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by Giovanni Abbadessa and Roberto Accolla and Fernando Aiuti and Adriana Albini and Anna Aldovini and Massimo Alfano and Guido Antonelli and Courtenay Bartholomew and Zvi Bentwich and Umberto Bertazzoni and Jay A. Berzofsky and Peter Biberfeld and Enzo Boeri and Luigi Buonaguro and Franco M. Buonaguro and Michael Bukrinsky and Arsène Burny and Arnaldo Caruso and Sharon Cassol and Prakash Chandra and Luca Ceccherini-Nelli and Luigi Chieco-Bianchi and Mario Clerici and Sandra Colombini-Hatch and Carlo de Giuli Morghen and Andrea de Maria and Anita de Rossi and Manfred Dierich and Riccardo Della-Favera and Antonina Dolei and Daniel Douek and Volker Erfle and Barbara Felber and Simona Fiorentin and Genoveffa Franchini and Jonathan M. Gershoni and Frances Gotch and Patrick Green and Warner C. Greene and William Hall and William Haseltine and Stephens Jacobson and Lars O. Kallings and Vaniambadi S. Kalyanaraman and Hermann Katinger and Kamel Khalili and George Klein and Eva Klein and Mary Klotman and Paul Klotman and Moshe Kotler and Reinhard Kurth and Alain Lafeuillade and Michelangelo la Placa and Jonathan Lewis and Flavia Lillo and Julianna Lisziewicz and Anita Lomonico and Lucia Lopalco and Franco Lor and Paolo Lusso and Beatrice Macchi and Michael Malim and Leonid Margolis and Phillip D. Markham and Myra McClure and Nancy Miller and Maria C. Mingari and Lorenzo Moretta and Douglas Noonan and Steve O'Brien and Takashi Okamoto and Ranajit Pal and Peter Palese and Amos Panet and Giuseppe Pantaleo and George Pavlakis and Mauro Pistello and Stanley Plotkin and Guido Poli and Roger Pomerantz and Antonia Radaelli and Marjorie Robert-Guroff and Mario Roederer and Mangalasseril G. Sarangadharan and Dominique Schols and Paola Secchiero and Gene Shearer and Antonio Siccardi and Mario Stevenson and Jan Svoboda and Jim Tartaglia and Giuseppe Torelli and Maria Lina Tornesello and Erwin Tschachler and Mauro Vaccarezza and Angelika Vallbracht and Jan van Lunzen and Oliviero Varnier and Elisa Vicenzi and ...
Science, ISSN 0036-8075, 1/2009, Volume 323, Issue 5911, pp. 206 - 207
Journal Article
by Walker, P.A and Alesini, P.D and Alexandrova, A.S and Anania, M.P and Andreev, N.E and Andriyash, I and Aschikhin, A and Assmann, R.W and Audet, T and Bacci, A and Barna, I.F and Beaton, A and Beck, A and Beluze, A and Bernhard, A and Bielawski, S and Bisesto, F.G and Boedewadt, J and Brandi, F and Bringer, O and Brinkmann, R and Bründermann, E and Büscher, M and Bussmann, M and Bussolino, G.C and Chance, A and Chanteloup, J.C and Chen, M and Chiadroni, E and Cianchi, A and Clarke, J and Cole, J and Couprie, M.E and Croia, M and Cros, B and Dale, J and Dattoli, G and Delerue, N and Delferriere, O and Delinikolas, P and Dias, J and Dorda, U and Ertel, K and Ferran Pousa, A and Ferrario, M and Filippi, F and Fils, J and Fiorito, R and Fonseca, R.A and Galimberti, M and Gallo, A and Garzella, D and Gastinel, P and Giove, D and Giribono, A and Gizzi, L.A and Grüner, F.J and Habib, A.F and Haefner, L.C and Heinemann, T and Hidding, B and Holzer, B.J and Hooker, S.M and Hosokai, T and Irman, A and Jaroszynski, D.A and Jaster-Merz, S and Joshi, C and Kaluza, M.C and Kando, M and Karger, O.S and Karsch, S and Khazanov, E and Khikhlukha, D and Knetsch, A and Kocon, D and Koester, P and Kononenko, O and Korn, G and Kostyukov, I and Labate, L and Lechner, C and Leemans, W.P and Lehrach, A and Li, F.Y and Li, X and Libov, V and Lifschitz, A and Litvinenko, V and Lu, W and Maier, A.R and Malka, V and Manahan, G.G and Mangles, S.P.D and Marchetti, B and Marocchino, A and Martinez De La Ossa, A and Martins, J.L and Massimo, F and Mathieu, F and ...
Journal of Physics: Conference Series, ISSN 1742-6588, 07/2017, Volume 874, Issue 1
Conference Proceeding
Journal Article
by Ferrario, M and Alesini, D and Alessandroni, M and Anania, M.P and Andreas, S and Angelone, M and Arcovito, A and Arnesano, F and Artioli, M and Avaldi, L and Babusci, D and Bacci, A and Balerna, A and Bartalucci, S and Bedogni, R and Bellaveglia, M and Bencivenga, F and Benfatto, M and Biedron, S and Bocci, V and Bolognesi, M and Bolognesi, P and Boni, R and Bonifacio, R and Boscherini, F and Boscolo, M and Bossi, F and Broggi, F and Buonomo, B and Calo, V and Catone, D and Capogni, M and Capone, M and Cassou, K and Castellano, M and Castoldi, A and Catani, L and Cavoto, G and Cherubini, N and Chirico, G and Cestelli-Guidi, M and Chiadroni, E and Chiarella, V and Cianchi, A and Cianci, M and Cimino, R and Ciocci, F and Clozza, A and Collini, M and Colo, G and Compagno, A and Contini, G and Coreno, M and Cucini, R and Curceanu, C and Curciarello, F and Dabagov, S and Dainese, E and Davoli, I and Dattoli, G and De Caro, L and De Felice, P and De Leo, V and Dell Agnello, S and Della Longa, S and Delle Monache, G and De Spirito, M and Di Cicco, A and Di Donato, C and Di Gioacchino, D and Di Giovenale, D and Di Palma, E and Di Pirro, G and Dodaro, A and Doria, A and Dosselli, U and Drago, A and Dupraz, K and Escribano, R and Esposito, A and Faccini, R and Ferrari, A and Filabozzi, A and Filippetto, D and Fiori, F and Frasciello, O and Fulgentini, L and Gallerano, G.P and Gallo, A and Gambaccini, M and Gatti, C and Gatti, G and Gauzzi, P and Ghigo, A and Ghiringhelli, G and Giannessi, L and Giardina, G and Giannini, C and Giorgianni, F and Giovenale, E and ... and Institutionen för fysik och astronomi and Teknisk-naturvetenskapliga vetenskapsområdet and Uppsala universitet and Fysiska sektionen and Kärnfysik
Nuclear Inst. and Methods in Physics Research, A, ISSN 0168-9002, 03/2014, Volume 740, pp. 138 - 146
Journal Article
Histochemistry and Cell Biology, ISSN 0948-6143, 1/2013, Volume 139, Issue 1, pp. 35 - 46
Journal Article
Nuclear Inst. and Methods in Physics Research, A, ISSN 0168-9002, 06/2019, Volume 930, pp. 167 - 172
The need of a fs-scale pulsed, high repetition rate, X-ray source for time-resolved fine analysis of matter (spectroscopy and photon scattering) in the linear... 
Free-electron lasers | Linear accelerators | INSTRUMENTS & INSTRUMENTATION | NUCLEAR SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY | FREE-ELECTRON LASER | COHERENT | PHYSICS, NUCLEAR | GENERATION | PHYSICS, PARTICLES & FIELDS | Superconductors | Free electron lasers | Spectrum analysis | X-rays
Journal Article
Physical Review Letters, ISSN 0031-9007, 08/2011, Volume 107, Issue 8, p. 080401
The roles of quantum correlations, entanglement, discord, and dissonance needed for performing unambiguous quantum state discrimination assisted by an... 
Journal Article
Physical Review Special Topics - Accelerators and Beams, ISSN 1098-4402, 11/2015, Volume 18, Issue 11, p. 110701
A systematic study of the polarization of x-gamma rays produced in Thomson and Compton scattering is presented, in both classical and quantum schemes.... 
Journal Article
Physical Review Special Topics - Accelerators and Beams, ISSN 1098-4402, 02/2014, Volume 17, Issue 2, p. 020706
We analyze the possibility of producing two-color x or gamma radiation by Thomson/Compton backscattering between a high intensity laser pulse and a two-energy... 
Journal Article
Nuclear Inst. and Methods in Physics Research, B, ISSN 0168-583X, 08/2013, Volume 309, pp. 183 - 188
A new facility named SPARC_LAB has been recently launched at the INFN National Laboratories in Frascati, merging the potentialities of the former projects... 
Advanced accelerator concepts | PHYSICS, NUCLEAR | INSTRUMENTS & INSTRUMENTATION | NUCLEAR SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY | PHYSICS, ATOMIC, MOLECULAR & CHEMICAL | Microprocessors | Central processing units
Journal Article
by Ferrario, M and Alesini, D and Anania, M.P and Artioli, M and Bacci, A and Bartocci, S and Bedogni, R and Bellaveglia, M and Biagioni, A and Bisesto, F and Brandi, F and Brentegani, E and Broggi, F and Buonomo, B and Campana, P.L and Campogiani, G and Cannaos, C and Cantarella, S and Cardelli, F and Carpanese, M and Castellano, M and Castorina, G and Lasheras, N. Catalan and Chiadroni, E and Cianchi, A and Cimino, R and Ciocci, F and Cirrincione, D and Cirrone, G.A.P and Clementi, R and Coreno, M and Corsini, R and Croia, M and Curcio, A and Costa, G and Curatolo, C and Cuttone, G and Dabagov, S and Dattoli, G and D’Auria, G and Debrot, I and Diomede, M and Drago, A and Di Giovenale, D and Mitri, S. Di and Di Pirro, G and Esposito, A and Faiferri, M and Ficcadenti, L and Filippi, F and Frasciello, O and Gallo, A and Ghigo, A and Giannessi, L and Giribono, A and Gizzi, L and Grudiev, A and Guiducci, S and Koester, P and Incremona, S and Iungo, F and Labate, L and Latina, A and Licciardi, S and Lollo, V and Lupi, S and Manca, R and Marcelli, A and Marini, M and Marocchino, A and Marongiu, M and Martinelli, V and Masciovecchio, C and Mastino, C and Michelotti, A and Milardi, C and Minicozzi, V and Mira, F and Morante, S and Mostacci, A and Nguyen, F and Pagnutti, S and Pellegrino, L and Petralia, A and Petrillo, V and Piersanti, L and Pioli, S and Polese, D and Pompili, R and Pusceddu, F and Ricci, A and Ricci, R and Rochow, R and Romeo, S and Rosenzweig, J.B and Conti, M. Rossetti and Rossi, A.R and Rotundo, U and Sabbatini, L and Sabia, E and ...
Nuclear Inst. and Methods in Physics Research, A, ISSN 0168-9002, 11/2018, Volume 909, pp. 134 - 138
On the wake of the results obtained so far at the SPARC_LAB test-facility at the Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati (Italy), we are currently investigating the... 
Free Electron Laser | X-band RF linac | Plasma accelerator | High brightness beams | Advanced accelerator concepts | INSTRUMENTS & INSTRUMENTATION | NUCLEAR SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY | LASER | PHYSICS, NUCLEAR | PHYSICS, PARTICLES & FIELDS | Physics - Accelerator Physics
Journal Article