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by Sweeting, M. J and Ulug, P and Roy, J and Hultgren, R and Indrakusuma, R and Balm, R and Thompson, M. M and Hinchliffe, R. J and Thompson, S. G and Powell, J. T and Balm, R and Koelemay, M. J. W and Idu, M. M and Kox, C and Legemate, D. A and Huisman, L. C and Willems, M. C. M and Reekers, J. A and van Delden, O. M and van Lienden, K. P and Hoornweg, L. L and Reimerink, J. J and van Beek, S. C and Vahl, A. C and Leijdekkers, V. J and Bosma, J and Montauban van Swijndregt, A. D and de Vries, C and van der Hulst, V. P. M and Peringa, J and Blomjous, J. G. A. M and Visser, M. J.T and van der Heijden, F. H.W. M and Wisselink, W and Hoksbergen, A.W. J and Blankensteijn, J. D and Visser, M. T. J and Coveliers, H. M. E and Nederhoed, J. H and van den Berg, F. G and van der Meijs, B. B and van den Oever, M. L. P and Lely, R. J and Meijerink, M. R and Westra, I and Voorwinde, A and Ultee, J. M and van Nieuwenhuizen, R. C and Dwars, B. J and Nagy, T. O. M and Tolenaar, P and Wiersema, A. M and Lawson, J. A and van Aken, P. J and Stigter, A. A and van den Broek, T. A. A and Vos, G. A and Mulder, W and Strating, R. P and Nio, D and Akkersdijk, G. J. M and van der Elst, A and van Exter, P and Desgranges, P and Becquemin, J.‐P and Allaire, E and Cochennec, F and Marzelle, J and Louis, N and Schneider, J and Majewski, M and Castier, Y and Leseche, G and Francis, F and Steinmetz, E and Berne, J.‐P and Favier, C and Haulon, S and Koussa, M and Azzaoui, R and Piervito, D and Alimi, Y and Boufi, M and Hartung, O and Cerquetta, P and Amabile, P and Piquet, P and Penard, J and Demasi, M and Alric, P and Cannaud, L and Berthet, J.‐P and Julia, P and Fabiani, J.‐N and Alsac, J. M and Gouny, P and Badra, A and Braesco, J and Favre, J.‐P and Albertini, J.‐N and ... and STAR Cohort investigators and ECAR Trial investigators and IMPROVE Trial investigators: management committee and Ruptured Aneurysm Collaborators: AJAX Trial investigators
British journal of surgery, ISSN 0007-1323, 2018, Volume 105, Issue 9, pp. 1135 - 1144
Journal Article
European neuropsychopharmacology, ISSN 0924-977X, 12/2019, Volume 29, pp. S260 - S261
Journal Article
by Lynch, C and Tee, N and Rouse, H and Gordon, A and Sati, L and Zeiss, C and Soygur, B and Bassorgun, I and Goksu, E and Demir, R and McGrath, J and Groendahl, M. L and Thuesen, L and Andersen, A. N and Loft, A and Smitz, J and Adriaenssens, T and Vikesa, J and Borup, R and Mersy, E and Kisters, N and Macville, M. V. E and Engelen, J. J. M and Consortium, S.-E. N. N and Menheere, P. P. C. A and Geraedts, J. P and Coumans, A. B. C and Frints, S. G. M and Aledani, T and Assou, S and Traver, S and Ait-ahmed, O and Dechaud, H and Hamamah, S and Mizutani, E and Suzumori, N and Sugiyama, C and Hattori, Y and Sato, T and Ando, H and Ozaki, Y and Sugiura-Ogasawara, M and Wissing, M and Kristensen, S. G and Andersen, C. Y and Mikkelsen, A. L and Hoest, T and Velthut-Meikas, A and Simm, J and Metsis, M and Salumets, A and Palini, S and Galluzzi, L and De Stefani, S and Primiterra, M and Wells, D and Magnani, M and Bulletti, C and Vogt, P. H and Frank-Herrmann, P and Bender, U and Strowitzki, T and Besikoglu, B and Heidemann, P and Wunsch, L and Bettendorf, M and Jelinkova, L and Vilimova, S and Kosarova, M and Sebek, P and Volemanova, E and Kruzelova, M and Civisova, J and Svobodova, L and Sobotka, V and Mardesic, T and van de Werken, C and Santos, M. A and Eleveld, C and Laven, J. S. E and Baart, E. B and Pylyp, L. Y and Spinenko, L. A and Zukin, V. D and Perez-Sanz, J and Matorras, R and Arluzea, J and Bilbao, J and Gonzalez-Santiago, N and Yeh, N and Koff, A and Barlas, A and Romin, Y and Manova-Todorova, K and Hoz, C. D. l and Mauri, A. L and Nascimento, A. M and Vagnini, L. D and Petersen, C. G and Ricci, J and ...
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Journal Article
Neurology, ISSN 0028-3878, 04/2007, Volume 68, Issue 17, pp. 1402 - 1410
Journal Article
by Hu, J. C. Y and Seo, B. K and Neri, Q. V and Rozenwaks, Z and Palermo, G. D and Fields, T and Monahan, D and Rosenwaks, Z and Szkodziak, P and Plewka, K and Wozniak, S and Czuczwar, P and Mroczkowski, A and Lorenzo Leon, C and Hernandez, J and Chinea Mendez, E and Concepcion Lorenzo, C and Sanabria Perez, V and Puopolo, M and Palumbo, A and Toth, B and Franz, C and Montag, M and Boing, A and Strowitzki, T and Nieuwland, R and Griesinger, G and Schultze-Mosgau, A and Cordes, T and Depenbusch, M and Diedrich, K and Vloeberghs, V and Verheyen, G and Camus, M and Van de Velde, H and Goossens, A and Tournaye, H and Coppola, G and Di Caprio, G and Wilding, M and Ferraro, P and Esposito, G and Di Matteo, L and Dale, R and Dale, B and Daoud, S and Auger, J and Wolf, J. P and Dulioust, E and Lafuente, R and Lopez, G and Brassesco, M and Hamad, M and Montenarh, M and Hammadeh, M and Robles, F and Magli, M. C and Crippa, A and Pescatori, E and Ferraretti, A. P and Gianaroli, L and Zahiri, M and Movahedin, M and Mowla, S. J and Noruzinia, M and Crivello, A. M and Sermondade, N and Dupont, C and Hafhouf, E and Cedrin-Durnerin, I and Poncelet, C and Benzacken, B and Levy, R and Sifer, C and Ferfouri, F and Boitrelle, F and Clement, P and Molina Gomes, D and Bailly, M and Selva, J and Vialard, F and Yaprak, E and Basar, M and Guzel, E and Arda, O and Irez, T and Norambuena, P and Krenkova, P and Tuettelmann, F and Kliesch, S and Paulasova, P and Stambergova, A and Macek, M and Rivera, R and Garrido-Gomez, T and Galletero, S and Meseguer, M and Dominguez, F and Garrido, N and Mallidis, C and ...
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Journal Article
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Journal Article
Journal of vascular surgery, ISSN 0741-5214, 2016, Volume 64, Issue 6, pp. 1890 - 1891
Journal Article