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by Lodi, Sara and Del Amo, Julia and Moreno, Santiago and Bucher, Heiner C and Furrer, Hansjakob and Logan, Roger and Sterne, Jonathan and Pérez-Hoyos, Santiago and Jarrín, Inma and Phillips, Anew and Olson, Ashley and Van Sighem, Ard and Reiss, Peter and Sabin, Caroline and Jose, Sophie and Justice, Amy and Goulet, Joseph and Miró, José M and Ferrer, Elena and Meyer, Laurence and Seng, Rémonie and Vourli, Georgia and Antoniadou, Anastasia and Dabis, Francois and Vandenhede, Mari-Anne and Costagliola, Dominique and Abgrall, Sophie and Hernán, Miguel A and Hernan, Miguel and Bansi, L and Hill, T and Sabin, C and Dunn, D and Porter, K and Glabay, A and Orkin, C and Thomas, R and Jones, K and Fisher, M and Perry, N and Pullin, A and Churchill, D and Gazzard, B and Nelson, M and Asboe, D and Bulbeck, S and Mandalia, S and Clarke, J and Delpech, V and Anderson, J and Munshi, S and Post, F and Easterbrook, P and Khan, Y and Patel, P and Karim, F and Duffell, S and Gilson, R and Man, S.-L and Williams, I and Gompels, M and Dooley, D and Schwenk, A and Ainsworth, J and Johnson, M and Youle, M and Lampe, F and Smith, C and Grabowska, H and Chaloner, C and Ismajani Puradiredja, D and Phillips, A and Walsh, J and Weber, J and Kemble, C and Mackie, N and Winston, A and Leen, C and Wilson, A and Bezemer, D.O and Gras, L.A.J and Kesselring, A.M and Van Sighem, A.I and Zaheri, S and Van Twillert, G and Kortmann, W and Branger, J and Prins, J.M and Kuijpers, T.W and Scherpbier, H.J and Van Der Meer, J.T.M and Wit, F.W.M.N and Godfried, M.H and Reiss, P and Van Der Poll, T and Nellen, F.J.B and Lange, J.M.A and Geerlings, S.E and Van Vugt, M and Pajkrt, D and ... and HIV-CAUSAL Collaboration
Aids, ISSN 0269-9370, 10/2014, Volume 28, Issue 16, pp. 2461 - 2473
Journal Article
by Mocroft, Amanda and Lundgren, Jens D and Ross, Michael and Law, Matthew and Reiss, Peter and Kirk, Ole and Smith, Colette and Wentworth, Deborah and Neuhaus, Jacqueline and Fux, Christoph A and Moranne, Olivier and Morlat, Phillipe and Johnson, Margaret A and Ryom, Lene and Lundgren, J. D and Powderly, B and Shortman, N and Moecklinghoff, C and Reilly, G and Franquet, X and Sabin, C. A and Phillips, A and Kirk, O and Weber, R and Pradier, C and Law, M and d'Arminio Monforte, A and Dabis, F and El-Sa, W. M and de Wit, S and Ryom, L and Kamara, D and Smith, C and Mocroft, A and Tverland, J and Mansfeld, M and Nielsen, J and Raben, D and Salbøl Brandt, R and Rickenbach, M and Fanti, I and Krum, E and Hillebregt, M and Geffard, S and Sundström, A and Delforge, M and Fontas, E and Torres, F and McManus, H and Wright, S and Kjær, J and Sjøl, A and Meidahl, P and Helweg-Larsen, J and Schmidt Iversen, J and Ross, M and Fux, C. A and Morlat, P and Moranne, O and Kesselring, A. M and Kamara, D. A and Friis-Møller, N and Kowalska, J and Sabin, C and Bruyand, M and Bower, M and Fätkenheuer, G and Donald, A and Grulich, A and Prins, J. M and Kuijpers, T. W and Scherpbier, H. J and van der Meer, J. T. M and Wit, F. W. M. N and Godfried, M. H and van der Poll, T and Nellen, F. J. B and Geerlings, S. E and van Vugt, M and Pajkrt, D and Bos, J. C and Wiersinga, W. J and van der Valk, M and Goorhuis, A and Hovius, J. W and van Eden, J and Henderiks, A and van Hes, A. M. H and Mutschelknauss, M and Nobel, H. E and Pijnappel, F. J. J and Westerman, A. M and Jurriaans, S and Back, N. K. T and Zaaijer, H. L and Berkhout, B and Cornelissen, M. T. E and Schinkel, C. J and Thomas, X. V and de Ruyter Ziekenhuis, Admiraal and ... and Royal Free Hosp Clin Cohort and INSIGHT Study Grp and DAD Study Grp and SMART Study Grp and ESPRIT Study Grp and D:A:D study group and Royal Free Hospital Clinic Cohort and SMART study group and INSIGHT study group and ESPRIT study group and D:A:D study group, the Royal Free Hospital Clinic Cohort, and the INSIGHT, SMART, and ESPRIT study groups
PLoS medicine, ISSN 1549-1277, 2015, Volume 12, Issue 3, pp. e1001809 - e1001809
Journal Article
by Worm, Signe W and Bower, Mark and Reiss, Peter and Bonnet, Fabrice and Law, Matthew and Fätkenheuer, Gerd and D'Arminio Monforte, Antonella and Abrams, Donald I and Grulich, Anew and Fontas, Eric and Kirk, Ole and Furrer, Hansjakob and de Wit, Stephane and Phillips, Anew and Lundgren, Jens D and Sabin, Caroline A and Shortman, N and Butcher, D and Rode, R and Franquet, X and Powderly, W and Ryom, L and Sabin, C. A and Kamara, D and Smith, C and Phillips, A and Mocroft, A and Tverland, J and Nielsen, J and Lundgren, J. D and Brandt, R. Salbøl and Rickenbach, M and Fanti, I and Krum, E and Hillebregt, M and Geffard, S and Sundström, A and Delforge, M and Fontas, E and Torres, F and McManus, H and Wright, S and Kjær, J and Sjøl, A and Meidahl, P and Helweg-Larsen, J and Iversen, J. Schmidt and de Wolf, F and Zaheri, S and Gras, M. Hillebregt L and Prins, J. M and Kuijpers, T. W and Scherpbier, H. J and Boer, K and van der Meer, J. T. M and Wit, F. W. M. N and Godfried, M. H and van der Poll, T and Nellen, F. J. B and Lange, J. M. A and Geerlings, S. E and van Vugt, M and Vrouenraets, S. M. E and Pajkrt, D and van der Valk, M and Schreij, G and Lowe, S and Oude Lashof, A and Pronk, M. J. H and Bravenboer, B and van der Ende, M. E and de Vries-Sluijs, T. E. M. S and Schurink, C. A. M and van der Feltz, M and Nouwen, J. L and Gelinck, L. B. S and Verbon, A and Rijnders, B. J. A and Slobbe, L and Hartwig, N. G and essen, G. J. A and Branger, J and Kauffmann, R. H and Schippers, E. F and Groeneveld, P. H. P and Alleman, M. A and Bouwhuis, J. W and ten Kate, R. W and Soetekouw, R and Kroon, F. P and van den Broek, P. J and van Dissel, J. T and Arend, S. M and van Nieuwkoop, C and de Boer, M. G. J and Jolink, H and den Hollander, J. G and Pogany, K and van Twillert, G and Kortmann, W and ... and DAD Study Grp and D:A:D Study Group and for the D:A:D Study Group
BMC infectious diseases, ISSN 1471-2334, 2013, Volume 13, Issue 1, pp. 471 - 471
Journal Article
by Boerekamps, Anne and Newsum, Astrid M and Smit, Colette and Arends, Joop E and Richter, Clemens and Reiss, Peter and Rijnders, Bart J.A and Brinkman, Kees and Van Der Valk, Marc and Geerlings, S.E and Godfried, M.H and Goorhuis, A and Hovius, J.W and Van Der Meer, J.T.M and Kuijpers, T.W and Nellen, F.J.B and Van Der Poll, D.T and Prins, J.M and Van Vugt, H.J.M and Wiersinga, W.J and Wit, F.W.M.N and Van Duinen, M and Van Eden, J and Van Hes, A.M.H and Mutschelknauss, M and Nobel, H.E and Pijnappel, F.J.J and Weijsenfeld, A.M and Jurriaans, S and Back, N.K.T and Zaaijer, H.L and Berkhout, B and Cornelissen, M.T.E and Schinkel, C.J and Wolthers, K.C and Van Den Berge, M and Stegeman, A and Baas, S and Hage De Looff, L and Wintermans, B and Veenemans, J and Pronk, M.J.H and Ammerlaan, H.S.M and De Munnik, E.S and Jansz, A.R and Tjhie, J and Wegdam, M.C.A and Deiman, B and Scharnhorst, V and Van Eeden, A and Brokking, W and Groot, M and Elsenburg, L.J.M and Damen, M and Kwa, I.S and Van Kasteren, M.E.E and Brouwer, A.E and Van Erve, R and De Kruijf-Van De Wiel, B.A.F.M and Keelan-Pfaf, S and Van Der Ven, B and De Kruijf-Van De Wiel, B.A.F.M and Van Der Ven, B and Buiting, A.G.M and Kabel, P.J and Versteeg, D and Van Der Ende, M.E and Bax, H.I and Van Gorp, E.C.M and Nouwen, J.L and Schurink, C.A.M and Verbon, A and De Vries-Sluijs, T.E.M.S and De Jong-Peltenburg, N.C and Bassant, N and Van Beek, J.E.A and Vriesde, M and Van Zonneveld, L.M and Van Den Berg-Cameron, H.J and De Groot, J and De Zeeuw-De Man, M and Boucher, C.A.B and Koopmans, M.P.G and Van Kampen, J.J.A and Pas, S.D and Branger, J and Rijkeboer-Mes, A and Duijf-Van De Ven, C.J.H.M and Schippers, E.F and Van Nieuwkoop, C and Van IJperen, J.M and Geilings, J and Van Der Hut, G and Van Burgel, N.D and Leyten, E.M.S and Gelinck, L.B.S and Van Hartingsveld, A.Y and Meerkerk, C and Wildenbeest, G.S and Heikens, E and ... and Netherlands ATHENA HIV Observation and NVHB-SHM Hepatitis Working Grp and NVHB-SHM Hepatitis Working Group and the Netherlands ATHENA HIV Observational Cohort
Clinical Infectious Diseases, ISSN 1058-4838, 05/2018, Volume 66, Issue 9, pp. 1352 - 1359
Background. The Netherlands has provided unrestricted access to direct-acting antivirals (DAAs) since November 2015. We analyzed the nationwide hepatitis C... 
Treatment uptake | HIV/HCV coinfection | Direct-acting antivirals | treatment uptake | INFECTIOUS DISEASES | EFFICACY | SAFETY | SEX | MICROBIOLOGY | IMMUNOLOGY | direct-acting antivirals | INDIVIDUALS | HIV | REINFECTION | MEN | INFECTION | COHORT | AMSTERDAM
Journal Article