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Explores the life of Canadian artist Attila Richard Lukacs, whose plan was to rule New York, the world's toughest art scene. This plan takes a back seat to his... 
Lukacs, Attila Richard, 1962 | Painters
Video Recording
Vancouver Courier, ISSN 1195-731X, 05/2014
Newspaper Article
2004, Academic Video Online: Premium, 1 online resource (79 minutes)
Nearly 5 years in the making, and incorporating footage spanning 19 years, one can say with unusual literalness that Drawing out the Demons is about an... 
Art criticism | Documentary | Painters | Paintings | Art exhibitions | LGBT in the Arts | Contemporary | Portraits
Streaming Video
Vancouver Courier, ISSN 1195-731X, 02/2005
I have not arrived at this point of view from what [Peter Busby] assumes is my "prejudice" against "the name in front of the store" but from well-documented... 
Newspaper Article
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