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Journal Article
by Chatrchyan, S and Khachatryan, V and Sirunyan, A.M and Tumasyan, A and Adam, N and Adam, W and Aguilo, E and Bergauer, T and Dragicevic, M and Erö, J and Fabjan, C and Friedl, M and Frühwirth, R and Ghete, V.M and Hammer, J and Hoch, M and Hörmann, N and Hrubec, J and Jeitler, M and Kiesenhofer, W and Knünz, V and Krammer, M and Krätschmer, I and Liko, D and Majerotto, W and Mikulec, I and Pernicka, M and Rahbaran, B and Rohringer, H and Rohringer, C and Schöfbeck, R and Strauss, J and Szoncsó, F and Taurok, A and Waltenberger, W and Walzel, G and Widl, E and Wulz, C.-E and Chekhovsky, V and Emeliantchik, I and Litomin, A and Makarenko, V and Mossolov, V and Shumeiko, N and Solin, A and Stefanovitch, R and Suarez Gonzalez, J and Fedorov, A and Korzhik, M and Missevitch, O and Zuyeuski, R and Bansal, M and Bansal, S and Beaumont, W and Cornelis, T and De Wolf, E.A and Druzhkin, D and Janssen, X and Luyckx, S and Mucibello, L and Ochesanu, S and Roland, B and Roland, C and Roland, G and Rougny, R and Selvaggi, G and Selvaggi, M and Staykova, Z and Van Haevermaet, H and Van Mechelen, P and Van Remortel, N and Van Spilbeeck, A and Blekman, F and Blyweert, S and DʼHondt, J and Devroede, O and Gonzalez Suarez, R and Goorens, R and Kalogeropoulos, A and Maes, M and Olbrechts, A and Tavernier, S and Van Doninck, W and Van Lancker, L and Van Mulders, P and Van Onsem, G.P and Villella, I and Clerbaux, B and De Lentdecker, G and Dero, V and Dewulf, J.P and Gay, A.P.R and Hreus, T and Léonard, A and Marage, P.E and Mohammadi, A and Reis, T and Rugovac, S and Thomas, S and Thomas, M and ... and CMS Collaboration and Los Alamos National Lab. (LANL), Los Alamos, NM (United States) and Argonne National Lab. (ANL), Argonne, IL (United States) and Fermi National Accelerator Lab. (FNAL), Batavia, IL (United States) and Lawrence Livermore National Lab. (LLNL), Livermore, CA (United States)
Physics Letters B, ISSN 0370-2693, 09/2012, Volume 716, Issue 1, pp. 30 - 61
Journal Article
by Klionsky, Daniel J and Abdalla, Fabio C and Abeliovich, Hagai and Abraham, Robert T and Acevedo-Arozena, Abraham and Adeli, Khosrow and Agholme, Lotta and Agnello, Maria and Agostinis, Patrizia and Aguirre-Ghiso, Julio A and Ahn, Hyung Jun and Ait-Mohamed, Ouardia and Ait-Si-Ali, Slimane and Akematsu, Takahiko and Akira, Shizuo and Al-Younes, Hesham M and Al-Zeer, Munir A and Albert, Matthew L and Albin, Roger L and Alegre-Abarrategui, Javier and Aleo, Maria Francesca and Alirezaei, Mehrdad and Almasan, Alexandru and Almonte-Becerril, Maylin and Amano, Atsuo and Amaravadi, Ravi K and Amarnath, Shoba and Amer, Amal O and Andrieu-Abadie, Nathalie and Anantharam, Vellareddy and Ann, David K and Anoopkumar-Dukie, Shailendra and Aoki, Hiroshi and Apostolova, Nadezda and Arancia, Giuseppe and Aris, John P and Asanuma, Katsuhiko and Asare, Nana Y.O and Ashida, Hisashi and Askanas, Valerie and Askew, David S and Auberger, Patrick and Baba, Misuzu and Backues, Steven K and Baehrecke, Eric H and Bahr, Ben A and Bai, Xue-Yuan and Bailly, Yannick and Baiocchi, Robert and Baldini, Giulia and Balduini, Walter and Ballabio, Andrea and Bamber, Bruce A and Bampton, Edward T.W and Juhász, Gábor and Bartholomew, Clinton R and Bassham, Diane C and Bast, Robert C and Batoko, Henri and Bay, Boon-Huat and Beau, Isabelle and Béchet, Daniel M and Begley, Thomas J and Behl, Christian and Behrends, Christian and Bekri, Soumeya and Bellaire, Bryan and Bendall, Linda J and Benetti, Luca and Berliocchi, Laura and Bernardi, Henri and Bernassola, Francesca and Besteiro, Sébastien and Bhatia-Kissova, Ingrid and Bi, Xiaoning and Biard-Piechaczyk, Martine and Blum, Janice S and Boise, Lawrence H and Bonaldo, Paolo and Boone, David L and Bornhauser, Beat C and Bortoluci, Karina R and Bossis, Ioannis and Bost, Frédéric and Bourquin, Jean-Pierre and Boya, Patricia and Boyer-Guittaut, Michaël and Bozhkov, Peter V and Brady, Nathan R and Brancolini, Claudio and Brech, Andreas and Brenman, Jay E and Brennand, Ana and Bresnick, Emery H and Brest, Patrick and Bridges, Dave and Bristol, Molly L and Brookes, Paul S and Brown, Eric J and Brumell, John H and ... and Linköpings universitet and Institutionen för klinisk och experimentell medicin and Geriatrik and Institutionen för medicin och hälsa and Farmakologi and Experimentell patologi and Hälsouniversitetet and Cellbiologi
Autophagy, ISSN 1554-8627, 04/2012, Volume 8, Issue 4, pp. 445 - 544
Journal Article
American Journal of Hypertension, ISSN 0895-7061, 8/2015, Volume 28, Issue 8, pp. 995 - 1009
Journal Article