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by Sivasubbu, S and GUaRDIAN Consortium and Scaria, V and Bajaj, A and Mathew, S and Vellarikkal, SK and Sivadas, A and Bhoyar, RC and Joshi, K and Jain, A and Mishra, A and Verma, A and Jayarajan, R and Nalini, A and Kumar, AR and Seeralar, ATA and Gupta, A and Srivastava, AK and Joshi, A and Sinha, A and Jandial, A and Khan, A and Sonakar, AK and Chandy, A and Sharma, A and Roy, A and Rawat, A and Biswas, A and Vanlalawma, A and Chaudhary, A and Chopra, A and Panday, A and Sabharwal, A and Mitra, A and Narang, A and Rajab, A and Kumar, A and Gurjar, AS and Ranawat, AS and Anu, RI and Tiwary, AK and Anuradha and Kalanad, A and Mathur, A and Lakshman, A and Batra, A and Bagga, A and Aggarwal, A and Rastogi, A and Aslam, PK and Astha, V and Nair, A and Athulya, EP and Chatterjee, A and Jindal, A and Kashyap, AK and Priyadarshini, B and Thapa, BR and Bhargava, B and Sharma, B and Jolly, B and Uppilli, BR and Balachander, B and Shankar, B and Kar, B and Binukumar, BK and Lalchhandama, C and Datar, C and Sachidanandan, C and Master, DC and Khera, D and Chowdhury, D and Danda, D and Kumar, D and Pandhi, D and Siddharthan, D and Sharma, D and Pachat, D and Vegulada, DR and Naidu, GSRSNK and Padma, G and Priya, GV and Sharma, G and Gauthamen, R and Govindaraj, G and Varghese, GM and Gireesh, S and Unnikrishnan, G and Hafiz, SA and Hazeena, KR and Dhiman, H and Singh, H and Sarkar, H and Ahmed, I and Menon, J and Goraya, J and Mathew, J and Thottath, J and Sahu, JK and Oswal, J and ... and The GUaRDIAN Consortium
HUMAN GENOMICS, ISSN 1473-9542, 09/2019, Volume 14, Issue 1, pp. 1 - 18
Journal Article
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