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Journal of Neuroinflammation, ISSN 1742-2094, 05/2012, Volume 9, Issue 1, pp. 106 - 106
Journal Article
by Iraqi, Fuad A and Mahajne, Mustafa and Salaymah, Yasser and Sandovski, Hani and Tayem, Hanna and Vered, Karin and Balmer, Lois and Hall, Michael and Manship, Glynn and Morahan, Grant and Pettit, Ken and Scholten, Jeremy and Tweedie, Kathryn and Wallace, Andrew and Weerasekera, Lakshini and Cleak, James and Durrant, Caroline and Goodstadt, Leo and Mott, Richard and Yalcin, Binnaz and Aylor, David L and Baric, Ralph S and Bell, Timothy A and Bendt, Katharine M and Brennan, Jennifer and Brooks, Jackie D and Buus, Ryan J and Crowley, James J and Calaway, John D and Calaway, Mark E and Cholka, Agnieszka and Darr, David B and Didion, John P and Dorman, Amy and Everett, Eric T and Ferris, Martin T and Mathes, Wendy Foulds and Fu, Chen-Ping and Gooch, Terry J and Goodson, Summer G and Gralinski, Lisa E and Hansen, Stephanie D and Heise, Mark T and Hoel, Jane and Hua, Kunjie and Kapita, Mayanga C and Lee, Seunggeun and Lenarcic, Alan B and Liu, Eric Yi and Liu, Hedi and McMillan, Leonard and Magnuson, Terry R and Manly, Kenneth F and Miller, Darla R and O'Brien, Deborah A and Odet, Fanny and Pakatci, Isa Kemal and Pan, Wenqi and de Villena, Fernando Pardo-Manuel and Perou, Charles M and Pomp, Daniel and Quackenbush, Corey R and Robinson, Nashiya N and Sharpless, Norman E and Shaw, Ginger D and Spence, Jason S and Sullivan, Patrick F and Sun, Wei and Tarantino, Lisa M and Valdar, William and Wang, Jeremy and Wang, Wei and Welsh, Catherine E and Whitmore, Alan and Wiltshire, Tim and Wright, Fred A and Xie, Yuying and Yun, Zaining and Zhabotynsky, Vasyl and Zhang, Zhaojun and Zou, Fei and Powell, Christine and Steigerwalt, Jill and Threadgill, David W and Chesler, Elissa J and Churchill, Gary A and Gatti, Daniel M and Korstanje, Ron and Svenson, Karen L and Collins, Francis S and Crawford, Nigel and Hunter, Kent and Samir, N and Kelada, P and Peck, Bailey C. E and Reilly, Karlyne and Tavarez, Urraca and Bottomly, Daniel and Hitzeman, Robert and Mcweeney, Shannon K and ... and Collaborative Cross Consortium
Genetics, ISSN 0016-6731, 02/2012, Volume 190, Issue 2, pp. 389 - 401
Journal Article
CNS and Neurological Disorders, ISSN 1871-5273, 05/2011, Volume 10, Issue 3, pp. 391 - 403
Inflammatory signals generated within the brain and peripheral nervous system direct diverse biological processes. Key amongst the inflammatory molecules is... 
Peripheral nervous system | Brain | Translation | Immune response | Parkinson's disease | Cytokines | Neurodegenerative diseases | Central nervous system | Homeostasis | Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis | Inflammation | Gene expression | Neurological diseases | Alzheimer's disease | Movement disorders | Tumor necrosis factor- alpha
Journal Article
Reports on progress in physics. Physical Society (Great Britain), ISSN 0034-4885, 06/2019, Volume 82, Issue 11, p. 116201
We examine the theoretical motivations for long-lived particle (LLP) signals at the LHC in a comprehensive survey of Standard Model (SM) extensions. LLPs are a... 
Journal Article
Journal of Neuroinflammation, ISSN 1742-2094, 12/2012, Volume 9, Issue 1, p. 106
Abstract Background Neuroinflammation is associated with virtually all major neurodegenerative disorders, including Alzheimer’s disease (AD). Although it... 
Neuroprotection | Amyoid-β peptide | TNF-α | Alzheimer’s disease | Lenalidomide | Neurodegeneration | Mild cognitive impairment | Neuroinflammation | Tau | Thalidomide
Journal Article
Open Biochemistry Journal, ISSN 1874-091X, 2011, Volume 5, pp. 37 - 44
An unregulated neuroinflammation accompanies numerous chronic and acute neurodegenerative disorders and it is postulated that such a neuroinflammatory... 
Lenalidomide | TNF-α | Nitric oxide | Lipopolysaccharide | Neuroinflammation | Nitrite | Revlimid | Thalidomide | RAW 264.7 cells
Journal Article
by Gill, James R and Lostis, Emilie and Bleibleh, Sabri S and Hennessy, Michael S and Thondickal, Femi and Gadd, Richard J and Grupping, Rachael and Chikate, Albert and Khor, Suan and Malani, Sangam and Nabulyato, William and Rai, Praveen and Vaghela, Kalpesh R and Pillai, Shashank and Baskaran, Dinnish and Kugapiriyan, Raviraj and Masunda, Stanley and Parker, Lee and Parker, Jeremy and Bintcliffe, Fiona and Murphy, Tom and Rose, Barry and Shafafy, Roozbeh and Holme, Thomas and Mahapatra, Piyush and Mallina, Ravikanth and Mansouri, Reza and Render, Luke and Scrimshire, Ashley and Walker, Lucy and Ahmed, Syed and Ahmed, Usman and Kandel, Poonam and Drake, Benjamin and Williams, Patrick and Williams, Olatoyosi and Hannah, Andrew and Hayat, Zara and Hayat, Mehvish and Aitken, Thomas and Carter, Thomas H and Crome, Christopher and Banerjee, Purnajyoti and Ravi, Vinoth and West, Victor and Bennett, James and Leung, Andraay and Skipsey, David and Blomfield, Mark and Akhtar, Ahsan and Al-Dadah, Khalid and Davies, Emma and Kropelnicki, Anna and Leong, Edmund and Malik, Shahbaz and Malik, Sheraz and Sun, Stephen Ng Man and D'Souza, Winster and Mehmood, Shahid and Reynolds, Gavin and Sattar, Mariam and Abdelhaq, Ady and Durst, Alexander and Ngu, Albert and Budacan, Alina and Gray, Matt and Myatt, Antonia and Claireaux, Henry A and Griffin, Xavier L and Nagra, Navraj S and Rashid, Mustafa and Borse, Vishal and Muir, Ross and Alho, Roberto J.R and Ankers, Thomas and Aziz, Sheweidin and Perianayagam, Ganapathy and Al-Dulaimy, Bakir and Franklin, Marieta and Wilson, Purwa and Chandrappa, Mallikarjun and Mubasher, Latif and Shahid, Rizwan and Shashidhara, Singapura and Xu, Yiteng and Hodhody, Ghazal and Jeffery, John and Humphry, Simon and Street, Julia and Yasin, Tariq and Kaur, Jasprit and Donovan, Richard L and Kahane, Steve and Byrne, Hayleigh and Gowda, Sushmith and Frank, Barbara and Shenoy, Ravikiran and Singh, Abhinav and Trakru, Sunil and Brewer, Paul and ...
The Foot, ISSN 0958-2592, 06/2019, Volume 39, pp. 28 - 36
The purpose of this national study was to audit the weight-bearing practice of orthopaedic services in the National Health Service (NHS) in the treatment of... 
Ankle | Early | NICE | Fractures | Delayed | Weight-bearing | Internal fixation in fractures | Patient education | Injuries
Journal Article
Journal of aerosol medicine and pulmonary drug delivery, ISSN 1941-2711, 06/2016, Volume 29, Issue 3, pp. A1 - A-25
[...]this is the current situation for dry powder inhalers (DPIs) although the self-congruity concept seems more applicable to the doctors who prescribe the... 
Drug delivery systems | Particle size | Lactose | Lungs | Morphology | Product development | Drug delivery | Microemulsions | Design of experiments | Drug dosages | Pharmaceuticals
Journal Article
Frontiers in Communication, ISSN 2297-900X, 07/2019, Volume 4
Using social science to integrate local knowledge into conservation science can provide unique insights to conservation challenges. Especially when baseline... 
participatory modeling | habitat use | mangrove estuary | conservation | sea turtles | trinity of voice
Journal Article
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education, ISSN 1470-8175, 01/2005, Volume 33, Issue 1, pp. 28 - 33
Journal Article
by Curtin, David and Drewes, Marco and McCullough, Matthew and Meade, Patrick and Mohapatra, Rabindra N and Shelton, Jessie and Shuve, Brian and Accomando, Elena and Alpigiani, Cristiano and Antusch, Stefan and Arteaga-Velázquez, Juan Carlos and Batell, Brian and Bauer, Martin and Blinov, Nikita and Caballero-Mora, Karen Salomé and Chang, Jae Hyeok and Chun, Eung Jin and Co, Raymond T and Cohen, Timothy and Cox, Peter and Craig, Nathaniel and Csáki, Csaba and Cui, Yanou and D'Eramo, Francesco and Rose, Luigi Delle and Dev, P. S. Bhupal and Dienes, Keith R and Dror, Jeff A and Essig, Rouven and Evans, Jared A and Evans, Jason L and Tellez, Arturo Fernández and Fischer, Oliver and Flacke, Thomas and Fradette, Anthony and Frugiuele, Claudia and Fuchs, Elina and Gherghetta, Tony and Giudice, Gian F and Gorbunov, Dmitry and Gupta, Rick S and Hagedorn, Claudia and Hall, Lawrence J and Harris, Philip and Helo, Juan Carlos and Hirsch, Martin and Hochberg, Yonit and Hook, Anson and Ibarra, Alejandro and Ipek, Seyda and Jung, Sunghoon and Knapen, Simon and Kuflik, Eric and Liu, Zhen and Lombardo, Salvator and Lubatti, H. J and McKeen, David and Molinaro, Emiliano and Moretti, Stefano and Nagata, Natsumi and Neubert, Matthias and No, Jose Miguel and Olaiya, Emmanuel and Perez, Gilad and Peskin, Michael E and Pinner, David and Pospelov, Maxim and Reece, Matthew and Robinson, Dean J and Cahuantzi, Mario Rodríguez and Santonico, Rinaldo and Schlaffer, Matthias and Shepherd-Themistocleous, Claire H and Spray, Andrew and Stolarski, Daniel and Vasquez, Martin A. Subieta and Sundrum, Raman and Thamm, Andrea and Thomas, Brooks and Tsai, Yuhsin and Tweedie, Brock and West, Stephen M and Young, Charles and Yu, Felix and Zaldivar, Bryan and Zhang, Yongchao and Zurek, Kathryn and Zurita, José
We examine the theoretical motivations for long-lived particle (LLP) signals at the LHC in a comprehensive survey of Standard Model (SM) extensions. LLPs are a... 
Journal Article
BJOG: An International Journal of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, ISSN 1470-0328, 06/1982, Volume 89, Issue 6, pp. 447 - 450
Fundal heights were measured on 761 women in the course of their routine antenatal care. This information was assessed, alone and in combination with other... 
Pregnancy | Palpation | Humans | Prenatal Diagnosis | Female | False Positive Reactions | Fetal Growth Retardation - diagnosis | Uterus - anatomy & histology
Journal Article