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by Manzardo, Christian and Londoño, Maria C and Castells, LLuís and Testillano, Milagros and Luis Montero, José and Peñafiel, Judit and Subirana, Marta and Moreno, Ana and Aguilera, Victoria and Luisa González‐Diéguez, María and Calvo‐Pulido, Jorge and Xiol, Xavier and Salcedo, Magdalena and Cuervas‐Mons, Valentin and Manuel Sousa, José and Suarez, Francisco and Serrano, Trinidad and Ignacio Herrero, Jose and Jiménez, Miguel and Fernandez, José R and Giménez, Carlos and del Campo, Santos and Esteban‐Mur, Juan I and Crespo, Gonzalo and Moreno, Asunción and de la Rosa, Gloria and Rimola, Antoni and Miro, Jose M and Suárez, F and Castro, M.A and López, S and Pedreira, J.D and Vázquez, P and Agüero, F and Blanch, J and Brunet, M and Calatayud, D and Cervera, C and Lazzari, E and Fondevila, C and Forner, A and Fuster, J and Forns, X and Gil, A and Gatell, J.M and Laguno, M and Lligoña, A and Mallolas, J and Murillas, J and Navasa, M and Paredes, D and Pérez, I and Torres, F and Tural, C and Tuset, M and Antela, A and Losada, E and Molina, E and Otero, E and Varo, E and Araiz, J.J and Barrao, E and Larraga, J and Letona, S and Lozano, R and Luque, P and Navarro, A and Sanjoaquín, I and Tejero, E and Bañares, R and Berenguer, J and Clemente, G and Cosín, J and Ferreiroa, J.P and García‐Sabrido, J.L and Gutiérrez, I and López, J.C and Miralles, P and Ramírez, M and Rincón, D and Sánchez, M and Cruz, J and Fernández, J.L and Lozano, J.M and Santoyo, J and Rodrigo, J.M and Suárez, M.A and Rodríguez, M and Alonso, M.P and Asensi, V and González‐Pinto, I and Rafecas, A and Baliellas, C and Carratalá, J and Fabregat, J and Fernández, N and Jorba, R and Lladó, L and Montejo, M and Bustamante, J and ... and FIPSE LT-HIV Investigators and FIPSE LT-HIV investigators and and the FIPSE LT-HIV investigators
American journal of transplantation, ISSN 1600-6135, 10/2018, Volume 18, Issue 10, pp. 2513 - 2522
Journal Article
Journal Article
by Javaloyes, Patricia and Miró, Òscar and Gil, Víctor and Martín‐Sánchez, Francisco Javier and Jacob, Javier and Herrero, Pablo and Takagi, Koji and Alquézar‐Arbé, Aitor and López Díez, María Pilar and Martín, Enrique and Bibiano, Carlos and Escoda, Rosa and Gil, Cristina and Fuentes, Marta and Llopis García, Guillermo and Álvarez Pérez, José María and Jerez, Alba and Tost, Josep and Llauger, Lluís and Romero, Rodolfo and Garrido, José Manuel and Rodríguez‐Adrada, Esther and Sánchez, Carolina and Rossello, Xavier and Parissis, John and Mebazaa, Alexandre and Chioncel, Ovidiu and Llorens, Pere and Fuentes, M and Gil, C and Alonso, H and Pérez‐Llantada, E and Martín‐Sánchez, F. J and García, G. L and Cadenas, M. S and Miró, Ò and Gil, V and Escoda, R and Xipell, C and Sánchez, C and Jerez, A and Pérez‐Durá, M. J and Salvo, E and Pavón, J and Noval, A and Torres, J. M and López‐Grima, M. L and Valero, A and Juan, M. Á and Aguirre, A and Pedragosa, M. À and Masó, S. M and Alonso, M. I and Ruiz, F and Franco, J. M and Mecina, A. B and Tost, J and Berenguer, M and Donea, R and Ramón, S. S and Rodríguez, V. C and Piñera, P and Nicolás, J. A. S and Garate, R. T and Alquézar‐Arbé, A and Rizzi, M. A and Herrera, S and Jacob, J and Roset, A and Cabello, I and Haro, A and Richard, F and Pérez, J. M. Á and Diez, M. P. L and Puente, P. H and Álvarez, J. V and García, B. P and García, M. G and González, M. S and Llorens, P and Javaloyes, P and Marquina, V and Jiménez, I and Hernández, N and Brouzet, B and Espinosa, B and Andueza, J. A and Romero, R and Ruíz, M and Calvache, R and Serralta, M. T. L and Jave, L. E. C and Arriaga, B. A and Bergua, B. S and Mojarro, E. M and Jiménez, B. S. A and Bécquer, L. T and Burillo, G and García, L. L and LaSalle, G. C and ... and ICA-SEMES Res Grp and ICA-SEMES Research Group and on behalf of the ICA‐SEMES Research Group
European journal of heart failure, ISSN 1388-9842, 11/2019, Volume 21, Issue 11, pp. 1353 - 1365
Journal Article
Journal Article
Astroparticle physics, ISSN 0927-6505, 2008, Volume 29, Issue 4, pp. 243 - 256
Journal Article
Journal Article
Journal of Neural Transmission, ISSN 0300-9564, 5/2013, Volume 120, Issue 5, pp. 807 - 812
Journal Article