Kiesel, M. K and Schulz, J and Wittmer, B and Fischer, R and Merschmeyer, M and Radziej, M and Stahl, A and Asawatangtrakuldee, C and Campbell, A and Contreras-Campana, C and De Wit, A and ... and CMS Collaboration
The European physical journal. C, Particles and fields, ISSN 1434-6044, 03/2020, Volume 80, Issue 3
Journal Article
Journal of contemporary physics, ISSN 1068-3372, 8/2010, Volume 45, Issue 4, pp. 157 - 164
Journal Article
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